Beheading of Christian Man by Taliban in Afghanistan (video with subtitles)

Beheading of Christian Man by Taliban in Afghanistan (video with subtitles)

This is yet another incredibly effective beheading by Muslim jihadists who make Mexican Narcos look like completely incompetent wigger gangsters. The video is from Afghanistan and has English translation subtitles.

It would appear that the victim was a convert to Christianity from the religion of peace. He was captured by the Taliban and executed by beheading as infidel. Cameraman did a piss poor job recording the beheading, but the executioner did great.

According to the subtitles, the name of the condemned was Abdul Latif from the Zefareh Village in Enjeel District, Ancient Herat Province, Afghanistan.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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226 thoughts on “Beheading of Christian Man by Taliban in Afghanistan (video with subtitles)”

          1. I disagree. if somebody worships the true god, then he shouldn’t commit any sin, and that is not the case on the whole earth,considering Jesus is the true god. many American and Russian Christians have slaughtered thousands of people in the name of Jesus, and nobody accused them of terrorism. the point is that we sinners or not, regardless whom we are worshipping.

          2. All gods are fake! You are your own gods. Only you can control your life.I’m sorry but All you muslims are pieces of shit! Even you muslims who think its a religion of peace. Its your fellow Muslims who are doing this and you do nothing. Do something. For you to just say”bad boys” is not good enough. It makes you just as guilty. If your in a house with someone who just commit murder , your going sown as well. I would be so ashame to be part of such religion. Seriously, EVERY mulims should be whiped out!

      1. Is your avi Kenny Powers?

        Yeah and he can also cure Cancer and save all the starving children of the world, but he doesn’t want to do that either, guess he’s a bad selfish GOD then, riiiiiiiiiiiiiight?

        1. Or.. The more likely theory that God is man made.. Eternal life tends to help people cope with death, both that of their loved ones but also their own. The fear of death is pacified if we think we somehow live on. Also before science, God was used to explain everything from weather to reproduction. Also sheep need a herder, and God and Jesus refer to human kind as sheep lol! He is the Shepard! Sure you heard that term before.

          1. What do you mean that God is “man made”?

            Who made man?

            Who made the Universe?

            I like to think Science is the ‘How Book’… And the Bible as the ‘Why Book’.

            Atheists seem to think that everything can be explained through Science and science alone… Yet Science can get it wrong:

            Does anybody remember the big deal about how the scientists at CERN who managed to find the ‘God Particle’ (Higgs Boson)… And then it turned out a year later that it was a technical MALFUNCTION that resulted in a FAKE RESULT.

            Einstein himself said that it was impossible to ‘find’ such a particle.

            Once upon a time, Scientists used to think bad smells caused diseases.

            Once upon a time, Scientists used to think the World was flat.

            See a pattern here? Science gets it wrong. Yet the Bible doesn’t maintain any Scientific principles.

            We Humans have to realise that our minds are limited. We have boundaries that cannot be crossed. The idea of a ‘God’ is not only an Emotional back up against the fear of death… It is the height of Logic as well.

          2. I most certainly am not an atheist. I will not disclose my belief. If you want to believe in fairy tales made up to take money from the common man and control the masses, have fun with that. I am not so ignorant. Pick up chariots of the gods and give that Shit a gander.

          3. Strangely enough. I agree with your belief that ORGANISED religion was built by the educated few to control the Hoi Polloi.

            Although I am not an ignorant person/ sheep.

            I am going to hazard a guess at your faith… Methinks you are a Pagan of some sorts. Possibly Wicca, Odinist or Satanist.

          4. Chariots of the gods???????

            Erik von daniken…..that self absorbed,narsaccistic moron takes more imagination and
            ignorance to believe in than any part of any “holy book” ever written.
            HH check your facts,von dickhead has long been discredited,even by his peers,how can you believe the lines of nazca are runways for intergalactic travellers?

