Beheading of Lebanese Soldier Ali al-Sayyed by the Islamic State

Beheading of Lebanese Soldier Ali al-Sayyed by the Islamic State

Jihadists from the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS or ISIL) recently captured 19 Lebanese soldiers. That was in response to the Lebanese Army capturing an Jabhat al-Nusra commander Imad Ahmad Jomaa. Both the Islamic State and al-Nusra Front joined forces to attack Lebanon and succeeded in taking over Arsal. After 5 days they were forced to withdraw to the mountains, but managed to take 19 captured soldiers with them.

Among the captured Lebanese soldiers was Sergeant Ali al-Sayyed – a Sunni Muslim from northern Lebanon. The Islamic State now released a video of his beheading.

This once again proves that the Islamic State are nothing but Zionist proxy army. They are not those devout Sunni Muslims they make themselves out to be in their well edited videos. We’ve seen them execute 250 captured Syrian soldiers, most of whom were Sunni Muslims too. They are definitely not who they make themselves out to be. it’s time to recognize that.

In the video, Sgt. Ali al-Sayyed is shown blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back. He is visibly nervous, terrified of the inevitable. He rocks back and forth and from side to side, and starts writhing and kicking the ground as a militant tilts him for beheading.

Props to Best Gore member Xaphy for the video:

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    1. Nicht alle Moslems sind gleich …Die meisten muslims haben nichtmal die Eier jemanden zu K?pfen .Ich finde es nur schade das z.b Leute wie du die vllt auch selbst im eigenen Leben schlechte Erfahrung mit Moslems gemacht haben , eine Abneigung gegen uns empfinden. .

          1. ***Any white man in any country can wake up one day and decide to take action.

            🙂 🙂 🙂

            For some reason PZ, I knew you would be by, to answer that one for us!!

            🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. It might sound stupid… but it’s actually true lol.

      The journalist’s video’s are nothing like this… I can’t imagine real ISIS would make shitty quality video’s with strange music and weird dirty looking guys.
      Then all of a sudden for American journalist they make very different video’s.

      Then 2 weeks later they go back to crappy camera’s, music, Arabic etc.

          1. @stomper.
            downloaded unsupported file? fuck it ive seen enough beheadings , proper ones! not the holy foley bollocks. just from the header pic i can clearly see hes not wearing the standard issue orange jump suit? and if im not mistaken there seems to be what l can only describe as “blood” , pouring from a large wound in the mans neck!

          2. @Stomper.
            This is something that bothers me, they set the scene, masked jihadis? Check!
            Big fuck off knife? Check! Condemned infidel? Ckeck! Shit camera? Check!


            If it was me, I’d want fuckin H fuckin D!
            The phone I had 3 years ago had a better picture than that!

          3. @bobcat.
            I see what you’re getting at, but these toe rags look like they haven’t got to pennies to rub together. Must have been a really crap phone though as you say. I had a galaxy a few years ago… shite phone but the camera on the little bugger was a belter. Fuck knows what they were using, they’ll be taking Polaroid’s next ! 😀

      1. Ditto …..figures it sounds like one of the better ones…does anyone think these Arabs will ever figure out the Zionist strategy has always been to divide the two fractions (sunni vs shia) and have them weaken each other….pawns killing other pawns is nothing new but you would think they would eventually figure it out

        1. We know everything that is going on. Actually the sunnis and shiites in Lebanon are united against those terrorists. They were even burning IS flags everywhere, but you still see some people inside Lebanon who support those pigs. The only true muslims who fight zionism are hizbollah and iran. You ever wonder why those lowlifes hate shiite muslims?

  1. That Jihadi “John” fellow certainly was a nice guy. There are not many like him about, one of a kind you might say, after all he did go through all the trouble to make a PG rated decapitation video just for us, I appreciate that, I really do.

    Back in the real world however, where the Jihadists are not called John, Steve, Gary or Frank but rather Mohammed, Ahmed, Abdul because they are Muslims and not Christians, this is how the real beheading videos are done, uncensored.

    Mind you, it wouldn’t have made such big headlines back home in the west had it been atypical, our governments would not have been able to cry about all the home grown terrorists and how we should all be afraid and agree to more of our freedoms being taken away as a means to protect us.

