Brazilian Gang Members Show Off Decapitated and Dismembered Remains of Rival

Brazilian Gang Members Show Off Decapitated and Dismembered Remains of Rival

Brazilian Gang Members Show Off Decapitated and Dismembered Remains of Rival

I don’t have much backinfo, beside the fact that the video is from Brazil. But the celebratory “V” handsign, which the killers boastfully perform, is associated with the Comando Vermelho (Red Command) gang.

The remains shown off in the video are of a young man who was decapitated and dismembered by the gang. It is often done to rival gang members, such as those affiliated with Família do Norte or Primeiro Comando da Capital.

Props to Best Gore member @nikish for the video:

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54 thoughts on “Brazilian Gang Members Show Off Decapitated and Dismembered Remains of Rival”

    1. Why do do they do this to each other? WTF is wrong with them? I understand that men can be violent. Even want to kill their enemy. But what’s up with the victim being dismembered alive? Or flayed alive? How could a person be so mad that they need to do this? It’s a special kind of sick this stuff is.

      1. The whole point is not only to advertise how evil they are in order to intimidate their competitors, but to out-badass each-other. And there is probably some fear of being perceived as not-as-enthusiastic as the rest of the killers. They are all demonstrating not only their capacity for brutality but their loyalty and obedience to their cartel… Even little kids will egg each other on, all trying to out-do the badassery of the next guy.

          1. I got dibs on her face and one of her tits though. You guys can fight over the other.

            EDIT: there’s a joke about eating her pussy in there somewhere.

  1. Whiling away their time , taking a dig at the dismembered remains( as though the dead corpses can ever listen!) showing cartel’s infamous insignia is all that is synonymous to these cartel crew outfits and it all bores you to death.
    Speaking of their voicing out craps of bullshit around the crime scene is not uncommon ; as they enjoy doing it as if to instill some unknown fear in the hearts of those who may be watching the clip or sounding
    indirect alerts to the rival cartel gangs not to try being ,” one on one with them” but who cares, when its Brazil .
    So it seems , at most times ……… Life is cheaper there than buying costly spuds.

    1. I always need to read your comments 4 times and even then I’m still not 100% sure of your point. Sorry. But I do think there is a big difference between a gang and a cartel. Cartels are powerful and wealthy businesses that produce and traffic drugs while intimidating anyone who gets in their way. Gangs are like the police force, bored lil boys who have no money or other direction to follow in their miserable lives and just go around trying to make everyone else’s life as miserable as theirs………

      1. I did know there is gonna be some nitpicking on my comment and there you are but that’s OK . Basically I wasn’t intending to draw any parallels or to be dictionary wise ; when I mentioned Cartel and gangs together as one !
        I do know that both these words are different and are vastly far removed from each other when it comes to their meaning …….. but I don’t think we ought to be going grammar conscious as this is just a gore site and sometimes when comments are key worded its just the usual flow of words that takes over , that’s all .
        I am sure this comment won’t find you scratching your head to be read four times in a row .
        Nonetheless your being straight up to the point makes sense .

  2. Maybe they’re legit baddass siccarios and maybe they were just dumpster-diving punks. Go to Brazil and take some selfies next to any open trash receptacle or random ditch and YOU TOO can tell all your punk friends that you are a hit-man for the mob.

  3. Mmmm…_that wasn’t bad and I just finished eating a meat pizza. Still picking the mangled beef from my teeth. For some reason I now feel more full after looking at that along with a slightly calm feeling of nausea. I think I’ll have some homemade double chocolate chip cookies and root beer as I go the next Brazilian backyard party.

  4. BRAZIL, aka THE CORPSE FACTORY completely took over MEXICO in the gore department.
    Although I suspect gore is still going on in Mexico as usual, but this senile socialist president they voted struck a deal with narcos in order to get them to limit “advertising” of their ungodly deeds

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