Beheading Video of David Haines by the Islamic State

Beheading Video of David Haines by the Islamic State

The Islamic State has released a video allegedly depicting the beheading of British national David Cawthorne Haines. It has the same feel of having been produced in a studio downtown Tel Aviv as the previously released alleged beheadings of James Foley and Steven Sotloff. The one difference is that instead of it being a message for Obama, because the alleged victim is British, they made it a message for David Cameron.

If the purpose of a “terrorist organization” is to spread terror, then releasing videos which fade to black before terror takes place is contra-productive. It defeats the whole idea.

There is nothing explicit in these “Jihadi John” videos – no cutting, no bleeding, no close up of wounds – nothing. You see a dispassionate speech from the supposed victim, and then you are simply presented at the end with a montage of his apparently headless corpse with his apparently severed head placed upright on his back.

None of these “Jihad John” videos depict anyone actually dying. Let me repeat that – neither James Foley, nor Steven Sotloff, nor David Haines are shown actually dying in any of the videos. Do what you want with that statement.

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    1. Looks that way to me as well. And the “footage” of the aftermath looks like a still photo that is moved across the screen in an arching motion to create the illusion of actual video footage. The sound indicates that there is wind blowing, but I didn’t see the tiniest movement in his clothing as the camera panned across…

          1. Those of us who follow the atrocities of ISIS know that they show mercy to some by quick execution by bullet to head, and some get beheaded. We have even seen some cruelly tortured.

            At one point we discussed maybe if you fight or resist you will get a more painful execution.

            It is obvious that they are not truly attempting to cut the flesh and behead in these videos.
            I wonder if they are not showing the execution because they give the person an honorable death by reading the speech written for them.

            The truth is, we don’t know yet why the vids are the way they are… we can only speculate. So that is what I have done. 🙂

        1. cant find a commebt box but this vid smells fishy , no ISIS flag for starters and also another thought crossed my mind ,…. having pretty much equal recognition of wrongdoing on bith sies ,…..who is gonna benifit ? …. theres a 3rd unknpwn party in this debacle who wants us to go to war agin !!!

        1. Absolutely correct, the taper is very clear at 2:01 the vertical line 2 inches below the tip is beyond clear and you could never see such a taper if it was held to the throat. Not even a close call to being held wrong, it’s totally held correctly.

      1. Totally incorrect, the back of the knife is clearly showing at 2:01 you can easily see the knife taper 2 inches below the tip if you pause it, there is no such taper on the blade edge side of a knife, the dark line clearly shows the knife taper and you could never have that line on a blade that’s facing the mans neck, it’s not even close to being held the wrong way. Just look at the shape of the knife throughout the video and it’s clear he’s holding it the correct way.

      1. Yeah, it looks fake. It sounds fake. It even smells fake. But who is coming out ahead in all of this? The Jews are the only ones I can think of. Get rid of the Muslims, take over the middle east.

        The main reason why I think this is fake, is the script dude is reading. If he knew he was going to die why would they instantly be a lap dog and read it perfectly like it was rehearsed over, and over until perfect.

        I would say ‘fuck you’ over, and over until they shot me in the face to shut me up.

        Have you ever seen the movie ‘Troll 2?’ Watch it. It has better acting that this shit.

        1. Those about to be executed will be told not to fuck up the vid or they will be tortured for days. He probably welcomed death after being held by them nutters all that time. Totally fugazi video though. I believe he’s dead now but it wasn’t the jihadi in the video who killed him. He’s too squeamish so someone else had to do it for him.

    2. Absolutely not dude. Just look at 2:11 at his right arm-elbow. You will see a small black tiny background thing on the right of that elbow. When the camera moves left, that piece of thing is getting smaller and smaller. That means it’s 3D / Real video footage.

          1. That knife has no teeth, I own several of each kind and it would be easy to see had it had teeth, it’s a smooth hunting knife on both sides the video clearly shows that during the videos before as well.

