Beheading of Three Christian Men by Rebels in Syria

Beheading of Three Christian Men by Rebels in Syria

This video shows beheadings of three men by rebels in Syria. I was told that the men were Christian priests. Whether they were priests, I could not tell. The first beheaded man sort of looked like he could be a priest. He also took the beheading without a wink – a man of his age, who served as devout Christian priest could well be quite content with the path he had chosen in life to die with a straight face and meet his lord in heaven.

Judging by the man shown in the beginning of the video, the beheadings took place on or near Mount al-Halaqa, west of Aleppo. A large group of people gathered round for the beheading, each one competing with another over the best spot to film the killings. Each one doing mandatory cheers, perhaps out of fear that they could be next if they didn’t.

The third beheading appears to have been carried out in a different time, with different light conditions. First two were beheaded with son shining brightly, so shadows of onlookers created sharp contrasts. The third was beheaded during an overcast so all colors look duller as there was no direct sunlight to brighten them up.

Syrian rebels continue to rule by terror in areas they still occupy. Doomed is everyone who doesn’t subscribe to their violent teachings.

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        1. good for christ. Fuck islam. you pussy eating, Muhamed cum eating mother fucker. Wish this to happen to your children or grand children. or whatever you have. chils from rape? i dont know, but , wish it upon you.

          1. Yes, Man do I ever agree with you. I want to live to see all Muslims wiped off the Earth. I hate them. They are scum.

    1. Sunni fucking heaps of shit! Nothing more. They will certainly have the deepest pits of hell I hope and pray to Allah (J) for. Want to read about the sunni’s main godlike persons whom they think are the second coming of the prophet? omar and abu bakr (may Allah increase hellfire upon them). These filths will be the worst of all mankind. They are the only reason we have sunnis today. Read about them here and how in hell they are. :

      1. Yo man!!! I am Muslim and I really disagree with what they are doing like killing innocent people, but I also disagree with you… What is this shit related to Abu Bakar r.a and Umar r.a??? What I read in the history is why Christians in Jerussalam don’t attack him when he visiting Dome of Rock??? Man I really disagree with you… But this retarded fucker self claimed Sunni Fighter is really disgusted me… I really hope someone bomb them with nuke bomb…

          1. Yep, really have to agree with Banura here. You don’t hear Christians saying Hail Marys as they cut people’s fucking heads off.

            If it involves gratuitous violence, people are doing it for drug money or are screaming Alla Snackbar…

            Although despicable and disgusting, I understand drug violence. Cutting people’s heads off in the name of that which is supposed to bring peace and joy is as true an evil as there could ever be.

          2. Hahaha I know that you are really hate toward muslims… But I really don’t mind about it because people can do what they want to do and I really don’t care about it… I came from Malaysia which the religion extremist doesn’t exist… Plus Malaysian people from different religion still can live peacefully together… This retarded stupid dumb ass so called Islam lover were coming from the undeveloped poor Muslim country where they still don’t have clean water supply and electricity in their home… Plus I really think that they don’t know what is smartphone or Samsung Galaxy Note 3… They think that the cause of their unfortunate country is infidels… That’s why you can see how they don’t have any feeling when they behead people… They really don’t care who they are beheaded… Muslims or Infidels they really don’t care… They just want to behead people… Truly they deserved to be bombed with the nuke bomb…

          3. @Rota
            have you ever heard of the Inquisition? the average age in Germany only 40 million people were killed in the name of Jesus Christ.

      2. Listen you son of Muta shia, rafidhi, pagan, grave worshipping, grave crawling, self flagellating cockroach, the only reason why you hate the Khulafa (Abu Bakr and Umar (May Allah Be Pleased With Them)) is because they broke your persian rawafid backs and utterly annihilated your kingdoms. You creation of Abdullah Ibn Saba, your filthy narrations are as false as your 12th imam is. You dumb retards have no ahadith, all that you supposedly take from Imam Al Sadiq, can never be traced back to him, because he was a Wahhabi like all Sunnis.

