Brazilian Youth Drowns Because Friends Think He Is Joking

Brazilian Youth Drowns Because Friends Think He Is Joking

Brazilian Youth Drowns Because Friends Think He Is Joking

Best Gore member @killerstonner explains:

Hey there! I’m Brazilian. I just received a video of a teenager drowning to death and his friends won’t help him thinking it is some kind of a joke. You can even hear him screamed for help.

Video is divided into two parts. In part one, they jump in the river from a bridge for fun. Part two shows Manel (his name) drowning. The tragedy happened on September 18, 2020 in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil.

Many thanks for the video and backinfo, @killerstonner. With friends like these, who needs Rittenhouses 🙂

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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110 thoughts on “Brazilian Youth Drowns Because Friends Think He Is Joking”

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      2. you can’t generalize, not all brazilians are like these fuckers in the vid. the majority of brazilian videos that are shown here come from the north and northeast parts of brazil, and also from trash de janeiro. people in south are pretty civilized.

          1. Não da pra generalizar as regiões também, todo lugar tem filho da puta assim, mas indiscutivelmente a maioria dos vídeos que aparecem aqui são do norte e nordeste irmão, ou da merda do Rio.

    1. How the fuck do you drown? Swimming comes naturally. Reminds me of that story from a few years ago where all those chimplet niggas drowned after falling or jumping into a river because none of them could swim. What’s the fucking mystery?

  1. Just another unfortunate human anomaly. If you can’t swim, you shouldn’t. Going to go out on a limb here and assume he knows how to swim cause logically, you wouldn’t jump from a bridge at that height if you didn’t know how to swim. My guess is he broke both his legs upon impact, panicked, then a valiant effort with his arms then finally, choked on his lungs which were pretty much filled with water at that point. Poor fella.

        1. This bridge is like 15 feet above teh water. All the kids are swimming together in a circle, the kid would have said his legs were broke.

          After watching again they are very close when the video cuts off. Maybe the video was edited because the kids drowned him.

    1. Couldn’t he have started drowning without it being caused by breaking or damaging something? I mean, it is a big body of water. It might have had under currents or anything else that stopped him from swimming.

        1. Thanks, but I guess we’ll never know. Not that he understood the dangers of jumping into that huge river. That’s why I warned my little brother not to go swimming in these natural bodies of water. Because they are super dangerous. You could get stuck or pulled down or anything.

      1. @TheCaptain
        Funny you should say it that way-but that’s kind of the same way a trained life guard said to do it! He said -since most of us are untrained in rescue techniques and don’t have a floater with us, it may be the better course of action to let the person drown then drag them to safety & do cpr! Of course he said it off the record-LOL

          1. To be honest I think I’d try to save someone… because you never know who they are-could be a friend in BG you are saving- or someone’s father who takes care of the whole household! But I can tell you if the person drowned both of us- I’d be pretty darn pissed and I would have all of eternity to kick their ass…

      1. Lmao- if the plane was going down- I’d smoke a cigarette! Fuck the mask I’d film the crash and whoever finds my phone can upload the video on Best Gore! Hopefully I’m not doing a pointer or wearing flip flops! Heaven forbid I film it vertically – you all would be really disappointed in me- Ha ha ha

  2. By time they become more a zoo country of drugged apes….
    If municipality was smart they would have a bridge above a zoo big enough to contain all apes and busterds that play with wanna be a man who have the guts to jump but never go back to civilization to disturb….and waiting for them to eat each other , so it will have a place to a second wave…
    Only minuses is the poisoning of predators that will eat them and will die from stupidity and will change balance in the jungle era….

      1. Brazil of course….
        That’s the garbage can of North America, and the garbage can of the Americans… Nor that the u.s is a paradise , but less worse than south America content countries , that have chaos , crime and corruption rates
        as usual without this global situation we are experiencing this days….
        I believe that 50% of u.s will become that kind a zoo in next few months…

  3. I live near his family and recently got the back info from his mom that he told his friends he didn’t know how to swim but they insisted and he decided to do the diving, probably thinking one of his friends would help him if he find any difficulty swimming out of the river, which didnt happen, unfortunately.

  4. The boy had a bright future in sports. He had already been Vice-champion of Brazilian Karate, champion in Pernambuco and was preparing for a South American Championship. He was very fond of football and good at ball. But, despite having many sports skills, he did not know how to swim.

  5. I don’t think he drown, this is Brazil. I think the piranha s got him and dragged him down . That’s why his buddy swam away so Fast. With his dying breath he told him to get away it’s too late for me. Save yourself. He wasnt just another flip flop wearing retard that jumped into a body of water knowing he couldn’t swim. He’s a hero.

    1. You’d have to come up with a snappy title like cool running. And plan on training a whole new group for the next olympics. You’ll probably lose half drowning doing freestyle. And whoever’s left the water polo will finish them off..

  6. Okay, 1. OW MY EARS. There should be an ear rape warning on this video for headphone users, lmfao. And 2. It’s probably a “boy who cried wolf” scenario. He probably pulled this dumb shit before (like most adolescents do) and his friends didn’t believe he was ACTUALLY drowning.. none the less, why did it only happen to one out of like 10 of them?

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