Alan Henning Beheading Video by Jihadi John of ISIS

Alan Henning Beheading Video by Jihadi John of ISIS

The Islamic State has released another one of their (fake?) beheading videos featuring Jihadi John. The victim in the latest video, which is titled “Another Message to America and Its Allies“, is Alan Henning (spelled Allen Henning in the video, but everyone else seems to call him Alan), alleged aid worker from Great Britain.

Unlike his predecessors James Foley, Steven Sotloff and David Haines, Alan Henning made his speech condemning his government for his death very brief. Jihadi John then reaffirmed that while the blood of David Haines was on David Cameron’s hands, Alan Henning’s blood is on the hands of British Parliament for its decision to launch airstrikes against ISIS in Sham.

The video fades to black just as the act of beheading commences, which is followed by images appearing to show severed head of 47 year old Alan Henning resting atop his headless body.

In response to the release of the video, David Cameron said:

The brutal murder of Alan Henning by ISIL shows just how barbaric and repulsive these terrorists are.

Somehow he failed to mention just how barbaric and repulsive he as British Prime Minister, and British parliament are for arming and funding terrorists who kill little school children.

Props to Best Gore member ibogaine66 for the video:

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    1. @pirate I don’t know what the U.S. and allies are waiting for… Upchuck Ovomit doesn’t want be a wartime president… But guess what… He’d rather live in his idealistic dream instead of facing this realistic nightmare. He’s a piece of shit in the highest order. I say put boots on the ground and annihilate these mutherfuckers with extreme malice and prejudice. Kill them all. Just Fucking kill them all.

          1. As long as there are
            like we have on here
            they and no steel
            I still have the that dream
            of one law for all
            and all can reach their
            full potential
            while being diverse
            and each cultures claim
            then it’s U.S.
            and each our fault
            that is to blame…..iip

        1. Most Muslims view the Islamic terrorists as most Christians view the westboro baptist church. They’re the bane to their existence. America voted for an anti-war president and that’s just what they got. Now the minority of the vote are belly-aching and blaming Obama. this is what the US wanted, no? Reap what you sew. It’s the country as a whole that is responsible.

          1. Bailey, yup, Truth.
            And how is it that Isis has new Toyota trucks galore and these videos pop up? I am insulted that our leaders think we’re all JewBlinded and don’t think our leaders know these assholes, dine with them, and fund them. Fuk Obama, McCain and all the other treasonous traitors of our nation. Treason is a Capital crime!!!! Break out the ropes and pitchforks.

        2. Obama, and any president for that matter, are nothing but figureheads to play the part of representing the people and the peoples’ interests. Obama has no power to do anything. That’s why I always put “Obama administration” in quotes. because there is no such thing, there is only congress and the senate. if no one had voted for barak Obama, he still would have won.

        3. Well, he is a lying, shit bag president but come on, there has been no hesitation to kill Muslims in Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan etc. But you are right in the literal sense. Obama himself has never attacked any Muslims personally that I know of.

    2. ***What the fuck were they doing in that fucked up country? I hope we in the US get some fucking balls and put some boots on the ground and wipe this cancer out.

      …If we put troops on the ground, then we would come face to face, with the same tyrants who are antagonizing the Middle East to begin with. (i.e. the U.S.)

      It’s much easier to keep it less personal, by having O’bomber send in troops, and bombing from above.

      In this case, when you’re the terrorist, you DO NOT, want to see the “whites of their eyes.” In doing so, it may force someone to mention a few names, such as…

      “Who’s your leader of ISIS?”

      …we have a few questions we want to ask him, once we apprehend him!!

      It’s much easier to kill in the name of a fantasy, as opposed to taking anyone prisoner.

      Remember O’sama Bin Laden?

      1. Israel says “jump!” america says “how high?”

        US will avoid land conflict, as it would be conflict of interest. They are letting the Kurds proxy as the ground troops. Israel wants the Kurd oil reserves.

        There was no Osama bin Laden. He was actor. And he was never killed. Obama’s approval rating was down so he became the president that nailed “the father of modern terrorism.”

        When Saddam hussein’s sons were killed, their uncensored bodies were plastered all over CNN for days. And when bin. Laden was “killed”, not a single image. They panicked and threw him in the ocean…seriously? The lord of all terror and not a single shred of proof taken?