          1. I’m sorry but the excuse that scientists used trial and error to find solutions is hilarious you asshat, the scientists were born into a world scared to death by religion, they weren’t given the answers, they had to think and come to conclusions on why and HAD TP PROVE THEM science shouldn’t be an answer like god is in religion but a key to understanding the who the what and why, i don’t believe in a super natural being i believe in the chance that oxygen adn sunlight helped form us and millions of years of evolution, im not an atheist because im not denying a god in the first place. we just begun our journey with science buddy, let me know when prayer saved someone though maybe i’ll change my mind

          1. Jewish is not a race any more than being muslim or christian or even being an ancient astronaut theroist. That is probably one of the dumbest things ive heard someone say in a while.

          1. -666wld: If you ask a Jewish person what race they are, 9 out of 10 times they’ll say “Jewish”. You rarely hear them saying that they’re “Israeli” unless they were born and raised in Israel.

          1. Getting Bolshie isn’t going to win you any favours here buddy.

            YOU decided to let us know you are Half Jewscum and Half Christian. What is it to ask what religion you follow?

          2. I don’t believe in religion numbnuts. What are you going to do come over to mi casa and behead me for being half jewish you piece of shit?

          3. No. I am not planning on committing any act of violence upon you.

            But if your attitude is as sour IRL as it is here… Somebody just might decide to teach you a lesson.

    1. Hi guys. I’m new here. Having trouble uploading a picture for my avatar. I was advised by a therapist to try de-sensitisation therapy to help with my panic attacks. (I imagine all sorts of disasters and horrors befalling my loved ones, uncontrollable anxiety attacks) I worked my way up to here and it seems to be working. Still a ton of stuff I can’t bring myself to watch though. Like beheading. I wavered over the play button then chickened out. Nice to meet you all. :o) Bliss x

        1. I think Atheism is for arrogant, sanctimonious, LIBSTAIN, pretentious tosspots.

          Agnosticism is a sensible road. But being on the fence betrays a Person’s personality as being indecisive.

          Christianity, Judaism and Islam do not call for a person to prove that God exists… Nobody can prove nor disprove.

          As George Michael says: “You gotta have FAITH. Faith, faith, faith.”.

          1. Most atheists are snobs who think they’re better than someone since they don’t believe in a God. Those people are retards.

            I guess you could classify me as atheist, but I prefer the term agnostic, because, well, frankly, I don’t give a shit if God’s real or not.

          2. Ethan…

            You hit the nail on the head. I have no problem in you being an Agnostic.

            It is Atheists that decry the Religious as being immature and often dangerous zealots.

            Not to mention, that when somebody makes a statement that “God certainly does NOT exist”… They are making a pretty bold fucking statement, they had best have some pretty conclusive evidence to back it up.

  1. Im very tolerant of most “religions” but Islam can kiss both of my tiny little balls. I hate that religion. Those people are scum.
    Props to this guy for sticking to his guns up until death.
    I believe there is a heaven and i believe that dude is up there now. Haha lucky guy!

    1. Thank you all of these people who joke about life must either be physically challenged wich would be reasonable or their on some drug of some sort……you guys may not care for anyone’s religion but I am a Christian I’ve done both wrong and write but god says never to judge othw

  2. Victim: “I ate your leftovers, please leave me.”

    Was this a mistranslation or did he really say this? Weird choice of last words if it was real, this might have just aggravated them even more. Note to self: Don’t get between an extremist and his rations of camel dung.

  3. This video really fucking bothers me, seeing him trying to get away…. Ugh :/

    Who the fuck are they to do that to someone over religion? Fuck religion, seriously. I am so tired of people trying to shove their beliefs down someone elses throat.. like those Westboro fuckheads too. Let people believe what the want, it’s their life, it should be their choice.

      1. Fuck them too. My job throws a Halloween contest every year and I’m in charge of the party. Well this bitch ass Jehovah’s witness co-worker was complaining to HR about it being wrong and how we’re “worshiping the devil” .. HR didn’t give 2 shits about her complaint. I still ask the JW co-worker every year if she’s participating in the contest, just to be a bitch.

