Brazilian Man Gets His Chest Cut Open After Decapitation

Brazilian Man Gets His Chest Cut Open After Decapitation

Brazilian Man Gets His Chest Cut Open After Decapitation

I don’t have much backinfo, but apparently it’s the members the FDN (Família do Norte) Brazilian gang, killing a member of a rival gang (Comando Vermelho – Red Command).

In the video, the killers decapitate the victim inside a water tank. The victim’s mutilated face shows signs of previous torture. After the decapitation, a killer buries the knife in the victims abdomen and cuts open his chest, as if to tear up the heart. The video ends before any disembowelment is shown.

Props to Best Gore member @zebool for the video:

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144 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Gets His Chest Cut Open After Decapitation”

  1. So the knife cuts a humans head off but has trouble getting the humans shirt to cut in half? These fucking Pigs need eradicated from this world. Bra-shithole is all one big phony lie. You couldn’t pay me to vacation in that shithole.

      1. @asylumfreaker, before the internet there were Brazil posters up in every travel agency in America. Think of how many Whites had gotten robbed and beat to a living pulp under that Brazil is a beautiful country to vacation in fairytale? The selling point was beautiful woman and white sandy beaches. Never mind the locals that lived in those Tin-shacks all around those beaches. The travel agency never mentioned that little fact. lol. Anything to make a buck. Sites like Best Gore undermines that Brazil is a nice country b.s. and thank fucking shit for B.G.

    1. Are you stupid enough to think that you’ll see it around every corner? I have lived here for 21 years and I don’t know anyone who has ever been robbed or murdered. This involves the poor regions of the country, do you intend to go there? I don’t think so. And you don’t have to come. People like you are not welcome.

    1. What is it with the dull knives in these videos??? You’d think if a knife was their weapon of choice they would at least keep it sharp. They had a hard time just cutting through the poor guy’s wet t shirt. Jesus!

      1. I have no idea. It’s like, when you buy a cheap chef knife from Niggermart it’s cheap steel, but it’s sharp out of the package. Do they just grab their aunties hand me down kitchen knife that’s been used the past 30 years and never sharpened?

  2. Fuckin amateurs. The most effective way is to start just above the groin, take the blade in a straight line And one you reach the pectoral muscles Aka the boobs, Cut in a v then you can do a full removal.

      1. Christianity never worked in South America. Maybe the western Christian missionaries should focus on them instead of trying to convert poor people in Asia.

    1. Why would it matter if they believe in God? Most of the decent hard working folks I know don’t even go to church or give a fuck about any of that shit. Life is too short to waste Sunday mornings in a pew. If you go to hell for that, then God is even more fucked up than I can imagine.

      1. Are they really decent hard working folks as you say? Or do they repeteadly lie, cheat and engage in fornication?

        Why I asked this was because if they had a fear of God, they wouldn’t commit such barbaric acts as shown in the video

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      1. So just for fun and to fuel gore lovers thirst?
        I’m not complaining or anything
        I just thought they were trying to send a message to rivals, I just didn’t understand what message if the dismembering and disemboweling is done after the decapitation.

        1. Yes, they are like monkeys, the man who was killed in the video was kidnapped after trying to invade the territory of the men who killed him. They beat him to tell him where the rest of the gang were but as he didn’t reveal he ended up without his head and heart.

          1. This weeks suspects, next weeks victims. There’s a reason that phrase exists in the law enforcement community. Hope we can see the video soon. It’s funny to see them screaming and crying like bitches when it’s their turn after kidnapping and killing someone while pretending to be all hardass.

  4. Thanks for the click bait……. You titled the video to suggest we would see this chest being opened, but instead we get everything prior to that…. At least the lovely sounds of water will help me to sleep since i am disappointed by this misconception…

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