Blindfolded Man Clubbed Then Beheaded by Drug Cartel in Mexico

Blindfolded Man Clubbed Then Beheaded by Drug Cartel in Mexico

A blindfolded man wearing a stripped white shirt and blue jeans is seen in the video kneeling before three masked gunmen pointing their weapons at him. While the sun is still up, a typical narco style interrogation takes place. Then there is a cut in the video and the scene resumes with daylight pretty much gone. What happened in the meantime is anyone’s guess.

The three masked men then step away, allowing another cartel member to approach the victim with a big stick and club him with full force to the back of the neck. The victim goes to the ground and clubbing continues, almost giving an impression that the intent was to decapitate the man by beating him in the neck until his head snapped off from sheer blunt force. That doesn’t happen, as after a few deadly blows, one of the background gunmen pulls out a knife and proceeds to behead the victim.

The clubbing, in my opinion was an act of mercy. It was likely done in order to add the crudeness factors to the video, but in the end it made the passing less agonizing for the victim. Those vicious blows to the vertebrae surely disconnected his brain from the rest of the body quite quickly, rendering the victim unconscious for the beheading, which itself would have been very agonizing had clubbing not taken place beforehand.

Yep, Mexico is back! I just need help from our Spanish speaking friends to fill us in on which drug cartel is doing the killing and why the man was beheaded.

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          1. Ha! I don’t speak spanish or haven’t even watch this vid, just paused it at 20 sec and it’s clear to me that the condemned was Cartel del Golfo!

          1. Man that does suck. I have always wanted to see a full on, no-holds-bar medieval battle on an HD camera. I’m talking axes, broad swords, morning stars, maces, spears, hammers, archers – all that brutal shit. Full on melee battle royal in present day at 16:9 ratio 1366×768 resolution.

  1. His name is David Romero and is from Matamoros, Tamaulipas. Right across from the US border of course. He is a Zeta, the three armed guys must be CDG. He was send by his uncle to work, name Jose Andres? Some shit like that. The ones who help the Zetas on the entrances or plazas were local police, federals, soldiers and marines. And video cuts (maybe they went on lunch break ) and that’s when the beating and cutting begins! I wonder if you got my video Mark! Mexico is back

    1. I had it wrong,The video is focused on presenting an alleged Gulf operative as an informant to suggest that the Zetas have been framed for local violence by their enemies, and that the Gulf Cartel collaborates with police and military. The video is also meant to terrorize, though the video?s content clearly indicates the terror is intended for the Gulf Cartel and its would-be collaborators, rather than the population in general

          1. Sounds great to me..shit if you’re in Mexico or tjay you’re like an hr or two away from me…mmmm…tacos!!..I know alot of the bad words in Spanish….I love Mexican chicks….a few of my exs only spoke Spanish…that was interesting…FUCK..

  2. i know its stupid to say anything positive about this, but atleast they have improved and knocking him unconscious so he doesnt feel any pain while slicing hes throat is better for the victim or am i wrong ??
    If you do your job you better try to make it with your soul. Trying to improve yourself, like magicians who always need to think some new things to entertain audience. Not like some wannabe decapitator who doesnt use right technique or have lack of skills.
    You need to cook with passion, if you are angry or not into right mood. Then food will not taste well. I can guarantee that
    There are so many people out there civilians who dont know how to do their job properly. When i was young then things were more stronger and better now everything you buy will collapse and are not durable at all

  3. These Boys are lousy at removing heads.
    Grab the fucking head and pull back to expose the neck.
    Begin your cut center neck all the way through to the base of the skull and off comes the head.
    you would think with all the practice they ‘re getting they \would become proficient at this…fuck no..they’re bloody amateur’s.
    So as much as I’ve been waiting for a beheading vid,, I have to give these Boys a 5 on a scale of 10..
    Work on your technique and get busy with another head…

    1. seemed like the
      ‘cutter” is either in training or initiation…the other guys were watching him vigorously and one came around to help “cutter” finish but stopped when he realized.. “hey I think ‘cutters’ got this”

  4. I’ve seen enough of these videos to know that those calling the shots at these cartels aren’t terribly bright. It is one thing to kill soldiers or higher ups of rival cartels in order to send a message, but they will torture and kill anyone who works for a rival. The problem with this is since the cartels are often the major driving economic force in a region, they are the best place to get jobs. Little Maria doesn’t care who she works for just so long as she can get enough money to support her 8 kids. Oftentimes the only employer she can get a decent job with is with a cartel. Now, she takes a job as a cook with one cartel and then another cartel catches her and kills her for being aligned with the enemy when she was really just a young mother trying to make a living doing honest work. Eventually, the Mexican government will grow a set and move on the major cartels because they are killing innocents and not just rival soldiers.

    Fun fact – over 11,000 people have been murdered in Juarez since 2006. Cartels commited most of them and most of the victims were just regular folks that took a job with the wrong employer.

    No wonder so many of them want to come the United States.