    3. First let me apologize for being guilty of looking at these horrible atrocities. That being being said the ignorance of most of the commentaries is stunning. Fake, photo-shopped, not graphic enough?.. Take a trip to some of the areas now controlled by ISIS and see what a bunch of fakers they are. Of course this would be beyond consideration as we sit here smugly and confident that this would never happen to us. Read beyond your usual litany of corporate controlled news and learn that ISIS controls large swathes of Iraq and Syria particularly along their borders and realize that this didn’t happen by being nice guys. The politics of the middle east are unbelievably complicated and muddled so take some time to understand it before making absolutely asinine comments.

      1. Whether or not ISIS is real isn’t the subject of discussion here. People are saying these beheading videos are fake and possibly not even made by ISIS. There are plenty of real ISIS beheading videos on this site and they all look nothing like this trilogy of “terror!”

      2. @tucson69
        We all are aware of ISIL/ISIS/IS and their attrocities. We have been watching them for 2-3 years. We have watched them enough that we know their style and their flag and their speaches and chants. We have seen hundreds. All we are saying is that these videos don’t seem like the work of ISIS. We are all trying to understand why everything is different now that America is involved. Why the lack of gore and fear. They have never, ever showed anything like this in their past. I don’t question that these men were beheaded, I just down think they were beheaded in this video. For the pure reason alone that there is never one drop of blood as they begin the cut… this is unlike any beheading video by anyone.. cartels, ISIS, gangs. It is not anatomically accurate.

    4. You know what gets me about all these people screaming ‘fake, photoshopped, Mossad agents!!’? The FACT that neither Mossad, the UK gov nor the US gov give a FLYING FUCK about Haines, Sotloff or any other fuckwit stupid enough to wander into this hellhole. They’ve no reason to fake beheadings. These people, along with you and me, are nothing but cattle. Is this propaganda? Is ISIS Mossad trained? Maybe. Is there any reason to think they wouldn’t slit these poor saps throats regardless? No.

      1. No reason to fake the videos? Let’s see… Obama declares an end to the “war” and says he is pulling the troops out. Shortly after that, these videos pop up and he says he is sending more troops to fight the “war on terror!” In order to get the sheeple to back up the war it is necessary to rile them up. A lot of people react to these videos with “BOMB THE WHOLE COUNTRY!” and similar sentiments. Instead of being mad about more troops being deployed, they support it because of these videos. So, tell me again how there is no reason to fake them…

        1. Obviously I need to tell you again why there’s no reason to fake these videos.

          Whether you believe ISIS is purely an Islamic armed group with a medieval caliphate on the agenda or whether you believe they are a Mossad/CIA backed and trained group out to create propaganda to allow more bombs to be dropped on the Middle East is imma-fucking-terial. If they’re raving Islamic jihadists then cutting off a British or American mans head is a good PR stunt and if they’re CIA/MI5/Mossad then they don’t give a flying fuck to fake chopping off someone’s head, in fact it’s be easier to do it than to fucking fake it.

          1. It’s really not that hard to hit the “fade out” button when making a video.

            And, the govt. wants the people to support their decision to go to war. These videos are giving them the support they seek. Just look at some of the comments on this page! People have called for the military to bomb the whole country because of these videos. You can continue to believe what you choose, but I am going to believe what I see… or, in this case, what I DON’T see!

            In closing, tell me this… if it’s not fake then why were some media outlets reporting that forensic experts analyzed the Foley video and said it appears to be fake?

            A quick Google search will bring up several sites, but to save you time I’ll give the link to one here:


    5. Funny how his hair changes length as well…check it when he’s kneeling to when his head is on his back , his fucking hair is longer ! Also there is no way on earth I’d be that calm if some dirty coon was about to cut my head off , you best believe they’d have to hold me down .
      I’d go out kicking , screaming and biting till the very end . Dirty fucking scum shitbags cant even show their faces , mind you they need to come over here to sign on dont they so we cant know what they look like

    6. I’ve just realised something…not sure if anyone did already? If so, DUH to me…But, if the person gets beheaded on their knees, the blood would surely spray all over the place. The photo we are shown at the end, shows the body lying on the ground, as if the body got beheaded while the guy was LYING on hie stomach! That head doesn’t look like it’s SITTING properly on the back of the guy. The blood on the ground looks like an AMATEUR attempt to make it look like real blood. And the total PEACE in which the executed say their speech, knowing they are going to die is laughable.

