Beheading with Short and Dull Blade by ISIS in Algeria

Beheading with Short and Dull Blade by ISIS in Algeria

This beheading video was released today, but all I got for backinfo was a short text in Arabic, which when translated using Google Translate said:

State of Algeria Visual Version: We brought you to slaughter the issue of the vengeance of the apostate spy Samir Boualanch who betrayed two of the brothers Mujahideen Jund al-Khalafah in Algeria.

Based on the translation I presume this video was filmed in Algeria. You can tell that the video was from a different part of the world than your typical releases from countries occupied by ISIS in the Middle East, because it has an entirely different feel to it right from the start.

I also thought the one difference from usual ISIS releases would be that the beheading is shown whole, but the executioner used an insanely dull knife with a short blade that could barely cut through the softest skin tissue, let alone the trachea or the spine. So much of the beheading was cut out, but I presume the principal reason was that it took a hell of a long time to sever the head.

Props to Best Gore member @danny55015 for the video:

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69 thoughts on “Beheading with Short and Dull Blade by ISIS in Algeria”

  1. I love the highschool movie quality. No effort or fucks were given to the death or effects

    Am sure the beheading wasn’t meant to be done quick. Wouldn’t you let your victim suffer. Why else would you take your time…

    It was so good the throat squirted..

  2. isis is so lame, didn’t they expect they couldn’t continue beheading without running out of some creative steam, not really a long term growth model. they’d done a better job mind controlling people and keeping people alive and growing their culture instead of killing everyone. but that’d require them to have actual content other than a war cry.

      1. why is she like that? I recently saw her bitching (here?) bitching at other nations to eagerly accept more ‘refugees’ to relieve her burden. why does she feel so obligated to take them all in?

  3. Was this made in Windows Movie Maker or something? What a poor quality editing… 😆 I laughed hard when the scum filming got sprayed with blood… “ALAH DAMN IT, ABDUL!! Not again! Im sick of washing my clothes from the blood you spill!”

  4. I am from Algeria, and this event got broadcasted on the news, this man Samir Bounesh, was known by exposing the astrayness of ISIS or any muslim group that see those who don’t follow their evil path as apostates and should be killed.

    So they captured him and killed him and shared the video, supposedly to be a threat to anyone who speaks the truth about them, but our scholars will never be shut, and they always warn us from them, may allah destroy them.

    Those terrorist group are known in islam as “Khawaridj”, the prophet peace be upon him said about them: The Khawaridj are the dogs of hell fire.”

  5. Poor bastard.. I masturbated to this video twice though and imagined some evil cunts placed my penis is restraints and used a dull knife to castrate me… OWIEEE!!! good thing I already blew my goo otherwise I would of went soft even typing this nonsense. Farewell my BG peers!

  6. Sad they are savage psycho killers and claiming to glorify Islam , as what they do is against Islam code of conduct.
    Mark , my thoughts is clear after last week the Isis leader in Libya arrested and guess what , he is an imbecile Israeli Mossad agent.
    I bet the news won’t be seen in USA or England.

  7. the terrorists who made the exuction were ambushed and killed few weeks or months ago i can’t recall exactly when
    the 2 guys that they showed around minute 1.30 or so , he said they were ambushed and killed by the army
    i’m algerian btw if you need translation of some part i’ll be happy to do it

  8. I don’t like decapitation videos…didn’t watch this one. But I see in the pic the guy has no gloves. If this wasn’t a bad guy-Shit even if he WAS-I hope he had AIDS and gave it to that motherfucker! Or at LEAST Hep. C because tho WE have a cure for it now I can only pray he wouldn’t have access!

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