Alleged Internet Stalking Leads to Enter Neck Slicing

Alleged Internet Stalking Leads to Enter Neck Slicing

Breaking News- Discord Internet Dating Leads to Enter Neck Slicing

Props to Best Gore members @yuri4, @inb4_we_404, @skint, @bigbrownoaktree, @casanova0429 and countless others for the breaking news.


The background Info on this is all wrong. I was running as race that was delayed due to this happening. I was one block away. This was in my hometown. Her family posted the details of what exactly happened. I will post below.

On Sunday July 14, 2019 at approximately 7:20AM Oneida County Dispatch received numerous calls informing them that a male individual had posted to a social media site that he had killed his girlfriend, and was threatening to harm himself. It was posted that this occurred in Utica, NY, and as such, The Utica Police Department began an in-depth search for the male and female.

The male in question then called 911 himself and made incriminating statements with respect to the homicide. He also was alluding the fact that he was going to harm himself. After determining that the calls were originating on Poe St in City of Utica, officers were dispatched to that location. Poe St is a dead end street, which runs east to west from Culver Ave. The street terminates into a wooded area where the first arriving officer located a black SUV with a male lying on the ground beside it. The officer approached this male, and almost immediately, he began to stab himself in the neck with a knife. The officer requested emergency medical care, and the Utica Fire Department arrived soon after.

After attempting to injure himself, he laid down across a green in color tarp that was on the ground some distance away. The officer immediately noticed brown hair protruding from beneath the tarp and inquired as to where the injured female was. The male advised him that the female was beneath the tarp, and proceeded to pull out a cell phone. It was at this time that is believed that the male took self-photographs of himself laying across the deceased female.

Other officers arrived within moments, and together they engaged the male. They were able to disarm the male, and after a brief struggle, they took him into custody. He was then transported to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. His injuries were severe; however, he is expected to survive. An interview with him will be undertaken today, and following that charges will be levied.

As more personnel arrived on scene, the investigation commenced. Officers and investigators needed to verify the condition of the female underneath the tarp, and as such, it was pulled back. Once this occurred, it was learned that a young female had suffered extensive injuries to her neck, and was obviously deceased. Numerous items of evidentiary value were located immediately around the body, as well as in and around the black SUV.

To continue the investigation we had to determine the relationship between the male and female involved. A tentative identification had been developed at this time, and we began to explore her history. With respect to their relationship, it was learned that the two had met on the social media platform Instagram approximately two months ago. They utilized this as a means of communication primarily, and their relationship progressed into a personally intimate one. They had spent time together, and were acquainted with each other’s families.

On Saturday July 13th, 2019 the two had planned to go to a concert together in New York City. Information that we have received is that they in fact did go to the concert, arriving around 7:30PM. They left the venue and proceeded back to Utica sometime after 10:00PM. It is believed that some sort of argument ensued at the venue that precipitated the following engagement between the two.

Sometime during the early morning hours of Sunday July 14, 2019 the two arrived back in Utica and proceeded to the Poe St location. The investigation revealed that the argument progressed until the male produced a large, black handled knife, and used this to inflict the injurires that caused her death.

During this time it is believed that he took and distributed photographs of the killing on the Discord platform. Members of Discord then viewed the images and posts and contacted the Utica Police Department.
We can confirm that the images distributed of both the victim and the offender’s injuries are authentic and occurred at the time of the incident. We are actively working with the various social media platforms to address the sharing and distribution of these images.

The name of victim is this incident is Bianca Devins, age 17 of Utica NY
The offender, Brandon Clark, age 21, has a current address of Bridgeport/Cicero NY

Thank you @casanova0429 for the update.

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    1. He was jealous that she was going to meet somebody else she met off Discord. He obviously has mental health issues. If I was a girl I’d never meet a guy off a dating website. No way.

    2. She was going to a festival with another guy from Discord so he tracked her down to a small concert she went to, located her in the crowd and then tried to behead her in his car. All out of jealousy. People are posting screenshots of messages from the guy and he was batshit insane. He was freaking out on people when they didn’t agree that they were meant to be after a week of meeting him, or because they told him they had a boyfriend, sending videos of him crying, screaming etc. When he murdered her the first thing he did was post the pictures on Discord, probably to the guy she was going to the concert with. What a weirdo

      She was also 17, not 18

      1. Yep. I actually read and saw pics of cops at her home where the article said she was murdered. He drained body of blood ,probs because of cutting throat and also then fully decapitated her in the car ’cause some articles say he showed photos of her head and her body was dismembered.


        I reckon i have read some of her shit by accident in the past. He name was oxychan. Why is that familiar? Did she help take down anonymous in a police sting?

      2. I also forgot to add they weren’t dating, Brandon wasn’t her boyfriend, and from what I’ve read Bianca wasn’t even aware he was going to meet her at the concert. I think that should maybe be mentioned in the original post instead of labelling him as her boyfriend as thats what he’d want

        1. Thanks @claiire. Isnt it shit how people use words laxly. “He was her boyfriend” well doesthat mean he is her current boyfriend? Does it mean they went on dates but never kissed nor had sex? Does it mean they were an intimate couple knce upon a time? It makes a world of difference.