        1. Spot on Obli.

          ‘Killing’ bin Laden rather than taking him prisoner, or attempting to take him prisoner, made no sense other than he’s now conveniently ‘dead’.

          Obama’s ratings were at 46% before the ‘death’ and jumped to 57% with all the post mortem celebrating going on.

          Logically, with such a ‘master terrorist’ you would expect some attempt at capturing him alive; if he had been wearing a ‘suicide vest’ then you might lose a few members of a SEAL team, similarly if he was armed But ‘killing’ him is only logical if you want him to disappear and not be brought to trial as doing so might incriminate an awful lot of agencies, companies and politicians.

          Just like the death of the rather unfortunate Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi; I’m sure there were host of British, French, Italian and American politicians, agencies and companies that were relieved when that happened.

          Although I don’t actively subscribe to conspiracy theories, I wouldn’t put it beyond the pale that bin Laden is currently receiving dialysis in some very remote and heavily guarded US facility, where he’s learning all about mind games and interesting chemical compounds.

          1. The majority of the population, in every country, are hamsters on a wheel.

            The fact that you are a contributor to this site suggests that you have opened the cage door and have started to question the reality of the information peddled by the mainstream media, political parties and corporations.

            Three area of contemplation:

            Don’t believe everything you read or hear; question what is being fed to you.

            Follow the money.

            A population is far easier to manipulate if they are fearful.

        2. Without a doubt. The whole bin Laden saga was so obviously staged and scripted from day one. He made the perfect personification of terror in life and the perfect comeback story when he was “killed.” Win/win for the U.S. government.

          1. Listen, read the fucking book about the strike on bin Ladin. While he was not armed or rigged to blow, he was still dangerous. And just because you have not seen the documentation of his death, he is dead. You all have obviously never been in a combat situation. While I have not either; I have talked to those who have and it is shoot first, ask questions later. bin Ladin was another male in the compound that was a threat, the course of action is to eliminate the threat.

    3. Of course the best way to avoid this degrading mode of execution is to simply mind your own business and keep the fuck out of that part of the world , not rocket science really is it ?
      If you sign up for something knowing the risks , and thinking ‘ nah it’ll never happen to me ‘ then you’re deluded . I feel for this guys family , but I live literally a stones throw from where Ken Bigley was from , and people still ask themselves what the fuck their families were thinking letting them go ? If I told my missus I was off to the Middle East , she’d say something along the lines of ‘ no you’re fucking not dickhead ! ‘

    4. Dude do they really think the usa is gonna be stopped by this head chopping fest ? Nope they just signed the paycheck personally for all the people who make the bombs to kill the hajis.
      Call this video what you wAnt fake or real the usa is gonna kill a bunch more rag heads..
      Any thing to lower my gas price please.

    5. I have turned on so many of my coworkers onto bestgore, I should win a fukkin medal. Why not some love for the author calling bullshit on the beheading of Isis? She is calling out the main Jew media outlets on a national scale! Come on Obli!

  1. barbaric? If you’re going to kill someone make sure that you are equipped with the latest weaponry known to man or David Cameron will give you his two cents. Once you’ve acquired these weapons (Drones, Fighter Jets, Scud Missiles..ect) then you are free to kill men, woman, children and terrorist without any repercussions.

    Just my two cents.

    1. It looks more authentic to me too. Mostly because hostage appears to act authentic. He looks like a hostage and talks like he’s genuinely scared. Unlike previous guys who talked like they were excited to be on the set of a movie.

      1. only see the upper part of the back, it shows that this padded fabric or cotton, and the body is bent, the extention of the neck does not look as if your head is buried in the sand, as a visual effect

      2. Acknescka; I agree.

        The body language of both Henning and Kassig are completely different to that seen in the previous videos.

        It remains sanitised and fit to broadcast (with a fuzzy grey square over the decapitated head) propaganda, so that newspapers and television broadcasters will allow it to be shown.

        Anyway, jihad john (note the lower case, I would have used a smaller font, as well), get in touch if you want to have a face to face discussion and we’ll see which of us goes to Hell.

  2. If they’re really prepared to step it up to the next level by killing thousands or millions of Americans and Brits on their own soil, life will be very insecure for any “peaceful” muslims. The pushback will see millions of muslims exterminated.

