Boko Haram Release ISIS-Style Execution Video of Two Alleged Spies

Boko Haram Release ISIS-Style Execution Video of Two Alleged Spies

Mainstream media is now reporting what we here at Best Gore have already told you – Boko Haram is alligned with ISIS.

A Boko Haram troop in Nigeria have captured two men (identified as Dawoud Muhammad and Muhammad Awlu) who they accuse of being spies. The penalty, death. In the video, one of the men is interviewed and the condemned speaks about being paid by a police man to check out a town occupied by Boko Haram and to report back. Also kneeling on the ground is one of the other men hired to spy. A third was also reportedly hired but they never showed.

After the interview, the video then fades to black as the Boko Haram member brings the blade to the condemned’s throat. This ISIS-style edit is further proof of the agENDa which is uniting radical groups all over the world. From Africa and the Middle East to South East Asia, all are uniting under the Black Flag. Boko Haram’s logo differs a little from that of their brothers in the Middle East, but the implication is the same.

Nigerian authorities are attempting to downplay the growing Boko Haram threat by saying that Abubakar Shekau is desperately appealing to ISIS for protection and support from the Nigerian army rather than the two being actually connected and mutually financed.

41 thoughts on “Boko Haram Release ISIS-Style Execution Video of Two Alleged Spies”

  1. More “dust dwellers” with their bullshit mud-huts, spears and livery knives. Together with bullshit-edited videos.

    they no longer entertain me – I long for mushroom clouds, now. That’s the only thing I’m missing in my life.

  2. This was more than just style imitation, this video was put together by the same people who have been doing the ISIS videos.

    The same Islamic song used in the ISIS videos comes in at the exact same tonal level at both the beginning and ending segments as well, so does the same knife sound effect at the end before the fading away.

    The walk scene in slow motion, the cutting away at each part before the immediate continuation into the next part, it?s more than just imitation.

    In order to imitate as closely as that you would have to have access to the very same video processing programme with the same songs and sound effects included and so it is much more likely that these Boko Haram lot are recording the basic interrogate and kill scene before sending the footage on to the same people who have been doing the ISIS videos who then process the footage before putting it on the internet.

    My conclusion, Create a bogeyman(ISIS)and then convince the other ragtag groups to join in, your bogeyman now being real can be used to wage war both abroad and at home on your own people.

    How many have there been so far?, Al-Qeada, ISIL etc, it?s just the same shit different day.

  3. At least Boko uses subtitles. If Isis did so, maybe more ppl would give a shit about what they’re saying. Until they use subtitles, I won’t believe the threat is real. Blah blah blah bang bang bang whatever. Stop editin out the gore, pussies

  4. Hmmm, Played it twice, how is this an execution vid? There’s nothing shown to substantiate that, all the Jihadi John ones had a more convincing ‘saws the neck unconvincingly as vid fades’ bit and of course the end result.

  5. I’m still waiting for one of these putzes to shoot the guy standing next to him by virtue of the way they stand holding their firearms. We probably won’t get to see that footage, however.

  6. Sadly, the only way a Boko Haram video is going to get ISIS-like attention is if it’s got Super Bowl production qualities.

    And I mean the left and right sharks *both*, goddammit.

  7. For the Nigerian currency, I ask to you Nigerians, the Gringos don’t care about you because you’re black. For Boko Haram I believe is working with the Gringos, if they join the AIS, panic hits not only in the Middle East but in Africa. If that happens, be ready Africans.

  8. i don’t understand what people are so upset about some 200 girls that were kidnapped by Boko Haram. i don’t give a fuck about some black bitches that were taken by a black guy. just fuck em or use them as target practice or both that is what i would do their black that is what there good at.

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