British Soldier Beheaded in Woolwich, UK

British Soldier Beheaded in Woolwich, UK

One British soldier was reportedly beheaded and two formerly presumed Somalis but later confirmed Nigerians critically wounded during a shooting incident in John Wilson Street, close to the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, south east London, UK on May 22, 2013. The Nigerians are believed to be the assailants who beheaded the serving British soldier. They were shot by police who confronted them.

British police are treating the incident as an act of Islamic terrorism and believe the killing was politically motivated. UK citizens must be waking up to the threat of Zionism so a need arose to direct their growing resentment to a perceived enemy with a false flag attack. Or maybe Zionists needed to test how the Brits would respond to the Martial Law after their successful run in the United States and needed to start it off somehow?

British Zio puppet Prime Minister David Cameron described the Woolwich killing as “truly shocking“. No shit. He only failed to mention who is behind the hoards of immigrants from incompatible countries flooding UK and other so far still white countries. The Jew wants the populace to see the Muslim as the bad guy and become so preoccupied with him, they would not notice just how many new ones have been imported in the meantime. For as long as the populace is focused on fighting the wrong enemy, the true enemy within the gates is free to wreak havoc and destabilize the society until the final trap becomes unavoidable. You won’t get rid of the disease by killing the symptom. You need to strike at the source or else it will keep coming back with twice the force.

Eye witnesses posted their accounts on Twitter, some saying that the soldier was ambushed, run over and hacked at by two black men armed with machetes, knives and meat cleavers. Unconfirmed reports say the attackers chanted Allahu Akbar while beheading the soldier.

The victim was later identified as 25 year old Drummer Lee Rigby of the 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. Identity of one of his attackers is believed to be Michael Adebolajo.

Video of one of presumed killers, a black man with bloodied hands, carrying a knife and a meat cleaver tells the person videotaping that the Brits would never be the same and suggests to remove the government. I’ve updated this video with raw, original, unedited version because the first release had important parts of his speech censored out or narrated over by British press:

Different view of the alleged terrorist speaking his mind after the killing without censorship by British press:

Eye witness video of the incident scene with victim and blood flowing down the street. Filmed by an Iphone retard:

Video of the murder scene with aerial news coverage:

Eye witness describes the attack. Sounds a bit douche:

Based on the available photos, the victim doesn’t appear to have been beheaded however there is no close up so it’s hard to estimate. Perhaps the attackers near beheaded the soldier, or maybe they directed many machete blows to his neck as if in an attempt to decapitate him so witnesses presumed he had been beheaded, but the head was not entirely severed. Too soon to tell. Either way, he’s dead:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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203 thoughts on “British Soldier Beheaded in Woolwich, UK”

    1. Well Britain is fucked now. The government don’t give a shit and there is not enough people willing to fight or stand up against these extremists. I wonder what Cameron would say if his family go beheaded. Would certainly be NOT shocking.

      1. Britain has a small Muslim population percentage when compared with other European Countries (Belgium, Netherlands, France and so on).

        Yet, even still, look at the problems these savages cause.

        They should never be allowed in our Countries.

        1. The culture of non-white immigrants in Europe is IRRELEVANT. That’s like saying we should be worried about the high body count of a country we are at war with. Chinese who want to speak Chinese or be the dominate demographic need to live in China. Simple.
          As I mentioned earlier, unless they are WHITE, they will never be European. Therefore it does not matter? what language they speak or which culture they assimilate to because it will not make the least bit of difference.

        2. dont forget Polish and Lithuanian, 95,000 people from my country lives in there. Bastards, one day they will crawl back home.:)
          seriusly,I do not want to interfere with how others live.
          I lived for some time in ireland, but home is home.

        3. According to the UK census data (2011 census) reported by the BBC on 11 December 2012, the overall United Kingdom population was 56.1 million (that won’t include the illegals).

          The number of Muslims was stated as 2.7 million or 4.8% of the overall population, compared to 1.5 million / 2% of the overall population from the figures obtained by the 2001 census.

