Beheading of Reverend Lawan Andimi by Boko Haram in Nigeria

Beheading of Reverend Lawan Andimi by Boko Haram in Nigeria

Beheading of Reverend Lawan Andimi by Boko Haram in Nigeria

In Nigeria, a group of Boko Haram jihadists kidnapped Rev. Lawan Andimi, who was a branch chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Adamawa. In the video released by the jihadists, the Reverend is in a dug up hole next to a tree, where he is decapitated with machete blows to the back of his neck.

Bishop Stephen Dami Mamza said the Boko Haram demanded £2 million ransom for the life of Rev. Andimi, which was counter-offered with N50 million. Boko Haram rejected the offer and beheaded Andimi.

Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 and a person who wished to remain anonymous for the video. Got to love how the jihadists forming the line in the background of the video take a step back when the arterial spray spurts out blood from the neck of Reverend Andimi.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. The beheading looked fine too me, most of the times these niggers couldn’t cut soft butter. Another observation is that three of the desert chimps didn’t even have guns, they should have taken the $137k usd. See them all back up? I bet non of the nonhumans in line were over the age of 21.

      1. Yes, they should have taken the money. They could be shitmonkeys with money, but now they are just brokeass shitmonkeys. I guess they figure they can just kidnap someone else next time they need to make a mortgage payment on their straw huts patched together with elephant shit.

        1. Thats exactly what the dumb fucks will do………they will kidnap someone else and send this video to whoever is obliged to pay the ransom.

          They will ask for 10 million, be offered 20 000, take it and get mugged on the way home by a some other shit skin………….

  1. I like how they all stepped back at the same time as to not get blood on their flip flops. After that third machete blow I am pretty sure in their minds they were questioning life and if they were in the right place.

        1. If you have 30 minutes to watch the video. I swear! It’s like they use butterknives to decapitate. They take forever. And to top it off, sometimes they have a chick who does not work out, do it. But I guess that’s the idea.

          Well, he wasn’t Cathar; so no great loss.

        1. “Even the monkeys in the background seemed to be like.. well… is that it?”
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          It’s probably more boring than the thrill of the kill down there.
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        1. There was an awesome stabbing video a few years ago of a cop stabbing his colleague… it was a CCTV video but the stabber was cold as fuck, stabbed the hell out of his co worker… I think it’s time to go back and watch some classics actually haha

          1. Damn ..that sounds like a good one I haven’t came across it I went far into the bestgore pages..but it got to the point that it didnt let me see the videos it says that it refused to connect so I couldn’t get that far into the pages ..but I remember this really juicy one where there was this guy in prison sitting down and this other guy kept stabbing him with a prison pick was clearly brazil ..but that guy was just sitting there taking it he wouldn’t move and noone was holding him down he was just screaming and doing nothing ..and the guy that was stabbing him was very small …some people just dont wanna live lol …

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  3. wow, I dont understand their mentality. they kill their own kind for what? their families will still live in slums and starve. could he have not used those machete striking skill to work? I do not see the common sense at all

    1. How is the Reverend their own kind? You do know all blacks are not brothers right? These guys are fucken headchopping muslims killing what they think is an inferior -an animal- a Christian.

      Thinking of how your family is still starving ,being controlled by Elites and the Brotherhood of Man needs Higher-order thinking .

      These guys are just dumb ,violent ,evil and fanatical thugs whose only wish and lucky break(according to them) ,is that they are born moslem and thus better than us.

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  4. Why is it that Muslims regard Christians as the enemy? Surely atheists are the real enemy. At least Christians believe in fundamentally the same God. I fully support the wholesale, indiscriminate slaughter of atheists. By denying the existence of God they have forfeited the right to life. It doesn’t matter how good atheists may appear to be in the eyes of the world, they have committed the one unforgivable sin, and no amount of good works can compensate for that. The one and only purpose of our existence is to praise God. Why else did he create the universe, if not for his own glory?

    However, those who believe in the Abrahamic God are not automatically saved – many believers will end up in Hell – but they have at least passed the first test.

    I imagine the above will piss many of you off. I certainly hope so.