    1. They will not attack America on an invasion perspective. They know they won’t stand a chance against a nation that a lot of civilians have firearms. It won’t happen. You will however, like Britain, have isolated terrorist attacks. Governments will stop most but remember, our countries security need to be lucky 100% of the time. Terrorists only have to be lucky once.

        1. Now it`s blackness they seek
          And to dirt we will go
          Because that monster has grown
          Into six and six………..not complete
          If you want to return To a place that death grows
          You can stay there and burn
          Or hang that light from a stick.
          So when the knife cuts
          And the red stains the ground
          White,yellow or brown…….
          Jew,Muslim or Prick……….
          Can you hear the world sigh?
          ” As our humanity decreases,
          The Devil has more caprices.”

    2. What everyone seems to not be mentioning, all sides here are playing up to this Armageddon fantasy, IS with the return of Jesus in Syria and the leaders of the Israel and the West , some Masonic end time plan to bring about a similar plan but first it’s the anti Christ then the real one. The more this goes on the it seems all sides are playing to this finale.

      1. I do believe the way the West is acting is certainly going to put us on the path to World War Three. Our governments, led by America, have an agenda to destabilise. It will get to a tipping point soon if that agenda doesn’t change.

  3. Dunno what the hell to make of this shit. Still looks like a green screen behind them like all the other videos. They may very well be dead, but that is in question from all these videos. For effectiveness, they should show the actual beheading, make it deeply imprinted in the human mind, not make it to where it’s in question as to the authenticity of the damn video.

      1. Gotta look more into that, thanks for the info. Just imagining how fucked up it would be to be beheaded on a ‘set’. Not that it would matter where the hell you are getting beheaded if it’s your head getting cut off, but it raises so many suspicions when it it also looks like the captured people in all the videos are reading from a teleprompter (whenever they are speaking they seem to all speak in the same direction like they are reading script). Obviously they can be intimated to saying whatever the hell they are made to say, but the whole story is not translucent (what the hell ever is anyway), so it makes one who frequents this site very curious.

      1. Fake how? The man got beheaded at the end of the day. Nothing fake in that. Was he beheaded at that point shown? Most likely not. What you have to remember is these men were put through dozens of “mock” executions. Each time forced to read off a script until it seemed genuine enough for them. I’m sure each time they read the script the imidiate thought of death diminished enough for them to eventually look calm and coherent in front of camera. Maybe they were told to talk calmly and rationally to secure their release. Was probably told the previous hostage done the same and their government got them back to their family, “that’s why he isn’t here now, now do the same and you can go home too”. The end result is always the same though. One man down.

        1. only see the upper part of the back, it shows that this padded fabric or cotton, and the body is bent, the extention of the neck does not look as if your head is buried in the sand, as a visual effect

  4. This will make us stronger an more determined to wipe these evil heartless retards out …what are we suppose to do sit back an let them kill our people … I am against war due to many innocent people being killed but they think they can take the world on … WRONG I will raise a glass when we are informed our mystery man john has been blasted away …cowardly piece ov shit hiding his face …united we stand devided we fall …

    1. Iraq is 7,000 miles away…this is what happens when you take out regimes like we have in Iraq, Libya, afghan, and trying to in Syria…we created these terrorist to take down regimes and this is the blow back…if any Arab country was doing to us what we have done to them, we would want to cut their heads off…our CIA has funded, trained and armed most of these lunatics to take out Assad because our govt pimps at AIPAC want Assad gone….this was planned many years ago to fragment and weaken the region by taking down the neighbors/enemies of Israel….our drones have killed innocent people in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, afghan, Sudan and Libya….kill one creates 3 is the Zionist dream come true…a 100 year open end conflict with the so called war of terror/Islam….most Americans haven’t a clue how dirty and bloody our own hands are when it comes to protecting the ugly step child…

      1. You are very knowledgeable I listen and watch an read the propaganda our country feed us … stil is hard to watch such a sencless terrible murder … its a terrible world we live in and this is only the start I stil want to see jihad john brought to justice

  5. This isn’t fake…..still don’t know why it’s been edited the way it has though.
    I’m fucking sick of these dirty fucking medieval pieces of shit. I mean seriously. ?….how hard can it be for the world to crush 30,000 brainwashed pricks!
    These fuckers are actually winning this fight. Every day we waste sitting around on our asses wondering what to do…..we are shooting ourselves in the foot!
    These muslim twats are laughing at the world. We were caught with our pants down……we waited too long….tried to ignore the problem.
    We are now in a position where if we invade….we lose….if we sit on our butts (sending in 2 war planes from uk) we lose!

