Beheading Video of Canadian Citizen John Ridsdel by Abu Sayyaf in Philippines

Beheading Video of Canadian Citizen John Ridsdel by Abu Sayyaf in Philippines

On September 21, 2015, members of the Islamic militant group Abu Sayyaf – a wannabe ISIS affiliate from the southwest of the Philippines, raided Holiday Ocean View Samal Resort, located on Samal Island near the city of Davao in the Philippines, and kidnapped 4 people – John Ridsdel and Robert Hall of Canada, the resort’s marina manager Kjartan Sekkingstad of Norway, and a Filipino woman named Teresita Flor.

Later in September, Abu Sayyaf released a video depicting the 4 hostages, and asked for a rather large ransom (some report say it was 1 Billion Pesos – over $21 Million US). The April 25, 2016 deadline has come and gone, and since the ransom had not been paid, the jihadists beheaded one of the Canadians – John Ridsdel. His severed head was found in a street in Jolo several hours after the deadline. The fate of the other three is unknown at this time.

68 year old John Ridsdel was a former mining company executive from Calgary, Alberta. Here’s the video of his beheading (props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig). I like how Mr. St. Patty’s Day pants is so scrawny, he almost lost his pant:

Also the initial ransom video from September of 2015:

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    1. I’m not watching anymore beheading videos….. I just don’t see the point…. I’m not terrorist but I’m not afraid… I just don’t see the point… that’s what they want is for us to be afraid and terrorized I’m not so I don’t see the point.,.. it’s more senseless violence then even the movie hostel

        1. A mine executive @#$&:$%#@$!!!!!!
          That’s not a life……
          For the native around that shit extortion in the name of ” business “…….what a joke
          Make an honest living….
          Karma or not karma …..that is…..!!!!

        1. Did I write this shit? So many fucked up comments that I did not write, how can I delete these?
          BestGore, why have I got comments that I did not write, I saw a previous which was sick but this is the forth that has disturbed me please can you have the delete option

      1. True. The island of Mindanao itself has a yellow-code travel warning. This guy went to an area with a code red. He should have known. Hell, Im purely Filipino but I refuse to go to Samal Island. Beautiful, yes but it’s too dangerous.

          1. Alin? Mga Abu Sayyaf? Ganun talaga siguro. Nakita mo naman Mindanao, malayo. Bukod pa don, napakaraming lugar na matalahib tsaka konting konti lang ang major cities, Davao nga lang yata yung pinakasikat dun eh. Dep-Ed, mga kurap na de puta naman mga tao don. Pare-parehas sila. Ninakaw na yung supply bago pa makarating sa Mindanao. ๐Ÿ™

          1. Maka Antonio Luna ako eh, simula dati pa hahaha I never hated the Philippines. I love our country. Unfortunately, its filled with hijos de putas who raped and pillaged the land. I never liked the US invasion in Intramuros. Never was for that.

          2. Yeah….detritus25……here in Hawaii
            All you can get is a good licking.(beating)
            And you can pretty much know that you deserved
            See here nothing can kill you not even your bad
            I mean still got to watch it though!!! Lol.

          3. The ?resources? of other lands didn?t have any value until Whites figured out a way to make use of them. We pay trillions of dollars for those resources. Like with oil, we discovered a use for it (it used to be a nuisance), we found where it was located, we figured out how to extract, we transport it and refine it ? yet we PAY THEM a fortune. I wish I could be exploited like that.
            The line also implies that white’s brought subjugation to brown people. We did not. Without exception, they had never known any freedom in their history. They lived better under White rule. If it weren?t for White ?exploitation?, the non-White countries would be in deeper poverty and experiencing more suffering. The saddest brown countries are those that were never ?subjugated? by us.

    2. All lefties should be forced to watch this and other videos like it for hours on end like Malcolm McDowell in Clockwork Orange. Then they should all be forced to kill each other and if they refuse should be chainsawed to death.

      1. But I’m sure the scrawny guy in this video with his pants running away would appreciate running through the whole cycle of shit just to make up in a body cast, being fed steak ‘ums.

      1. They released a new video in the last days, the 3 others are well but the captors are asking 8 million canadian dollars per hostage. They make the canadian hostage read a message for the government of Canada, blaming their inaction. Justin Trudeau said there will be no ransom paid. They’ll probably execute one of 3 soon enough.

