Brazilian Mob Goes Vlad the Impaler on Rapist

Brazilian Mob Goes Vlad the Impaler on Rapist

Very scarce info available about these photos but what’s known is that the man was accused of having raped someone and the community took justice into their own hands. Justice served, I guess. The mob decided to go Vlad the Imaler on the rapist – he was lynched, stabbed countless times in the back, beheaded and the mob then impaled his severed head on a stake for everyone to see. Vlad would be proud.

Small resolution photos available only, sorry πŸ™

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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90 thoughts on “Brazilian Mob Goes Vlad the Impaler on Rapist”

        1. Did you know that Vlad Dracul’s idea of a perfect impalement was go have the pike go up through the rectum and out of the mouth whilst positioned vertically on the pike with the victim’s own body weight pulling them down on the vertically positioned pike…..

      1. Yes we do, and this kind of shit only happens in very poor places, far far away from the cities.
        Forget about what you saw on tv, middle and high class of population never ever visited favelas or places like this one of the photo.

  1. Well now, last time I said anything on bg was when it still had a forum. I decided to finally sign up rather than be a lurker. Pretty stoked about the street justice in this one. The most extreme I’ve seen so far

    1. @Magic you must have missed those ‘vigilante’ live burnings? people set on fire, writhing around, sitting up etc. while the crowd watches (a few leap forward & deliver a couple last kicks to the head/body), they were in South America somewhere too!

          1. We are not, only in the northeast and north of the country, in south and southeast most of the population are from italian and german immigrants

  2. The way I remember it, Vlad placed his victims, alive on a wooden pole, right up there ass, and he didn’t grease it either.

    When visitors refused to remove their hats, he had them nailed to their heads.

    1. Nah, I think there is something much worse than death for such pervs -> dick and balls cut off.
      I bet those shitheads would kill themselves eventually after living in nut-less misery for a while.

    1. demon seed. man is evil and passes on his evil when he skeets to his progeny. man is COMPELLED to ejaculate his demon seed by biological urges. he will have sex of jerk off to expell it. orgasm is the reward for expelling the demon seed. if not expelled the demon seed makes man crazy and frustrated like little bg member jesus. understand now?

        1. the problem, as i see it, is that the so called latin america was colonized by a band of psycho mass raping, mass murdering perverted conquistadores which spilled their DEMON SEED left and right, and now you have millions of spanish and portuguese talking Demon Minions roaming the continent. For example. i have two of the most infamous bloodthirsty conquistadores in my family tree (and thats only the LEGITIMATE tree!), so I should be marauding the streets MACHETE in hand raping women and animals alike, but internet porn really saved lives by providing a cost-effective alternative in disposing of excess DEMON SEED…

          1. Nah, You Got it all wrong, a Demon is Embodied LIVING evil, Satan/the Devil/”Scrach”/Lucifer/whatever you want to call him is the only one who is unable to be destroyed because he was a fallen Angel… & an Angel can’t be destroyed as created by God & God is Infallible so he can’t destroy something that he made originally intending for it to be “unable to be destroyed”…

    2. In Banana Republic Land it’s around 2:00 AM in the morning and tomorrow is national holiday, so i’m thinking if i should stay home, drunk as i am, writing an essay titled “D’Annunzio’s oeuvre and the concept of the Demon Seed: an insight into the origins of Fascism” or just get the car and go around somewhere in a quest for a SEEDABLE human female…

  3. “Vlad the Impaler” Ouch. Well, that’s just another reason not to move to Brazil. Not only are they running around, killing each other over in game money, slicing each other up with machetes, but if you even get accused of rape, they’re like the “Religion of Peace” You get the death sentence. Ouch. And not the fast and painless kind either.

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