Beheading of Canadian Robert Hall by Abu Sayyaf in Philippines

Beheading of Canadian Robert Hall by Abu Sayyaf in Philippines

After beheading his fellow Canadian John Ridsdel in April, Abu Sayyaf – the Islamic militants from south Philippines, beheaded Canadian Robert Hall. Mr. Hall’s severed head was found near a Catholic cathedral on a remote island of Jojo.

The two Canadians, as well as a Norwegian man and a Philippine woman were kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf from a resort in September 2015. The militants demanded large ransoms for the release of hostages. Because the second payment deadlines was not met, the second hostage was beheaded. The fates of Filipina Maritess Flor and Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad are unknown.

Props to Best Gore member @alotbsol for the video:

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      1. i Agree with you! We need weapons to kill all these Stupid ass motherfuckers. their over here trying to scare us and shit. i dont know why the president hasn’t bombed every single one of these stupid monsters. even if their innocent there’s going to be more following their path.

      2. This guy is my sisters father in-law. he was a good person. I knew him quite well, I think he was just ready to go. he took it like a man. poor Robert! I have been watching best gore for years, never before have i seen a friend get killed… I t
        think I’m done with this shit.

        1. Your talking absolute shite because the man in the video is not robert hall, this is john ridsdels beheading the uploader obviously made a mistake, robert hall was dressed In the classic orange prison type jumpsuit that we see so often in these videos when he was killed, so stop dishonouring the guys memory by claiming you knew him

    1. Fuck. I’m actually having sex while we both watched that video! She was like Oooooh oooooh! They cutting him nice and slow. And laughed and I felt her pussy get very wet all the sudden! I this bad? Omg

    2. I can’t agree more…
      It’s the gurgling I hate, the knowing that in your mind it’s over, when does the darkness set in, and pain cease?
      The spinal cord cut, is the end… No coming back from that folks. This gentleman is from the town I live in… It’s becoming slowly like the big city now… No where safe. Fucking armed to the boobies is where I’m at (my hubby fuck, is a hunter) no laws in my house… ‘darlin’. “Compound bow, or rifle?” I MAY ask, of your choosing dear intruder.
      All in all, no where is safe anymore, this lovely lived here, where I do. I’d like to punish 10 fold, families included. 🙂

        1. Wow…Stop, you’re gonna make me want to get beheaded!
          Just kidding…It’s true, though, his eyes still move right after…It’s haunting to think about what’s going on in his head (no pun intended), at this very moment…We’ll never know 🙁

          1. Looking at his face you can see that he’s dreading whats to come, he closes his eye,qwinching and a few seconds later, its over , RIP old dude…

          2. I would like to have my head chopped off in one swift blow. I wouldn’t want to try the knife shit so much because a lot of these people sound like they are either drowning in their own blood or suffocating before the job is done. I guess I’m kind of a baby. If it happens to me I want my last visions to be of the old Mentos commercials.

        2. Thats trippy as hell , my twin brother was stung by two yellow jackets ( wasp) .while working out in the fields , past out in someones arms and took him to the emergency, later nurses had told him he had died and came brother told me that everything turned dark and white then gray , every part of his body hurt like hell afterward.Fuck! You’d think that was a life changing moment for him, nope! Still the asshole..

        1. Actually ,
          The current medical consensus is that life does survive, for a period of roughly thirteen seconds, varying slightly depending on the victim’s build, health and the immediate circumstances of the decapitation. The simple act of removing a head from a body is not what kills the brain, rather, it is the lack of oxygen and other important chemicals provided in the bloodstream.

  1. Dad?mam told us you ran off with another women,what the fuck are you doing over there with them pricks?and what the fuck are they chopping your head off for?and where the fuck is my Christmas present?and Ireland got the shit beat of them today in the football you headless cunt…

    1. @re-pete, I wish he had yelled out something, anything! I love you wife, kids, mum? Hell, I would have laughed if he had called out “allah akbar” as his last words, just to give them the shits or fuck up their video. They must have been kept in fear for him to remain silent like that? Maybe they would have given him a few stabs in the guts if he gave them any trouble?