    1. You are right. By rights Moslems should hate Atheists more than Christians and religiously and culturally Islam is meant to value Christianity and Judaism above all other religions. Yet , that is the take of the smarter educated subset of Moslems who know the Koran and HADDITHS well. When you read Moslem apologists ,they always bring this up .The vast majority of Moslems however, are not taught this by their stinking backward imams and in the end most Moslems are purposefully uneducated and kept in the dark. This is what matters in the end.

      1. How is it any different than the general populace? Give the masses just enough information to make them feel empowered on a personal level, but manipulate the information provided so as to shape the overall mentality so that within the population of a country the people feel the need to separate themselves based on titles. Although difficult to get the point across in a little message box, manipulation of mass numbers always has the same structure. The few in power controlling the herd for personal gain. Keep them fighting amongst each other so they dont see the bigger problem.

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  7. Disgusting. It seems like almost everything is a laughing matter to most of you. There is no honor in killing someone in that fashing. I am pretty sure the slaughtere was on Cocain or some substance. Those mother fuckers cannot win a fist fight with a pussy.

  8. This is beginning to get to the point of ‘no return!’

    People worldwide need to STOP killing our VERY OWN RACE simply because they have a different perspective.

    Everyone is an individual and as every country has it’s unique perspective regarding food taste, traditional dress, language and EVERYTHING that makes our world so beautifully diverse, and our countries and people respectfully UNIQUE.

    God, Allah, jehovah .. etc, etc, etc, are the very VERY SAME. Just in very different societies that serve in very different ways.

    At the end of the day, believing that there is ‘Life After Death’ is what started our ancestors believing and when you truly… TRULY BELIEVE then you do encounter miracles.

    These ‘blessings’ are important.. yes, BUT.. one person simply should NOT KILL ANOTHER HUMAN because of their differences.

    Fundamentally, we all are Human. We ALL live on this planet ‘Earth.’ We all 100% DESERVE TO BE LEFT ALONE TO FOLLOW OUR VERY OWN THOUGHT PROCESSES, AND BELIEF SYSTEMS.

    (And every system that teaches otherwise is ‘not good.’)

    1. I regard this as a important message, everyone should read this… but the reality is, no one wants peace. No one, not even within a native to a native… I find myself having troubles not wanting to hit the next asshole I see walking down the street. We need to fight each other, not kill. Mostly because of aggression that is oppressed by our or any government. I just want blood, not a life, just to feel alive again. Suppressed emotions makes jack a dull boy.

    2. No, what we need to do is apply the same middle ages bigotry to those we currently allow into our enlightened societies with open arms.

      That way when the tipping point is reached where they have out bred us, we will not be annihilated by their hatred

  9. So interesting. How quick he was beheaded and on here we can easily witness comments about “dull blade”, two whacks and i am glad this was a quickie. They are some ‘money hungry negros fasho’ imagine North America without slavery or worse imagine Africa!! . ahaa. sad truly

    I have a difficult time separating Nor American blacks and SOME native and local Africans.
    Side Note: was that twitch pain and the nervous system instant declining

          1. Gargle a large fry without mustard douche mouth and.. You are correct i may have needed a thesis but i only commented, i did need follow with a body so my thesis can be my statement of not being able to separate africans by continental origin..

            Thank The Lord Always =)

  10. Seriously, this is 2020. It’s about time to destroy all religion and religious symbols. People doing shit like this because they feel insulted when people don’t worship their god. Lately those rogue Muslims are just doing whatever they want creating chaos all around the world. I wish all religion just die already.

  11. I Personnaly love gore and disgusting stuff, but i honestly think there is a little bit a unnesseary Racism here on this Wonderful website.

    I absolutly HATE Piss(slam) as much as any normal thinking human being, but i must say to and remind some people that Piss(lam) is NOT an ethnic, racial, or cultural phenomenon, but only a philoshopy of EXTREME EVIL!!!..
    A Worldwide Sickness that affects people of every race.
    So i say Let´s Not hate the zombies, but the ones who created the disease and keep on spreading it.

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