Man with Good Teeth Half Head Decapitated in Thailand

Man with Good Teeth Half Head Decapitated in Thailand

Would you look at those healthy teefs?

I got very frustratingly insufficient information about these photos, but apparently it’s a biker who got half head decapitated in Thailand. It quite clearly happened on a road, but other than that, there isn’t much to indicate the victim was really a biker, so take it with a grain of salt. But you can tell it’s Thailand by the pointers.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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37 thoughts on “Man with Good Teeth Half Head Decapitated in Thailand”

    1. By the way, I love how the pointer shows me where to look. Because I would totally not notice a severed head lying in my the middle of a large chalk circle. I need a Thai wife who can stand there and point like that everytime we have sex. Just to feel better about myself…

  1. Ah I wondered just yesterday about what happened to all the thailand posts, it was starting to feel weird not seeing thais pointing at very visible corpses and body parts to help us notice them.

    Stay you thailand… Don’t ever change.

  2. If he was riding a bike where the fuck his bike is ? Did he chew on to it before getting halved asymmetrically is all I wonder .

    Hahaha…………. I guess the sharktoothed one used to wear his head like a helmet and ride .
    A little rattle or a knock caused it to come flying and fall off .I liked his jarhead but I guess he never flossed those teeth though
    His crew cut is awesome

  3. In the ‘Dance Off’ shot, the body looks tangled in some kind of cord or wire. If some evil bastard strung a length of steel wire across the road about head high, and Sharky ripped through it full tilt on his bike, that might explain this peculiar trauma / decapitation.

  4. I’d venture to say with the force it would take to break the head apart like that that death was “instantaneous”, by which I mean, the guy probably managed to register the impact of his severed skull bouncing on the pavement before the lack of circulation caused him to pass out within ten seconds. I base this on the fact that in some of the Latin drug-related beheading videos, some of the heads can still be seen moving (lips moving, facial expressions changing) even 20 seconds after being detached, so I deduce from this that a decapitated head can remain conscious for about as long as that person can hold their breath.

  5. Kind of makes you wonder. If you lose your head like that but your brain itself avoids any serious damage and stays attached to the brain stem and spine, and your airway isn’t clogged where it can still move air, could you survive? How fucked would that be……

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