    1. In the USA you are more than likely to be killed by a trigger happy cop than any terrorist….our so called homeland security consider military vets more of a possible threat than terrorist…the top military guys were fired if they didn’t pass the test of firing on us citizens….our biggest enemy is within our own damn govt…sad but true…

      1. ***In the USA you are more than likely to be killed by a trigger happy cop than any terrorist?.our so called homeland security consider military vets more of a possible threat than terrorist?the top military guys were fired if they didn?t pass the test of firing on us citizens?.our biggest enemy is within our own damn govt?sad but true?

        …that’s a fact!!

        But please remember my friend…

        Homeland Security, doesn’t stop at our borders. We have to keep the whole God damn world safe, from the terrorists that our own terrorists create abroad.

        …it’s like Jeffrey Dahmer murdering Benjamin Netanyahu, then having Dick Cheney say a prayer for their souls…

      1. Although I agree with you on the risc which religion brings upon humanity, it always has been with human kind….somewhat like prostitution always has been. 😉
        If we humans are just the endproduct of time plus matter plus chance, this worldview brings upon even more dangers because there is no need for justification of objective morals and nothing in terms of logical reasoning which counterfeits beheading another beeing. Its a philosophical mess which we encounter. Sam Harris and the alikes have not yet convinced me with any of their so called arguments. We are just dust in the wind; the question is what makes us think that we are more valuable than a fucking cockroach on this planet.

    1. Fuck all Snackbarrs. Incompenent low life scum pieces of shit. Im sick to my stomach when i hear them go All Snackbarrr. They don’t deserve to breathe oxygen. But nobody does anything about these violent and blood thirsty apes . Their place is at the ZOO.

    1. At one minute fifteen seconds, you can hear his neck snap, see him jerk violently then go limp. These guys know what they are doing. The ones who try to twist the head off usually fumble around and are not experienced. Keep watching. You will learn much quickly, grasshopper.

  2. Man! I totally felt that guys anxiety….this was one of the few that actually showed how fucked up the guy was before his beheading…and he fought it too…damn! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the sheer luck of being born over here and not in sandville….the beheadings, hangings, and amputations would suck but also would those massive spiders they have…yikes! Nevermind I would totally blow at being a ‘good’ wife…I would probably be offed right from the get go…I kinda don’t hold my tongue well…lol

      1. Islam is not the only growing religion, and it is definitely not the most supported in the West. Maybe you should research before presenting statements like that as fact. Christianity is growing rapidly as is Islam, Buddhism, Scientology, and others. Many Westerners fear Islam. They definitely are far from supporting it. Check your information.

  3. How in the world does IS killing Sunni Muslims prove that they’re a “Zionist proxy army”? They consider the Sunnis they kill to be apostates, and that Muslims must be “purified” before action can be taken against non-Muslims.

    There is not doubting that IS serves the interests of the West. The West is happy to leave them untouched for now because they stand as a formidable force against Iran and because they leave the region in general shambles. No one likes a strong Arab world.

        1. Haha, I ain’t no shill, I just don’t think Jews are that smart. Let’s face it, if they weren’t around there would just be some other group y’all would need to blame, everyone needs a devil. Don’t get me wrong, I think we are manipulated, I just don’t think it’s by an organized group with a shared ethnic background. Deal with it.

          1. Sheep and shills share many similarities. The sheep are useful idiots that do the work of a shill, but do it without being paid or being asked to, cause if they’re too dumb to see past the tip of their nose, they’re too dumb to be paid for it. Sheep have wool over their eyes. The same wool that prevents them from seeing what the aware can see is the same wool that doesn’t let them see how brainwashed to obey they are. Which means – no sense expecting a sheep to understand he is one.

          2. ***Haha, I ain?t no shill, I just don?t think Jews are that smart. Let?s face it, if they weren?t around there would just be some other group y?all would need to blame, everyone needs a devil. Don?t get me wrong, I think we are manipulated, I just don?t think it?s by an organized group with a shared ethnic background. Deal with it.