        And there is a JW church, temple, dungeon.. whatever they use down the street from me. EVERY Sunday bright and early, they harass everyone on my street. I told them I’m Jewish, just so they’d leave me alone and it worked, they never came back 😀

        1. @kels XD do you hide inside your house when the come knocking on you door too ..? You have a kick ass job ^_^ I’ve never heard of a job throwing a halloween contest before c’mon now Halloween is an American tradition DX that is very in American if you don’t like Halloween I still go trick or treating ^o^ hey if it’s free candy hells yeah I’m in !!! Do you guys drink beer in the Halloween contest O.o if there is cervesas and food let’s not forget the ladiesI’m I’m ^(^o^)^

          1. misfit –

            Hide from who? The JW’s or Trick or Treaters? 😉

            Halloween is my Christmas.. It’s my favorite holiday (I know it’s not recognized as one, but it is to me). Sadly, I don’t get many trick or treaters in my neighborhood :/

            Nope, we don’t have beer or any liquor during the contest/party, because it’s held during work hours, just lots of food and candy and costumes!

          2. @kels I was taking about the jws XD do you hide from them too ..?O_o I’m a big fan of Halloween < 3 ^_^ I like walkingin cold winter nights especially in Cementaries I'm not a goth or anything I just love going into dark scawwie places O_O hey I'll go trick of treat to your house 😀 just so I can make you feel special if you live in California ..?

          3. misfit – Nah, I don’t hide from them.. After I said I’m Jewish they seriously stopped coming back. Next step would have been sticking my grandfather’s candle with the star of david on it, in the window on Saturday night. I always have a backup plan 😀

            Autumn is my favorite season. October my favorite month, obviously! You don’t have to be goth to enjoy cemeteries. You’d have a looooong trip to come trick or treating at my house, I live in Mass. and I’m usually in Salem Mass on Halloween!

          4. @kels ^o^ the Salem witch trials < 3 I wish I lived over there DX there is a lot of fucked up sad history there :l have you ever walked in the the woods at night over there :O is it scawwie ..?

  4. the infidels are so fuckin scared that they are laying waste on your country with white phosphorous and frag bombs , raping your children and your women, and hunting you with IR googles like in a fuckin operation flashpoint game. All of this while theyre having a great time and making AFY military industrial complex a little richer. Real smart guys you are. Allahuakbar x120

  5. Ok once again The Religion of Peace rears its peaceful head. The Haji with the real high voice was annoying the fuck out of me. Can the next peaceful executioners please include men who don’t sound like a 13 year old boy whose voice is cracking? Also the “I ate your leftovers” translation makes no sense. Anyone here speak Pashtun?

    1. @rose_blood that is their life O.O they get to decide who lives and who dies they live by the gun and die by it too -.- religion is always gong to be shit I know I’m a simmer who isn’t you should see my aunt the bitch was always sleeping with guys she has two daughters but never took care of them my mom always did she usually came home 2 days later but not alone she always had a man >.> instead of them paying her she paid them XD now she’s kissing Jesus’s ass remind her of what she did and she denies it that has nothing to do with your comment but I just gave you an example of how two faced *most* of the people are -.-

  6. Christian soldiers should also behead those taliban and terrorist captives an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth! American soldiers should have an anesthetic tablet to make them sleep and feel numb if caught by those Ala Akbarish sons of bitches demon,so that they cant feel the pain when their neck is being cut-off.

    1. What are you talking about? You chritians do kill others in the name of religion.! Your religion is just as piece of shit as there.all religions are piece of shit. Its just an excuse to wage religion wars and kill. get a fucking backbone ans take control of your own destiny. Let people believe what they want. If your god is so great, why do you have to go door to door, bug the shit out of people to join and donate. Leave us non believers the fuck alone.

    1. People often use religion to try to justify what they are doing. If anyone else beheaded someone, they would be in Prison for a very long time or even on death row, but because these ass holes hide behind religion, what’s the chances they will never be brought to justice?

          1. True.

            Muslims at least acknowledge that Christians and Jews believe in the same God as them. They believe however we are corrupted and deserve to be enslaved under the Islamic system of Dhimmitude.

            The Pagans and Atheists however, don’t ‘benefit’ under the system of Dhimmitude. The Hadith shows that Muhammed either offered Conversion or Death to the non-Abrahamic religions.