  1. You can even notice that theres rarelly any blood on the victim’s clothings after every real beheading… Just neck and chest section, and back. Why is allways so much blood on this “victims” clothings? Looks like they poured it on purpose for show…

        1. Unless his head popped off and fell onto his back and we get the body back in one piece it’s pretty obvious to even tin foil hat wearing nut jobs it’s real, the reason there so much blood is because they can never steady the fresh head on their backs the first time, it’s usually 5 or 6 times of setting it on them that it will finally stay put thus covering his clothes in blood, all other videos show the same struggle to give good head the first time.

  2. The “victim” is wearing a damn microphone at the beginning! Someone please tell me how almost every video showing actual beheadings looks like it was shot with a crappy cell phone, but these are so well produced. I guess terrorists decided to go high tech, huh?

    Once again… no blood… nobody chanting about eating at the snack bar with Admiral Ackbar… No fear on the face or in the voice of the supposed victim who is about to die…

    The real videos show every bloody detail and the real killers are proud of themselves when they finish. These propaganda videos are a joke!

      1. Being a rapper doesn’t make you an expert at videography. I am a rapper myself, but I know nothing about making professional quality videos. And, if they’re not fake then explain why there is no blood in any of the videos as the knife is supposed to be slicing into their necks. In all the REAL beheading videos on this site there is blood gushing after the very first cut.

  3. Barbarism,ignorance and none sense on the name of Islam. I never thought I will live and see Islam getting a bad reputation because of this kind of people. What was the crime of that guy ? Is he David Cameron? Is he obama? Why should innocent people pay the price of stupid politicians ? He died with bravery and courage and respect, my thoughts for his family and friends. Muslims should wake up and say something or do something. Respect t

        1. I live in southern CA and not only does this look nothing like northern CA (which is the area basically north of San Francisco), but Barstow is insanely far from even being close to being Northern CA. California’s a big state. Barstow is about 600 miles from northern CA.

  4. Could it be that ISIS is really Jewish-Mossad owned, managed and operated? And like the Jews, they glorify their ‘victim’ of the world status. Looks manipulated and contrived Show Business to me. Maybe some Jews in Hollywood were involved in the production?

  5. I think Snackbarlywood might be going through a ?Film Noir? phase so the fake beheading can be left to the viewers imagination.
    I fully expect the next one to feature a close-up of the be-header shedding a tear for his victim…and it will be filmed in black and white?but I could be wrong as fucking usual.

      1. Yes, ISIL should go to using black and white or sepia, without sound, and using intertitles. Here’s one they could use (just cut and paste, Jihad Johnny):

        Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, GUNFIRE!, Takbir, Takbir, MANY GUNSHOTS!, Takbir, HEAVY GUNFIRE, Takbir, Rahim you have shot me in my leg you kafir, Takbir, Takbir, FADES TO SILENCE

        Their crappy edited films would, also, benefit from some decent music, I suggest they listen to this for ideas:

  6. Thanks for the upload acneska…..go figure the zionist controlled CIA operation Arab Spring to fragment and weaken the region now has blow back ….just add this guy to our very bloody middle east foreign policy hands…two weeks after 9/11 Gen Wesely Clark read memo that USA to take down 7 countries in 5 years…Iraq, Afghan, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Somalia and Iran….Former Sect of State Henry Kissinger private remarks about military men speaks for itself …..dumb, stupid animals used as pawns for foreign policy…

  7. Looks just like the others…fake…too much blood & the heads never look dead…just asleep. Has ISIS came forward & said anything about these videos being fake or are they going along with it? If I were them I would not want this shitty publicity cause they look weak as hell!