            Smart definitely, has nothing to do with what’s presently going on.

            It’s about money…

            When you have a Federal Reserve who can print money out of thin air, purchase weapons, purchase our air waves, to create a dumb down society then dumb indeed, has everything to do with it.

            Our corporate media indeed, has a fine reputation, of turning the American citizen against each other. This is an end result of creating a society that cannot, and will not, critically think!!

            As far as any group coming along besides Jews…

            It’s organized religion, that we should be concerned with.

            The simple fact, that Israel is “God’s Wet Dream,” compliments of the “Neo-Crypts,” is why we’re in this mess to begin with.

            Yes, you are correct. Many people indeed, are (very easily) manipulated.

            …usually out of fear

            And from fear, comes your “pariah.” (or devil)

      1. Very True! I’d add that hatred & conspirationism share many similarities with religions in my humble opinion… Things are seen & treated as absolute, based on dogma.

        I believe no community or group are better or worst humans than the others given their perspective & realities – we are all human with pros & cons.
        Some groups are more resourceful & successful than others though, and the price to pay for that is to get most of the aggro 🙂

        1. Crybabies speech I’ll bet is similar to shit a Muslim extremist hears all his life, until he believes it enough to die for it. If I’m a sheep for questioning one of a million internet preachers with his own version of the truth, then….. Baaaaaaaa ?

          However, protocolsofzion, I will click your link, I am interested, thanks.

          1. @ POZ What’s your ‘next best’ source? I’ve been wanting to ask for a while (you and anyone else on here with similar views) because I want to learn about this stuff but I usually get so frustrated with the lack of citations and inclusion of things that are known to be false, and generally unsound arguments.. There has to be some website out there.. maybe a blog?.. that summarizes things in a balanced way. Someone who starts off as a skeptic is always a good read I think 🙂

          2. @POZ
            the protocols seems to be a hoax that plagiarizes a couple different sources, that’s why I don’t consider it evidence of anything… And the Fry book uses it as it’s main source. It looks like her conclusions in that book are based pretty much entirely on that one text.

          3. The protocols is not a hoax. The Jews have put out a lot of complete bullshit trying to show that the protocols is a hoax, and that is exactly what you have read. Did you read that on Wikipedia by any chance? There is an army of Jewish writers who go out of their way to convince folks that the protocols is fake, it is not.

          4. There’s portions of it that are clearly plagiarized, which seems odd if it’s supposed to be the minutes of a secret meeting. And there’s nothing to prove that what’s in there is true.

            Imagine I told you I broke into the scientology headquarters and saw a document proving that the nonsense they believe is actually true. I copied it all down but then the original document was destroyed, so I can’t show it to you. If I published it would you consider it a work of non-fiction, proof that scientologists were right all along?

          5. No, there are not portions of it that are clearly plagiarized. Jews control Wikipedia for your information. The Jews even went so far as to create a completely fabricated novel entitled Dialogue in Hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu in order to fool gullible and na?ve people. The best proof for you is that everything that the protocols says is true. Have you actually read them, and then proceed to see if the claims are true? Keep doing your research. You’ll figure it out eventually.

          6. Geez, so the jews somehow went back in time 30 years to publish dialogue in hell?

            It reads like a general plan of how to gain control of the world. The idea that controlling the media, currency, labor market, etc. gives you control of the population isn’t exactly a novel idea. If it contained specifics I might be more impressed by it. That’s why I was looking for another source… maybe one for your claim that the Jews fabricated Joly’s book?

      1. @ POZ
        Your link just points to the protocols document. I am familiar with this document as a presentation of “proof”, however I don’t see it as proof of this huge organization you would call Zionists, controlling everything. It is an imperialist point of view, yes, but it’s mere existence does not expose anything except a vision of imperialism from a Jewish perspective. (A Jewish Mein Kampf perhaps?)
        Imperialism is surely not unique to the Jews? Do you really believe that if every Jew died tomorrow, the earth would revert back to some sorta pre Jew utopia? Or do you think imperialism would still exist? ( I am thinking you must believe the latter) Please take my arguments as they are. I am not a shill on some computer in Isreal, I’m just a middle class white guy who finds Jews undeserving of so much credit.