          1. noooo I want to see her head off too, I’m hope they lay her on her back and cut front first so we can see her face ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. That is how you show a beheading! None of that shitty ISIS editing.. Now they just need the high quality cameras used by the towelheads.. And then we could get some great quality beheadings


          1. Still, we have seen some drawn out beheadings before. This knife was definitely not the dullen hunks of metal that we’ve seen used before…

        1. @topherzunited, shocking! You could see by the other video (the ransom video) that the kidnappers were being rough with them too. They must have been kept in a constant state of fear? I mean you WOULD be scared if you were kidnapped by ISIS but some try to keep their hostages calm, reassuring the captives that the money is being paid etc. even if they are lying. These poor people were captured by human monsters, every day must be hell. ๐Ÿ™

  2. Well. If a white person is a going to a place where foreigners arent well liked, the least they can do is stay away from the muslims areas. The non muslim locals might just rob you for your money. But these fuckers will take your head

      1. Youre missing the point. Youre too stupid to pick up on why these people do what they all around the world to whites or europeans. Just like portuguese dude said on another post “not all white people have a high IQ” and youre both proof of this lol These arent hate crimes like your hate for us. These are politically driven examples and religion is just a tool some of these extremist are using to get their point across. Unfortunately, the pawns or sheep have been brain washed to believe, that innocent white people that are too stupid to know, are responsible and behind it all. But you are partly at fault. You support the big coorporations that move into these countries and dry them up of resources you use in your shit hole. Youre so proud to be american, yet nothing you buy is made there lol oh the irony.
        So once you start making everything you use and buy it at home. And stop using another country’s people as slave workers. Things will change. I can see why some europeans are mad for the influx of immigrants that cant serve a positive purpose on their nation. And if they ever need a hand to get rid of them. Im in. But dont stereotype all people.

      2. White people used guillotine centuries ahead of them, but on jews and other unwanted human species in Europe. It’s the Indians in India that led the Europeans into Southeast Asia to explore the spice trade and exploited the locals and eventually colonized them bringing them much atrocity.

        The main culprits were war-provoking India and its Indian Thuggee, and still is stirring up conflicts among nations and ethnic groups till today. ISIS or whatever, behead the Indians, NOT the white people or any others or your own kind.

    1. I just watched the ransom video. If I was ever captured and they wanted me to make a video, I’d like to think I’d have the balls to be defiant enough to slip in some kind of negative message.

      I truly believe in not negotiating with terrorists. If you do, they’ll just keep doing it. If they learn that they’ll never get anything, they’ll stop (making demands – not killing). This means that people will die horribly, but we find and give the criminals a slow, torturous death of their own.

      I’d like to think that if I was a hostage that I’d be stoic and stick to my beliefs. If they told me to make a ransom video, I’d use body language, sign language, sarcasm, whatever I could slip past my captors to tell them not to pay and any information that could help people find us and send a missile to obliterate the assholes (me too, but better than beheading). I’d spend my last moments doing my best to fight back or at least talk shit and piss them off. They’re going to kill you anyway, maybe they’ll kill you quickly if you totally piss them off. You’re not getting out of it alive, so best to do whatever you can to fight and possibly free yourself or help other hostages. It’d be nice if you are with a group of people who also want to fight back and not a bunch of pussies who just want to save their own pathetic skin.


  3. If they want a war trophy why not take his pants down and cut off his balls too, would love to see one of these fuckers chop their own fingers while doing this…. ๐Ÿ™„

    1. @Jennifer
      Never mind the chopping!!
      How about that big ass plant they shoved his face in? How annoying would that be???

      Sorry, that probably wasn’t very a nice thing to say :/

      But still funny right? ๐Ÿ˜†
      Well, not really ๐Ÿ™
      My apologies and condolences to Mr. Ridsdel’s family :'(

      1. Don’t worry, as far as I know you can bring up anything that passes through your head on BG, as long as you respect the other users.

        My thoughts are for the family too. I don’t think we should negotiate or ransom with criminals, but damn if it was my family or my loved one I might change my speech. Knowing that a certain amount of money could save their lives AND knowing that such an amount of money is almost impossible to gather for the common citizen must be a hard psychological torture. Would you just let go, or desperately try to gather money until the end?

