Bleed Out VII: Aloha Snackbar Edition

Bleed Out IV: Aloha Snackbar Edition

Following in the footsteps of our dearly beloved Southland flat globe contestants, snackbarists play the game and castoff blood spatter all the way from the Center East directly into your viewing eyes.

A handcuffed and blindfolded man is eager to oblige to his brethrens requests for the opportunity to appear on Bleed Out – Still able to get wet and squirt at the drop of a dime.

Okay, gorehounds it’s your turn to hand in your guesstimations. Will this wish-for-deaf contestant bleed out before death or survive until the last round?

Props to @honkeykong for the snackbar submission in the bleed out series:

Zero-Decibels ®

56 thoughts on “Bleed Out VII: Aloha Snackbar Edition”

      1. What they dont show you in all these beheading videos is the Group Orgy involving the severed head that takes place followed by a Hookah session…….

        In the name of their leader “Alan U. Ackbar”

      1. o video daki şahıslar Allahuekber demek ile müslüman olmuyorlar sen lanet okudun diye ben senin dinine lanet okumuyorum inanıyorum sizin dininiz de senden iyileri var onlara saygılar.

  1. I mean like… ” does it hurt”?? poor bastard blindfolded & cut up like that .. woo must gave been a frightening experience.. but, rather him than me..
    ok next please. . . .

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