Beheading of Retired Russian Colonel Aytemir Salimgereev in Dagestan

Beheading of Retired Russian Colonel Aytemir Salimgereev in Dagestan

Aytemir Salimgereev (Айтемир Салимгереев) – a retired Russian colonel, former member of the Anti-Terrorism group (ЦПЭ), and regional head of the Interior Ministry in Kizilyurt, Dagestan was beheaded by Muslim extremists in his own house.

The Investigative Committee of Kizilyurt reported that the colonel’s home, which is located in a suburban community “Builder” on the outskirts of the town was stormed by four unidentified armed men. Aytemir Salimgereev was at home with his son. Both were tied up and the colonel was then executed by beheading.

The beheading was carried out on July 9, 2014 but the video was not released until July 27. Aytemir Salimgereev was not in active duty anymore.

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

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    1. It’s cuz those fucking pussy Russians won’t go and do the right thing. Fuck up all the rag head loving shit faces .
      Stop starting a war in another country when you have terrorist right at home chopping peoples heads off.

    2. You know I see people saying Israel is killing innocent people. Really? They are all Islamic scum. We should all be trying to rid the world of these pieces of shit. Why are we fighting one another. All non Islamic people need to stand together, or get beheaded separately. I for one would rather they be the ones dying.

      1. Things are bad in UK, they are already starting to make demands to build mosques in there… But yes, its a bit of an exageration… that is, if none of the ones that went to fight for the terrorists in Syria manages survive and returns home… But i guess for as long as the BNP has support in UK, luckly that wont happen so soon.

        1. It is true that the peoples own apathetic attitudes have helped the Muslims gain a slight foothold. But the figures are skewed as usual.
          This nation is Still , by far , majority white , and when it comes to the stick and lift, I personally have faith.
          The doom mongers paired with the do gooders, enjoy spreading their propaganda.
          The reality however, is rather different.Especially where I live. I kid you not, there are No ethnics in my area , other than one shop keeper who is integrated. We stick together in these parts.

          1. Hmm, so theres hope after all. I keep reading very grim things about UK, but im glad to hear that its not as grave as it looks like. Its still good to raise awareness though, as some things arent ment to be piled up untill its too late.

          2. Slight footholds? Ever been to Westham, Barking, Tower Hamlets ( & other parts of London),Bradford, etc. With Muslimshaving larger families than “white” Brits and large scale migration into the UK from Asia &Africa, UK is going to have a very large Muslim minorityin the decades to come. As well, there is a large Muslim professional class (barestisters, doctors, etc), polititions and peers(lords/dames).

          3. Keep in mind the ethnicity figures on Wiki only count citizens. Plenty of foreign nationals from M.E. countries living in UK that don’t show up in those stats.

        2. Most of urban England is a no go zone for whites. One of my main arguments is that white people need a city, ie London. But London is now of 50% none UK white. England is buggered.

          1. @beachraider

            In all fairness there isn’t any “No Go Zones” for white people. This is OUR country and I for one am not afraid to set foot anywhere in it.

          2. I too go anywhere which is an easy choice when you live in Slough. By ‘no go’ I often reffer to how I would chill out on the estate and when we saw the police would say its a ‘no go zone’ for them meaning they are hatches down, on gaurd, not at ease.

            For example, you cant stand around like a dork for too long else someone will come up to you and whilst shaking your hand with a big smile will ask you if your English. If you dont want that then its a no go zone. Or at least a ‘Do it as quickly as you can and get out zone’.

    1. The UK will end up like the street scenes in Blade Runner, every nationality under the sun all speaking some awful combined lingo.

      London is now called little Africa for a reason. Boston, Lincolnshire is called little Poland and Birmingham/Bradford is called little Pakistan.

      It certainly isn’t a stretch of the imagination to say that given the current rate of immigration and related birth-rates compared to the indigenous birth-rates that the UK will be a very different country in less than 50 years time.

      1. I find it interesting that Bladerunner was based , at the time if making, just less than 40 years in the future year 2019.

        I believe it all boils down to whether the indigenous are prepared to just sit back and let it happen. In Yorkshire, the county cricket team only began to permit none Yorkshire born players into the team in 1992. I realise I’m drifting off topic, but, the emphasis has always been to look after your own here, and it holds firm to this day.

        I have faith in my own people , that’s all I can say.

    2. Demographics equals Destiny.

      Your pasty skinned compatriots (the Anglo Saxons) are busy pursuing their favourite distractions – Materialism, Heavy Drinking , Casual Fornication etc, In the mean time others are busy procreating.

      On this basis I agree with you – the indigenes will have another 20 – 25 years of majority(hood?!)

    1. @Ewe correct bro if he’d been a member of this site he would have seen the video of those 6 Russian soldiers enduring Dagestani hospitality. Probably would have saved his life.

  1. I honestly cannot comprehend the feelings which his son must have felt if he was made to watch. That must be one of the only things suicide could possibly be a serious candidate for. I wouldn’t be able to take it.

  2. Does anyone need to me to explain how I feel about filfthy muslim motherfuckers?

    All I can say is, if you’re muslim you need to start thinking real seriously about changing your religion NOW.

  3. They tried to do the same thing to Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando but he got away and the terrorists kidnapped Alyssa Milano instead. Then Arnie hunted them down and opened up a can of whip ass on them. “You’re a funny man Sully, I like you. That’s why I’m going to kill you last.”

  4. Theres is certainly something very suspiscious about all this beheading.

    Maybe its just me, but if these places are so lawless where are all the ‘murders’?

    These beheadings are, I dont know how to say, but lacking in pleasure, they are all perfunctionary ceremonies for their cause that lack the zeal that would mark them as wholly evil.

    We see Drugs barons killing each other, killing rapists and theives etc. But with all this technology all I can remember if the Luka video and the Russian one with the kids.

    I mean, serial killers have been videoing their acts for years, that black dude in the USA who videoed the woman in the basement etc. But we never see much of that.

    Im not saying I want to, but when I see this almost clinicial and sanctified killing I wonder where all the other statistically likely killings are?

  5. Funny how it goes from him holding up a bird he shot to being prey himself. Only thing that could be worse is having that fucking “music” playing while they cut your head off, if that was the last sounds I heard as I died I think my soul (if there is such a thing) would be tormented, and I’d come back as a poltergeist that explodes radios throughout the middle east that play that shit.

  6. Serves him right for killing that beautiful Hawk. I hope he suffered. And I hope someone can answer this question. What is the significance for beheading? I haven’t a clue. Ii would be quicker to put a bullet in the head.

  7. It’s a little bit unfair that they first show him with a dead chicken or something and then the beheading some will say it’s karma but that’s not true people who hurt animals aren’t bad I bet this was edited by PETA or something like that 😆

  8. The russian government has done also many things, that were not ok. The war in the caucasus for example, but these extremists are scum. That do not help anyone, not the Russians, not the Dagestanians or the Muslims living there.

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