      2. Any of these cunts do anything to anyone by me I will do the same to them. I will single handedly protect those around me to the best of my Ability. They don’t like my country they can jolly well fuck off out of it. Don’t get me wrong I’m no racist but any extremist will get their asses kicked.
        Protecting Bristol ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. ye same here. we are Britain. if hese extremists call it on in numbers there will be a bloodbath in UK
          this is a fcat

          theres no wy UK citizens will put up with what france/Belgium etc…put up with

    2. I’m living about 2 miles from Woolwich, they have just built a shiny new mosque and apparently EDL (English defence league) are trying to burn it down. So much civil unrest everywhere, cars of whites and blacks racing around police all over the damn place. I feel really sorry for the UK police right now, they are going unarmed against a mob of people that will happily decapitate them without caring about their status of authority. The thing that depresses me is where will it end? even if this all dies down it will just erupt again as soon as another extremist attack is made. The country wont stop it’s Multicultural policies and Muslims won’t stop being Muslims. I’d like to say i’m wrong but I see this situation only escalating! It’s a shame I didn’t realise what all the road blocks where about on my way home from work, would have got some snaps for bestgore!

      1. Just to illiterate, your wrong mark people in this country don’t have a fucking clue about multiculturalism and the Zionist agenda. They still believe people just come here to get away from their war torn countries, and eat diversity crap as much as the government can dish it out. Can I come to Canada? I mean my first plan was Sweden but that got ruined too ๐Ÿ™

    3. I noticed there is a pornographic ad on the upper right side of the page that shows a white women sucking a nigger AIDS infected dick. That is the only objectionable material on this website. Now, as for these niggers, they must be lynched. I suggest the Englishmen “bait” these black nigger rats with “fried chicken” and mannequins of “white women” to lure them, then “open up” with sh0tgun fire and have a good old “turkey shoot” like we say here in the You Nited States.

      1. No need to get racist, just like all extremists he was just a guy who got sucked into the insanity of Islam. I’m not with muslims but it’s just sad how white people think they’re so dominant but are just savages that can’t get along with any other race.

    4. @hung-like-a-mouse
      Yes .i remember this. They even photoshopped the blood off his hands and machete on the vision: i was lucky,i saw the raw vision before gov put the censor on it.

      I also remember a retard hijab mother walk straight past the crime and culprits with a baby. She didnt even notice machetes, black guys screaming or headchopped body a metre from her.

      Tell me,why would uk gov think it is a good idea to let retards like her in?

        1. I hear he was South African, oddly enough, the South African and London accents are quite similar. Plus he may have been here for a few years and picked up his accent a bit.

          Hopefully now thee cock in Downing Street will start realising how much of a fuckup it was to “Pride outselves for being so multi-cultural” .

      1. @ DMW, I watched SKY news for 45 mins and learned very little about this incident. Rushed to the computer onto BG, ten times the info in minutes……I tip my bowler hat to Mark, and fellow UK S.O.B…

  1. The Dirty Black Bastards , How can he say in hes country thats how it is? why dont the cunt fuck off back to hes own coon land and hack some other coon up there.While i’m at it why the fuck are we treating the dirty bastards in hospital? where we will spned more money on the black cunts.Fucking sand monkey cunts , soon as we get all the fuckers out and get the GREAT back into britain the better Rant Over

  2. “This” in the UK, that’s just crazy… I just wonder how many dead people are needed to stop the multi-culti madness… there are so many proofs that multi-culti just doesn’t work and never will that I really start to think that its purpose is only to destroy certain countries and their nations, because it doesn’t bring anything good to them at all, just pure destruction…

    1. If I recall correctly the head of the EU Immigration said they had to ‘destroy the homogeneity of Europe’.

      So yeah, it’s by design. There are probably only 4-5 White Countries that haven’t seen their White demographic drop in the last 5 years, and they are smaller places like Estonia.

      For example – you’d be hard pressed to find a single city or town in the United States that hasn’t see their White demographic drop by atleast 2% in the past 5 years, and the Country itself sees it drop by 2% annually.

      Which means, within 20 years, Whites will be a minority in the United States.

      Same with England – they import over half a million of these people every year, and when you add in birthrates (around 4-5 for Muslims/Africans, and around 1 for Whites) you got yourself a massive problem.

      We already see it in London – we’ll soon see it in Birmingham, and then after that, Leeds or Manchester.

      We Whites are cowards. We are allowing this to happen – it’s that simple.

      We outnumber our Politicians by large amount (Probably close to 100,000 to 1) and yet we still allow them to do this to our Countries.