    1. I think all these new Isis edited beheadings are fake! I’ve been watching beheadings for many years. These new perfect quality,in the same place and time of day,edited,movie scripted,no camera shaking,gentleman, ect.. It almost has the feel of a political commercial you would see on television. And they can photoshop any of those aftermath pictures easy. It’s like the movie Saw!

      1. Yes, these four chaps are hiding out at Langley HQ just waiting for all this to blow over right? Then when they return to their families nobody will notice right? Or, their entire families are all CIA/MI6 plants, yeah that’s it! Fake!

      1. These video are fake. A real beheading video of a Westerner would get as much attention as a fake one. The media could simply cut out the gore part. It doesn’t make sense that the Israeli State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) do it themselves.

  6. It’s all a battle of propaganda on both sides. The brainwashed peons of ISIS commit these murderous acts of violence under the ordered guise of a few hidden leaders who delusionally believe that they have the will and wantings of a fictional god-thing on their side. Allies of the West wag their fingers and drop a few bombs upon inconsequential targets to feign action and bolster public support against a rag-tag desert militia to purposely destabilize the region so that no single entity may rise to power and procure a nuclear weapon with which to start World War Three.

    All of the reasonable Muslims of the world (and there are many) need to stand up and shout “ISIS, you’re nothing but a bunch of fucking cowards.” If the West really wanted to, they could easily swarm upon ISIS and destroy every single bed-sheet wearing militant who threatens the likes of America by killing foreign aid workers. AK’s and RPG’s wielded by indigent nomads are no match for a .50 Caliber and parade of tanks propelled by highly trained soldiers.

    ISIS, you are a perfect example of what is wrong with religion and why the idolatry of ancient fairy tales must end for humanity to truly evolve. Enjoy your final days and abandon any hopes of reward in heaven, just expect a swift end and for your lifeless bones to bleach in the desert sun.

    1. Why would fanatically zealous religious Muslims name themselves ISIS after who they consider to be false gods? It would be like Christians naming themselves after BAAL or SATAN. you can bet your life that THEY do NOT refer to themselves as ISIS.

      1. The same thing with the Nazis they never called themselves Nazis but they also never killed no one on purpose. They fought back that’s the difference between then and now. I don’t know whether to believe this shit or not. The reason why I do not believe any of it is America starts a new war every 5 to 10 years then says oh theyre the boogey man be very afraid and idiots go into a panic mode and believe all of this shit. Who knows who is doing the real killings but if you put a real arab and a real jew next to one another not the euro mixed jew either you could not tell them apart I promise you.

  7. Figures they’re making videos to be shown on MSM. Hard to believe that they cut the cutting part but show the aftermath with blood pools and a head on the body which MSM won’t show anyway without pixel blurring. In todays world where a video goes viral enough people will see it anyway. Who hasn’t seen or heard of the Nick Berg, Daniel Pearl beheadings ? The video and the reasons that are given for making them in this fashion reek of bullshit.

  8. If they wanted to scare the western world and kick the bee hive (im british) why not show the video in its entirety?

    They go through the effort of handling the captives,moving them around,making the scrips,to the beheading itself but then cut out the part that has the biggest impact?

    Im still a little confused as to why they would do that?

  9. Does anyone else think that this world is coming to a tipping point? The west is intent on controlling the east, our elected governments are desperate for war. From Russia to Syria we are at the forefront of aggression against such nations, be it political or military. I can see in the very near future this aggressive stance will be the end for us all. Our leaders are greedy, they are controlling and they are bullies. This stance will become the start of world war three only unlike the previous wars, this will involve nukes. I am ashamed to be a member of a state of terror and aggression. I am a nice person, I will do anything for anyone. I don’t want this, I don’t want war and I don’t want my government to bully other nations under the disgusting rhetoric of THEY are aggressors. It is repulsive and I don’t want my child growing up in that kind of world.

