Brazilian Machete Beheading Plus Campfire

Brazilian Machete Beheading Plus Campfire

Brazilian Machete Beheading Plus Campfire

Not too long ago Mexico got us soaking wet, now it’s Brazil’s turn.

Video starts off with victim or who I shall refer to as Mr. Nameless Bleed Out Contestant. Man is hogged tied while lying on his back in Brazil. A colostomy bag is exposed on the man, latter to be used as a wick for campfire fun.

Whack #1 starts off with a blunt sounding impact by a long machete blade. Judging by the grunts and chatter which mimics human language, the posse are having a splendid time. Around the thirty second mark we hear the fruits of labor rewarded with the gush of life juices exiting victim’s neck orgasmic like.

Now is the time to place your bets! Does the contestant make it past the bleeding out round to contend to the final challenge?

There is a bid farewell to the power of his life with the power of fire.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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110 thoughts on “Brazilian Machete Beheading Plus Campfire”

  1. No, no, no, Brazilian gangsters! The goal is to prolong torture of your victim as long as possible. Next time light him on fire first, then chop the head off with a dull machete.
    Better yet, start chopping off limbs first!

    1. Those are fantastic suggestions, you know what they say; great minds think alike! Let’s start a petition to prolong torture prior to the killing as long as possible, and send it to the Brazilian gangster Union.
      Better known as the BGU

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    1. These Dumb-Cunts All Sound Like Pillow-Bitten Pufferettes With Their Gay Laughs & All.
      That Poor Fucker Should Muster-Up The Strength To Let Out A Record Breaking-Fart And Blow All Of Those Cunts-Up In The Process.

  2. There they go with the dull machete again. I think they all use the same one cause dude whacked him 20 times and still didnt severe the head. And during the bbq they were getting more calls and texts from other people who wanted to join the cookout.

  3. A small detail on that fact is that the talking guy was refering to the machete guy as “menor” or “underage”, that means they were teaching and encouraging a teenager(under 18 in Brazil) for beheading the victim. Those boys do that to start they career in crime and start earning respect.

    1. There’s nothing else for them to do over there. Their parents failed to raise them. Their parents parents were also head chopping savages.

      It’s part of the culture to be born into head chopping families and continue the tradition. These people are fucking retards.

        1. They ran out of Jim Beam if that was coke Nems. That’s the coca cola kind of coke with the registered details & all that…but once upon a time was the real deal :o)
          Must be hard to put their heads together as partners in crime when there’s only 1 brain cell between the bunch of them. They can’t even think to use a sharp machete, I can’t get past this little detail. haha

          1. That’s correct Nems it wasn’t lost on me….my uncle worked at the gasworks and coke was a by-product up until the mid 79’s or so when Adelaide switched over to natural gas from the Moonta gasfields.

  4. Talk about gore and have Brazil , the land of sickfucks delivering it like no other .
    How better can they get , each time is the bet these outlaws come to place ;and I swear this video is a precursor for more to follow in its wake , as far as whacks chops and the beheading goes it looked all too similar at the start but lighting up the corpse thereafter was something new .
    At the end of it all they must have feasted on the roasted flesh with a dash of salt . lime and crates of booze ; like hungry wolves .
    C’mon Brazil , Don’t let it pause or stop , now; just deliver more and more of the gnarly gore .

  5. Jees they need to learn from that guy who cut the head off in like 8 secs the videos on here somewhere took like 3 strikes and the head came off I know the 3rd world never ever has sharp blades but come on

      1. great answer, I hate fuckin Knödel, but you no a good bratwurscht ist immer gut zum Bierchen.

        but even, if you use translator you gotta have some skillz, kinda a sense for the language and as a authentic (half-)german, I have 2 say, yes that was indeed a sentence with sense.

        Sehr gut gemacht SS, jetzt darfst du dir bei Frau Müller im Sekreteriat eine Erdbeermilch abholen.


        1. hmmm,,,,

          Vielen Dank, Herr Atkin! Bitte zwinge sie, mir stattdessen eine Tasse kochenden Tee zu bringen 😛 Es wird warm bleiben und wird nicht kalt, bis es in den USA ankommt. Godspeed!

          … I like things to make sense to others, can’t just be typing random unrecognizable words

          Bier und deutsche Wurst, lecker

  6. Come on baby, light my fire
    Come on baby, light my fire
    Try to set the night on fire, yeah

    The time to hesitate is through
    No time to wallow in the mire
    Try now we can only lose
    And our love become a funeral pyre
    The Doors

  7. If someone has a colostomy bag what would be the correct verbiage to say “dude just shit his pants”? And do they make a little whoopie cushion nozzle so they can at least hook it up to the bag, fart and get a good giggle out of it? Do the homo colostomy patients get pounded in the stomach instead of their ass?

    These are the things I ponder after a couple of bowls of Tangerine dream.

  8. I was watching this video on my phone my friend working in IRGC told me some day soon we will do it to all those who put us on terrorists black list.
    He told me that if u wanna be a good cup, u need to be a lil thief and think like them! so our commanders have to know how to deal with terrorists of middle east and tame them.
    I’m against terrorists while I couldn’t answer him! can u?
    IRGC might have done non directly actions in other countries which is not proved but that was some paybacks to those who put Islamic republic existence in danger! and it may cause those countries to improve their securities, u can see it that way!

  9. The U.S should hire these losers to protect to the American boarder. They are useless human beings so the someone might as well get some use out of them. Trump should hire them to kill anyone who attempts to illegally cross the boarder. Fuck the humanitarian bullshit that liberal left wingers cry out. The US is being invaded. KILL EM All!!!

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