        1. @villageglobal Very good point. If it was my family I’d be moving mountains to keep them from suffering this fate. I’d hope my loved ones would do the same for me. But that amount of money for average folks is impossible. The psychological torture would be hell. Terrible shit for anyone to endure.

          1. Sadly even sometimes when their family is otherwise financially or politically inclined or know the “right” people that are able to apply the pressure diplomatically they still lose their loved one. Usually a case of, “well fuck, didn’t *really* expect you fucks to pay, we beheaded her last Tuesday….shit. Consolation, we *did* get a shitty iPhone recorded Snackbar vid out of the deal though. Hey, did she have any sibs on holiday?” Or some other such egregiousness.

          1. @gentlenatureman, I was just thinking that as a white person myself, it IS more shocking to see this done to a white. Is it because we don’t see it very often? Or because the guy is ‘innocent’? I just thought your answer was very interesting. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          2. @tas-tiger In battle, it is always easier to kill an enemy that doesn’t look anything like you. You get to think of them as less than human. That put it in the same sin range as running over an opossum at night.. We use the same thought process here. We might know someone who looks like that old guy from Canada. We probably don’t know anyone who looks like the guy doing the cutting. We think, “WTF, A piece of shit opossum just killed Hershel from The walking Dead.”

    1. It’s because white people believe they are superior to the others, like me I’m white and I believe that I’m superior than the black people, and I know I’m right ๐Ÿ˜€ I agree with you, and especially if the victim is an old man ๐Ÿ™

          1. Shhhh, calm down @ladybug_lady2000 , cant you see that people like that are just trying to find a meaning for their worthless lifes? ๐Ÿ˜† They know that they’re not helping anyone with it, but in their wierd minds, they do believe what they do is gonna change anything. ๐Ÿ˜€ Poor pathetic beings…

          1. @ladybug_lady2000, yes I agree with you, as long as we can read the comment, I don’t think people should be pulled up for ‘bad grammar’. I’m always using comma’s and er, other stuff when I shouldn’t be or none when I should! ๐Ÿ˜†

          2. Aspersions about my search for meaning in the meta aside @Der Kopfsammler, one of my sidelines is as a copywriter and AP editor, which is *really* fucking hard to turn off, especially in my OCD-centric gray matter. It takes a whole helluvalot out of my enjoyment of reading sometimes because each and every misstep I have to stop, rewrite in my head, then continue – I know what he meant and 99 times out of 100 I just move on without comment…but the interwebz and interweebz being what and who they are, I tend to prefer when the marketplace of ideas is robust and fruitful, if not above reproach ideologically, and it sure doesn’t hurt, in the case with me, if they can string language together colorfully and correctly to make whatever fucking point they wish and are able to back that shit up.

            And I dunno, maybe I had a knee-jerk to a guy called Felipe saying he’s white. Maybe he just didn’t know how to spell Phillip – and see, I helped him out.

          3. Felipe is the portuguese version of “Philip”… Like Jo?o is for John, Maria for Mary, Ant?nio for Antony (or Tony), Marco for Marcus, Miguel for Michael, and i could go on and on… you know, just to explain to you that there are other countries arround the world that speak very strange alien-like languages that are not in english… incredible, i know, but its true! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

          1. @felipe-s
            Took the words right out of my pie hole! I personally think you have a better grip on English than a lot of English/first language people!!

            Best Gore is a difficult place to be if your anal-retentive!! Surely you have more important things to delve on?@l1zardk1ng

  4. It was kind of chilling how the victim let out those last few gasps through his throat, just before the head came off entirely.

    Who am I kidding? The only thing that really bothers me is the fact that they are doing this to random people for ransom money. What is this, a fucking Steven Seagal movie? Who the hell still thinks that governments can be coerced into paying ransom for one citizen? You really think paying taxes is an insurance policy? Ignorant country folk with no education but somehow able to access contacts for weaponry and translations of Islamic teachings. The beheading style also suggests that they have been introduced to internet videos through which they are students of the ISIS ways.

