Beating Heart and Other Organs Rest Around Biker Crushed to Death by Truck

Beating Heart and Other Organs Rest Around Biker Crushed to Death by Truck

Not much backinfo on this one either. The video shows the aftermath of a fatal traffic accident. The motorcyclist was apparently ran over by a truck that totally leveled his head and part of the chest.

With head virtually non existent, the biker’s corpse is accompanied by randomly scattered organs, including a beating heart and what could be liver. Even though the audio is shit, the language sounds Spanish to me.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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103 thoughts on “Beating Heart and Other Organs Rest Around Biker Crushed to Death by Truck”

      1. No he did not ” died”…. All they had to do was pick up the still-beating heart and place it amongst the rest of the gore near the body and he was good as new hopped on his bike and away he went

      1. I guarantee it does. I collect dolls and made the grave mistake of buying an Indian Barbie and Ken set from there. When I opened the box the smell of animal shit punched me so hard in the face I threw up and launched the box into my garage. I thought of trying to fumigate the dolls and save them but regained my senses and said screw the money and put them in the garbage. I mean it was literally like someone had stored them directly in a manure pile before mailing them off.

  1. Oh shit this reminds me of this kid I saw get wasted by a garbage back in middle school! The same exact head explosion. Except this kid was a 1st world white kid wearing skechers shoes not flip flops XD

  2. Its amazing how much offal you have crammed inside the human body.
    Also-a tough heart-if they are quick and freeze it some lucky person may get it asap as a transplant,it may be a bit bruised however.

  3. It’s crazy how that heart tumbled across a dirty road and was oxygen deprived yet continued to beat in regular sinus rhythm, while some other people go into v-tach or v-fib and die suddenly just sitting peacefully at their work desk.

  4. Man if I was there in person I would be trying my hardest not to reach out and grab it while raising it over my head and yelling “Kali Ma!!!” But I just know I’d just be casting pearls before swine.

  5. His heart, and his lungs (trachea still attached),,, projectile d a good 30 + feet from his body, spewed-out like a huge zit. A couple feet away from his pointer hand lies one of his kidneys,, fucking brutal man!

    1. There is no correlation between truth and death(murder). Only to morbidly psychopathic extremists mind. Certain individuals just like watching people die in a thousand ways
      because they themselves are to afraid to live.

      1. @prodigy,

        Interesting “Afraid to live”

        I wonder if that applies to me in a way, mind you, for I am not implying that you are saying that to me directly as it is an interesting thought that speaks to me in such a way almost ambitiously so, for life as fun as it can be it can also be tragic and disappointing and boring and painful and pleasurable just depends on time and place and people.

    1. Phew, it’s hard to comprehend that one at first, Sphinx (especially when you’re stoned). But once it hits you after the second read through… that is some funny shit!! You got me with the kidneys bit, lol.

  6. Also I’m not gonna lie, the expelled heart and liver looked almost like Butcher cuts. Seeing them fly out from the torso must have been quite a sight. I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if someone who dabbles in the black market scooped them up.

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