      Like I said – we are cowards.

      1. what a load of fucking bullshit. White’s aren’t the majority population of earth. Whites are the fucking minority and will always be.

        Cowards..! fucking joker. This is a shit happens situation by 2 fucking crazy twats who have fuck all going for them and rely on shear shocking brutality to justify a meaning to their shitty lives.

        These FEW extremeists, a small fucking minority of crazy fuckers are operating to strike a fear in our homeland the only way they can by cowardly acts of terror. Granted London is a cest pit but it’s contained thankfully. The UK is an attractive haven for people seeking a better life and why the fuck not? Everyone gets a bite of the cherry it’s just that some are raving psychopaths in EVERY race.

        White people have always been the minority in this world fucking deal with it.

        1. In the world, not our own fucking Countries, you imbecile. The largest single ethnic in the world is the Han Chinese, you don’t see them dealing with the shit we Whites have to deal with. ‘Multiculutrism’, is something only Whites have to deal with. Call it what it is, White Genocide. Our Demographic is dropping in every single one of our Countries.

          And London is just the start. Birmingham is next.

          What, you think London was always a cesspit?

          No. Blacks and Muslims are incompatible people. Simple.

          They can stay in their own Countries and kill each other – we don’t need them or want them in our Countries, walking the same streets as our families, as our children.

          Muslims make up around 3-4% of the English population, and yet they cause so many problems it isn’t even funny. Blacks run rampant in London and have turned it into a hellhole, as they have in every city they inhabit with a large demographic.

          They aren’t wanted and they certainly aren’t needed.

          1. Yeah I was going to say the same about the Chinese…you don’t see this happening in Korea or Japan…and I think the Thais are doing a great job to see that it doesn’thappenthere as well

          2. If you don’t want Muslims “mixing” in your so called white culture, then tell your governments (and by this I mean the British and US government) to get the fuck out of their countries too. When shit like this happens in our countries we dare to call them “barbarics” but why are we getting into their bloody business? Why are we sending our soldiers to fight stupid Zionist wars? You want them out of the UK? Then tell Cameron to get our troops out of their Zionist wars.

      2. “Which means, within 20 years, Whites will be a minority in the United States.”

        I?m always amazed to see WHITES, of all people still parroting the old 75% figure. Some simple math, as you show, suffices to correct this false belief, but like all rumors it dies extremely hard even in the face overwhelming empirical proof, i.e. seeing darkies and half-castes just about everywhere we look except northern Arizona, Utah, and rural Washington.

        I don?t have the exact notebook to hand, but a while ago I arrived at a slightly higher sum than . 160,000,000 non-whites and growing. I reckoned every subgroup departing from white: blacks, mixed race, Jewish, Asian of any sort, Middle Eastern, Hispanic (including Cubans), Pacific Islanders, and whatever else. In a parallel column I added some other figures for Russians / Eastern Europeans and Germans (who aren?t our people either, after all). Raised the initial sum somewhat.

        Point is that I believe white Americans are now slightly less than 50%. If not now, in less than ten years, as the old populations of Florida and Maine, especially, continue to check out. As far as the numbers go, there is absolutely no reason for optimism. Voters count but already we?re nearing 50%, and it isn?t as though some force will intervene and preserve whites from becoming a true statistical minority. There will still be more total whites than any one subgroup except latrinos, but that won?t matter, for social proximity ? half-caste grandchildren, best friend?s black boyfriend, friendly black/gay/Arab neighbors, etc. ? will have resigned everyone to peak kwa, as indeed they more or less are already.

        At that point we will begin to see some more shootings, more attempts at expatriation (puzzled that Greg cops a whiter-than-thou attitude about that below), more miscegenation, still more desperate accusations of privilege and racism, etc. Eventually, racialist or HBD ideas will make their way into the heads of Jewish female bloggers at Slate and the like, and thus become slightly fashionable ? for some broads who can afford to isolate themselves from the morass

      1. No. The problem is certainly not a color of skin. The main problem are different values – different relation to work, family and people, no respect to the original nation and their traditions, no interest in continuing in their steps and in developing the country, etc… These are the problems, not a color or ethnic origin. If such values was similar and the original nation could protect them, there would be no problem with multiculturalism…

        1. Color of skin is but one thing that seperates people.

          Do you think Black Africans are the same as Dark Skinned Indians?

