Brazilian Gang Members Attempt Decapitate Rival with Broken Plate

Brazilian Gang Members Attempt Decapitate Rival with Broken Plate

Brazilian Gang Members Attempt Decapitate Rival with Broken Plate

Video apparently from Brazil shows gang members doing the V sign for Comando Vermelho (Red Command) attempting to decapitate a captured rival with a broken plate. Wait… what? You heard it!

These fuckers literally couldn’t score a blade in the country of blades, and had to resort to a porcelain shard. Well, that’s that off the gore bucket list.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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113 thoughts on “Brazilian Gang Members Attempt Decapitate Rival with Broken Plate”

          1. first of all we must re train you Nem. No more fat slags, we’ll end up being clubbed rather than pulling slags. Call them tarts. They like that

          2. Yes that’s what i mean Nem. they love tarts too. Now we just go up to them and say “Hallo, you two look like a nice pair of tarts” we’ve scored.
            Why the fuck is there a red line under the spelling of Hallo ?

    1. Like in the movie, “A 2001 Space Odessey ” this is evolution. These Brazilian simians have aleady discovered the rock and stick, from the broken plate they will evolve to the knife, then maybe the gun or gasoline.
      God, build the fukin wall.

      1. @meteor haha Brilliant. Now all we need do is introduce a monolith and a million years…but wait, naa it’ll never happen , they need to evolve into monkeys first and that’s way too far off

          1. I do that often….laugh when I write something I think is funny. If nobody else laughs… that’s okay because “I” laughed and that’s really all that matters 😀

          2. haha very good sookie, you know when you got a good one when you laugh while you’re typing it

  1. i swear they watch the videos on here and read the comments. we complain about the knives, they use plates. i want to see a decapitation with a hack saw…. how about that Mr. Murderer… can you cut off someones head with a hack saw please?

  2. Guys were arrested!
    Silva(25) and the minor(15) were invited by dead guy to use drugs. They were friends 🙂 . There, Silva then notice many women’s purses… and one of them belonged to his aunt. Angry, he choked the guy and and TRIED to chop the head with a plate. They later came back with a knife to finish the job. Apparently Silva had more than 20 murders on him… and was on bail.

  3. The Gay Brazilian Drug Gangs will be severing heads with slow bukake next. Perhaps beating some kid to death with an array of scatter cushions. Rimming their drug rivals to death. Choking to death on each other’s cocks. Perhaps a jizz drowning. One particularly sensitive Gay Drug Gang member had to be hospitalised after another insulted him using unusual grammar (I understand it was a transferred epithet – very unusual in Portuguese) which caused him to hyperventilate and have a hasty bowel movement from his slack sphincter. I heard that one Drug Lord nearly died after dried Parsley was scattered on his Fusilli Alfredo rather than fresh Basil. Two Drug Lords in Rio had a Feng Shui battle which caused their favelas to collapse due to poorly thought-out and unbalanced furniture positioning.

    When will it all end?

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