        By the way, why don’t you say, “Ya Abu Bakr” because fighting along side Hussain were a list of people named Abu Bakr and Umar,
        1) Omar bin Hassan Ibn Abi Talib
        2) Omar bin Hussein Ibn Abi Talib
        3) Othman bin Ali bin Abi Talib

        So when you curse the three righteous guided caliphs, who do you mean, you filthy rafidha.
        Which religion sanctions lies? Shi’ism
        Which religion sanctions prostitution? Shi’ism.

        To all the non-Muslims out here, I do not support the misguided individuals propagating violence in the name of Islam, but at the same time, do NOT be fooled by these Shi’as, they are the worst of the worst humans. These sickos believe that lying would send them to paradise. Its called Taqiyyah, Search It!
        Also to know Islam’s stance against extremism, visit

    2. What ever ones belief
      the horror is
      small kids that think such things
      for them life is
      a Christian hand held out
      that numbs the mind
      to what life is,
      for them it never was
      the grass stained red instead of green…iip

      1. It took to long to behead him. The I even already left the brain. That was just jaw dropping a moment while moving him around. There are vids on here that go so quick, you can see their eyes move immediately after.

      2. Yes! it completely did! It almost looked as though he was trying to say “Fuck you Dirty Brainwashed Shitbags! Fuuuck Youuu!” It really did look like he was trying to say some last words that were still floating thru gray matter.

      1. Are you speaking on behalf of all muslims? There is two main groups of muslims. The sunni (terrorist ideology as you see on the video) Shia the peacefull and the ones that are also awaiting the Mahdi and the Messiah (jesus peace be upon him). Some christians gives a bad name to other christians like you Tim. I am a shia muslim, just for the record.

    1. thats what I was thinking, hey its a worrying thing when you’ve seen so many beheadings that you get blase and forget, sometimes you can watch these without a thought but the third one got me, seeing the guy praying and moving his hand as it went on

        1. Yes, they all look quite peaceful.. Was it because they conditioned their minds to have faith in heaven and god? Or was it because there may have been an entity or energy calming them? Just thinking out loud..

    2. he is in the :Two Christians, One of Them Bishop Beheaded by FSA Jihadists in Idlib, video. Same tool vest and all. I wonder if I could understand them when the last guy was getting hacking if is his friends offered advise. Like when your buddies come over and you’re struggling to assemble something from ikea and they try to offer suggestions but they don’t really know anything either.

    3. yeah i think the same, the vid was on this site i think the heading(excuse the pun) was something about chechen soldiers beheading someone or other, i think they were on a hillside and some were in army greens.

    1. Yeah, the hunting knife method really seems inefficient, but maybe that’s the point.. I would just give the guy a swift axe blow and move on.. Your avatar looks like a Jew with those curly side burn thingys.

  1. Yes, well, that’s Muslims for you.

    They’re completely incompatible with Christian values and yet those in control keep letting them into our countries and why, because it destroys the unity of society and thus diminishes the indigenous peoples strength, it creates further infighting thus making it easier to divide and control the people and it allows those in control to fight the ?domestic terrorist? and thus the creation of a police state and more draconian laws.

    The Muslim is a useful terrorist when manipulated and controlled by the hidden terrorists because the Muslims are a simple lot who act on impulse, very easy to control.

    1. Aye! Not muslims, those who kill christians like they did is not Islam. they are sunni nutjobs! Here you can read about the sunni gods omar and abu bakr. How old Muslim books describe them. Narrated from Prophet Muhammad (PBUHAHF)’s grandson and other books (non sunni, because the early sunni knew they fucked up so they conceal it). Basically here is the truth. Dont call a sunni muslim, second of all only muslims are the ones who follow foot steps of prophet Muhammad and his family (PBUT) aka the shia aka the ones that never starts a war without a very good reason… Here read about the sunni gods, I know I talked alot so here it is:

          1. It doesn’t matter. Don’t be fooled by people here. Humans are humans and people are using Islam as moral and psychological support right now in the face of huge hardships. Then when videos come out where we can only decipher snackbaring, it’s easy to blame Muslims or Sunnis. Ever society has hell-bent members. Think of your own. If America or the UK descended into civil war like this, just think, out of people you know, who would be the type to go crazy after seeing hundreds of scenes on human in 2014 should have to witness. These people are not innocent, nothing justifies barbaric public executions- LEAST of all in front of young children. But take two before judging.

