Beheading of Spy

Beheading of Spy

In the Middle East, the same old song and dance continues with an execution of a spy by bloodletting.

Would not be an execution in the Middle East without the classic “Allahu Akbar” chant being repeated too many times to count.

The full Beheading is not featured on this clip.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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          1. Are there ANY Muslim Extremists on this website, whom I can interview for a study “Into The Mind Of An Islamic Extremists”…?
            My main interest is in a thorough comprehension of an Muslim Extremist’s mindset! I want to understand their logical reasoning behind chanting “Allahu Akbar” (GOD Is The GREATEST) right before & right after, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, DURING THE PROCESS OF KILLING/EXECUTING i.e. MURDERING of ONE or MULTIPLE HUMAN BEINGS, be it a Male or Female, a Child or an Adult or the Elderly, SPECIFICALLY when said MURDERS are performed in some of the OUTMOST BRUTALLY SAVAGE of METHODS!?
            Whether ONE Reads the Qur’an, Old/New Testament Bible, The Torah, Or Any Other Religious Text/Gospel, which TEACHES MAN about GOD, HIS WORD, HIS LAWS, & so on, THEY ALL CLEARLY state that EVERY SINGLE THING, SPECIFICALLY, EVERY SINGLE LIVING ORGANISM was created by GOD, & belongs ONLY TO GOD, ESPECIALLY in reference to EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING, Who’s PRESENTLY ALIVE, WILL BE ALIVE IN THE FUTURE, & EVERYONE Who WAS once ALIVE SINCE the creation of the UNIVERSE, SUNS, PLANETS, & ALL OF ITS LIFE FORMS

    1. Put your fucking knee hard in his back. Put your fingers in his fucking eye sockets. RIP his head back and cut his fucking throat.
      Fun fact. Muslims love jesus too.
      Hail satan

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  2. Arabic and Portuguese is the 2 nastiest sounding languages on the planet a thousand people farting and shitting themselves is melodic by comparison, get 1 of each of them talking at once sounds like Edith Bunker blowing snot, conjuring up big green luggies while screaming “oh Archie” at the same time! The Iron sheik sucked ass too!

    1. People screaming in any language is bound to sound nasty. Try listening to some Quran recitations and nasheeds, and arab songs. You’ll be surprised to how pleasant they sound.

    1. I disagree. Many people deserve this. Beheading is one of the more merciful forms of execution where the person looses consciousness almost immediately from the blood loss. If simply standing up too fast can get you light-headed, now imagine that but 1000x the effect from loosing that much blood from your head and body in a short time frame.

  3. Religion of pieces and yet Uncle Sam and his slavefags in vassal govs think these types would be good neighbours for us all . Yep! We can tame them they say!

    Yet,Uncle Sam and his master Israel ,Turkey and Gulfco wont accept any for themselves. Hmm?

    I thank Putin ,Assad ,Qadaffi, Iran and Saddam every day for exterminating as many of these vermin as they could/can and ’cause Uncle Sam /Shmuel sure as shit didn’t lift a finger to do so. A curse on all Yankeestani congress and vassal pollies houses!

    I know ,I am boring and bang on about this every day but one day what i say will mean something to you. You may be strong and clever but you may have a child ,elderly parent,woman or friend that may no longer be so. How long do you think they will last once their arseholes have been worn out by the arseraping ,if these savages catch up to them ?

  4. Yawn. Is this all these sand Niggers know? Beheading?
    So many ways to die. So many ways to make killing enjoyable for the masses watching.
    This is why the Middle East will always be living in the 13th century. No imagination.

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