          Are pale skinned East-Asians (Korean, Japanese etc.) the same as Whites?

          Nah. Our differences go far beyond something as simple as skin-color.

          1. I don’t say that there are no differencies between races. I just say that a color of skin doesn’t have to be the main problem, because there certainly are people from other countries, nations or ethnic groups who are looking up to Western culture and their values with respect and want to accept them as their own values.

        2. color does not matter, what do matter is RACE.

          iS A

          Non-Whites will never be assimilated because of their race. Being american just isn’t culture you know

          A Black man who speaks perfect Swedish and adopts Swedish culture is guess what?………… Not European…. because he is African race. A non-White will never be European no matter how hard they try, because they are not-White(European race).

          Ethnicity is not programmable like a robot. You can not learn to be a different ethnicity. Because it is a part of your DNA. It is a physical concrete part of your body. You have to be born White in order to be of a White ethnicity.

          You can change your career, you can change your personality, you can change your cloths, you can change everything about yourself… except for who you really are, your origins, your ancestors, your race. And that is what ethnicity is. It’s not just language or behavior or customs. Saying that ethnicity is just spoken language and customs taking away the physical concrete part of ethnicity, seriously marginalizing it.

          So if you honestly think that an African race man can be German just because he is able to speak German and knows the customs…. then you are seriously mistaken. Ethnicity can not be changed, it is permanent. It is built into you by your ancestors as a part of your body.

          We do not want them to try to “assimilate” because assimilation of a non-White into a White country is impossible. All it does is belittles and marginalizes our ethnicities and national identity.

          1. I’ve never been to USA, but aren’t there any black doctors, judges, lawyers, scientists, good workers in general,…? Aren’t there Black people who normally live their lives, who work, care about their families, don’t do anything wrongful and according their behaviour aren’t distinguishable from whites? I don’t believe that such blacks cannot exist.

  3. Wow, few days ago in Milan, one of the main italian cities, a negro just like that killed three people walking the street with a pick axe, i think this is all part of a grand negro insurrection, using labor tools.

  4. Yeah let the people from the worst countries into your country, that sounds more fucking retarded than remotely close to being tolerant or whatever faggety reason they let fuck faces like that into england.

    1. -Black guy in the vid stands there like posing for the camera with his red hands and his cutlery.
      -He apologizes for the witnessing women. What muslim extremist would care about how women feel ?

      -Can’t help it, whenever i hear a British reporter say ‘ terrorist ‘ i think of that movie ‘ V for Vendetta ‘ . –

      1. My guess on this event: FALSE FLAG ATTACK, just like Mark said it.
        It took me 5 minutes of silence just to think about it.
        The reason for this event I don’t know it and I bet I won’t even like it when I’ll find it.

  5. Welcome to England.

    Just as Mark pointed out, it is nice of the evil, notoriously homosexual British government to be outraged and shocked about things like this when they’re the ones who let in these fucking savages to begin with.

    Well I feel really fucking enriched by their presence and culture in my country, just like we’re told by our governments we should be proud to have all these unique and beautiful cultures among us.

    On another note, why would these Samarian savages kill someone and chant Allah Akbar over and over again whilst waiting for the police to turn up and shoot them, it doesn’t make any sense, I realise that Samarians tend not to possess the sharpest of intellects but still, it seems a bit too simple.

    Oh well, I am sure whatever the case the British government will now take away more rights and freedom from their citizens, its what they do best after all, destroying and enslaving.

  6. The government should bring the terrorists “in from the cold”…chat to them…wine and dine…. then give them high paying jobs in Government and let them rule over British citizens………….. you think that cudnt happen?

    I live in Northern Ireland and its been happening here the past decade.

  7. Im reminded of the great group of soldiers I met at a bar after a showing of Cabaret in London when last I was there, selling their poppys to citizens. After striking up a conversation, they joined my friend and I in a few bottles of Dom Perignon, and they gave me what they could in return, which was a nice metal poppy pin. London needs to start deporting its overwhelming population of barbarians. I enjoyed that city more than all others ive been too, including Berlin and Paris. The only negative thing I have to say about that country is its swarming with Muslims. When I went to Whitechapel for a visit to Jack the Rippers sites, god damn, I thought I had gotten off the train in Arabia.

