Bleed Out V: Valentine’s Day Special, Narco Cartel-Slicer vs Random Rival-Slicee

Bleed Out III: Narco Cartel-Slicer vs Random Rival-Slicee

In Mexico, a man known only as SLICEE is prepping for the popular game BLEED OUT, with severe bludgeoning to his face region, dished out by opponent known only as, SLICER.

The new contestant is chosen for unknown reasons to play the game sweeping the nation.

The presumable double-edge sword, BLEED OUT concludes the CUT THROAT saga.

To bleed out or not to bleed out? That is the inevitable question, only the semi-conscious, SLICEE must answer.

We join the game already in progress, before commencing single elimination round.

SLICEE is restrained with handcuffs under his legs, attached to a rope, wrapped around his neck. BLEED OUT eliminating round starts off with the sawing of neck.

I won’t spoil the fun and give away the results. Will SLICEE survive the bleeding out, and be awarded freedom? Hurry! You decide a head of time!


Only by a hair, he almost survives the bleeding out survival challenge. His will to live was not strong enough to keep him alive for the grand finale

Brazil will have some ‘splainin to do if they quit contending with Mexico in being the bleed out champion SLICER of the wold.

Best Gore member @illegalsmile55 blessed us all this day, summoning the Gore-God with her wish for a gory Valentine’s Day. Thank You.

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129 thoughts on “Bleed Out V: Valentine’s Day Special, Narco Cartel-Slicer vs Random Rival-Slicee”

    1. @illegalsmile55 awww my kindest valentine to you mistress. .very nice. They fucked the star up good before the finale. His expression is priceless, hail Satan.
      Haha looks like a cheap dollar store kitchen knife.
      I always wonder what happens to the blood and gore everywhere. It appears it s a relatively modern house. Safe houses? Are they abandoned after? Do their slave girls clean it up?

    1. You are a compassionate person. When I see these violent, cruel, merciless criminals who are feeding off of the drug trade I just don’t feel sorry for them. To me, they are just POS doing the world a favor by offing each other.

      1. To me killing an enemy in crime or war is one thing by a bullet to the head, but to have your head cut off with a blunt knife while you can feel everything, is just plaint ‘evil’ to me. I could never be involved in torture most foul, we are supposed to be humans, not cannibalistic torturing rats & hyenas!

          1. “preaching to the choir “?
            To some on BG, yeah, but there are alot of idiots who think it’s funny to see someone tortured to death. Anyone who thinks this way is low intelligence scum!
            Torture is the worst thing a human can do, and the dumbest, because as you sow, so shall you fckn reap!

    1. @honkeykong & @seraphim-serenata “..set to leave Prestige Worldwide in our dust.”
      With that said, I Personally am looking forward to Seraphim–Kong®’s first music release –

      “..Throats that flow, Throats that flow, Gotta have me my Throats that flow,
      Throats that flow, Throats that flow, Gotta have me my Throats that flow.
      – – In Rio, São Paulo, or Santa Maria… Cuttn’ off heads and chewin’ off ears – –
      Throats that flow, Throats that flow, Gotta have me my Throats that flow…”

        1. @caRnAGE, I haven’t seen him rap with these dudes before. Apathy has a number of solo albums, but he is also part of the group, Army of The Pharaohs (A.O.T.P). They usually have some intelligent shit to say. Not the usual mainstream bull shit.

  1. Another shitty Valentine’s day is here. I can either spend my evening masturbating to porn or I could call a hooker to come over and have her blow me through a condom while I stare out the window at her pimp sitting in his car at the end of my driveway. Either way I end up alone the next morning.

    1. 7:42am and I already started on Laphroaig Islay Single Malt Scotch 18 YO. You can watch if you want, lol. Now the old Captain has a few toasts to make and a prostitute to strangle.

      “When you meet me today, dear lovely, meet me like we are ships on the mad raging waters of the ocean, wave at me if you may, honk if you can but please make it brief and painless.”

      What want a better toast you sober pricks?

      “we drink to those who love us,
      we drink to those who don’t.
      We drink to those who fuck us,
      and fuck those who don’t!”

      “Inny Minny Miny Moe
      May these shots reveal the Hoe”

      “Work sucks
      Life is Unfair
      Cheers to the women
      With thong underwear ”

      “Women to the left of me
      Women to the right
      May the women in this bar
      Never meet my wife!”