    1. Indeed and USA is the primary customer for the drugs. Those of you who use shouldn’t buy if you know its from mexico . well at least I would try not to, just my own view . It would bother me to know I contributed to this clusterfuck in some small way.

      1. Nobody should buy drugs period.

        And the cartels are way too powerful to care about how much they expose themselves. They could as easily kill a hitman from a rival cartel as well as a 15 year old boy who sold some drugs or a woman who was a cook (we have videos of them killing teenagers and women).

        The Sinaloa cartel cashes in billions in profit every year. El Chapo is actually one of the world’s richest men. And Sinaloa, allied with Cartel del Golfo, are on an all out war with Los Zetas.

          1. Yeah but still, nobody should buy them or take them. Not only does that feed the endless cycle of drug wars, drug violence, which have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives globally in the past few decades, but it destroys one’s body as well.

            Cannabis I’m ok with because it has it’s benefits, but all other drugs are a poison, in multitude of ways.

        1. @Portuguese dude I get my drugs from the Dr….so no worries on being shot or decapitated….and pretty much all drugs made from plant matters or others like anyuasca(sp) have benefits too….you ever chewed a coca leaf….doesn’t hit hard like HCL version but I bet you’ll work allllll day and skip lunch….I’m not trying to be offensive to you but would you like to have an amputation done with no morphine aka raw heroin..that shit would probably knock you out as soon as they hit bone(which would take a few minutes…maybe a piece of wood for you to chew on would be better)…all I’m saying is drugs are not bad, misuse of drugs is though…sorry if I made no sense…the Skywalker has me faded

          1. I love Skywalker of..bomb bud right there!!…I get my medicine from the drs as well..I think Portuguese ment hard shit like dope and coke and shit..I maybe wrong..but weeds not a drug…imo!!

          2. @Mikey, YNEG, Ali good to see you guys see outside the box on this particular subject….guess im not alone after all.

            @LadyW…i guess i would be considered later middle aged in BG years…i’ve been here a while since the days of the Comment “scoreboard” on the side, and the naked pic of the day, etc…I think the Armstrong beheading video is what originally brought me here, I was like “holy shat did i just see what i thought i saw” then W007!!1!!!1!1elevenone…i found a home and the rest is history…my original tag is “xxmurakawaxx” but i was looking around and saw the nick name box so i filled it with my xbox gamer tag…avatar is just random pics from friends in CO…ai yahhhh im stoned

  5. yes..I wake up to a fucking beheading!!’s gonna be a great day today!..was it just me or did the guy cutting not know what the fuck he was doing?..maybe he was doing it to inflict pain on the unconscious half beaten to death dude?..I don’t know..don’t really care..I’m just glad my Mexico is coming back full speed….arrriba!!!

        1. Lolz..yeah he’s the bottom Portuguese and he’s gonna get some good old bubba loving soon….”oops..I’ve dropped my soap”…*I’ll grab it for you mister bubba sir*….”Mmhmm..just bend down and grab that mmmm soap right therrrrre”…*bubba…WHAT aaaaarrrraaghmuurrph!!!
          Lmao.. 🙂

          1. @portugese dude. That just shows he doesnt care at all
            Real artist and band doesnt matter is there 10 peoples 100 or more, they play for them because music unites us like 1 big family
            And music nowadays. what stupid shit is this. Im so glad i didnt borned this generation to see my idols are bieber LOOL

          2. My daughter was called “YaYa” as a child also! Not a common nick name in the U.S. . She is 30 years old now and not appreciative of being called that. Damn, I got old fast!

    1. i hate cartels also but i hate more fucking hungarians pieces of shit like you . you stupid biggot motherfucker i wish you would say that you hate mexicans in front of a bunch of us mexicans and your fucking head would be the one rolling on the fucking floor bitch . im not racist like you so i can onkl
      ly say FUCK YOU you racist piece of shit.

  6. I’ve become so desensitized to the evil in this world, so now I just watch this stuff from an analytical standpoint and make some observations:

    1) What a fail on the part of the beheading

    2) These guys almost looked like a police force with that attire and matching hats

    3) People who do beheadings need to accept the fact that heads usually roll off the body when they place it on top. Our arab and spic friends need to come up with a new strategy

    4) While I was watching I thought to myself I’ve never seen an execution video like this by an English speaking person ever, kind of weird that it’s never happened. You got US, UK, Canada and a lot more countries that speak English, all have gangs and murderous savages yet not once in my life have I seen this kind of video from English speakers

        1. Yes I think he did pictures for sure! video too but I can’t say I know he did. anyway that would never be made public I think. and another one off hand just like that would be this psycho magnota (english speaker btw)

          1. Yeah but I think he means a video like this. Where someone is being executed for the camera and the executioner/narrarator is speakingenglish. Like the Bloods killing a Crip on film and releasing it as a warning.At least that’s what I thought he meant?