  8. Nowhere does it say that this is guy is a muslim extremist, nor a muslim at all. People are making assumptions with absolutely no evidence. Heck, this doesn’t even seem like a terrorist attack and people are throwing labels around.

        1. LOL. The Mainstream Media would do everything in their fucking power to withhold information that paints Muslims or really any non-White in a less than desirable light.

          They waited for a soldier. They ran him down. They jumped out and start chopping at him with meat cleavers screaming Allahu Akbar. They then chopped his head off and dumped his headless body in the middle of the street and waited for the cops to show up.

          When they did, one of them tried to shoot a cop with an old ass gun that backfired and the other tried to swing at the cop with a meat-cleaver but was shot.

          This was eye-witness testimony posted by a Black dude who watched it happen.

          Now – get the fuck outta here you Muslim.

        2. The man with the machete’s full statement to the camera was:

          “We swear by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. The only reasons we have done this is because Muslims are dying every day. This British soldier is an eye for an eye a tooth for tooth. We apologise that women had to see this today but in our lands our women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your government. They don’t care about you.”

          1. “They waited for a soldier”…because normal white civilians walk around with ‘soldier’ written on their foreheads, waiting to be targeted? A great deal obviously went into planning this, so i wouldn’t be surprised if the public are being fed lies. You need to understand the bigger picture and not jump to conclusions. Who waits for the police after committing a murder?

          2. Most likely they waited outside the Army Barracks for a soldier.

            The victim was always wearing a shirt about supporting Soldiers.

            As for who waits for cops – Muslims looking to die in the name of Allah to get their 72 virgins.

            This was a statement killing in the name of Allah.

            And but one issue (Violence) that Muslims have erected in Europe.

  9. i really dont fucking know why the governments in europe havent closed their borders to coloured people, and kicked out the ones here already.

    they need to get rid of fucking niggers, muslims, indian curry finger shits, and dirty jew kikes.

    every european country will be extremely safe with these idiots kicked out and sent back.

      1. And it’s not just the English or the French, Hawk. Netherlands, Germany (has the highest number of Muslims in Europe iirc), Sweden, Denmark, Norway. All these places are full of them. Also full of them is Canada, Australia.

        Hell – in the past 5 years, where I live is being flooded with Africans and Muslims, and in the past year or two it’s kicked up a notch. You can’t even hit up a bar without seeing the place full of ’em.

        We need to put aside past differences, and come together, because that’s the only way we survive this. Scottish and Irish fighting alongside the English, Canadians, Germans, French in the streets of England, or Germany or whatever Country needs it. Whether it’s Sydney in Australia, Paris in France, Amsterdam in the Netherlands.. no matter what.

        We need to adapt to how the Muslims fight. When a Muslim Country gets attacked, they flock in from every Muslim Country imaginable – we need to do the same thing.

        If a call went out tomorrow of a revolution in England, or Netherlands, or any place in Europe. I’d be there. My life is good. I have a wonderful family, a great partner, and a nice future to look forward too.

        I would drop it all in a heartbeat and fight for our people, hypocrite or not.

        Every era has something worth fighting and dying for. This is ours.

        After all – there is something a stake here that is the most important thing in the world for us – Our children and their futures. Nothing is more important than that, nothing is more worth fighting and dying for than that.

        1. You’re right about looking at each other, regardless of nations, as brothers in arms. We are not a nation of borders, we are a nation of blood. I should not condemn all the British and Frogs because they had shitty, evil, and traitorous leaders in the past and present.

          Russia is the only European nation not being poisoned by multiculturalism. Regardless, Russian can’t seem to boost it’s birth rate.

  10. Thing is,after they have been treated and looked after in hospital for free,they will go to trial at the old bailey,get twelve years each and a prison cell each…again treated well,three meals a day and cable tv. Whos the real victim? Us silly fuckers who live here,working hard and dont have a say in fuck all.goverment to blame.england needs a civil war and i for one will welcome it

    1. Yes, this is definitely somewhere I wouldn’t have objected to police brutality/overkill, they should have pumped a couple more bullets into the cunts and then let them bleed out. Or maybe jumped back in their squad cars and rode back and forth over them until they resembled some roadkill from Indonesia.