  8. Victims voice / accent, sounds authentic enough, and he most definitely had a lump in his throat while speaking. Don’t think he died at the hand of the man in black right there and then though.

    Cameron, pffft, what a toffee nosed, ex Eton, old school tie ponce, he is. Like the rest of the left leaning idiots who have manoeuvred themselves via common purpose, into power in the UK, he has not a damned clue how life in the real world is. And the ” special ” relationship with the U.S, is one very sick joke indeed.

    Our governments are a feeble excuse these days, I personally never envisaged things could get so pathetically bad with our so called leaders, who should, to a man or a woman, hang their heads in shame.

      1. Cameron is such a fucking twat. Parroting the multicultural sound bites, but he didn’t want his own kid going to a multi race school, oh no. Fucking double standard bearing shit head made sure of that.

        Christ we have a shower of shit in power here. How the fuck did it ever come to this !?! . From Blair on to this arse wipe. Give me strength.

          1. No please take him….never in my life did I ever think I would have more respect for a Russian president than our own….If Hilary gets elected I am moving out of the country again…one can only take so much..

  9. something is absolutly EPIC in this video…guys look you all and tell me if i m just crazy or what..

    if you look good at 2:03, when the “terrorist” put his hand to the victim shoulder.. the victim have a pretty nice reaction..a eye brow reaction and it look like he say something to the terroriste.. imo he look like he say “fuck off” or something like that..his reaction about the eye brow is pretty unique for somebody gonna die.. he look very complice with his executor..

    1. @ ewestomper…Hillary is a very creepy woman. She got mad and beat Bill in the face with one of those big cell phones back in the day. She has already run this country one time while Bill was getting a blow job. She is tough though. Maybe we need a strong man like her as a president in the U.S.A. again. Lol

  10. I’ve been waiting for this! And you lot have already said it all, ahh poop!

    I’m gonna say it anyway, ” IT’S FAKE!!!”

    Fake as the others, are they going to do a box set in time for Christmas? Or maybe a video game.

      1. How do you consider it fake when he is dead and his head was actually cut off….just because it was edited…more than likely the Brit guy was just the spokesperson and someone else did the beheading….either way the guy is dead and there’s nothing fake about that…

        1. Mike, I agree, it looks far from fake imo, also with regards to a comment further up about the blunt side of the knife being used, no it wasn’t, I’ve just watched closely and it’s definitely the sharp end being used, I have no reason to believe this is fake, or any of them for that matter

        2. @mike.
          I’m not so certain any of these guys are dead, or even the people they’re purporting to be, especially the foley guy. Also all three have been missing for ages? So they might look different?
          They have to spread the fear of terror, this can be faked better than this but it’s not needed, people suck this shit up cos it’s on TV! If everyone was on the ball they’d have to be a lot smarter.

          This is going to escalate, but they need public approval, and if they get it, all hell will break loose.

          1. Jihadi John purposely mention the latest airstrikes which establishes a current time line….no these are very real executions and the poor guy at the end is as good as dead…if IS was smart it would back out of Iraq…Iraq army to South and Kurds to the North….they have more of safe haven in Syria and I won’t be surprise if they don’t take on Jordan next….it’s very ripe for the taking..

          2. @mike
            In all three videos I saw no blood, no beheading? And neither did you.

            If isis are real why do they never mention let alone threaten Israel?

            Because they are a product of them and the U.S

            And I don’t mean create as in hire and train a few bods.
            I mean create by leaving no other option. When you’re being invaded and bombed you’re going to react, turn into freedom fighters.

            The real terrorists are the ones making fake videos, with an agenda.

          3. They are taking the path of least resistance…they don’t stand a chance taking on israels military right now….I bet they now wish they would of stayed under the radar…As for the blood…they edited out the actual beheading for maximum play on the most tv stations knowing no tv stations are going to show someone’s head being cut off….their video is for world wide audience and not made for us at best gore…no doubt in my mind these 3 guys are very dead…

      2. It’s so ridiculouos. I can’t even function normally in this matrix world now. I mean, you walk past a news stand, have conversation at a bar, switch on the TV, and you’re confronted with this bullshit. It’s infantile.

