Brazilian Gang Member Beheaded by Rival with Cane Knife

Brazilian Gang Member Beheaded by Rival with Cane Knife

In Brazil, an alleged gang member was beheaded by members of a rival gang (PCC?) in a wooded area. The killers decapitated him by chopping into his neck with a curved blade agricultural tool that looks like a sickle. My understanding is that the knife is used for cutting sugar cane and banana trees with.

By the looks of it, the victim is already dead when chopping starts. The blood spray accompanying each chop is quite spectacular. I also like the jello chin at the end of the footage.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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      1. Geez man, I feel for you in Florida. Polk County Sheriff’s office promised to arrest those who seek shelter from Hurricane Irma under the guise of screening people as they’re trying to enter the shelters. I can’t imagine how you people are surviving in those police states. Florida cops are looking to an open season on your civil rights while causing bottlenecks for critical services so more citizens can die. I wonder if killing citizens this way also counts toward a cop’s notch on the belt.

        BTW, Polk County sheriff has had such a public hardon for sex offender and pedophiles, and was so adamant on making sure he’s repeatedly publicly seen having a hardon for them, that I won’t be one shred surprised when they finally find those pre-teen boys he got chained in his basement.

          1. Ohhh, so thats where i was getting shit wrong… I was counting with the “K” on it, so i was just getting “O”, my second guess would be a gang started by “A” and “E”. Thanks πŸ˜€

  1. Wait…was that head talking near the end? I know I saw the mouth move and I heard that fucked up voice so did it really talk? If it did then that’s probably the greatest thing I’ve ever seen here at BG … either that or I’m really stoned right now.

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