  11. The guy is right the government does not care about its people it is controlled by Zionist jews. They gladly allow savages like this guy to enter Britain so long as they dilute the white blood. The jew wants all white of all European races to be exterminated they do this by importing other races and encourage race mixing. But this is only for the “Goy” or gentile cattle they themselves make sure they stay pure. The shame of Europe everything that that crazy nut Hitler said is happening today maybe he wasn’t as crazy as they want us to think.

    1. “They themselves make sure they stay pure…”
      There are over 40 genetic conditions almost exclusive to the heebee yids, Sephardi, Ashkenazi disorders, many very serious and fatal. This is Jew, sorry, Due to many generations of inbreeding because of closed small communities, as many as 1 in 6 kikes are affected. Pure? Kosher? Nah, which is worse? Inter racial breeding or just inbreeding?
      Check it out for yourself, it’s very interesting….

        1. Are you being deliberately obtuse?

          Fourth Picture, left of car, under tree. Massive blood pool of White Briton slaughtered and beheaded at the hands of African Muslims in streets of England.

    1. Trust me, there is a massive pool of blood, then blood, more smeared on the side of the pavement where he was then dragged into the middle of the road [probably dragged by is upper body]
      They had mown him down first, to which they crashed into a post too. They then got out of the car, went to their victim [whom was on the pavement]
      people at first thought they [those that hadnt seen the ‘crash’ wrongly thought the two people attending the victim were helping, only to then see them hacking, stabbing and trying to also decapitate the man.
      Once they had his head almost off and by now, thankfully the poor guy [who I pray was already out of it when he was mown down so violently] was no longer living and unable to have felt the brutal pain that was rained down on him…His lifeless body was then dragged into the middle of the road, where his killers jeered and laughed.

      I praise the brave women whom had the courage to go up and not only for two to to confront both attackers, but even to the third female who went to comfort the sadly already deceased man..that at least [to me as a female] says alot, as not one male dared go near.

      I am stunned that it took gun cops 20 mins to reach the scene … so much more could have happened in those 20 mins.
      What I’m not stunned by is the fact the two attackers stood there, giving it mouth, playing the big guys, wanting to be filmed and, also waiting, knowing the police would come – they are cowards in all ways as they wanted death by police, sadly though police shot them, they are critical, yet they are being treated freely, in our hospitals at our expense – if it were me I would have shot them both stone cold dead.
      It is sickening.

      It is about time us Brits, stood up to this sort of scum, not shy away.
      Just my honest thoughts / feelings and opinion.

      My thoughts go out to his family and friends and may he rest in peace.

    1. There is a big problem in UK jails where the blacks flock to the Muslims and convert to Islam, it’s more of a gang culture to them though, the tube train bomber Germaine Lyndsay in London on 7/7/07 was a prison convert who blew himself up in the name of islam. The Muslims use the blacks as puppets against the white man. I predict these two street apes are ex con, probably from HMP Belmarsh, who are converts. In the video he has the prison ghetto swagger or “chimp with a limp”walk…..

      1. Coonjuicer I agree, the blacks get brainwashed that Islam is the religion of black people. They don’t realize they are seen as lower forms of life by other muslims. Our universities are breeding grounds for muslim extremists as well. I saw it with my own eyes in my final year of uni.

  12. Before this happens, Americans should just tell blacks, “OK, we brought you over here under bad intentions, but we think your great grandparents lived better even in Detroit than Africa. However, you’re squandering your chance to become part of a civilized society. Since whitey’s the devil anyway and we keep holding you down, maybe it’s time we get you back to a nonwhite country.”

    1. Never happen. Where Whites go, Blacks will follow. We are their babysitters for eternity until they kill us.

      Should have let Mother Nature do what she wanted. This is what we get for subverting her and trying to play at Goddom.

  13. politicians dont give a fuk about us.. they want their wages and expenses claims..thats it.. they go home to their gted houses at night..lock the doors and wank off to porn with a glass of sherry near-by………. we are nuffin to them but a means to an easy life…….. idiots out voting for people who stick to fingers str8 up to them…idiot sheep the lot of yas…stop gurning and do somehting about it

    1. No doubt. Our Government and Politicians are ineffectual, if not down right traitors. They need to be taught a lesson.