      3. He didn’t follow her you Beta, he was giving her a ride to the concert where she was meeting her date, she then started kissing said date Infront of the cuck driving her to it because she LOVED emotionally abusing people, this isn’t hard to find on 4chan, at all, or in her Discord, she was selling child nudes (as she’s 17) knowingly to older men for monetary value.
        Did she deserve to die? No, did she play a part in her death? Absolutely, she wasn’t an angel, just a thot that got fucked up trying too much with too many.

          1. It was all reported on, she had 7 intimate lovers before 17 and sent nudes to men for monetary funds, look it up on 4chan and Discord where most of her cuck Orbiters are.

          1. @cupcakepop333
            I am sorry ,part of my message to you above got mixed into someone elses.

            So please add
            “Well I am sorry for you re your friend but sorrier for the victim ” to the front of my original message to you above ie “was he a loser..” follows on from victim.

      1. Thanks @claiire. Isnt it shit how people use words laxly. “He was her boyfriend” well doesthat mean he is her current boyfriend? Does it mean they went on dates but never kissed nor had sex? Does it mean they were an intimate couple knce upon a time? It makes a world of difference.

    3. Creep, freak, sicko you name it. He looks like a sociopath , smug expression in his selfie ( before his bloodied photo) happened to my friend – husband stabbed her to death then himself. Only difference is he died and this fucker didn’t.

          1. Sad and one look at his photo told me everything. Looks depressed/controlling and the article says much about his character. He had form as well with previous issues.

            Poor mum who couldn’t help her.

          2. Yes , her mum took it really bad. I found out just by reading random news on my phone so was a shock when I saw her face, I took flowers to the house and left them at the gate, all I could do really. The anger I feel for ” Nasty Nigel” is still there though…

    4. He had old pictures of him with long hair. Looked like some kind of emo skater boy. Liked the band Hollywood Undead. Looked like there was some shift in identity but wound up doing some fucked up shit that was probably something like what he’d listen to

          1. I love the heat brother. I am fading away here as it is Winter and I feel as if I am going into hibernation! Haha. So do you go to the pools or beach? Do you get time to do that or is beach culture not a big thing there? I know you have polluted rivers but not much of beaches though! Lol

          2. @hopingfornemesis Beaches are horrible here. Only time I step into beach water is when I travel to the Caribbean or abroad. Some places are decent like Jones Beach or the Hamptons. I burn easily as well. Id heat the beach in the morning or late afternoon. If not, I’ll be on bestgore burnt to death from the sun lol. I attend some Yankee games and of course the bars since I’m a social drinker. I guess you’re in the southerm hemisphere if it’s winter for you. Whereabouts are you ?

          3. Australia and it is spitting outside as I am writing to you! Yukk I like sunshine ,blue skies ,beach and mountains/rivers. I am like you too so I hit it in the morn or afternoon late now. When I was a teenager I would stupidly go at midday ! Stinking hot and dry! We have the worst rate of skin cancer in the world as we have the hole in the ozone layer right above us.

            Like you I am a social drinker.

          4. @hopingfornemesis I have friends who live in Melbourne. It is crazy with the skin cancer. That’s why I avoid the sun at those times. I don’t know how you cope with all the venomous critters on land and sea. I do wish to visit Oz once in my lifetime. I’ve been to Europe, and now looking for other continents to visit. Southeast Asia is appealing for the cute Asian chicks =D

    1. My “wife” actually has her Facebook up with other pages overlapping and I seen part of it… I said to look at it, she said “I don’t fucking care!”. That’s besides the point LMAO!! I think I’ve seen the pink haired lady somewhere before, though!

      The real dead one doesn’t look like the real live one to me… Face features are way off and I’m not just saying that to be punny. Maybe a stupid Facebook hoax?… Just like that Area 51 take over bull shit?

      1. Yes. Iagree. The dead girl looks different in many ways and thinner-faced. She was very beautiful .

        The army actually warned people not to attempt to storm the place as they will be shot ! Hahah
        People are morons. Let’s not storm the place be cause wages are stagnant,education is dropping ,we are at war with everyone but yeh…let’s storm the place because there may be aliens and that is where the evidence for flat earth is being hidden.

          1. Pfft… This website really changed my view of people. God how everyone is physically ugly on the inside no matter who… Layers of muscles, bones, mucus, blood, stool, stool and urine… And to think out of some illusion people embrace this yuck body. What an illusion of nature!

          1. Yeah it is kind of funny haha, like that one girl on here. She was posing as that semi famous chick with the big scar on her leg, I think she attacked by a shark or something and I think her name was Jacey something… I literally followed the official page of that girl, dmed her and explained what Bestgore was and I asked if she was on it and she replied “oh no I am not on that site!!” Haha illegal probably remembers her

          2. Your logic is valid but you are wrong. I actually don’t watch pornstars or know more than a couple of names.

            I am into amateurs! I watch amateur footage on the sites when i visit them . Didn’t i tell you i like real people in real situations.? Having said that a lot of these “amateur”films are actually choreographed but as soon as i get a whiff of staged i get rid of it.hahaha

            Annoyingly pretty! Yes.. I feel the same way.