  4. The video is linked through
    Won’t work on a mobile device (iPhone) in case people are having trouble viewing it. Might be a flash problem?? I know, I know, I like to surf with my phone too, but I guess we will have to get up and go to our desktops.
    Any reason why bestgore can’t just host this video?

  5. It seems a bit strange that a these beheading video’s are up loaded to this site rather quickly maybe this site and up loaders are actually IS sympathisers or IS participants. This has nothing to do zionists it’s all about barbarity.

  6. Fighting with Syria, Iraq, Iran, and the U.S. isn’t enough? They have to start up with Lebanon now? Pretty soon, the whole god damned world will want these guys all dead, and if the whole world wants you dead, that is exactly whats going to happen.

  7. Money is the god of our time and the Rothschild bankers are the prophets…you do know the federal reserve bank is a privately owned Rothschild bank…whoever supplies the money controls the country…isn’t strange that the media never brings up the Rothschild family wealth like they do with goyim Bill Gates…how ironic is it that rothschild family crest or logo is 5 arrows after the 5 sons were sent to 5 different countries to stick their greedy arrows into them….

  8. considering all the “banging on” that muslims do about “murder to our muslim brothers” “behead those who insult muslims” etc etc etc …….. one would think that the whole muslim world would rise up and unleash a “jihad” against these IS scumbags?
    …so where are the actions to back-up all this protest we hear? or is it just us “infidels” who deserve to die for negative words/action against muslims?…… in other words, muslims killing muslims swerves the “call” for jihad then?

  9. I love how Muslims are mainly called “uncivilized”. But of course ; I’m a muslim who is more civilized & knows for sure that polluting myself with internet trolls is the exact meaning of uncivilized or let’s say : nanderthal..

    Back to “civilized interpretations of reality”. ISIS -and as we know they are CIA- are trying their best to drag lebanon into the syrian front, they want the lebanese army to intervene so badly, just to get stuck in there, and demand more weaponry from America which of course serves the war economy of the states.

    We also know that Israel has no popularity between muslims. But if muslims themselves got butchered by a group like isis,israel won’t be that bad to them, this theme is actually surfing through the region now between many muslim locals.

    Soon -and mark my words-, obama would take delay his actions, his super plan to crush isis would extend to years & years to come, and isis would start to target sunna muslims more than shia, so the muslim street becomes enraged by their actions -it’s already enraged now-. then the idea of having israel as an ally won’t be that bad.

    and that’s how iran & russia are defeated in the region, my uncivilized muslim hating friends who actually serve the cia agenda by broadcasting their shit 🙂

  10. I wouldn’t doubt that they drug some of them mostly so they don’t struggle as much.

    Probably inject a bit of heroine in them. Still just because you’re on a opiate doesn’t mean you can’t feel pain at all.

    Don’t believe it? Take some Oxycotin or something and then slam a hammer down your dick and so if it doesn’t hurt…

  11. This is the last post I see. I access BG from my cell phone. I see on my word press dashboard that there have been several posts made since this one, but when I click “all the gore” this post shows at the top with only 13 comments. When I click on the comments link, I see there are almost 150 comments. It’s like the site is frozen on Sep 7th and hasn’t updated since. Anyone else experiencing this?

  12. Islam hasn’t give any right to behead to any group of people. It can be done only, if one murder anyone and refuse or failed to negotitate to give bloodmoney, under a law of Qisas, which has to be proved under the supreme judge, under the regulation of state government.
    The decapitaion has to be done in following way
    a) The prisoner should not be allowed to see the weapon used
    b) That the weapon be sharp able to struck head with one blow
    c) That the prisoner be allowed to repent to Allah for his/her crime
    d) That the strike may come any time after the head is positioned in the executional posture, making the prisoner not see the time of his death. It is just like facing an accident yet you do not know when it may befall you.

    These people are fucking lunatics who doesn’t know what is Islam actually. They are the people of so called “Arab Spring” who were friends of Obama once upon a time. Now they turns out to be a pawn for him. Before making any comment, ask yourself
    1. what is their funding?
    2. how they get modern weapons?

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