Brazilian Gang Members Stab and Behead Rival with Hatchet and Machete

Brazilian Gang Members Stab and Behead Rival with Hatchet and Machete

Brazilian Gang Members Stab and Behead Rival with Hatchet and Machete

By the sound of it, this happened in Brazil. And even though I don’t understand the language, it sounded as though the victim mentioned PCP several times. As far as I know, there is a powerful (largest in Brazil) gang called PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital), but PCP – I have no idea what that might be. Unless of course I’m misunderstanding the language.

The video, seemingly filmed by a woman, shows a gang of white knighting cucks trying impress the skank by killing the flip flops wearing victim. The gang stabs him, and beheads him with a hatchet and machete.

And as the victim dies doing a pointer with his bloodied finger, the pointer gang waves their fingers in front of the camera. Could have also jiggled their flip flops while they were at it.

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94 thoughts on “Brazilian Gang Members Stab and Behead Rival with Hatchet and Machete”

    1. I can be sure that many similar organizations, such as ISIS and Taliban, intentionally use blunt knives to increase the length of the video, and the suffering of the victims

    2. I was just thinking while watching they know they gonna be using the blades so y not sharpen them ffs. Most of these vids are idiots with blunt equipment or a retard on the camera lol.

      1. I wholeheartedly agree. I was thinking the same, i would have been squealing like a pig. As he was being slowly tortured to death i just wish he would have thought of strangling that bitch in the audience. He might have won a pardon.

    1. It’s funny really but I have a harder time understanding why women would be involved in something like that than men. It just seems to go so much against what I think of as the traditional female character. Men are kind of built for violence.

      1. I believe no one is built for THAT kind of violence. You need to be a sick fuck to do this stuff to others(let alone enjoying it).Don’t be deceived by the looks. Women can be very cruel and insidious.
        I know what I’m talking about as I’ve seen all the episodes of deadly women lol there are some really fucked up cunts out there!

      2. Because Brazil is a poor country, and people who do not have a job and do not have the money to buy food decide to enter the drug trafficking business by joining gangs. Is that or starve

        1. não é por pobreza amigo, o trafico rende muito dinheiro aqui é a lei do mais forte PCC , CV e TCP , um não pode entrar no território do outro , se você mora em comunidade do CV e tem ligação com o trafico não se deve ficar sozinho em qualquer lugar ou é pego e possivelmente morre nas mãos do rival é a lei da selva
          ESSE √ą O BRASIL HAHAHA …

      3. In Brazil there are rich people who have a lot of money and live in exclusive cities and ostentatious houses and then there are people who live in absolute poverty in the favelas and these people who are dedicated to crime and drug trafficking being part of the drug gangs Brazilians

  1. Cool video. I’ve never seen someone behead a guy with a hammer. That cunt speaking Portuguese was annoying. I’m sure her cunt will be stuffed and I imagine her hands destroyed after she has to steal to survive, so she’s got that going for her.

  2. Man, wtf. That is gnarly. Stupid girl laughing in the background trying to act tough but think I heard her gagging. She should imagine what the rival gang would do to her/them if cought. Jebus what a shit hole of a cesspool fucking country. And for all the hacking, slashing, stabbing and what not, you’d think that they at least could sharpen their blades… but maybe it suppose to be dull, prolonging the slicing or they just suck at chopping shit. Not like the Muslim, Arab or what ever. They do that shit like art if you can say so. Fuck I’m happy living in the forest of Sweden.

  3. I feel terrifying. There are too many of this to the point I feel indiffrent from this and the slaughtering house. I know Brazil probably having diffrent law enforcement system from what I used to. But they are doing this like it was just another day, another person on a chopping block!!!

    1. These are worthless untermensch. This is how untermensch behave.
      This is what untermensch do. This is how untermensch live.
      And the fucking Jew wants them to be your neighbours.
      Let all the world’s untermensch move to Satan’s den, Israhell.