    1. Oh don’t worry mate, you’ll be fine.

      Greed and fear are the economy pushers, so it’s normal.

      As for the nukes, since your government probably has and IQ over 100, just like mine, they have no interest in losing what greed and fear earned them.

      So know no fear under the sweet envelope of Mutually Assured Destruction and read Dr. Strangelove to your children. In fact, only those outside of M.A.D. should be worried.

    1. I am an afghan vet and I’m tired of this shit. I’m tired of sheep saying thanks for your service! I was a high school dropout. Thanks for the training. I have a good job now. My main question is why is only WHITES considered racist?

      1. Jews are in control of our media , our history books, our money , and basically anything you can think of the rat is not far. Is it racist to look after your own people ? No. Doesn’t the animals look after their own kind? Yes. It is natural. BTW a jew communist named Leon Trotsky made up the term “RACIST” to excuse the murders of 1 million Russians. Yet no one called him a racist and he wasn’t Russian. He got his in the end by getting an ice pick in the head in mexico. πŸ™‚

  10. If I thought I only had a few moments left I won’t think I would just sit there and wait, even with hands tied behind my back I would want to deliver the head butt of my life (or even bite their nuts if forced to kneel). Go out kicking and screaming I say. Any one with any sense knows they are not going to negotiate and kill for the buzz of ultimate power it gives them (probably a sexual one too).

    1. What’s fake ? , the video ? , the murder ?, the kidnapping ? , or the whole thing ?. To what are you referring ?.

      This chap did 100% go to Syria to distribute aid. He was 100% captured soon after his arrival.

      IS cut the gory part out for obvious reasons.

      This chap is DEAD, plain and simple, murdered by those plastic muzzie rag tag pricks.

      This whole situation is, of course, being manipulated and orchestrated by the global elite, but, that has no bearing whatsoever on the kidnapping and subsequent murder of this latest, or any of the previous westerners caught up in this shit storm.

  11. Who next, a Canadian ? I heard on the news yesterday, while driving to work, that Zio ass kisser Harper, decided to send our CF-18,s in Iraq to help with the bombardment of ISIS positions. Our next Prime Minister in waiting Justin Trudeau, stated that instead of showing off our jets, we should be sending humanitarian aid to help with all the displaced innocents, caught up in this mess created by the west! He strongly opposed the use of force, and ridiculed Harper, and his( yes sir, yes sir) ass kissing ways. MAJOR PROPS JUSTIN. πŸ™‚

  12. ISIS is wise, even the fake shit seems to be working. Our defense contractors must be rubbing their hands together in glee. A true American or Briton PAYS NO TAXES to our military juntas who support arms merchants in their wars-for-profit with enemies they themselves created.
    Tax INSURRECTION is our direction. We starve the snakehead and its body shall die

    1. What, and leave you to defend your country with a stick? Arms development is totally necessary if you don’t want your country conquered in a day by superior tech all because you didn’t want to research and develop weapons. Funny guy.

  13. Be kind I’m new, although I visit BG regularly,but agreeing with a few I think this video is fake, who ever makes them obviously visits sites like these and added the cut to make them appear more authentic, Isis, is, IL or whatever the sick ducks call them selves have no shit or shame in posting a video of them chopping heads off,as has been said before the MSM would edit out the best bit so why would IS bother doing it

    1. Welcome @grimsweeper!! I completely agree, we see beheadings from around the world, which makes these look fake as shit. What’s the point if we don’t see the actual act?? Screams of fakery. I mean really, since when did anyone who is beheading anyone not want you to see the action?? They should film a real beheading and let the MSM edit if they want, that way at least some of us would actually get to see the entire beheading instead of all this fake shit.

      1. Thanks for the welcome @rebelk, I don’t see the point in not showing the whole act to the world, seeing as they are never shy in putting out videos that show the whole thing,dont make sense to me, and in the first british man supposedly getting beheaded, if you watch it closely enough, just before jihadi john is about to start cutting, the “victim” gives him a knowing nod

  14. These guys can never be taken out because everyday America has a new enemy.. I the latest bombings civilians were killed and the families of those who died are now wanting revenge.. It’s human nature, you kill my mom I want to kill you. So I find some Isis dune coons and the cycle begins. I say stay the fuck outa the whole mess and spend the money on education and fixing our crumbling bridges and roads.. Schools closing down due to lack of money is idiotic when we are financing a war that could never be won..