      3. @Stomper.
        Too true mate, all three of these blokes, cool as fuck! This guy you can hear breathing! ( that’ll be the mic!) not short, rapid like you would be, knowing these are your last words? I’d at least call him a cun’t as he started cutting.
        Fuck his video right up! But no! Fuckin delivered their speeches like pro’s? All three?

        This is massive propaganda, these will continue until the masses agree.

  11. Thought I’d comment real quick on the conspiracy theories:

    1. There is more, in the minor details of the image, to suggest the head in the photo is not photoshopped. I’ve worked professionally for over 10 years with Photoshop, including the photoshopping of different heads (e.g. A full body image of someone, the body position is good, head is not, shopping the head from another image, with the reverse. Or eyes – if one is looking a little droopy/tired, chop an eye from another, almost identical shot etc), for one, the way the skin is pushed against the forearm creating the crease under the eye; these are details that, for the most part, are too minor and would likely be ignored were they photoshopped.

    2. The production values – yes, IS are (if you call very basic design additions, putting a very simple filter on the footage of Cameron, and fading titles in and out good production value) clearly trying to make their videos look far glossier, but the biggest improvement by far is the fact that these videos are being uploaded at a much better resolution than a lot of beheading videos, and the camera is on a tripod – there’s no desert rat with shaky hands shooting this, they’ve actually thought to keep the camera steady.

    Further on point 2, the reason for upping that particular game is likely to give the target audience the feeling that they have technological and organisational capabilities far greater than the other terrorist groups; it suggests they have a dedicated group of people putting these together, not just some shit cunt with a mobile and aforementioned shaky hands. These videos stand out massively against the myriad beheading videos, and that’s their purpose; there’s consistency and continuity; it’s the same location, the same beheader, the same format, the same orange jump suit.

    There’s one final point – if these are fake videos, nothing more than propaganda aimed at giving our (US, UK, Europe etc) governments just cause to intervene (or whatever reason you are all giving) and bomb more yet more people, why wouldn’t they simply capture and murder these people regardless? The victims are, after all, real people with real families – there’s no reason why one more dead civilian makes a difference, especially when your motivation is to create reasonable grounds for intervention and almost certainly kill and maim many many hundreds/thousands of civilians… Enough people are dying out there already, what’s one more random chap?

    1. The only thing that’s weird to me, is that the beheader has no sign of blood on him as he presents the next potential victim. But that could be as simple as it being filmed prior to the beheading.

      Also, if you pause at the right moments (such as when he brings the knife up to Haines’ neck), you can see the knife isn’t clean, there’s what looks like blood and flesh on it. Not sure what that suggests.

  12. Also, another thing I should mention – my guess for the video cutting before the actual gore is that if they themselves cut out the gore, it will negate any potential editorialising from the media, diluting/extracting the desired message and twisting/reshaping its narrative. It’s a pre-packaged, TV ready video with little/no need for censorship.

    1. I think there’s a different person performing the execution. It makes sense from their point of view to use a british dude to play the executioner and issue the dialogue. That definitely ups the ‘terror’ factor – the fact that these people are recruiting from within their own country, and to think that the enemy could be the otherwise normal looking white dude living next to you. He’s probably not so keen to perform the deed though, either he wouldn’t want to or wouldn’t be able to do as good a job. Or maybe it’s a respect thing – the honor goes to someone that’s a long standing, more respected member of their group.

      There’s no reason to jump to the conclusion that it’s fake, and it’s especially ignorant to assume you KNOW it to be fake.

    1. Or they are agents of an intelligence service, take your pick which one and they’re deaths have been faked and now they are living somewhere, again choose place of your choice, with new identities. Regardless, what we are being shown are false flags, and again pick and choose the who and why. Either way some people are going to get rich and a lot of people are going to die. Show the national of your country being beheaded and spread hate and fear by building these terrorists up like their a 100 ft tall. This shit has all been done before and the people who are doing it have probably read Tom Clancy novels and are having a go at making some of his fiction reality.

