Body of Decapitated Woman Found Two Days After Discovery of Severed Head

Body of Decapitated Woman Found Two Days After Discovery of Severed Head

It started with the discovery of mystery head last Tuesday – July 2, 2013 in the town of Barra do Corda, state of Maranh茫o, Brazil. Severed head of dark skinned woman, approximately 35 to 40 years old was found in a plastic bag, but none of the locals recognized her face. The missing body was found two days later, after the body started to go off. Following the stench, someone found the decapitated rest of the woman only a few hundred meters from where the head had been found.

Because there was a bag with the victim’s belongings next to her body, the mystery of her identity was resolved. Oddly enough, there were no signs of violence or rape on the body of 37 year old Susana Lima Ferreira. Victim’s brother Francisco Sousa Lima said his sister suffered from mental problems and always wandered somewhere. But she was a harmless woman who had no enemies so there was no motive for her murder, let alone decapitation. The fact that she had been neither robbed nor raped adds more mystery to her untimely and gruesome death.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. She was drinking too much and lost her head. While she was out partying her head was on a roll, they needed some space from each other. She had a headache. I hope they’ve been reunited, I didn’t know people got sick of having head, but hey…

      1. Fuck, @broke, I just saw your X-rays … 馃檨 that’s not nice at all. Thanks for sharing. Hope they gave you 80s at least, and 30s blue for breakthrough. Maybe ask for some benzos to help you sleep, as I’m sure, even with tolerance, the urge to nod, after a pain filled, opioid filled day, causes caffeine consumption to rival most. And then when you try to sleep, no go. They give everyone in south Florida pain pills, even for a broken finger, gotten a little stricter, not able to doc shop anymore, but seems everyone has a script, not one of them has those scars. Or even an MRI if they’ve been going long enough. Wondering where you’re from, and if its difficult to get your meds, like here, it becomes impossible to find, as everyone gets them. Raises pharm and street value immensely. Currently over ten to twelve dollars each at a local, mom n pop pharm. non regulated. Causing a monthly script to be near 2000.00 just for the pills. I hope you’re not having these problems, as you obviously need this medication to function daily. Addiction comes swift, and withdrawals suck, I’m sure you’re aware. I’m on a MMP, now, as I could no longer afford the script. *hugs*

          1. @coochie- indeed. Bibs come in handy to wipe off what wasn’t swallowed. Well, where the tongue can’t reach anyway. Nice to have a handy bib. Takes away a little of the sexy tho, “hold on, I forgot my bib!” Isn’t what you want to hear before spewing a load, ruins the mood 馃槈

          2. Well actually I?m very precise, I?ll shoot off your palatine uvula and you wont even have to swallow, it goes directly down the hatch, no need for a bib. Quite a service, ha? 馃懣

    1. WAIT… Where are the flip flops? With the head or the body? I’m not trying to get aHEAD of myself here, but even the nastiest of accidents, murders, beheadings ect. Always have at least one flop in the vicinity. And looking more closely, I agree with some of the others, that head does not look like it belongs to that body, so my guess would be when the correct head shows up, the flip flops may make an appearance.

    1. Yes, but unless she was a chicken, I don’t think that she cut her own head off, and then walked a few hundred metres.

      But, this is Brazil; looking forward to some football thing in the near future and, then, the Olympics.

      Mark, you may need another index category ( that’s, in my opinion, rather appropriate).

      1. Thanks JDamien, she probably had a tan? I’m all burned up from the beach yesterday so if I got cut into pieces today, some parts wouldn’t match me as well if you catch my drift haha.

  2. hmmm…they don’t look like they match up…I mean yeah, often if you find a random head, the random headless body you find would automatically go with but they just don’t look like they go together…for one the body is much darker…and her head looks like its from a bigger girl…..hmmm…

    wow those puzzles we did as kids really do come in handy when we are adults! who would have thunk it?!?

      1. its wacky – the head is like an off white/caramel colour and the body is jet black – plus her head looks like a big woman…not that scrawny bod….some dodgey shit going on if you ask me but what do I know?

          1. you don’t look like her at all @juicy so don’t pay him any mind – I think he is just grumpy because he cant find someone who

          2. lol @broke

            wellll….its unfortunate that no one has ever inquired about my technique .. too bad as well…it could have been some tonsil tangling fun!

    1. @obli-I lol’d so hard I snorted and choked for a solid minute! The tasteless puns just don’t seem to get old for me at all, just when I think there isn’t anything else to say, bam! Now everyone is staring at me in the Ihop. If they only knew, what I look at while I’m eating some would blow chunks of pancake. I however enjoyed rice pudding while watching the maggots eat on the old mans skull. Just had a hankering for it all of a sudden. 馃槈

  3. All of the corny ass “head references”, were already played out, but “now that’s!, how you give some head!!!”. Meh!, she’s actually more attractive without her head, ugly chick anyways!..He probably got sick of her bad breath!!!