    2. Sorry to hear that Brokeback. Not into porn, it’s just a bunch of niggers digging out drug addicted tattoo’d white sluts all funded by some jews. Not interested in watching that shit.

      I’m not leaving the house again today, it’s way too fucking cold out there. I’ll probably spend the rest of it drinking and cleaning guns when I’m not on the computer. Maybe make some stir fry later. 🙂

      1. @coffindodger,
        Truth is my day will be a lot like yours. I don’t watch porn either and I’m alone by choice. After 12 years of marriage I can honestly say that living alone makes for a much happier life… for me anyways. I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself. Tonight I’m gonna get stoned, make a batch of Spicy chicken wings and watch the Leafs game.
        Oh and this cold weather really does suck donkey dick don’t it? After such a mild start to this winter we got fucked in the end.

        1. Cool man. I’m looking forward to the Spring this year. I love women, just can’t deal with the live in judgement that so many other guys can somehow do. Spicy wings sounds awesome. Hopefully this weather will be over in the next month or so. Or at least get a bit better!

  2. These killers are easily influential by their surroundings. At a young age they are shown these brutal executions and grow up doing the exact same thing they are seen. I know this for a fact because I’ve found myself becoming more and more numb to this kind of thing. How many people can stomach this kind of shit? Watching this is like me watching regular TV lol.

  3. Seems like they tried to intimadate him first by pulling down his pants but not his underware, and yes, he was still alive and gasping for air while being sliced with that not so sharp nor long enough blade to do the right job so I will not repeat any comment that was already stated before. Yes, a wall has to keep us away from those crude demons (not that we don’t have enough of our own domestic monsters hiding in the shadows here in the U.S.A.).

  4. So Have Yourself A Happy Valentines Day Ya Fucking ” Mr. Senor Puta-Madre-Cabron” ya!!! 🙁
    Whenever i write, or see the word “Senor” it always reminds me of One Of Our Old Veteran B G Warrior Friend/Member @Profile picture of Senor Piggy
    Senor Piggy I Hope That You Are Still kicking about, and that All Is Good With You, & Yours, My Good Man. 🙂

  5. Fucking spics cant cut heads at all. Our sand nigger friends from the middle east should teach these fatass taco munchers how its done. The last thing you could ever want is to be beheaded by a spanish speaking beaner. Feel sorry for the guy being killed probably over drugs and other bullshit. Fucking nuke the 3rd worlders. Because this is who they are. SAVAGES. Lets just please spread ebola or give them cancer or something! They contribute nothing to humanity. NOTHING! ZERO! If aliens landed in a 3rd world shit hole like this they would conclude that there is no intelligent life on earth. THEY ARE A DISGRACE!

  6. Looked to me like he was too far gone to care about getting his head sawed off. I was really surprised at his terminal gurgling. Until I heard his death-rattle I sorta thought he was already dead.

  7. Human beings are evil I’m going to exchanging a whole lot of federal reserve notes in the future for pistols, rifles, hunting knifes and whatever else I can get my hands on and keep my distance from these apes.

  8. slicee looked like he was an attractive men, what a waste. we ask for better quality videos from mexico, and we get one. and now i kinda wish it wasn’t such good quality. for some reason, tonight, this beheading has me a little heart sick. maybe because it’s the day for love, not slicing off heads. RIP, guy. and thank you mexico for the quality.

        1. Drugs like some tablets for calms given to someone who usually don’t use it can slow person down very much,. However, i think you are right: They probably cut his artery to bleed and weak him.

          Must check Mexican mentality and why they are so deeply savage when going into conflict.
          If i am Murican, i would hate Mexican cross borders to. All those half nigga gangs man..
          Can’t imagine myself living in L.A. close to disgusting idiots, MS13 and 18’s.

  9. What amazes me the most is these fuckin wetback cartels make a shit ton of cab and they can’t buy sharp knives. Just shows how uneducated and incompetent they are.. fuckin useless Mexicans . They should stay with working for the white man doing landscaping and cleaning our houses.

      1. I agree with both of you. I enjoy it more when they scream an suffer more. This guy seemed to be either drugged or sleeping. I did like the gurgling near the end though. Enjoyed the video, but would have been much better if he had suffered more

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