Brutal Beheading from Iraq – Close Up View Video

Brutal Beheading from Iraq - Close Up View Video

This is the beheading video Best Gore member Der Steppenwolf promised to share and it does live up to the hype.

The video briefly appeared on the internet with the title ” ﺢﺑذ ﻲﻓ كﻮﻛﺮﻛ ” which means “Decapitation in Kerkouk”. Kerkouk is in Iraq so we assume that that’s where it was filmed, although it does bear certain Mexican narco undertones. Nothing more is known about the video.

The decapitation is extremely brutal and provides close up views of head being severed. The killers filmed the execution on a good quality camera so the video shows details not normally seen in beheading videos, such as steam released by the warmth of leaking blood. There are more people in the room appearing to await the same fate but only one decapitation is shown.

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    1. I have seen a lot of videos on here and I use to think if I wanted, I could kill people no problem.

      Near the end of the video I was beginning to pass out. I thought maybe doing some jumping jacks would stop it but nope.

      I quickly laid down to prevent smashing my head on the ground and end up on this site. I was pretty close to passing out!!!!!!

      1. lol your blood soft, you my friend would never be a killer if you cant watch a gore vid without your blood pressure dropping, that’s what’s happening to you when you feel like that, its lack of blood in your head, that’s why you lay down instead of doing jumping jacks. once you get the blood up to your brain again then the feeling will subside

    2. I just want every single person to know that these beheadings are ways to piss me an American/Christian off…. lol OMG i fucking dare them to come down here and do that shit to me, my family or my people lol shit i wish they fucking would, im a 3rd degree black belt a professionl mma trainer…. idc if they have big knives or guns it shows that there fucking cowords and scared to fight like men come down here and do that i give you my word ill kill all you mother fuckers…. Just come down here…. bring your decapatating army idfc each and everyone of u will regret everything that yall have done to your people and ours…. enough said…

      1. @pantherswar it’s been three years and the stupidity of your comment is still echoing through the interwebs. It’s a real shame someone doesn’t just fly you over there. Then you can show us all how a ninja handles business. Lmao

        Real bad assess don’t brag about themselves. Only pussies who have no real sense of self have to share their psychotic delusions of grandeur with the world.

    1. Heheading is a pretty painless way to go actually. It may look bad, but but once the jugular is cut, you lose consciousness in about 1 second… lack of blood pressure in the brain. Breathing will continue for some time and some muscular twitches, but it’s all just the body doing it’s automatic stuff. You are gone after about one second once the blood pressure goes to zero in the brain.

      1. Consciousness is probably lost within 2-3 seconds, due to a rapid fall of intracranial perfusion of blood [source: New Scientist] but your mental processes will still be running until cellular metabolism ceases (maybe 3 – 4 minutes)

        Death does not occur until the transection of the spinal cord and surrounding structures, spinal nerves, from the brain, leading to a cessation of breathing and heart-beat.

        Lets hope that the pineal gland does, indeed, release N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, and extinction following the first 2 or 3 seconds is hallucinogenic.

        1. Ya no shit , i love all the comments about how it feels , you can guess , but you do not have the slightest idea what that person feels , i dont give a fuck if your a brain surgon , you dont know , but have fun with that asumed knowledge , and we’ll keep on laughing , thank you so much

          1. theres no way conciousness is lost in 2-30 seconds. Watch the Dagestan videos, those boys were in agony for much longer, and It aint just nerves. Also look at the guts face at about 54 seconds, he is certainly feeling the pain!

      2. How would you know xD? Have you tested it on yourself? The only people that can tell whether you lose consciousness or not, are well… Dead. Plus, I don’t think you can even speak when someone has just cut your throat. I guess we’ll never know what happens after your throat’s being cut.
        Well, it’s diner time. I can’t wait to eat some steak and potatoes.

  1. Despite how barbaric an act like beheading somebody is, I can understand why there are people out there who are willing to do it to their “enemies”. Some people deserve to die a horrific death. Who knows what “crime” these guys committed, though.

    The guy with the red blindfold on knew what was happening around him, and I bet he couldn’t wait for them to just end it for him instead of just making him wait like that.

    Also, I have to say, because of the quality and camera angle…this was as good as it gets with beheading videos. Nasty.

    1. But there was no screaming or struggling and the guy was hooded so you couldn’t see his expression. And what’s with the torchlight? But yes it was pretty good. Looks like an Al Qaeda beheading training camp to me. All those who couldn’t attend in person get a DVD for the low cost of two sheeps legs or half a dozen goats testicles so you too can learn to behead like a pro.

    1. I’m 100% with you on that one, why the fuck would you wait around and make it easier for the fuckers. Fuck their day up a bit if you can. I’d leave a note for them taped to my chest or something and when they hold it in their bloodsoaked hands and read it, it would say “joke’s on you fuckers, I had aids”. Oh oh, no alcoholaround to disinfect ourselves! damn you Allah, and damn your prohibition.