    1. ooh. i feel like im on LIVE there. like holy spirit, ghost, invisible and all this scary stuff is happening next to me.
      I need to know details. Im sorry i dont want you put uncomfortable situation or insult you, but im curious can you tell how is it to live place like this. I mean are people afraid, what activities civilianz do-
      Share and lighten us by your emotional stories…@necromaniac

  7. I want to see a person dismembered with a chainsaw whilst the person is still alive and conscious – starting with lower legs, then upper legs, lower arms, upper arms, then head.

    And what about someone going through a band saw in a sawmill – starting between legs going towards head. Split down the middle -that would be awesome.

    1. @skeleton well on your first part description i had deja vu (which lately has been happening much)
      I dont remember video name but its somewhere here.
      Heres my curiosity to Portugese dude. Can you see in library archive all videos or you have to search like we normal people without any superpowers by page by page
      I know i first saw it in Goregrish. I know…. im not promoting this site. its shithole i know peoples. Calm down. Bestgore is best
      But still im grateful for Goregrish because they helped me find one video which i wanted to use in my own movie and other peoples there found it somewhere deep web…
      What concerns about second part of description, it always reminds me old James Bond movie. This classic moment, where someone is trapped and laser coming near your crouch.
      Im really looking forward this kind of hogasm video too.
      But so far til its on the making i have to enjoy my own version LOL

      1. I met this dude who worked in a saw mill. One day his dog ran under the blade. When he reached down to snatch the dog, the saw blade caught his shirt cuff and sucked him right in. Lucky to survive, – you could say, but it ripped his whole face and scalp right off. His father was speaking to a bare skull til they got to the hospital. He had so many reconstructive surgeries that he just quit having them. Still works there. Great guy.

        1.’re correct obli…Mikey it’s on rotten’s pretty awesome…I don’t think I could do it…I’ve also seen color photos of it and others like it….but those I saw while I was doing my crime scene investigation classes..they were fucking awesome as well!!.

          1. Yeah I saws those on before here..those are couple of the photos I’ve seen there years ago though…..dang they were put on here only last yr?!?!…ooof…well there’s a couple of the photos for you Mikey…

    1. Imagine yourself clubbed and beheaded, ended on Best Gore.
      How about that?

      I bet you wouldn’t mind if gangs behead ANYone, you just craving for your enjoyment and who the hell am i to tell you anything.

      Join Fake Syrian Army?
      Many fun awaits. LIVE

  8. you ask, your name
    he responds, david romero
    asked, where are you?
    the answer matamoros tamaulipas
    they ask, you came here to do win?
    the answer to working with the Zetas Infiltrator
    they ask who sent you
    The answer, my uncle
    he asks. as it is called your uncle?
    the answer, jose
    ask, for whom works?
    the answer to the Gulf cartel
    then asked who made the attacks here in Victoria?
    the answer, we
    then ask who the command, respond, gdg
    ask him, who work for gdg
    the answers municipal, ministerial and federal police as well as soldiers and sailors

  9. No idea who is doing the beheading but at the 2:19 mark you can hear someone laugh. Probably at the inability of their comrade to remove the head even after the vertebrae are broken for him by the clubbing!
    Just can’t get good help these days!!
    Is this a new style of beheading designed to make it faster for them not as a mercy

  10. Apparently, all the skilled spics have moved north of the border to shingle roofs and produce barely in / out of tolerance machine parts…oh yeah, and mow lawns for worthless fucks who don’t know how. This sob couldn’t decapitate if his life depended on it.

  11. Hola mis amigos @BG. Been trolling this site for a while now….not a day goes by without browsing this kick ass website. Now I’ve decided to join in on the conversations and my first comment is…Thank you Mexico for coming back with more headchop videos and for proving once again that you fucking suck at beheadings. And starting out with a 10 foot 2×4????

  12. My opinion I think he was dead after the first couple of blows to the back of the neck, never the less cartels still crazy and fucked up as ever. they still can’t seem to cut off a head with a knife in a professional manner though!

    Cartel member: What is your name?
    Man: David Ayano Romero
    Cartel member: Where are you from?
    Man: Matamoros, Tamaulipas
    Cartel member: What are you doing here in Victoria?
    Man: To work with the Zetas as infiltrators
    Cartel member: Who sent you?
    Man: My uncle
    Cartel member: What is your uncle’s name?
    Man: Jose Alejandres ?
    Cartel member: Who does he collaborate for?
    Man: For the Gulf of Cartel
    Cartel member: The infiltrators who came to Victoria, who do they consist of?
    Man: Us
    Cartel member: Who sent you?
    Man: CDG (Gulf of Cartel)
    Cartel member: Who collaborates for CDG?
    Man: Municipal police, ministerial police, federal police, soldiers and marines.

  14. Hi guys! the Sinaloa Drug Cartel is now operating here in the Philippines, is that bad news for us filipinos? i just heard a while ago on the news that 2 assassins from that cartel is now on their way in our country. Recently, two canadians who are involved with the sinaloa cartel were arrested for selling high grade MDMA’s, coccaines and other stuff, the two assassins are sent here to kill the arrested guys.

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