  2. I’m impressed! That’s a nice knife to behead people with. Cut right thru. Did not need to twist or pull head to separate from worthless body.

    At the end, they all seem confused. As if they did not know what to do after the ordeal. I would suggest to open a few bottles of Shock Top and take the rest of the day off. Tomorrow they have a Norwegian and a Phillipino to do.

      1. No, you’re not trippin’ @motosam90
        First I was thinking just like you!! I couldn’t believe it either, but he does blink…
        And you’re right @thedre : as incredible as it is, he even smirks.
        I never knew I would see something like that one day…
        Plus, it’s probably one of the fastest beheadings I’ve ever seen. The blade of that knife must have been really sharp!

        1. Yes, iwas going to say the same thing.., Sharp fckn Blade, Eyes moved/blink, (maybe someone said if you can hear me Blink yer eyes). and lastly ther is a beheading video that exits here at BG., where this guys Actually Does almost makes a whince or growling face 5-10sec after, while his head was being lifted and placed. That was Freeeaky to say the least. Some of the members thot they were just muscle contractions, butt others (Obli included) assured that they can and do move their shit.

  3. Some say they sharpen that knife for a week untill it could cut through bone… 😆 The fates of the other 2 are unknown? Nonesense! The guy is being preppared for his execution and the woman was sold as a sex slave. Wanna bet?

    1. The woman is probably already part of it……
      The logic is ……if you suck white dicks … can suck my
      Boto…..!!!! Now “go in the kitchen and break a leg woman”.
      Or I break your neck……that technic works marvels.
      A slick woman will almost always get away….(P.P). with men
      Plus she is a sister…..if her pussy is juicy…..she is off the hook… they talk Tagalog when fuck …..puts a touch
      Of “I belong ”
      Ps: she is cute tho…..but I am biased to a point of no return
      Philipina’s punanis are delightful and……..they don’t bite
      Give it a try……!!!!

  4. Bravo….for a white dude……not a word…..not a move……
    Very smart to the end…..last thing you want is the guy butchering you….with these ” hacking ” from the dark side.!
    I, sometimes think of those who say they would spit….. scream…..kick…..bite…..good luck on that one…….
    Now you gonna really piss these guys off……
    I know philipinos (kinda)…..when they loose it…..
    With a knife in their hand……and yours tight…… huhu??????

    1. He really did take it like a champ. He is more thug and gangsta than those wannabe terrorists. Bet those fuckers would scream, cry, and spaz out if they had a machete to the neck. Fuck those guys. R.I.P Robert Hall. At least the pain is now over. Hope hes peeing invisible ghost piss all over them haha. Give them some bad juju.

      1. @Calicoe – yes, his pain is over – but not so for his family.

        It’s pointless to hope in fairy tales that his ghost is pissing over his killers but better for people like us who are living to fuck up these Allah-fucktards whenever and wherever we can. That’s the best tribute we can give this guy and other poor sods like him.

        There but for the Grace of God it wasn’t us getting our head cut off.

  5. The guy in the blue pants has a look of sympathy and sorrow at the end, like he didnt want part in this. Bunch of wannabe tough guys killinh helpless old people. Bitch-made to the fullest.

      1. @Coragem – sorta true. I think videos like this leave a residue and serve to inform thinking people like us of the world around us.

        Thank God(!) for BG and for people here who make us truly appreciative for the thin veneer of civilisation we do enjoy.

    1. @ JustJustine – With all the science we have, it’s time to ban and socially stigmatise all forms of religion – even for the peaceful proponents of fairy tales.

      Yes, it’s killing the patient to cure the disease, but some diseases are just that way: in other words religion is fine, it’s the fucktards who go nuts over it. If religious related deaths were a disease we would have vaccinated it out a long time ago.