        1. Butterflied head anyone?

          Back to the video; it’s odd in terms of the quality, the lack of flags and banners, the usual bunch of ‘brothers’ with their AK47s and faces covered, the music, the pre-cutting denunciation and the ‘Allah Akbari’ng’ afterwards.

          What we do have is a very sharp combat knife, a shoulder rig and semi-automatic, clean hands and nails, and what looks like a Caucasian doing the cutting. Whilst he’s wearing a keffiyeh, none of the shots reveal his face/mask and both the cameraman and the others are wearing the same white footwear and not the usual flip flops. The cutter also minimised the blood spray by putting the head down after cutting the major vessels, waited and then resumed the decapitation.

          Is someone sending a message here?

    2. Yes @YNEG! I’ve thought about that literally everytime I’ve seen these types of vids. Obviously you know there’s no way you’re going to escape death, but at least if you attempt to jump up and try running, there’s a good chance you’ll be shot in the back. I’d take that over a beheading any day, no matter how quick it may seem.

      1. I guess it’s that hope in them that says “maybe if I just do everything they say they’ll spare me” or something. Like if they just cooperate, every second they’re alive matters. And I completely get what @Bru said. It’s fight/flight/shut down. I’ve seen people fight like hell to get away from a bad situation and I’ve seen people freeze up. Death is crazy bitch. It’s not something I’d accept easily. They’d have to shoot me. I’d be thrashing around like that little girl from the Exorcist. They’d have a hard time trying to get to my head.

    3. Funny that you mentioned this @YNEG, just had this conversation at the dinner table last night! I think if the prisoner tried to run or fight it, the could potentially torture them senselessly before actually killing them. I have wondered from time to time, what would be running through my head if that was me… I don’t know what I would do. Probably cry like a baby. Anyhow I can’t even watch this video. Just by the crispy clear photo, I can only imagine…

    4. If I were the guy next to the guy being beheaded, waiting for my turn, I would shit myself, have a heart attack, die and then shit myself some more. In that order. I’ve said it before, always save the last bullet for yourself and never ever surrender. Ever. At least that way you die under your own conditions and don’t let someone else tell you when, where and how you’re going to die. Suicide is better than being murdered.

    5. Trying to escape would only make things worse for you. Would you really want to piss these guys off even more? There’s worse they could do than cut your head off and I doubt they would just shoot you in the back.

        1. Point your browser towards??; lingchi (slow slicing, the lingering death or death of 1000 cuts; a form of public execution used until 1905. Whilst most deaths were relatively quick 15 – 20 minutes and involved no more than a couple of dozen cuts/amputations, there are records that indicate that executions of 100 cuts were ordered and, indeed, the Ming Dynasty shows records of 3000 cuts with the victim tortured to death over 3 days. Opium and other herbs were administered to amplify suffering by prolonging the process.

          Minor offenses and a bribe could hasten the process with the executioner stabbing through the heart or cutting the throat after a few preliminary incisions, just to show willing.

          There was also a ‘bingo’ version where numbers were drawn to indicate a particular blade to be used on a particular body part.

          Play hunt the photographs and you will find the victim, at the end of the process, looking as if they have been through a meat processing plant.

  2. hey guys long time follower first time poster. As I am typing this my hands are shaking from the video that is above. I have seen beheadings and gruesome stuff but never in the form of what I just saw. I LOVE this site and want to thank the people who are taking the time to keep it up and running. Thank You for your time have a great day.

  3. Ewwweee I haven’t even seen the video yet and I’m already grossed the fuck out just something about beheading vids makes my skin crawl or whatever that meaning goes ill watch on mute to make it easier to watch lol:))

  4. that was weird… im still one of thos ppl who skims thru these videos, wtf is with that? i can watch a lot of shit, but beheadings get me. i dont like the anticipation, maybe… its just so… helpless and savage lol. why doesnt home boy with the bad teenage mustachio just boogy woogy out of there? i didnt see no ropes round dem ankles. lil bitch, usain bolt woulda ran, forest gump woulda ran… psshhh

  5. They did run. Next they were caught. They surrender to their captors with the hope that they may live. Accepting the end is not something most can do. At the point you see them on video they have already been submitted to beatings and both physical and mental torture. Escape is NOT usually an option. Shame also shuts their decision-making processes down. I have witnessed first-hand how during a shoot-out people freeze. They simply cannot process that what is happening is real. They are unable then to react in a defensive manner and simply freeze (like children praying that ghosts cannot penetrate their covers). This is reality. I even had to push “petrified” (there is a reason this term has multiple applications) people aside whilst escaping from a shoot-out in M?xico.