    PCP (FIRST COMMAND OF THE PANDA) is a northern gang in Brazil. The buddy who didn’t had luck that day was of comando vermelho (red command) aparently wanted to move to pcp because in cv he “had no future”.Well he had no future in both because pcp doesn’t like rats. In the news they even talk about a torture before the real game. Bem vindos ao Brasil.

        1. Members of the criminal faction First Panda Command (PCP), Robson D., 25, Nilton S. S., 30, Ericl√©pton S. S., 31, Marco Ant√īnio S. R.,22, Felipe M. N., 23, Jasmin P. O., 18, Izabel S. N., 27, and a 17-year-old teenager, were arrested in the early hours of Wednesday (24) accused of torturing and killing beheaded young Rubem Ariel da Silva Souza. The barbaric crime was recorded in the Morar Melhor condominium, south of Porto Velho (RO).

          According to police information, the gang managed to lure the victim of the Condominium Pride of Madeira to Morar Melhor on the pretext that it would maintain sexual intercourse with a young woman. The boy who would be from the criminal faction Comando Vermelho (CV) went to the scene in an app driver’s car and upon arriving was surrendered, tortured in one of the apartments where all the criminal action ended up being filmed by the gang.

          After that, the criminals took the boy to a thicket at the bottom of the condo and killed him beheaded. Also according to the police, the barbaric crime would have been in reprisal to the shooting attack occurred in Morar Melhor on the night of last Monday (22).

          Several military police teams conducted intense searches and were able to locate the 10 perpetrators. All were forwarded to the Central Flagrantes. Weapons used in the crime, ammunition and drugs were seized.

  5. These homosapien lookalikes cannot be allowed to coexist with human race these savage creatures are a danger to life & mustn’t be allowed anywhere near this planet

    Cold hearted emotionless bloodthirsty beasts like the ones in this video should be shredded to pieces & fed to vultures. Wiping them off will bring prosperity

  6. PCP is a local gang of miserable people without teeth! These iosiotas will already feel the CCP’s sweet revenge, this powerful one, when some heads will roll … the first is the girl who narrates the video, here called “bandit lunchbox” …

  7. This was Simply Epic Mark. Flip-Flops and a bloody pointer??? Best-Gores 2020 Champ So Far. ūüôā
    On a more serious note, This Poor Young Guy Gave Himself-Up To God & Simply let Himself Go ūüôĀ
    Listening to that Evil Cunts Voice, and laughter makes me want to see her suffer and in a bad way!

  8. This was much better than those revolver cucks last video. As least these tardos managed to get his head after near 5 mins. Brutal. They’ll never be on manboobs level of beheading with this amatuar work. They all await the same fate anyways.

  9. What a brutal way to go, ey? Thing is, most of these people are captured during fights but, because they’re so scared of dying in the moment they’d rather risk a brutal death with that slight chance they’ll be released. Little do they know 99.9999999% of people captured by cartels end up like this fellow, or worse.

  10. PCP (Panda’s¬†First¬†Command)¬†is¬†a¬†new¬†faction,¬†and¬†one¬†of¬†the¬†PCC affiliates, PCP identifies¬†with¬†the¬†hand¬†with¬†the¬†number¬†1, differently¬†than¬†some¬†may¬†have,thought,¬†at¬†the¬†end¬†of¬†the¬†video¬†they¬†do¬†not¬†deny¬†with¬†the¬†hand¬†but¬†rather¬†the¬†symbol¬†of¬†the¬†faction,¬†the¬†number¬†1,PCP¬†was¬†founded¬†in¬†the¬†state¬†prison¬†(Very¬†Crowded),Edvan Mariano Rosendo¬†in¬†Rond√īnia,and¬†in¬†the¬†video¬†they¬†kill¬†a¬†member¬†of¬†the¬†CV,and¬†curse¬†the¬†CV¬†a¬†lot.(I’m¬†translating¬†by¬†Dictionary¬†Cambridge)

  11. You really need to be on some high shit, to be able to laugh and giggles like the count in the video, while watching this kind of carnage! She is already dead anyways, so it doesn’t make any difference.

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