  6. Poor guy rest in peace I mean pieces…. No that’s bad rest in peace…. If those fuckers come to England I’ll shoot the twats with pellet guns…. That will show them We not got guns we got rocks and twigs we will show the fucking cunts….

  7. Muslims must be really retarded. How else could they think their brutality will make any positive impression on the rest of us? As far as I’m concerned, all muslims and their families need to die. In any way convenient to their killers at the moment.

    1. @ xizang – this wasn’t a recruitment video, it was a punishment for no ransom video. They want money and this killing serves to reinforce the ends to that means. 😉

      Either way, it makes no difference – they are truly fucked up.

  8. I’ve been more offended by this execution than most other killings. I could see how hard the poor fella was swallowing at the beginning of the video and to literally kick him to the floor seemed so fucking artless but I guess the killers were nervous. I’m amazed the victim didn’t cry out with the first cut but it was quick if nothing else. I’m hoping with him being an older chap, he was able to console himself that at least he’d had some life (and maybe a family) before being killed.

    Why are we separating the Abu Allah-tosis from ISIS when they fly the same flag? It’s just another Allah-fucked-up tribe, isn’t it?

      1. No, muslims are not all bad…just the huge overwhelming majority of them.
        But, don’t take my or other people’s word at face value, and let me explain.

        Find out by yourself: befriend a handful of muslims (born abroad and born/raised wherever is that you live at), earn their trust–allow them to fully believe in you–then, inconspicuously, make them share what’s inside their head or allow them to spontaneously do it…share it with you.

        At the same time, read the whole Q’uran (not just parts of it, or what you hear/read elsewhere)…then come to your own conclusions like: where this radical ideology may be coming from? [reading their holy scripture is a huge eye opener, and something more ppl should do; to understand muslims/islamists and to worry about them].

        You’ll be amazed by the twisted beliefs, perceptions, values, etc. that they have [towards their own kind and others]. Those traits, are all (sadly) formed and nurtured by their religion…islam.

  9. Just like Kosher slaughter except I’m not hungry.

    Yeah, wrong place; wrong time. Didn’t heed the warnings so now he becomes victim out of the thousands of other victims who’ve died in the hands of another Islamic front making way for the expansion of territory i.e. Israel.

      1. Hi @alicatt. So why did the videos stop? Did the people who got them on here get stuck in one of their own videos and get whacked like all the others they filmed or released to the gore sites? Lol.
        Good morning BTW. Gonna visit your Father today? If so, tell him I said you’re a good Best Gore girl and he should be proud of you for not being a wimp. ; )

  10. filipino muslims that’s interesting lol. the filipines is primarily catholic interesting how islam still has these crazy muslim filipinos doing what the religion of peace does. more recent muslim converts are often the most violent and more common to be terrorists bc i think they just convert so they can join the jihadi muslim gangs and do shit like this.

  11. Oh gosh, JV amateurs again. I think I understand where Obama got this “JV Team” idea from. Maybe he has a secret account here on best gore? Well, it looks like another leaf has turned. He was once a living man, and now he is dead for eternity. I suppose Canada is proud of their hard work dealing with this hostage situation, it is time to go out and celebrate with some beer. Maybe they’ll have a long speech about how concerned they were. Meanwhile, I’m sure those bums in that forest are going to be sitting around playing scrabble for a few weeks. I hope the mosquitos eat those fuckers alive. Maybe we can release a government experimental T-Rex or Group of velociraptor into their grounds and bring it up a notch. Drop stink bomb right into their camp and have them all squerm. There are ways of making them cooperate.

  12. The morons are in denial…beheading clearly hasn’t achieved anything. They chop a couple of heads off, and then what? Ahhh akbar and clean the knife for the next round as more captured folks come to fill in their places. -_-

  13. Do these ISIS wannabees really think that the US is going to pay millions of dollars?! Especially people who aren’t even US residents?! They’re stupider than I thought. They seriously think that the US Gov will actually give two shits about these people?! Lol

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