    1. Not seeing his eyes made it less personal, certainly for the executioner even more so. The one that touched me was the video of the Mexican “narco” who was really just a mid-forties labourer who was forced into work by Chapo’s guys and not even compensated more than 300 mxn ($25 usd), and labeled a snitch along with his nephew. He used his last words to resign to his impending horrific end and send a message to others, especially youth, not to enter the trade. He said if he had a choice he would not have done it and that the rewards were nil for a certain ending. “Ya val? vergas.” (My life is now worth dick). No looking back. Eyes uncovered to the chainsaw whilst his nephew awaited a slower knife decapitation.

          1. Lol! That was my first beheading video too! I was 9 back then, but that video made my dick itch! Like it wanted to become a boner but didn’t quite know how to <3

  6. Just WOW. What an intense video, too bad I didnt get to read a Mark review :-/ I still am really hoping that he can find a way back to us. but holy shit that video was intense. i love the part where the guy (doing the cutting) was like, well if i cut past here he dies instantly, im gonna wait a second….. then boom cuts past it. that was brutalistic

  7. First post from a long time follower.
    That was the best beheading video I have seen yet. I was surprised that he didn’t use the serrated side for the cutting. Anyone else thing that, as the guy was pulling back on his head, it kind of looked like the victim had a really big grin on his face? Totally reminded me of a pez dispenser.

  8. Just became a member, first time posting. I watched that video while it did make me squirm, I’ve never actually been sick to my stomach. I keep pushing myself to watch worse and worse things hoping that one of them will cause me to puke and somehow affirm that i am a good and wholesome person. No luck yet. Anybody have a thought on this? Am i alone in my search for my limit? Or am i just desensitizing myself even more? Not a complaint i love the sight(site) and please keep on reminding us why every day we are alive is a gift. Thank you

  9. You people cant be serious saying they should try and run? Surely the ones waiting to be killed would have been told if they try to run then they will make it as slow and painful as possible and threats against family members if they resist.
    So just sit there and hope the knife is still sharp when your numbers called.

  10. That was horrific. The noises as he tried to breathe, his fingers twisting with his head half cut off, and the time they let him gurgle between cuts.

    While I’m glad new posts are up, this video doesn’t make me want to celebrate. It hurt to watch, and it hurts like fuck to know these things happen, and that there is fuck all I can do about it.

      1. Yup. I dunno what it is but even though I’ve watched dozens of beheading vids on here, I recently have found I can’t anymore. It’s strange that just seeing the pic is plenty for me. I dunno, maybe it’s that whole too much of a good thing thing?

  11. Aha, there it is!
    @DerSteppenwolf already send me this video, and I’ve got to say: it is one of the most gruesome beheadings I’ve ever seen, and the HQ makes me shiver, thank you again DerSteppenwolf ;-).

    I like the steam coming out the neck and the air-gasping sounds lol.

    If I were to be there and knowing that I would be next I would probably freak out and puke all over the place tbh..

    1. Like I said before, BG community was reduced to one person to me, which is you since you’re the only one I added in a social network website 😀

      But speaking of the video,
      If you were there, it would be better if you faint than puke, they’ll maybe do you a favor and behead you while you’re unconscious :b

    1. I don’t claim to be a expert on these kind of situations, but i guess you would just resign yourself to the fact, in an empty emotional sensation or be in a particular state of mind to accept as inevitable, knowing death is very close. One link on here.. “Dagestan Massacre video”, that happened in 1999 very gruesome and personally found very sad. Six Russian conscripts.”This is a 12 month draft, mandatory for all male citizens age 18-27″ These 6 young Russian conscripts, are beheaded by Chechen rebels while they wait for there turn, there scream’s and cry’s for their Mothers, and there lives are fruitless. It?s actually considered the most gruesome massacre video on the internet. Its just one i think about often. May they all be at Peace now. RIP.

      1. Yeah that dagestan vidro was somrthing else! Poor guys especially since someone translated mad it hit home all the more. That video alone should be proof not to allow islam to take hold anywhere people want to live like civilised humans. I know there will always be crime and depravity but them islamists and drug narcos pose a real threat. Im a family man but if i wasnt id join the army just to fight them and terminate them with extreme prejudice. Send em all to their perverted type of heaven wich will actually be demons ripping them apart and God knows what else for all eternity.

  12. did anyone else pick up on the last shot with the blindfolded man awaiting his fate….and the shadow of the knife looming over him….loved it…but then again that’s prolly the artsy fartsy part of me but I seriously thought
    ‘hmmmm future Hitchcock here? ‘
    …either way it was brill!

    1. Yeah it looks like they let him bleed out for a very long time. If you watch his hands, as his neck was half way through, they just let it bleed out for a while and you can see his hands shaking. After they cut the spine, it was over for him.

    1. Clearly this dude doesn’t mess around. He’s had plenty of practice apparently. Or absolute plain luck he caught the vertebra just right. I thought the same thing too though. This was perfect. He made it look so effortless.

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