      My family is being forced to live around these people. It’s going to the point where, the only future I see for myself and my family is one in Asia.

      I certainly wouldn’t feel safe raising a Child in the West, in the Countries my forefathers and Foremothers built and bled for by working their asses off.

      My family didn’t even have toilets or toilet paper. And yet, even back then, it was much safer than it is becoming now. We were poor as poor could be. Lived with Winters as serve as Russia, with massive blizzards and snow falls. And yet, we were resilient. We built our province, our city, our communities with our own hands.

      Now we watch as these pathetic politicians come along and shit on everything they worked for. Importing massive amounts of these incompatible savages here.

      Why should we allow this? Why? We didn’t need them before, and we don’t need them now.

    2. And what the actual F are you going to do? Seriously, tell me what? Go out like the EDL spastics trying to burn mosques, come here and rant incessantly about how “whites are the victims” and add plenty of racist sprinkles, all while your and my taxes are going towards Israel and all the Zionist wars on daily basis to kill Muslims. Stopping them getting into the country will do jack shit while we are still bending to the big Zionist dick, sending our troops to defend a territory that wasn’t theirs to begin with, while we are still in their side of wars. You guys go on about the N word and feel fucking good and proud for it thinking you are awesome and different by chanting racist bollox. You are doing shit. Jack shit.

      And mark my words: this is the begging. It will not stop until both the UK, the USA and all the countries send their last soldiers back home and stop getting into their business. But then, that will mean stop nose browsing the Zionist, which is just an impossible thing to do for our governments.

  14. He looks West African. You know, those backwards hut dwelling bastards hadn’t even invented the wheel before whites showed up. Thanks to multiculturalism, 60% of Londoners are non-white. There is no going back either. The city belongs to guys like the one in this video now and the time when Western Europe was inhabited mostly by white people is gone forever.

      1. Morgan, your ignorance is quite amazing.
        I was working in West Africa recently, and the archaeology seemed to suggest that the huge African empires (much larger than rome etc…) most likely imported slaves from Europe.
        So, perhaps we learned what a wheel was from them ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha

      1. Well said, ive been reading about this and that’s the conclusion I came to. Islam is a cult that brainwashes people and can turn them into the kind of evil cunts who can do that to another person just for being a soldier. The UK is getting to be a scary place to live.

  15. My father works literally less than a mile away from all of this, can’t fucking believe it.

    On his commute to the office, this could have been him…

    Respects to the soldier and the families and friends effected by this sub-human degenerate.


  16. The talking nigger was a Londoner who would not know Mohammad or Allah from Mohammad Ali…
    When the police arrived they should have shot the fucker on sight. What distreeses me most is that the soldiers in the barracks didn’t have the chance to exterminate this filth for themselves

    1. Those Soldiers fight for the traitorous Governments and Politicians that have made it possible for these savages to be in our Countries in the first place.

      You bet your ass if we Whites marched on our Governments, and started paying our Politicians back for their treason, these soldiers would be shooting at us, not defending us or helping us.

  17. Religion, backward culture, political ideology…Whatever the reason for this attack it’s just the perfect example of how much is fucked up in this country and the world as a whole.

    This is only going to lead to more violence as morons from all sides try and take revenge. In the last few hours I’ve seen for myself the rage that people are feeling over this killing and its not a pretty sight

  18. We’re now getting reports of random attacks on mosques,I live in Bradford in the UK and its packed with Muslim scum here,hopefully this is the start of a civil war,im ready to fight for st George and England.

    1. @urbanvenom,

      The problem is that the government went out of there way to bring all these filthy animals in to begin with, they then went about given these animals everything whist taking it away from and discriminating against the indigenous population.

      We also have to acknowledge that we are at war with these people courtesy of Jew central and we have to realise that the media keep on providing us with emotion filled stories about the bad behaviour of these cretins, about how they rape and murder everyday.

      Now here’s the issue, of course a lot of these imported animals get up to no good but if the government wanted to keep order and prevent civil war they would have kept equality amongst the population, they would have not brought so many in to begin with, they would not have let them get away with such crimes.

      The fact that they did not do this was not accidental or stupidity on their part, these people do not make mistakes, they have many advisors to think for them, what ever they do you can be sure that it is on purpose and that being the case it is quite clear that our government want civil war to break out and the reason for this is because they want to establish a greater police state with curfews and lockdowns and to do this they need a big event to take place.