  13. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this, but do you think jihad john has a make up and wardrobe trailer on set as he is clean as a whistle when he shows the next victim. (First post been watching from the sidelines for quite some time.)

  14. Just because they are not showing the actual beheading does not mean it’s fake.
    This shit is really happening people so wake up. They kill, shoot, behead all who are not with them and that includes women and children. You see pictures of little girls beheaded by Isis but you can’t believe they did it to Americans or a Brit?

        1. The real laughable thing is that you’re brainwashed to the point where you will believe the spoon fed lies even after Obama admited funding the training of ISIS militants way in 2012.

          Think about it: Every single thing ISIS does is for the strategic benefit of US, UK and Israel: Giving de facto independence to the Kurds, renewing the puppet government in Iraq, bringing down the Assad government, attacking Hezbollah, etc…

          1. Just like when the CIA was working with OBL, eventually they bite the hand that feeds them…IS no longer needs funding and can’t be controlled now….taking out Iraq army was a huge game changer…they are just pawns…pawns killing other pawns to weaken each other ….who’s on first what’s on second…

    1. ISIS are real. I’m an arab and i tell you they are real, nobody sane ever questioned that.

      the problem is this : where did they come from, who armed them ? isis move freely between the borders of iraq/syria, they even hold celebrations in the middle of the streets, syria doesn’t bomb them, iraq doesn’t bomb them !

      they fight for “unknown reasons”, their goal first was to eliminate shia muslims from the region, but then they started killing sunna, they never attacked baghdad,yet they turned their rifles against sunna kurds ! why fight kurds ? just give me one reasonable answer ?

      they fight the syrian resistance at damascus now, who are sunna ! aren’t isis sunna too ?

      until now, they didn’t take any serious movement against america’s allies. yet, hear the arabic media !

      isis exists to keep the war economy rolling in iraq & syria without causing a world war; in other words it’s more like a proxy war started by america to collect cash.

      didn’t you hear about the new weapon deals between the states & the arab country ?


  15. Jesus H.

    There is not a cloud in that perfect fucking azure sky. The sand is immaculate. The knife is plastic or backward or both. There is no slit, no immediate spurting of blood. The prisoner’s forehead barely has a wrinkle of fear as he attempts to put on the Oscar-winning look of a man just about to be fucking beheaded and murdered to death. His shirt is very long, almost to his knees and down him arms, a tunic, while he’s alive, and comes straight to his waist and elbows when he’s “dead.” Oh, and yes, his head is shopped into his body. Need anyone go on??

    1. Why would there be a spurt of blood? Come let me cut directly into your trachea. It’s amazing how little blood there is when you cut something that has no large blood vessels.
      The blood comes when you get to the sides of the neck there the jugular vein and carotid artery are found. Basic anatomy.

  16. So fucking stupid. Don’t you get it guys, these videos are produced in conjunction with top GOV agents in all major first world countries. Sound the war drum! isis is the next target the next big fish, the wheels on the war machine are grinding taking all of us peasants and our economies along for the ride! We’re literally like the matrix….

      1. 2 packs of pills? Can’t say I’ve ever tried that but I’ve had some fun with Nyquil before. LOL…

        And I’m actually a dudette 😀 I guess I need to change my avatar because people keep assuming I’m a guy… although given the behaviour of a lot of chicks, it’s kind of a compliment 😛

  17. So i recieved the following spam mail… and it kinda amused me rather than annoyed me (since it was imediately marked as “spam” by the mailing service…).

    “Obama can stop ISIS by not sending them any more weapons or money. Obama’s administration sent weapons, funds and training to “moderate rebels” in Syria just under a year ago. A few months later, a group called ISIS came out of Syria and invaded Iraq. Where are the “moderate rebels” then? Where did the money and the weapons sent to “moderate rebels” go? The time frame for these events is less than a year. It should come as no surprise that there were never any “moderate rebels” in Syria, and that Obama was actually arming what is now known as ISIS and at that time was known simply as Al-Qaeda. Putting links in this message will make it harder to get it through the spam filters, but if you google for Obama weapons moderate rebels in Syria, you’ll find plenty of information supporting these assertions.

