Bound Man on Tarp Beheaded with Axe

Bound Man on Tarp Beheaded with Axe

A bound man with a beer gut was viciously beheaded with an axe. The beheading took place indoors, and the victim was placed on a tarp.

It looks like the first few blows severed the man’s spine, but even though he barely reacts to the blows, there are signs of breathing.

Got to love how those masked men are pointing their rifles at the dead guy, like he’s gonna run anywhere. Also, it’s rather interesting that the axe butcher wears a G4 Security vest. He sports the uniform and gloves, but you can still see his tattoo on the wrist. Camouflage fail, if you asked me.

Apparently, this happened and was filmed in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The cameraman did a pretty good job capturing the gory detail in close ups.

Props to Best Gore member @remzap86 for the video:

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95 thoughts on “Bound Man on Tarp Beheaded with Axe”

    1. the guys in this video belong to “grupo de auto defesa” the brazilian version of “auto defensas mexicanas” MSM is not talking about it but we can see things like this everyday in whatsapp groups from brazil… finally people are getting tired of brazilian government doing almost nothing to protect and serve the population… soon brazil will colapse in a civil war…

  1. U can tell even w the mask on the guy w the ax was very young. ONEDAY we will be watching him on here. See the heat coming from the blood? That was cool. Wonder if they shoot them up w a ton of H before. They usually seem out of it. Anyway fuck him

  2. Love how they are aiming their rifles at the guy as his head is almost off, and after holding the rifles at his severed head…As if he’s either going to come back to life, or turn into a Mexican zombie and attack.

  3. That’s not from Rio, that’s from Gravataí, on Rio Grande do Sul. The video was a proof for a murder order on this guy, a con on parole, with crimes linked to drug trafficking.

    And since they are from Rio Grande do Sul, I don’t think they belong to either CV or PCC, since these gangs are still kept outside of the state.

    For more info on this, google “Polícia investiga decapitação de homem sequestrado em condomínio de Gravataí”, open the “gaucha clicrbs” link, and auto-translate to English.

  4. Well kids; Uncle Nasty says don’t eat so many pies, as you may need to run away from the bogeyman.

    In this particular case, Mr Creosote had, stupidly, succumbed to devouring ‘the wafer-thin mint’ and was still breathing when the axe began to fall (notice the movement of his abdominal wall).

    Uncle Nasty

  5. Steam from the blood must have been a bit cold out.. Anyway they started from the spine so suffering was over quickly. Must be his 1st axe beheading or he has one dull axe.

    Longer handle and sharp axe head makes work with a axe so much easier…

  6. All my friends wanna go to brazil after bonus and tax season n basically act rich n chase ass… i think if they looked at this site they would see why i always say nah imma stay in resort vistor intentional areas

    1. You and your friends can come to Brazil and enjoy it very safely. The videos shown here all about gang members killing rival gang members. People who are not criminals or part of a drug trafficking gang have zero chance to end up in a video like this.

      What happening in Brazil right now is a huge war between criminal factions, so when members of a gang put their hands on a rival gang member they try to execute them in the most brutal fashion possible to send a message to their rivals. But then their rivals also capture another member and they try to be even more brutal, so the wheel keeps turning.

      Personally I hope they keep doing this until there’s no more human trash out there. The police is already overburdened and the jails are overpopulated, so the longer the killing goes the less shit the good working people will have to deal with.

      P.S: the guy killed in this video was once one of the most wanted in his state. He was a drug trafficker, bank robber and killer. The police believe he was executed by a rival gang.

  7. Can’t believe how bad that man is with axe. Really. I would have needed just one hit to get the job done. Well, maybe two or three because size of that axe. But with bigger one, one hit should do it.

  8. You know, some of this beheading videos that I have seen, day always use dulled bodes or axes, I you gonna decapiteate someone use a very sharp butcher knives an meat cleaver. There’s a reason why butchers use them in meat markets to begin with.

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