          2. I wish hittler had gotten rid of all those muslims. That is the worst scum on the earth. There should be a masive crusade to convert those fuckers into Christians or JW, at least they wouldnt be killing each other and proving the rest of the world how fucked they are. They hit women, rape children,behead men and blow buildings and houses all over their territory.what the hell do they study first of all, the fuckin book of terrorism?

  7. fuck these fuckin fucks,fuck god ,fucktha world ,id rather fight over drugs than religeon anyway .i like mex beheadin .thay do it slow an messy .more fuckin gore,fuck doing it fast an clean. love wen they chop on tha spin an make tha arms jump.makes me laugh wen haven a bad day.i hate hearing tha arkbaring all tha fuckin time.have to turn tha fuckin shit down wen i watch it,god damn !

  8. Afghanis seem to be portrayed as simple farmers, often staying just one step ahead of starvation. How does “the Taliban” show these videos to them? Maybe they know it’s only us (in the more developed nations) who’ll see these videos?

  9. That “Muhammad Peace be Upon Him” crap is so retarded. I’d like to smack a Muslim every time I hear it. I’d be at peace, too, if all of my brainwashed children were doing my dirty work for me. How about this: PISS be Upon Him…and every other Muslim on the planet. It makes more sense than peace, because violence is inherent to flawed religious systems of belief like Islam. At least getting peed on’ll wash off some of that dirty sand nigger grime. Might cool their psychotic heads off, too.

  10. It’s funny how everyone justify a killing of any form in the name of the God they so cherish and love. But what has the killing done for you? Have it brought you riches or any closer! No your still the nut job you were before.

  11. Muslim jihadist beheaders and Mexican narco beheaders are not cut of the same cloth they’re two diffrent animals…the jihadist are beheading for their faith and truly belive with all their hearts and minds that what they’re doing is gods will and is right and must be done they’ve been taught this from a very young age at the jihadist madrassas where they are religiously brainwashed with the thought of nothing but jihad from childhood to adulthood. The Narcos on the other hand are beheading for completely diffrent reasons that have more to do with vengeance, profit, and turf the majority of all narcos were raised as devout catholics and taught that what they are doing is wrong will go to hell for it this is why Mexican narcos appear to have a harder time cutting off the heads of their enemies and seem to hesitate a bit and even look a little scared during some beheadings, many of the Narcos still have the fear of god in them which is why most of them give large amounts of money to the church to try and some how buy back they’re salvation…after all in the catholic faith all you have to do is GP to confession and confess your sins and your in gods good grace again.

  12. Damn, it does make those Zeta fags look like children, these guys are fucked up, but at least their victims dont suffer as much as the Zeta’s victims do, and if they truly believe what they’re doing is right, then you cannot judge them.

  13. I wish more videos came with subtitles.. I had a feeling person about to be executed would talk about their children..

    I don’t know if religon is real or not, but ANY religon who justifies killing in the name of God, couldn’t be more full of shit!

  14. How do these victims get themselves into these situations? Are they reading christian material at a bus stop before being kidnapped?

    If that christian had any faith at all he should have stood tall and proud next to his belief and told those taliban guys that they follow a false belief…its not like they are going to cut his head off any more painfully

    1. You know, they’re always looking for the next victim. Sure they said this man is being killed for being Christian, but how many others are killed under those false pretenses? Lies just so the terrorists can get their nut off by killing innocent people.

        1. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Islam is a mental desease (created by the jews to enslave the world) and arabs are subhuman shits but they wouldn’t be problem for westerners if the jews didn’t drag the USA and Europe into wars in the middle east and if the jews didn’t ask their corrupted western leaders to import them into the west.
          Islam, arabs, niggers, prostitution, homosexuality and other degeneracies are just the symptoms of the desease, the jewish parasite that has been dragging humanity down for the past 3000 years.

    1. Tell me about it. Religion is the root of all evil! You really think if there was a God he wouldn’t just wipe the human race of this planet. Humans think it is always someone elses fault! Maybe in December the real God “the planet earth” will just kill all humans like my great bud Bender always says. LOL!

    2. I LOOOOVVE sloths!! And I agree 100% I was just thinking the same thing to myself yesterday. I’m like, “Fucking middle east! Why can’t they all just fuck off and die?!” The world would be so much better off if we didn’t have the middle east plague upon us.

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