          2. iran is shia – and i think quatar? the rest are mostly sunni.

            i think the alawhites (al asads guys) are a part of or rekated to shia?

            sorry that i cannot be more definite protocols – maybe someone else will take this up for you

  2. its a shame fundamentalist christians cant form a holy-roller brigade to counter these fearless warriors of their fucked up entertainment that occurs after friday prayers.

    perhaps a bit of promotion from gerber or victorinox knives they could then announce in advertisements “our knives cut a jihardist’s head off with minimal effort in double quick time”

    this shit happened at the seige of malta because they did not like their own heads coming off and really pissed the turkish leaders off.

    with of a bit of clever marketing they may stop if they think they may lose their own cowardly heads

  3. Contrary to popular belief it is only a small minority of Muslims that agree with this type of behaviour and an even smaller minority that commit it, unfortunately it is a growing minority due to there not being enough outcry from their own people as well as the rest of the world. Their own kind very often are to afraid to speak out against these animals due to repercussions on them and their families. This is construed as empathy or support by the rest of the world meaning all Muslims are tarred with the same brush and seen as sympathisers and closet terrorists. The only way to stamp out these fuckers is to offer support to Muslims that are willing to speak out against these atrocities. Unfortunately that support will never arrive because as Empty Soul suggested Muslim extremists are easy to control and use in situations where outside influences need to gain control without being seen to gain that control. Zionists government all over the world need these animals to maintain or gain control over other countries.

    1. You must know that this retarded fucker group is not the minority anymore… In Pakistan they have their own religious school to recruit their own suicide bomber… No need to say about Iraq, Somalia and Sudan which is the easiest target to get the religious fighter…

      But we must noticed this retarded radical fucker fighter mostly come from the poor, undeveloped Muslim countries… Most of them still don’t get the proper, clean water supply in their home… Most of them still don’t use electricity in their home… Most of them still believe that TV is the source of the evil being… Most of them still believe their scholar will bring magic to their poor live… Oh I really don’t get about it…

    2. @Ted – I too, agree with empty. Unfortunately, the more Muslims that are let into non-Muslim countries, the worse it will get. Not only do the cultures clash and we have to bend our own laws for them, but they are also having kids at alarming rates – which will eventually cause all kinds of additional problems. I just cannot understand why politicians don’t foresee this problem becoming a catastrophe! Why don’t they care what their future generations are going to face? And that’s not even counting the problem with the jews….

  4. The snackbaring is getting really old fast . Makes you wonder just how many of the spectators really do subscribe to and support what they are witnessing .

    I think the same as was mentioned earlier , when all is said and done , this comes down to $$$$$ , same as all religion .

  5. this isn’t really about different religions its about backward people living in medieval times and carrying on with all sorts of strange beliefs and customs, I used to go along with immigration but the more I see of what goes on in these countries the more i’m thinking these people shouldn’t be allowed to settle in the UK, we live in the 21st century so why do we want to bring in people from the dark ages that don’t want to be educated in modern thinking, the same is true for the USA, they have let so many Africans in and all they do is act the way they do in Africa but with more money, its all about who has the biggest feather headdress and shiniest bling to show off in front of other tribes, they may as well run around in the plains of Africa with spears as they haven’t evolved to modern thinking either

    1. Absolutely. Agree %100. This site has helped me to start to correlate behavior patterns of people.. Like you said, being in America doesn’t change who you and your ancestors are. It takes hundreds of years to evolve, and apparently, alot of people are taking their sweet time. I’m not a supremacist, because I was raised to respect all who respect me, but it’s becoming more and more clear that my pure ideals, and genuine desire to help people will exist in vain. There’s no point in helping people like this.

  6. I shit you not! After the second guy is beheaded and they lay his head on his back, he opens his mouth for a second, then closes it. That’s pretty freaky.