      1. Mas aquilo l? ? tipo a zona rural do Brasil… h? muito para eles fazerem l?, como ver corridas de caracois, encontrar cadavers de pessoas e animais, ver tinta a secar, “fazer meninos” e matar pessoas. ๐Ÿ˜†

  5. Bunch of wannabe gangster degenerate cunts with no ambition, I hope they get incinerated. I’d love to take a cinder-block to the beheader’s head, or feed him feet first through a mincer, along with a pig for shits and giggles.

  6. Wow, just seems like a “former mining company executive” would have enough money to go to a safer resort and not so seemingly secluded. I bet he never thought he’d die face down in some random jungle. At least he didn’t seem to suffer too long…..r.i.p. old dude ๐Ÿ™

    1. @ithinkyoulikeme, in Canada, we’re not allowed to pay ransom to terrorists…it’s against the law. If the family had not gone to police, they may have been able to negotiate ransom, but given the publicity of these kidnappings, it’s likely the family would have been prevented from paying ransom. Sadly, the other Canadian here will be executed too. I believe the US has the same policy, but correct me if I’m wrong.

      1. I got the impression he was retired, since he was described as a “former” executive. But if it WAS the company that paid for it, I wouldn’t doubt if they had him sign some sort of “release of liability” considering the risks of that location smh…

  7. seems crazy the whole video is less than a minute. head gone, snuffed out. they said they would do it. i wonder how many people in canada from the philipines will be murderd by canadians? catch my drift here, its ALWAYS them killing us. yet were the ‘racists’.

    1. It’s the Islamic fundamentalist from the south who do these brutal crimes. The Philippine northerners despise the Muslim Southerners.The government should just annex the South and give it to Indonesia where they seem to share the same beliefs…

  8. They gave a huge amount of time for this ransom to be paid. If I was in this deadly situation I would be constantly trying to escape so I could either be shot or actually make it out alive. Disgusting people are becoming more blatant.

  9. He said, Noynoy Aquino (president of the Philippines) look at what we’re going to do if you didn’t give the ransom, I’m going to behead this Canadian. And if we catch you, we’re gonna cut off your head too.

    This will sever our strong ties with Canada and, if Rody Duterte wins the presidential race next week, you’ll see more of these guys lol. We’re all fucked. Us Filipinos, I mean. Not like, angry fucked because we’re already fucked big time. But fucked as in prison fucked where if you drop the soap, Bubba the Buttfucker will defile your anus.

      1. Rody Duterte is the mayor of Davao City, the biggest city in the Philippines and the fourth safest city in Asia (this is bullshit. Davao City is the fourth city with the highest crime rate in the Philippines, the first is Quezon City, which is where I reside LOL!). Anyway, Mayor Rody Duterte is pro-CPP-NPA or the Community Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army. They were different rebel groups in the 70s to 80s against the Philippine administration and eventually, they merged into one. Perhaps because they have the same ideals. Anyway, I don’t know exactly when but the CPP-NPA is classified as a terrorist group internationally as they do have ties with the Islamists. Rody Duterte is seen and is widely known as a supporter for their cause and has vowed that he will never kill any of the CPP-NPA members. He has strong ties with the MILF too and they support his presidency, you can see it on the MILF’s official website – I think they have that site in English, if I am not mistaken.

    1. Oh, BTW, I believe MILF and Abu Sayyaf are ISIS affiliates. That information got out last year because the ISIS is expanding its territories all over Islamic countries in South East Asia. A considerable part of our population is Muslim and they want to take over the whole island of Mindanao. Anyway, they train ISIS kids over at South Cotabato, if I am not mistaken. Out of school youths. They give these kids considerable money and stuff.

      I also heard that the ransom money was around 50 million pesos, that’s about 1.2 million dollars.

      1. I’m sorry @staciejaxx but every time I see MILF my mind automatically translates the dirty way. So even though your post is very informative and seriously dangerous shit for you guys, the child in me has to snicker every time I read that. Best of l.u.c.k to you if that dumbass gets elected

  10. Little too close to home. Nuke the middle east, Tough shit, hiding behind their children…. Fuckin’ wipe that shit too! All of them GONE! Melted in to liquid shit! Tough fucking titties, Kill em all!