    1. Why can’t anyone understand that extreme Islam is a real threat, where its convert or die? Why do people thing like a child , if I just put my head under my pillow and say yayayayaya the scary stuff will just vanish and leave them be? That is NOT Islams mandate. It is to islamify the world at any cost by force , fear , terror and violence. Bottom muthafucking line. This is regardless of how they came to be or how they were funded , they got weapons and power and want to punish and n or convert us. But honestly, theyd rather we resist because they want a reason to kill us and the life we know.

  15. It’s not fake…. So believing they are is stupid and you are the ones who are brainwashed. These are real people with families so debating the authenticity is disrespectful.

    I remember the BG writer said about Johns gun holster being on the left hand side indicates he’s right handed even though he holds the knife in his left hand….

    How many people write with their left hand and play golf as a right hander etc…. That’s that argument won.

    Yes, the governments are corrupt etc, but that does not mean the videos are fake. Who knows why IS edit it out, making it accessible for the main stream I guess but they show the head on the body to prove it’s been carried out….

      1. Agreed I don’t think the victims are alive anymore and whether it was done today or 6 months ago, or they were in a different location the fact of the matter is their still dead.

        IS are a bunch of ruthless fuckers and have NO reason to fake a beheading video. Be assured that these people are gone and will not be seen again.

    1. They’re not fake. I think it’s likely that the “Jihadi John” frontman is not the one actually doing the beheadings and to show someone else doing the beheading would compromise the propaganda value of the video.

      That’s why we don’t see the gruesome act itself, as many others have pointed out there is no reason for them to edit it out for western media, our pussified media would do that anyway for our pussified public.

  16. Gota kill all these Fuckin rag heads, they are all fucking Cock roaches and by the was ISIS your fucking beheading videos suck, where are the actual be headings at, trying to add a little production value doesn’t make it better, a dull knife and shitty camera like the old AL zarchawi days, Eugene armstrong, nick berg, the Nepalese hostages, those were beheading videos, this isis shit is complete garbage

  17. The ‘beheading’ action starts at the 33 second mark. Notice anything familiar?This is from a movie and its sequels in Turkey called “Valley of the Wolves” that were filmed from 2003 to 2009. The ‘beheading’ shown is most likely from the 2006 “Valley of the Wolves: Iraq,” which purports “to show through fiction real-life events like the occupation of Iraq, the execution of Daniel Pearl and the Abu Ghraib torture scandal.”

    check out on google and youtube:
    SAME DIRECTOR as ISIS Beheading videos and Turkish TV drama series

  18. only see the upper part of the back, it shows that this padded fabric or cotton, and the body is bent, the extention of the neck does not look as if your head is buried in the sand, as a visual effect

  19. Pixel blurring in MSM is mentioned?a floating head & a pool of blood are also simple to create with Adobe Premiere, or AfterFX, or even Fireworks?so if it has a fade-to-black transition then it must be considered highly suspect.

  20. That’s no fake. ISIS isn’t showing the actual beheading because the true creation of fear involves keeping something back behind the black curtain. The deal is likely that if you play along with the script, you get to take some knockout pills before they cut your head off or maybe they shoot you first and put you in a jumpsuit after. If you don’t take those more merciful methods, then they’ll hold you down and slice your head off slowly with the rusty knife.

    Most people will take a or b over c. After they cut the head off and stick it on top. Thats why you see the blood splatter outside the neck of the corpse, the heart is still pumping when the head is coming off.

    Sorry guys, but because they don’t show the actualy knife slicing doesn’t mean its fake, it does mean ISIS has developed a knack for theatre.

    Fuck ISIS

  21. looks like they bought HD camera for ones.

    also where the fuck do they keep getting people from?.
    stupid fucks not suppose to be their and they get what’s coming to them.

    if you can’t keep your head cool, you will loss it

  22. Entertaining comments as ever.
    Some personal favs so far:
    -THIS ONE looks real (errr… only this one? Would that make any sense?)
    -The world has a lot of muslims who are ‘reasonable’ (yes, agreed… the dead and buried ones)
    -Jews want us to hate muslims, there’s no other justified reason to really (no sarcastic comment deserved/needed)

    Keep it up guys and gals.

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