    Did they really have to let the third guy hear them sharpening the knife before beheading him? Now we know why the Muslims behead people faster than the Mexicans. The Muslims always sharpen their knives first. You hear that Mexico! Always sharpen your knife razor sharp before cutting off heads.

    1. i saw it too!

      thought i was tripping out – in fact the only reason ive scrolled the comments is to see if anyone else had noticed #2’s face move as his head rested on his back

      thank you, TheProtocolsOfZion, for reassuring me of my sanity!

        1. happens at 4.20

          i remember reading in one of a series of murder magazines in the 90’s – an additional article was about executions, particularly a study some guy did on heads that had been guilotined (sorry G.nazi) and how the face still moved for time after. heads that fell “right side up” in buckets lined with sand seemed to stay “alive” for the longest.

          my interest is re-stimulated by this video/thread. i know how im spending next couple of hours…

          1. Very interesting topic for sure .

            It does make you wonder what’s going on in the victims mind , if anything at all , just after the deed .

            Suppose it’s a bit like death itself , one only truly finds out the reality when it happens to themselves .

          2. page ive linked to is not exactly fantastic – but it does provide an outline, and also provides the names and literary titles for anyone who really wants to dig-into this subject?

  7. Obli, As your friend, I respectfully disagree. God didn’t kill those people, fleshy virus did, using God as their excuse. While I consider myself a spiritual person, I have nothing against most religions. I don’t consider religion itself bad, people are. And those that haven’t believed in God have done their fair share of murder / genocide as well. I do agree with what you’re saying about politics and puppets. Just my opinion.

        1. It’s a real head scratcher that’s for sure .
          These people must truly believe that if they snackbar enough , they will be pardoned for their sins . No different to a hail Mary or a confession really .

          I just think religion , all religion , is based upon conning people who are easily lead or impressed and then keeping them on the hook by applying guilt trip techniques .

          Things got so fucked up because there are too many different fucked up religions at each others throats .
          Crazy world we live in .

          1. Hmm. Mostly agree. I don’t necessarily think religion is based in deception, but when greedy people saw how easy it is to manipulate somebody through “the word of God”, they began to do so diligently. I think religion originated as a sincere way to structure and improve the mind. More of a psychology, or philosophy really. Religion truly is a dirty word now, and I agree, it’s good for next to nothing. Religion should be a guideline, not a law.

          2. @ewestomper – I most definitely agree with everything you just said. I really hate those that use religious scams to get whatever it is they want from others, and don’t even get me started on religious hypocrites! Too bad people just can’t live by the treat others like you want to be treated rule.

    1. you know, i think they enjoy using the dull, small knives.

      also the sharpening you mentioned looked to me as if it was done more to “set the mood” and build up the fear in the victim – rather than to actually sharpen the knife?

        1. My own grandfather was the most religious person I have ever met , yet he never stepped foot in a church or any other religious building , other than for weddings and funerals .

          Religion comes from within .

  8. I saw this video months ago. This happened outside of the city of Idlib. The three victims were indeed Christian and the last was supposedly the preacher.
    That one fucking Klingon terrorist… I wonder if he realizes how fucking ugly he is and he takes it out on his victims.

    Just once… ONCE in my life. I would pay everything I had to behead one of these extremist cunts. All I can think about is what it would be like, for that ugly fucking Klingon bastard to have the same exact thing done to him. Would he piss his pants in fear? Would he scream and struggle like a little bitch?
    I want soooo bad to behead a terrorist who’s done it to some poor innocent person before. I really want to see how they handle it themselves.

    1. Fuck that. Start by cutting off his eyelids and making him watch as his family is beheaded, then proceed with the most insane torture you could think of.. He ain’t worth it though.. A man should have the decency to use a big ass axe and end another man’s life quickly..

  9. War is religion and money, money for the big bloodlusting sharks running the show, while shoving religions down their countrymens throats so mindless sheep will follow the rhetoric in fear of being banished to a “hell”.

