Barefoot Favela Thugs Open Chest and Rip Out Heart of Beheaded Man

Barefoot Favela Thugs Open Chest and Rip Out Heart of Beheaded Man

According to the info I got, this happened in Rocinha – the largest favela in Brazil (located in Rio de Janeiro). The video shows a pair of barefoot thugs opening a chest and ripping out heart from the corpse of a beheaded man. There appears to be a woman and another man behind the camera, having a laugh.

I don’t have much other information about why the victim was decapitated and why they felt the need to rip his heart out. But it’s quite remarkable how after one thug throws the heart on the bloody floor, that impact re-initiates its beating rhythm.

Props to Best Gore member @crybaby for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. That’s precisely I was thinking. They should considered not murdering, but if they can’t help it for reason of it being too deeply ingrained in their genome, then they should use sanitary gloves.

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            Anyways thank you, for all the years i feel intellectually single, work tomorrow is a bit better, almost.

          2. Just seems like nowadays everything is a history lesson from them. Their progress is mediocre but with some huge contributive successes (if so).

    1. Though, without Brazil, we wouldn’t have about a 1/3 of the True/Real Gore, we have here, on BG, for our own viewing pleasure/curiosity. When I say True/Real Gore, I mean the absolute, sheer, most brutal savagery, & carnage, that us humans can inflict on other humans, hence, calling Brazilians ‘Animals’.
      That is the one form of gore, that still/always really kind of gets to me, a bit…
      Happy Monday, Everyone 🙂

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  1. I’ll say it again: They fucked up! They should have tortured him first, by snipping off his fingers and toes, hands and feet, etc – while humiliating him by cutting off his penis and balls and eating his penis head. Do all that BEFORE you kill him! Cut off his head only after removing his arms and legs. Maximize his pain and your pleasure.

    1. I’d love for someone to do the “death of 1000 cuts” on someone. I’ve only seen Yahoo images of black and white pics of Chinese people doing it to a man and one woman during the Qing dynasty. I think its called Lingchi.

  2. right now merkel has called brazil to ‘help’ settle these misguided and tragic brazilians, “we can do this” she says and pins her new brazil migrant campaign on the heart that doesnt want to stop beating, this signifies how hard working the brazilian immigrants will be.

  3. My heart goes out to the family of the victim. Aww, who am I kidding. The poor bastard was probably asking for a head-job and well, it seems like the perps dilivered. Brazil never seems to amaze anymore….shame that really.

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    Brazil, this filthy CUNTry. Always delivers.

    I piss on South American countries. I can’t respect them. Especially Argentina. It is full of filth.

    My shoes deserves more respect than South America.

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      1. I am still not able to watch beheading/slashing throat videos. Even after several years of lurking here (There was a lot of things I cannot bare back then) they are the only i do not watch. I don’t know why, I read the posts and check the aftermath, but the slicing moment, I cannot.

      2. Although I can still appreciate the graceful swinging arc of his gleaming blade and subtle flick of his mighty wrists as Bulldozer gleefully swipes off the head of another of Allah’s unfortunate infidels, frankly, ya seen one beheading video, you’ve seen them all.
        Face peelings, now that’s a little tough to take.
        But my worst? Jellyfied arms. Only got through that one once.
        Keep up the great work, Mark. Blessings of Jah to you & yours. 🙂

        1. Never seen face peeling, and wouldnt dig for it. Decapitation with a dull knife is the first gore Ive seen in my life, early years of 2000 on (does someone remember this old site? That was a site with all kind of stuff, mostly plain jokes, failed and that kind of shit, but sometimes you stumbled on porn or gore) This video litterally change me (the little 14 yo gothic girl who searches for herself that I was back then stopped to be right there) It fucking freaked me for a long time, I even asked my dad to call the police lol! It makes me felt sad and disgusted for a while. Probably my naive self dying. And probably the reason why I still dislike watching throat slashing. This and animal suffering. I have 4 dogs and if someone would hurt them, then id be able to behead this person with bare hand and dull knife.

    1. No because you don’t derive any joy from it, it stops you being one of those naive western kids who go back packing around bolivia or other remote parts of the world thinking everyone is dancing around singing “Tiptoe thought he tulips” you are now aware of what really goes on in the world thanks to Mark

      1. Actually, Brazil is where more people die in homicides (absolute). (Wiki)
        More than 60.000 per year… Others countries has more homicides per 100.000 people, but Brazil has more homicides as a whole. We are champions in this. give us some respect haha

  5. First off, what the fuck is the point? Tearing out the heart of a beheaded man means what? He’s been beheaded, tearing out his heart isn’t more intimidating.

    Anyone who could do this is fucking subhuman. Who does this? I hope they cut their hands on his shattered bones and get a blood borne disease.

    1. I had cardiac arrest 25 years ago and that was instant. I was just about to say something to the doctor – I even remember drawing breath to speak – and then the next thing I knew I woke up 4 hours later in coronary care. It really was like someone turned the light out. @itshopeless

  6. I’ll translate. DOCTOR “And that folks is how a cardiac massage is done. Please note the heart responded and is beating”, STUDENTS “ah doctor why did we remove the head for a cardiac massage” , DOCTOR” easier for your classmate to see his heart, that’s why I tossed it to him”…. STUDENTS ” brilliant doctor brilliant”

  7. This is why you don’t skip cardio at the gym. One day when you’ve been gutted, bled out and your head is being carried off by cockroaches, your disembodied heart will not stop.

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