  4. The puns are never ending. Quite clever you guys, even had me thinking of my own there for a minute and then i remembered that this was a once a real person. I know, I’m no fun. It’s amazing how when I first started looking at this site I couldn’t watch the videos, now it seems I’ve been desensitized somewhat. Even when I’m just driving down the street I think things like… the only reason we alive people are still here is because no one decided to kill us today. Sometimes I even think, there are people out there who would have no problem violating that girl walking down the street, brutally murdering and butchering her and then laugh about it later. I knew that 25% of the population live as sociopaths, it’s just eye opening to see some of its extremes. I wouldn’t say I’ve lived in a bubble and was naive but visually seeing the grotesqueness of mankind through the honesty of this site has changed me. Maybe someday I’ll join in on the banter too. You either laugh or cry right? Also I agree, I think in a few more days we might find another head and another body cause the two that were found don’t look like they match.

    1. It definitely desensitizes you. Oddly enough, the only reason I ever stumbled upon this site, was because an old acquaintance of mine, Luka Magnotta, killed some guy and mailed his body parts to the Canadian government officials. I hadn’t heard from him in sometime, and then people started to talk about his murder so I got curious and ended up here! I love this site, it’s extremely honest. Sometimes I feel like it’s hard to be yourself, and here, it becomes a bit easier. I am very new as well, but I wish I welcome you! 馃檪

      1. I lived in a predominantly Armenian neighborhood in East Hollywood when I was a kid. I was 5 the first time I saw someone die. Some guy in the apartments next to my bedroom window shot his pregnant girlfriend. She came running out to the street screaming and bleeding. It was the middle of the night and it woke me up. I looked out my bedroom window to see the boyfriend trying to pull her back inside and she resisting very vocally. The peanut gallery started coming out of the woodwork. No one stepped in to get this guy away from her, the gun was probably the reason. She ended up bleeding to death curbside before the ambulance and the police arrived. Sometime later I witnessed two guys in a knife fight in the street. One guy completely gutted the other, some of his entrails just popped out of his body like it had been pressurized in there. After our neighborhood cat lady was robbed tied to her bed and lit on fire we moved to Silverlake. There some poor guys daughter was killed hit and run style. I didn’t see the last two but it was really close to home. In ’88 we moved to Portland, I’ve had a pretty low key existence here. The closest I came to that kind of violence again was in 7th grade when a classmate was stabbed 9 times in her neck by her father and then in Jan 2009 when some guy killed two girls young girls coming out of a club then attempted suicide while I was at a bar less than a block away. The shooting was random, he didn’t know the girls, I heard he did it cause he lost it after getting laid off. I stopped watching the news back in 2004, I was so angry. I felt our perpetrators owned the news and I was sick of how obvious it was to me but everybody else bought into the BS. I decided I was done being angry cause if the world was going to hell faster than ever at least I wasn’t going to spend my precious time giving it another thought. I guess I just got used to sheltering myself. I was browsing something in google images about two weeks ago, I don’t even know what it was anymore but somehow in the top ribbon I saw the still of the woman in the pink tank who was about to be beheaded. Curious I clicked on it. Couldn’t watch the video but read Marks commentary to get the jist of it. Been here since.

          1. When I was 5 my gun just shot orange suction cups with handles but I guess I still could have gotten her right between the eyes. Shame I just didn’t have the right kind of mentors back then.

        1. Eh it is crazy knowing someone capable of that shut. I was managing a vat in Syracuse NY and I met “Luka Magnotta”, he was trying to get into the porn industry, and his name used to be Eric, wen I met him. F you don’t know who he is, look him up! He made a cute little snuff video called “1 lunatic 1 icepick”. Basically he chops up and kills someone on camera. Well I signed an artist development record deal, a few years ago and “Luka” found out and stalked me and my manager and he was nuts. We just thought he was weird, but he ended up killing kittens and more than one human, but he’s only accused of killing one. Strange! Also my uncle, brutally rappers and murdered an underaged girl, bc he found out she was 17 and not 18. A good lawyer could have fixed that!, but he thought killing her wax the only way. Whenever we would ride I his truck, we could smell rotting meat! He always blamed it on being a hunter!

          It’s scary! Don’t ever hitch hike 馃槈 lol.

        1. One of my uncles had stabbed his gf a bunch of times. We all kind of knew he did it no matter what he said and wed drink beers with him lots. His step daughter came down with him once and i ended up eating her pussy when he was upstairs! Another time my aunt told him when they were drunkin and i was like ” why the fuck u tell him! ” slept with a steel pipe for months . Hangovers were bad , being paranoid about him coming to stab me to death. Eventually he left. At furst not enough evidence but they had a new trial and hes now in prison phew . I was such an alky id drink with him despite knowing he was violent and had brutally murdered his woman.

  5. Ill join in. I’ve been looking over best gore for 4 years now. Reading every post and comments smiling because there were people whohad the same deep interest in gore as me. Which is hard to share with people without unwanted attention. And the people here are so understanding and kind. I don’t th ink I’ve ever seen an argument. Gives me some hope in humanity which is funny. But hiii everyone on best gore. Feels great to finally say that.

    1. I can’t talk to my friends about gore. They just act all silly, and weirded out, at my interest in this stuff. So, I keep it to myself. Just like they best keep their personal interests to themselves around me… Marriage, kids… All of that disgusting shit. 馃檪

      1. Yeah gore isn’t a easy thing to talk about.I cant be like hey mom I just watched the best beheading video ever…people act ailly about it I mean its life its real not the fake shit media shows that has everyone brain dead and unaware of the real world. Bleh

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