  10. I would give my life savings to behead a terrorist piece of shit who’s beheaded an innocent man before.
    I want to see how they handle it themselves.
    I can imagine that fucking Klingon shitting and pissing his pants, screaming like hell and struggling while someone does him just like he did to those innocents.

  11. Damn, Watched this again. The music and knife sharpening at the end, really makes it emotional. Its twisted the thinking of all these religions. Christians as well with their million different christian dominions. I cannot wrap my mind around this type of thinking.

  12. Song is The Host Of Seraphim by Lisa Gerrard if anyone was curious. It does give this video even more impact.

    I know there are tons of people who practice their religions without ever letting it affect the world around the, but their are far too many more in this world that make me grow to hate it. Whether it’s used as a cover for more secular greed and hate or a legitimate belief that you must kill or convert others to your own faith, it never stops angering me.

  13. Fuck religion that’s just the bullshit rapper this is delivered in. What type of people do this shit?! And where do you find a whole village of bloodthirsty fucks who come out to cheer this shit in the street like it’s the big game of the week? What goes on in those little “Brown Star” minds of theirs?

    1. Totally agree . The overt nature is a true indication that this is way out of control . These people are as far away from being holy as the devil himself .

      Those snackbarist fucks who stand and condone are all the lesser for it , they are true cowards .

  14. This video is 1 year old. The first victim was a catholic priest. One of the others orthodox. The pig with the knife is/was hiden in Turkey. He was arrested and released… Search the story. Also 2 orthodox bishops are missing for over a year (One of them is the brother of the patriarch of Antioh). More than 2.000.000 christians lost their homes and over 800.000 leave Syria. Thats what Obama and the NWO wants….. RIP.

  15. They (muslim’s) tell us their goals and we guffaw “Never happen here in the U.S.A.”. Islamisation is here, by word or sword makes no difference to them. See whats going on in Dearborn Mich. Praise God islam is a peaceful loving religion with wise and compassionate leaders.

    1. Lucifer holds more compassion than these brainwashed morons . These people never live by the rules they hold and preach to others .

      The pen is mightier than the sword , said by an old writer of some renown .

      Those words are the key to snuffing out this cancer .

  16. These savages take turns sucking the dicks of the deceased until they are too weak to resist.Soon the only good muslims will be the dead ones and I am doing my part to make this happen.I will be offering “KORAN”toilet paper for christians to wipe their asses with after taking a heavenly shit!The prophet mohammeds picture will be on ever sheet on the roll giving head to a big fat rich christians!

  17. I live next door to a Muslim couple. Besides the horrible smell of their cooking, I hear him kicking the shit out of her on a nearly daily basis. The cops come, she says she’s fine, and her Burqa covers all the bruises. I wish he’d knock on my door so I could blow his fucking head off.

  18. RUS: Я не понимаю, написано, что это Сирия. Но почему в последнем видео люди с кавказским акцентом говорят по русски?! Я русский и знаю русский язык. Я услышал такие фразы: “Режь, Режь, там еще резать надо” и другие. Наверно это не сирия.

    ENG gogle translate: I do not understand, it is written that it is Syria. But why in the last video people with a Caucasian accent speak Russian? I know Russian and Russian. I heard such phrases as “Slash, Slash, there is still need to cut” and others. Perhaps this is not Syria.

    1. No you didn’t imagine it @ scaredfor life. I saw it too! He opens his mouth and then shuts it while his head is on his back. That is some creepy scary shit, and here I am ready to go to bed late at night. What was I thinking? I hope I don’t have nightmares.

  19. Go over to a 3 world country and teach them about Christians they said
    God will protect you they said ha!
    That’s why I’m Catholic and staying my Smart ass in America if u wanna know bout my religion u can come here n learn where anything involving murder can be punished wit murder n.n

  20. All this talk about hate for Muslims, hate for Jews, bombing or nuking people… Why doesn’t anyone just wish for peace on Earth? It’s sad that that day probably will never come, but you can always hope! I have no idea why I watch this stuff, I used to think that it was because I wanted to desensitize myself to some of this since I’m working towards a career in medicine, but I just don’t know anymore… I think I need help….

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