    If you recall, just last summer, Obama’s administration was pushing for air strikes on Syria, based on the pretext of gas attacks on civilians. Obama’s administration claimed these attacks were carried out by Assad’s forces, but there was never any evidence to back up these claims. Testimonies from international commentators and even the rebels themselves indicated that it was the rebels that carried out these attacks to try to get air support from Obama’s administration, in addition to the weapons, funding and training. Again, no links, but if you google for gas attacks Syria rebels, you’ll find plenty of information. As this information was becoming public in the fall of last year, the mainstream media quietly swept the issue under the rug, perhaps you don’t even remember now that all this has happened.

    The American public and armed forces were against air strikes that would help Al-Qaeda in Syria (ISIS), so Obama’s administration settled for simply sending weapons and money to them, until now. It might seem counterproductive to now call for air strikes on ISIS, but once these air strikes are authorized, who is to say that Assad’s assets won’t also be hit. In helping authorize air strikes on Syrian targets, ISIS will have fulfilled its purposes as an instrument of Obama’s foreign policy.

    You want to know the real identity of the masked terrorist beheading people in videos? His name is Obama bin Laden. Obviously Obama doesn’t do the dirty work personally and he is not solely responsible, but as the face of his administration he is also the face behind the masks of the terrorists, because it is his administration that funded, armed, and trained the terrorists that are carrying out countless atrocities in Syria and Iraq today. These terrorists are just disposable tools, created for a limited purpose, probably not even smart enough to understand their role. Is it not conspicuous that they are attacking other Muslims and have not attacked Israel? Aren’t their handlers and creators at least equally responsible for the crimes of their puppets? If we condemn ISIS and Al-Qaeda, should we not also condemn those that funded, armed and trained them? If we condemn these terrorists to death, should we not similarly condemn their handlers?”

    The mail sender is “[email protected]” … This is probably the most interesting spam email i recieved ever… o.O

      1. Exactly, wich means they will probably use this one as an excuse to invade once it gets rid of all the “oposing” governments in the region. Exactly how it happened in Iraq mixed with a bit of Lybia… Its like killing 3 rabbits with one stone… 😐

    1. Ok the kosher dill part made me laugh….the reason I think they are very much dead is the fact the USA was already striking them before the first video…Jihadi John tells the stupid monkey if he keeps bombing them the second guy will die…after we kept bombing number 2 got it with a warning to UK to stay out…so with or without these videos the USA was bombing them….dre I am sure there are uncut versions that would show them cutting their heads off…

      1. True enough, Mike11111, but i would still like to see the uncut version to erase any doubts i have regarding these weird video,s, before i will believe it! As we have been fooled too many times before!

        1. You must be able to laugh and to cry,
          Because if you cannot show emotion,
          You shall never know why,
          Life has meaning.

          At times you will feel like life has no meaning,
          When good times are so few –
          But you must discover the tenderness,
          Others feel for you.

          If you can give of yourself,
          When others are in pain,
          You will learn the true meaning,
          And life won’t be in vain.

          But if you don’t draw understanding,
          From the losses of the day,
          You’ll never gain a meaning,
          From the blessings that come your way.
          Lesa MRK

    1. That’s kind of rude considering we have the most devious president and most of are well aware. Howd you think we feel when this frootloop comes out talking moderate rebels assisting to fight ISIS. They are the same fucking people, makes me grind my teeth.

  18. I’ve seen all three videos now, and have asked myself many times why wouldn’t they show the whole beheading. .? And now that I’ve seen this third one I think I know why.. it seems as though these vidoes are real…that being said Imo the reason they don’t show the beheading is because “jihadi John” seems to be a rookie, novice at best, at the art of beheading.. if they showed how long it really took him it would be an embarrassing 10:00 minutes… so to save us all some time they just cut to the good part…well that’s my thought anyways ..anyine else ..?