  1. I looked at his insta. I was right. He looks like one of these androgynous scared- to- come- out gay guys. He looks the weak ,simpering ,hand-wringing type. With her pink hair i guess she felt safe with a girlyman like him.

    Please,Keep us up to date if it is real if you can.

      1. It looks like he started to cut under her chin and then for some reason he stopped and went down lower.. there isn’t a ton of blood under her so maybe he cut her first under her chin and then after she bled out he tried decapitating her and then moved her to take the pictures??

          1. Okay now I’m confused and I don’t believe you. Vampires do not suck blood, they scrape and lick. A real vampire would know that and also, no one knows who Eric Eastman or whoever is. Next!!!

          1. See told you!! I mean, I am speaking from experience afterall, so I would know.. she was probably so beautiful he couldn’t handle not having her, I usually kill the pretty ones to eliminate the competition

    1. All the more reason not to “date”. Especially pink haired weirdos like this one. You’re already at a disadvantage as a guy agreeing to date some hoe. Do you pay for shit, do you not pay for shit, should you sound interested in her verbal diarrhea or should you feign it? Shit’s too complicated. Pump and dump is how I roll..

  2. this was posted on reddit earlier today. there is a news story to go with it, actually. this dude, he can’t do shit right. can’t behead her correctly and can’t off himself correctly. whatta dipshit. sad, they are both so young and attractive. if only they didn’t get caught up in whatever the fuck they got caught up in. ah, to be young and dumb again. luckily most of us get through it without our necks being slashed.

  3. Call me old fashioned but I prefer getting to know people offline and in the flesh first before deciding to lock myself in a secluded spot with them. But that’s just me.

    Its the same shit with that Craiglist business you hear so much about. People deciding to sell their stuff to random strangers in random spots and lo and behold they get jumped by niggers.

    People these days. No common sense.

  4. Too skinny is not my idea of attractive, She looks anorexic, I like my girls with some thickness, this should be a lesson to all u girls looking to meet people online, don’t believe a thing internet guys say, unless u want to me, im gentle as a baby koala bear

  5. I have struggled to find a name of the perp and victim in the news . They just keep saying,male /female ,no names and that he is alive and being questioned. So no proof the perp is who 4 chan says it is yet.

    Anyone finding concrete news detail and photos please tell us.

    1. Your link helped me get more. Thanks. There are now more details in the news. @drunk

      I still reckon dead girl and Bianca Devins are two different murdered girls. Dead girl looks thinner and no dimple in her chin or Bianca lost heaps of puppyfat in growing up or her camera add 10 pounds to her face.

      Apparently ,fucked anyone for heroin and cash so the rumours say but this is still not acceptable ie murdering her .

  6. So today I come on twitter and the first thing I see is people talking about this and the hashtag #ripbianca. This is absolutely tragic. Imagine how her family and friends feel seeing these pictures. Just a few days ago she was smiling, talking, having fun and now her body is just an empty object, her eyes staring off into the distance. I must admit there is some beauty to that. I guess that’s why best gore fascinates me so much. It reminds us of how ephemeral our existence is. Memento Mori… I hope she is resting in peace. My heart goes out to the family. She had her whole life ahead of her

  7. Shit I was gonna send this in, you
    Guys beat me too it, nice read and Bianca poor girl
    But apparently the guy hasn’t mental problems he tried to kill himself in custody and cops found him with multiple cuts and lacerations on his body after the murder, poor cut though, not a clean she must have suffered

  8. All the edgy fucks in the comments must think they’re soooo cool saying this young girl deserved to die. Pathetic ass ‘nice guy’ couldn’t even kill himself right. If someone could correct the title they were NOT dating, he was just being a stalker who got angry when she hung out with someone else.

    1. all the easily offended pussyfags think theyre soo cool getting triggered over a bunch of jokes. who ever invented you, go back to him, punch him in the face and tell him he messed up big time.

  9. She was his ex. He tracked her down at a concert they talked and then he slit her throat. Then he tried to kill himself by stabbing his own throat and posted everything on his Instagram story which was @yesjuliet. He survived. Her Instagram is @ecsty btw.

  10. Let’s be clear, this was NOT her boyfriend. There’s a Twitter thread which is posting the actual back story to this. He was a beta orbiter of hers, he wasn’t getting the attention he wanted from her, and was jealous at the idea of her going out to a carnival with someone else

  11. Well, without the internet i guess you have a 1 in 100.000 chance of meeting a psychopath in your life. But when you start exposing yourself to thousands of people on the internet, chances are almost 100 % that a psychopath will meet you sooner or later.

  12. He stalked this little girl for years before killing her, then claimed to be her “boyfriend.” What a neckbeard.
    He posted his suicide, i was gonna repost on her since it isn’t up but I’m blocked from posting

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