Bloody Beheading and Dismemberment of Alleged Rapist

Bloody Beheading and Dismemberment of Alleged Rapist

This video is from Brazil, but even though I didn’t get that bit of information, I also think it’s from Brazilian prison, where similar brutality is common.

The video depicts beheading and dismemberment of an alleged rapist. When the video starts, the alleged rapist already appears dead in a pool of blood. A strange gardening tool is used for dismemberment, and a dull machete assisted by a hammer for decapitation.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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94 thoughts on “Bloody Beheading and Dismemberment of Alleged Rapist”

  1. See? Brazilian prisons(if it is one) are pretty cool. Instead of wasting time on gardening stuff that won’t grow in the bloodstained ground, they get to use their tools for other recreational purposes. Seeing as how killing people is no more of a moral quandary than yanking the wings off flies.

    1. This ain’t no Brazilian prison. This is some Brazilian medical school. Students are being taught how to practice medicine and shit. The patient clearly needed a head transplant, and they were simply transplanting a new head on to the fucker.

          1. I’m sure a goodly number of members would be disqualified if that were indeed the case @atle. Above their waist size, perhaps. And do you have any idea how biased IQ tests are?

        1. I like it @wallabeast. Where do I sign up? I can supply some of my own tools – uh…scratch that – I’d never get them onto an airplane. But I AM good @ documenting things, and I have a kick-ass HD camera that does both video & stills, including underwater

          1. @bluesy are you brazilian?

            If you are, they can sign you up easily, you don’t need to board a plane. Just take a ride to their Colombian colleagues and they’ll help you get there for free.

    1. True justice serves this world no purpose. It is only the appearance of a just act that most pursue. They just want to kill and embrace their evil nature. Calling him a rapist makes it easier. To justify wickedness by the accusation of wickedness is all that is required. Don’t you pay attention to what the American government does?

      1. The Feminists have used every tool at their disposal to move us into their dream world of Matriarchy (Female superiority). But they call it “equality” and we buy it ignorantly.

        Blame our western civilization which has already evolved beyond natural wisdom. Society was better off when women were left in their place and not taken seriously

  2. DIY SOS,The Big Build,Brazil.
    Scariest thing about this is the fact that there are plenty worse examples of these prison based shenanigans to be found on here.
    Those in bred scoundrels are beyond sick, no empathy or moral fibre whatsoever.
    I mean, fair enough, the victim was,”allegedly”, a rapist, but these utter morons don’t need anything near such an excuse to lop someone’s head off.
    What an absolute abomination of a nation.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the guards or the warden himself was doing the filming. Might have even been a contract hit on this hapless soul. At least give them sharper tools for the job boss!

    1. Anarchy is smoking a ciggi, waiting at the corner……every corner …… everywhere……
      We may as well end up doing our Justice ourselves
      And ending up fighting ww3 with slingshots and hand made
      Bow and arrows…….lol.!
      Instead of sticks….and stones……..!!!!
      Ps: Definitely not happening in a prison !!!!

  4. Assuming the dude was really guilty of the crime, they did him wrong. I like how some of the Mexican drug cartel guys have done their victims. Hang him up nude, by the ankles. First, you cut off the guy’s penis and balls and let him realize the shock of his loss. Then, you cut off fingers and toes. Then, hands and feet. Then, lower legs and lower arms. Then, you cut off upper legs and upper arms.

    Then, if your victim is still alive, you slice off his head. Oh… You might want to skin and gut him, saving the hide to tan and make leather. And the meat can be hung and aged and then butchered into steaks, roasts, chops, ribs and stew-stir fry meat.

  5. Whoever said the inmates in Brazilian prisons were just a bunch of wackos who did nothing all day but ate, sat and slept whole day long have been proven wrong time and again .
    They are their own judge
    their own gardners
    their own jail wardens
    AND EVERYTHING put together .
    Those chops and thwacks are Glimpses of a little of ISIS paying a visit to mete out true justice as no rapist need to be spared to live another day .

  6. Really disgusting terrible behavior and im not surprised at all ive been lurking on bestgore for a long long time its amazing how disgusting humans are. Nothing matters. I mean it does to make my life a good one for me and others but even that doesnt matter theres no words to describe this insanity how can you become that

    1. The wages of putting a penis in a vagina or any other crime should not be death penalty or beheading.

      I hate rape but do not accept it as a serious crime in the 21st century (with the vast access to the porn world). Better to teach the females to get along with it and don’t make it much complicated.

      1. Huh? Did I read that correctly?! Not a serious crime?! So what women are just ment to lay back and take it cos we are all in a porn obsessed society? Women and men don’t get a say in who fucks them no?, they can have their innocence taken away by anyone and they just have to smile and go oops my bad !? Is that what you are actually saying right now? That these filthy rapists, peados and murders should just get a slap on the wrist and maybe a fine huh?! Just for you stating that… I hope you get raped and beaten multiple times in the most degrading and messed up way possible…..then come back to this section and say that shit. Corrrr you triggered me hard!

        1. Ditto what @morphinekisses said @foster911. Not all women or men are mentally strong enough to be able to just stand up, brush themselves off, and carry on as if nothing happened. Most adults would stand a better chance of dealing with it, because they understand the mechanics of the act. But what about poor, innocent children? Or the elderly, who are
          repressed and were taught you didn’t talk about “those”
          things, and feel ashamed, and that it must be their fault

          even though they did nothing wrong. Rape (most of the time)
          isn’t about sex. It’s about power.
          Perhaps YOU need to be locked in a room with a bunch of male & female rape survivors, after they’ve heard YOUR views on the subject.

        2. I don’t doubt that person is somewhat serious. Misogyny is pretty popular on this site. There’s a lot of “Get back in the kitchen, bitch” thinking around here. Just like everything on the internet that pisses you off, you’re better for ignoring it. But I do agree with you and there were plenty of members here that vocalized their disdain twds rape. So, obvi. some good dudes too.

          1. Fine, I’ll weigh in…

            I’m with foster on this one. It is a filthy disgusting act, to be sure, but I agree that it shouldn’t warrant the death penalty.
            Eye for an eye, a rapist didn’t kill anyone
            life for life, death for death.
            I think that’s all that foster is saying. Castration? Sure. Beheading, no.
            Where’s your common sense? Punishment should fit the crime.

            I’ll wait for the hate…

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