    1. There is absolutely no doubt these three men were murdered. Its possible by this guy too-however none of them were murdered directly after their respective speeches to government. I think thats why they were so calm.As has been said. To include the whole gory execution would be pointless that is why simply the head is shown on the body at the end. Isnt that enough? It is the same result right? The same death for all three men. They have edited the execution, and are using better video editing software and techniques than in the past. They have gone some way to actually caring about how they film it, what shots , angles etc they use. They have money, millions they say. They have been paid ransoms by some governments and released hostages. The point is ,its working.They are scaring people, and people are paying. And in the case of us and uk citizens no ransoms have been paid = death.

  19. Oh,oh what do you mean when you said it is a fake ? It`s not a fake this is real, this is the fucking cruel world of isis and arseholes. The world will never see again one of these people from these Statement ( ? ). No politicans need those (fake)videos to declaire there wars.

  20. I am from liverpool uk I believe these vids are staged but these victims are dead … wat wud be the point ov pretending to behead these guys … its only gona get worse before it becomes full blown war …. very worrying 🙁

  21. This is a personally message to All Muslims Choose your side because if you side with ISIL I am sorry to say you will meet the same fate as these RagHead wearking son of a bitches Fuck with the United states and you all will die.

  22. I’m a bit of a cunt myself I suspect as I would prefer if it were real. I look at such videos for a ‘reality hit’, but also to see someone’s head cut off (and analyse my emotional take on it). I watch the bona fide footage with that even (enough) heart beat that would be dubious to the majority of people. I agree the video raises many questions. But I won’t lie: I don’t want to play detective; I want something more convincing and less frustrating. The guy doing the ‘beheading’ is wearing thin on me also (he is irritating at best). The pacing of the melodrama – if that’s what it is – over the three videos is similarly quite dull. Judging by everyone’s comments, other bestgore users appear immune to THIS sort of terrorist propaganda also. Whether they think it true or fake.

  23. Long time viewer of the site (since the Nick Berg beheading!!) first time commenter.

    Do I believe this video is real? Yes.. Do I believe that ‘Jihad John’ cut this guys head off? No…

    The sand nigga is being used has a propagander tool, a kind of “look we have this westernised Jihadi willing to cut the heads off your people” sot of thing. But he doesn’t! He’s either too pussy, too low rank, or just hasn’t got the stomach.

    Now, I know in the video the guy wasn’t killed but was he killed after the filming? I believe so.

    Look at his face after the ‘deed’ has been done. His forehead is batterd, he’s got bruising on his cheek and his nose looks to be broken. Now, look at his left arm. Do you see those nasty gashes? Trust me, save the pic and open it in some good photo editing software, the guys arm is gashed open, it’s a fresh-ish wound. Looks to me like he was heavily tortured after the first pat of the vid then the beheading was done afterwards.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. A lot of people comment saying why don’t these guys fight or say something before it happens. Well being tortured for months, years can change how a person thinks.

  24. These desert chimps suck. So do their lame videos. You shitheads don’t scare me one bit. Get ready….because the sky is about to fall in on you:)
    I figure they sanitize these beheading propaganda videos for recruiting purposes. They want to show potential recruits how bad ass they are. However, they don’t want to show the actual violence and gore of the beheading and possibly scare or turn off these potential recruits. Anyone STUPID enough to join up with these assholes deserves anything bad that comes their way.

  25. This is war propaganda but I doubt this is a vast conspiracy. I’m pretty sure Haines, Sotloff, Foley, etc. were truly kidnapped and killed.

    But these videos feel sanitized for a western audience. That backdrop might be a green screen. They’re using multiple cameras, lapel microphones (or is it a post-production voice over?) And they don’t show the actual murder. Maybe the idea here is to create a piece of propaganda that more Americans will watch. (As opposed to the old Bigley, Armstrong videos which were too graphic and no one wanted to see and were therefore ineffective propaganda tools). Just a theory.

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