Beheading of Young Man Surrounded by Empty Coconuts

Beheading of Young Man Surrounded by Empty Coconuts

I got this video the way you see it – with Hindi captions and background music. I don’t know where it’s from, nor why the young man was killed. Both the victim and the killers look South East Asian to me.

The video depicts a rather aggressive beheading of the young man kneeling among empty coconut shells with hands tied behind his back. Compared to most beheadings, this one was fairly fast, though it did require hacking at the spine with the knife.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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79 thoughts on “Beheading of Young Man Surrounded by Empty Coconuts”

    1. i know makes me cringe! if they insist on using a knife they should at least use it properly, long strokes with even pressure NOT sawing motions!

      then again i’m pretty certain that they don’t give a shit about how long it takes and the greater the pain caused to the victim, the more pleasure these evil bastards get from it!

      1. The guy was a Christian from southern Philippines who was taken by a Muslim group that I don’t recall at the moment! I have friends in Davao Philippines who sent me the video and the back story about a month ago. Sorry I didn’t think to share it because I actually thought mark already had it so my bad on that one! My friend said he was a regular hard working family man and the fact that he was a Christian was the only reason they took him and killed him.

      1. First of, What the FUCK is “should of”? You fucking never been to fucking school you twat? It’s “SHOULD FUCKING HAVE”! I will chop your fucking balls off next time you show your fucking ignorant ass. You fucking son a bitch whore.

  1. The decapitated dude had the look of disgust on his face, as if he took one look at his detached body. Now that would be fucking creepy, if it was the last thing you saw before dying, me thinks! πŸ™

    1. Absolutely @Derkopfsammler the buzz around town is that this is up for an oscar for best score in a reality website with 12 nominations! Maybe next year best gore will get nominated for best reality website information. Mark really deserves an award.

    1. True this, as Salt Water is one of the best electricity conductors known to man, and oddly enough, our body is made up of about 95% of it. Also, it is no secret that are bodies run on a small constant electrical energy current, and energy itself, never dies, it just morphs into something else, and continues on. I truly believe that all the people who had near death experiences, has had their energy source, and their soul continue on together, as how else would you explain seeing, and hearing the doctors, nurses, and even your loved ones thoughts & voices in a waiting room, across the hall, while they inform the family of your death, or impending death?

      1. @thedre the human brain has the capability of storing (and retrieving) information even if you are not fully conscious. this is exactly what hypnotists rely on to do their work. simply putting it, even if we are sleeping, the brain doesnt shut off, it keeps working and doing what it does best, and that is to store information.

  2. with to many beheading video I already see.. I do think it is time someone invented some device that will decapitated head more quickly.. mybe some collar with blade and spring.. with some pull of the string.. head fall.. it also can use while the victim is still standing or walking even best while the victim dancing. ( sarcastically speaking )

    1. I wouldn’t be so sure about that. The knives/swords used in the Middle East are designed to cut your head off either in one strike, or within seconds. There’s even a video on BG of a beheading done in Iran/Iraq/Syria (can’t remember) and the head was cut off completely in about 5 seconds or so.

      1. Yeah, but I have seen some ISIS beheading videos where the neck cutting takes a long time to finish and the whole process ends up being very drawn out. The victim ends up staying alive and conscious for a while during the beheading. I think the use of dull knives is a method by ISIS to deliberately inflict more pain and prolong the torture.

  3. this video is from southern philipines.. these are Abu Sayaff terrorist.. after they beheaded this young man, President Duterte began mass destruction on Abu Sayyaf terrorist.. no more negotiation.. so this young man sacrifice will not in vein..

  4. Abu Sayaff pigfuckers and goatrapers. Most of them men are taught to masturbate by their grandmothers using a hacksaw blade and a block of MDF. This is a training video for their Abu Sayaff School of Dentistry and Hairdressing.
    When he declared war on this bunch of pigmonkeyclusterfucks, the US and liberal world were aghast at Duterte’s lack of tolerance towards his political opposition in the Philippines. Listen to me Duterte, when Coppola filmed “Apocalypse Now” in the Philippines he musta left some Napalm behind. Just drop it on these pigfuckers.

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