      The biggest kick in the balls however is that when we rise up against our government we will not be referred to as freedom fighters but as terrorists and we will not be helped by the “free world”.

    1. I’m willing to bet there are many out there like me – White, non-British willing to fight and die if it comes to that, in the streets of England.

      This goes beyond England. It’s that simple. It’s about our children.

  19. When I saw this –>

    …I was more appalled than even a lot of the videos on this site. I lived in London for years as an Irishman but also considered myself a Londoner I though to myself…JEEZE something HAS to be done about this !

    Those Muslims going mental in above video over innocent guys carrying a can of larger is something I find deeply, deeply disturbing not to mention the notion that they considered the area where they lived to be a ‘Muslim’ area – arrogantly claiming it as their own.

    In multicultural London I can’t believer the arrogance of the perpetrators to commit an act of such hateful brutality.

    Twisted greedy corporate ‘democracy’ may be one evil esp when it results in foreign unjustified wars but I firmly believe religious fundamentalism ideals are a monumental evil that must be countered.

    There are a lot of right thinking people that are going to be completely incensed by this attack and I am one of them but I am certain that these people and this new from off terrorism will be dealt with.

    Nobody likes an ‘idealist’.

    1. My thoughts Exactly!! Why in the Fuhrer’s name, there’s a Sharia law in my fucking country!?!?! This is not the middle East ,for fick’s sake. Yes, there’s one in Dearborn, Michigan! I’m awaiting to see if many states in USA would join, because that’s when the gunsnackbarists should be of some good use and do some cleansing.

    2. Exactly. Imagine a bunch of Brits decamping to an area of Lahore and “claiming” it as their own. It doesn’t take much imagination to work out what would happen to them. So why is this kind of ridiculousness even *permitted* in the UK? Time for the masses to rise up.

      1. Cos he’s a cunt, maybe? Same as all the fucking politicians we’ve got, this party, that party, all the fucking same – no matter who you vote for government wins. Maybe, just maybe they should be the cunts fearing for their lives, might make them more aware. Today, a BBC (yes the good old BBC – Bacon Bonce Corporation) political correspondant has said that this guys death is par for the course, it goes with the territory of being a soldier and all soldiers AND their families have accepted or must accept that they are now targets, un-fuckin-believable but wouldn’t expect anything different from the fucking cunts at the BBC. Chris Ryan tweeted that the police shouldn’t have wounded these two cunts but should have “put them down” and I totally fucking agree, it’s time to stop pussy footing around these cunts once and for all and send a message.

  20. Can someone please post a link to this video that is not edited. I saw on tv a unedited video where the nutbag is saying why he did. In it he said that Cameroon doesn’t care about the people that they should remove the government and take out Cameroon and bring back…….? Who does he want them to bring back? It seems like he supports 1 british political party over Cameroons. Has anyone have any idea? and why was this edited out?

  21. I’m not sure why some of you are saying it is uncharacteristic. What exactly makes these headlines so out of character? British newspapers always report on “terrorist” incidents like this.

    If these men had no ideological motivation and were simply two random blacks killing a white in public then you can be sure it wouldn’t be receiving as much attention by the MSM.

    The reason for this is because this attack can be used for propaganda purposes from the “terrorist” angle. If it was simply a random black-on-white attack then there would be no story in it. None of the papers would use it as anti-immigration propaganda.

    1. Jesus. How can anyone still support your Government and Politicians when they’ve allowed this shit.

      Send the flares up, Europe. Maybe Putin will help if you ask him nicely.

      Only leader in Europe with a set of balls.

      Russia.. We need your help, man. We were wrong.

  22. Goverments wont be a solution to this problem, people has to stop grumbling and react, ordinary people come together and react, maybe some sort african street justice or treat them with their own sheria system, kisas to kisas, shortly eye for eye, a couple of people gang up right there and serve with the same way of cut throat….there should be some patriots , I still have hope.

    1. Agreed, @RJ. Right on.
      Hope, we have to have hope and damn well rise, not just chit chat about it all and then stick are heads in the sand, hoping it’ll all go away. It won’t.
      We have to make a stand, so along with you and others that agree, I hope we do come together, react and actually do something.

      Thanks RJ

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