Brazil Gang Uses Pickaxe, Severs Head of Recently Slain Rival

Brazil Gang Uses Pickaxe to Sever Recently Slain Rival's Head

Overkill is not only rage fueled hate, it’s strenuously intensive, backbreaking labor of love. Killer, a part of gang in Brazil takes dead aim, separates head from neck with skilled precision. Creepy death stare and movement of an arm provides a chill to the bone.

Excitement after beheading a lifeless corpse, the criminal brigade cheers and sends personal greetings, showing off their trophy, as they gloat to the camera.

108 thoughts on “Brazil Gang Uses Pickaxe, Severs Head of Recently Slain Rival”

    1. Yes nuke our earths valuable vegetation that took thousands of years to cultuvate.. what’s happening in Brazil is exactly by design, they’re funneling the guns and drugs into any location in the world that isn’t inhabited by the purest white people while at the same time cutting all infrastructure and facilities investment in those areas, since we know that by breeding, white people cant take the opposition out, they use war, political tactics to get them to kill themselves. Good thing I live in NYC so I’m safe. I work, pay bills, fuck, spend time with family and friends. But if I happened to be born in Brazil I’d probably have my head cut off by now.. funny how life works and how it’s so easy to say someone is “a certain way” when crime is primarily based on environment. I’m of brown skin and have never even punched somebody in the face, and I’m damn good at carpentry and other construction fields.

      1. “what’s happening in Brazil is exactly by design, they’re funneling the guns and drugs into any location in the world that isn’t inhabited by the purest white people while at the same time cutting all infrastructure and facilities investment in those areas, since we know that by breeding, white people cant take the opposition out, they use war, political tactics to get them to kill themselves“.

        The first and second part is contradictory. Either whites are invading and selling and therefore at fault or they are not and are pulling out and therefore not at fault.

        A white skin could sell a gun to a dark skin but it is still the dark skin who uses it that is at fault because item and usage varies greatly.

        I could sell you a knife and you could either make a dinner with it or decapitate a rival with it. That would be down to you.

        The East Asians don’t blame whitey nowadays, nor do the Indians etc blame whitey nowadays because the past is the past and these people understand self reliance/self critique.

        Dark skins however are like children. No self reliance, self critique or self respect and an over reliance and over dependence on the superman outsider whites.

        Grow some fucking balls and have some fucking self reliance/self respect for fucks sake.

        “Da whitey……………………are, da whitey is……………………”. For shame. For fucking shame.

        Have some self fucking respect for fucks sake.

        Act for yourself and stop blaming whitey for anything and everything.

      2. @lilgreensdl

        “Good thing I live in NYC”

        They nuked you on 9/11. Maybe you didn’t notice.

        Seven buildings disappeared – Not two.

        Everyone has seen the clip of 7 being brought down… but look at what happened to buildings 3, 4, 5 and 6 on the day – before the two towers came down.

        So you can nail two pieces of wood together and make a mortice and tenon joint. Good for you.

      3. I hate to pop your bubble kiddo but NYC is the last place on planet earth I’d want to be when the SHTF ! don’t let the fact that NYC hasn’t gone OFF THE HOOK give you a false sense of security, your day is nigh and even George Washington’s visions tell of catastrophic events coming to a neighborhood near you “very soon”! I guess there’s one good way to look at it, when the SHTF in NYC at least all those Jewbastards that take residence there will be eliminated with the rest of you .lol

    2. Agree. Brazil and Africa should both be used as international nuclear weapons testing centers. Or at the very least be cordoned off with a giant electric fence around them. And all the nigger crack dealers, pimps, and any other worthless criminal gang mud tribes around the world should be sentenced to live there. We could fly in and air drop shipments of fried chicken, meth, crack, edged weapons, guns, and boom boxes with rap music. It would be a fantastic pay per view opportunity and they could broadcast it on the internet as well. And what’s up with Brazilians constantly point guns at dead motherfuckers? I don’t get that, what’s the fucking point, they’ll already dead. What a bunch of absolutely stupid fucking twats.

  1. That last stringy bit was like pizza cheese… Could have done with some scissors to snip it off instead of the whack whack whack of that pickaxe. Some people cut up pizza with scissors wtf is wrong with people these days

          1. @illegalsmile55
            Hey just read your comment.that really shocked me (I don’t know why things humans do,shock me anymore,to be honest)..What is the book called please??..will have to look out for this one.was it an intresting read,what did you think about the book??..
            I read a book by David peltzer&that book had me in tears,it was heartbreaking.I don’t know how David survived.bless his heart.
            I hope you are ok&life is good.wishing you all the best for an amazing new year.xoxo.

  2. You know? This place is like a giant skidmark left in the toilet.
    It needs a thorough cleansing with Chlorox, careful scrubbing, and a couple good flushes to remove any lingering odor and/or fecal residue.

  3. Fuck man, you really have to have an awesome aim in order to sever a head with just the end of a pic axe ffs, no? I mean, even with many blows, you still gotta be dead-on with that tool no pun intended, lol.

      1. I Know brother, lol, cause i was wondering also why, and did they run out of machetes? or,,, are they gone to get sharpened? or,,,, did they bring them to their Local Pawn Shop For Crack, lol? Who The Fuck Knows eh?

        1. I guess they save their knives and machetes to use on live people. They also probably went on to chop the body up into several pieces to make disposal easier. Brazil must be littered with corpses and body parts.

          1. Fuck Broke,,, could you imagine the amount of rotting corpses that are littered all across Brazil’s Jungles in Shallow Graves,,, At The Bottom of It’s Lakes, & Rivers,,, and the Ones Just Dumped in “Overgrown With Bushes,” Roadside ditches??? Cause i’m sure that we only see a tiny fraction of all the Gruesome Dismemberment’s, and the overwhelming amount of Murders that are Committed on a daily basis in that Shit-Hole Country. 🙁
            I Would Never, Ever take a holiday in Brazil, even if it’s All Paid For. Fuckk That-Shit!

          2. thing is with brazil, its largely within their own gangs, theyre smart enough to know that touristas are good for the economy loll, true… as long as you dont go around with gucci shorts and chanel flip flops and jewellery you’ll be fine….

            its a very free country

        2. @thedre. Sorry to bother you but didn’t know any other way to get in contact brother.
          I have a question. Can you tell me who these people are that are sending me friends requests? I click on their profile and they have never commented. They just have pages and pages of other members they’ve become friends with. What is their purpose?

          1. Lol, @seraphim-serenata that was funny! 🙂

            They are most probably just people with nothing better to do, (bored) or something like-it! After my accident, & subsequent surgeries 4 years ago, i would also randomly just pick people, and send them friendship requests, in order to compete for the top spot. It became a friendly Game Between mostly Active, & Known Members. A competition of sorts, would be a better way to describe it. But that was until i stopped doing it awhile back and @BALL Took the #1 Top Spot. So, i would not worry about it too much B G Brother. 🙂

          2. @gorefest1971
            No Problem dude. And, thanks for the well wished on my healing well my good man, cause on the 09th. of October I am having yet another Big Surgery, this time on the blood vessels in my left Leg. I Will have staples from my groin, right down to my ankle. I Will have to be pretty-much immobile for 6, or more weeks afterwards, this,,, i am not looking forwards to, brother!

  4. Here’s some translation for you guys at 0:30

    “Where are the money? Tell us where’s the fucking money or we’ll fucking kill you! Where are the money mother fucker? Do you want a bullet in your head?”

    Now go re-watch the video with a new knowledge of what they are saying after 0:30

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