      1. Well if that’s the hold up it would be wise to learn that Chernobyl is far more recovered – or, more specifically, Pripyat is not green and glowing with Toxie living in the trash cans- it’s not covered well in MSM but the bio-diversity and ecological health of the region is actually even a bit better than a typical analog near there geographically. The radiation that persists is no more or less than typical background emissions. So…nuke away?

      1. Excuse me, but how ’bout your mythical god just getting rid of the people that are the problem (religious fucks) and leave everyone else alone. I think that that would solve the problem instead of killing everyone in site.

        By the way, your mythical god tried that before – you remember the flood, noah and his ark? – yeah, so that’s been tried and it did not work.

        How about just getting rid of the “religiously stupid” people and all problem is gone.

        Oh, before I forget, your god eats horse cock and swallows cum by the barrel.
        Yeah I said it. Now, have your mythical god come and smite me!

  11. They need to put in a bit more research as to who they kidnap, Canada probably has a ‘pay no ransom’ policy? Plus they are asking for more money than the average person has access to, who do they think is going to pay the money? The average family would re-mortgage their house if necessary, but even that would probably fall short of what they are asking.

    1. Its sad though that the guy got beheaded and the established fact is that the fate of the other three wouldn’t be any different than this.
      One by one they all have to go cause the ransom asked is heavenly . But its a sheer madness on the part of Holiday makers to choose a place where danger never gives up lurking .
      That’s some ruthless bunch of gnawing beasts who wouldn’t /never gonna settle for anything but the ransom .My guess is the others too have already met their gory end and soon enough those gore videos will find their way right on here.

  12. I wonder what would happen if these guys got someone with two heads? charge twice as much ransom, would they use two knives not one, or just cut both heads at the same time, or one at a time. I hope they do get someone with two heads now, its going to bug me all night not knowing.

  13. A quick translation of what he said:

    “Ninoy Aquino (President of the Philippines), see what happens when you don’t give the ransom that we ask of you. I will behead this Canadian. And you, if I ever get hold of you, I will behead you, as well.”

  14. Fucking worthless sandniggers. I seriously wish the most horrific, painful, dragged out deaths possible. I’d saw pieces of their testicles off, one by one, like sawing through a tree. Slowly. I’d shave off one layer at a time.

  15. So wait,there’s no suicide squad a rich North American country like Canada,or USA could have sent in to help these poor unfortunate fucks? I mean cmon,with tracking technology,and all the psycho army brainwashed Muslim hating mercenaries, we couldn’t send in someone? Fuck even if we just pinpoint bombed the spot they were all at,I’d be happier they all died than have a loved one butchered like this. Fuck is wrong with the leaders these days? Just let wackos kill our innocent tax paying working folk,so that they can keep repeating over and over. I wish Chelsea Clit’on,or Baraks daughters get kidnapped and held ransom/beheaded…see how fast they change the policy.

    1. You got a deal man, you’re near the Mexican border anyway, so getting the Narco Cartel’s will be easy. But don’t you worry Red, I’ll be sure to feed your camel while you take your trip to the Philippines to get the members of the Abu Sayyaf. Let do this!

  16. Do they really think that the US is going to just hand over $21 million to some wannabe terrorists, especially when they’re holding people who are of no importance to the country? LOL unless it’s someone who is well known in the US, famous, rich etc the US government isn’t going to give a shit who they kidnap &/or kill, now if it was a famous politician, or a multibillionaire like Bill Gates then I could see the US actually paying the ransom, but for some hotel guests & a manager? The country isn’t gonna give a shit about anyone that’s under high class

  17. Didn’t whine and took it like a man. He denied the fucks of that pleasure, at least.
    I still remember that one cartel beheading, where that guy screamed and cried, covering his throat, then gagging on his own blood. The sicarios must have felt a rush of joy at that sight.

    These ransoms are never negotiated by any government. The ones i’ve heard about (typically from Colombia, by the FARC) revolved around family raising the respective amount of money the terrorists asked for, or close to it, at least. Governments don’t really give a shit about the citizens. We are regarded as tools with which they can make money with, not hand it away.

  18. Zero effort went into that snackbarring. Also, was it Only one chanting? I don’t know, they have had time to psyche themselves up yet it felt somewhat dejected. Put some enthusiasm in fellas.

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