Brutal Execution of George Floyd by Minneapolis Tyrants

If You Want a Vision of the Future, Imagine a Boot Stamping on a Human Face - Forever

Brutal Execution of George Floyd by Minneapolis Tyrants

Remember those bootlickers who like to say that if you do what the cops tell you (ie follow orders like a good obedient sheeple who can’t think for himself), you won’t get hurt? LOL!

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, a group of tyrants with badges extrajudicially executed 46 year old George Floyd in broad daylight and in full view of bystanders. Per usual, the tyrants lied in the report about what happened, but then the video of the incident surfaced…

The video shows a citizen killer identified as Derek Chauvin pressing his knee into the neck of George Floyd, who repeatedly says he can’t breathe, cries out for his mother and says “everything hurts.” Chauvin has three officer involved shootings under his belt.

Derek Chauvin was however not the only tyrant participating in the execution of Mr. Floyd – there were at least three of them suffocating him with their knees while he was handcuffed and lying face down on the road.

Tou Thao, the seemingly armless tyrant enjoying the abuse from a safe distance, was sued for excessive force in 2017, when with another cop named Robert Thunder he assaulted a family, including an eight-month-pregnant woman who were walking home.

The tyrants were investigating an accusation of forgery when they arrested Mr. Floyd. Mr. Floys worked as a security guard at a local restaurant. The police union made a statement that we shouldn’t “rush to judgement“, ya know, the same way these tyrants rushed to judge Mr. Floyd and decided he should be killed.


The plot thickens – George Floyd and Derek Chauvin – the tyrant who killed him both worked at a south Minneapolis club as security up until last year, according to the club owner. There could very well be far more to this story. And I mean FAR MORE!

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392 thoughts on “Brutal Execution of George Floyd by Minneapolis Tyrants”

      1. Nope the white policeman was bullied by black kids when he was young, just look at his face whilst he puts his knee on his neck. You can just tell all his childhood memories of being bullied are coming back to him. The ching Chong doesnt know what hes doing neither do those watching and recording. It’s just a silent movie

        1. i think this cop’s got a small white dick and his wife doesn’t fuck it cause he’s useless. I also suspect that he went into the morgue and cut off this guy’s big black dick, then brought it home and shook it at his wife, “this! would this fucking please you?? Ungrateful whore!!”

        2. Let me remind you guys, racial equality is American political correctness, not ours .Do you really think we will like them?just like those bastards in shandong university?Besides, you bitch shouldn’t say ching chong.

          1. Ok lisen you sick FUCK!! Everyone deserves his live, even you. But youre a fucking asshole if you judge peoples cause theyre black.
            Youre a fucking white ass bitch without dick. Go fuck yourself!!

        1. @ Davondadude OmG ty! We NEED more people of color and tolerance on this site. Friend me! My son is biracial and I get called all kids of names because I don’t use the N-word and agree with racism on this site. That Dre dude attacked me verbally calling me a fake blonde-blonde since I was a baby lol…from the safety of his computer of coarse. I would love for all these “proud racists” to say that racist shit to my late fiancé’s fam. Lol…

      2. Watch your fucking mouth boy, wtf color do you think you are that should’ve been you under that pigs knee bitches killed he for stupid you people are fucking stupid and you nigger are black as well you should’ve been the one under that pigs knee lucky u

    1. Fucking disgusting…..

      Also those by standers had no guts. You need to act with movement not half hearted comments from the side…………regardless of the consequences to yourself if you truly believe someone is being murdered in front of you…….

        1. If it were a random person idk if I would be able to act….. The reprecussions of doing so would end in death or jail. My blood would be boiling….. But I have a family to provide for, so if I were dead or in jail my children would end up homeless and starving in the street or much worse. Would random people care about them? Or me having sacrificed myself for some random dude? No. People never care.

          So as much much as I would feel a moral instinct to act to save someone…. I’m also a realist and know my own life isn’t worth anything to throw away over people who give no fucks about me or the fate of what’s important to me.

          Now….. If it were someone close to me that would be different….

          That’s really what it comes down to. If you’re going to sacrifice yourself, make sure it’s over someone who’s worth it to you. Not a random person.

          It’s sad but that is the way it is.

          1. @Roadninja – thanks for taking the time to explain that. I’m not American but have seen this kind of police brutality and their cold blooded murder on BG many times but despite that I still find it shocking that police in USA continually get away with this? How is that possible?
            I know it’s hard to imagine yourself in a certain situation, and it’s impossible to say exactly what I would do, had I been one of those bystanders but I feel reasonably confident I would have had to do something other than continuously repeating at a normal volume “He can’t breathe bro”. The fact that one guy said it 30 times with no change in how the cops restrained him. Obviously what he was saying was having NO effect on the cops but he doesn’t change anything about his protest. He doesn’t get more desperate, not louder, doesn’t try a more effective sentence. Considering it was being filmed by multiple people and the restrained bloke was getting weaker as the minutes ticked by, I don’t think I could just stand there. If the police arrested me for finally having no other option but to approach and attempt to pushing the cops knee off his neck, I’m sure any judge viewing the video would have agreed that it was blatantly obvious this man was almost dead, and would dismiss my charge or be very lenient with my punishment. Surely even in America, preventing a murder wouldn’t see me locked up for 2 days let alone being taken from my family for so long that I couldn’t provide for them anymore. But I do understand your point of view and accept everyone is different and will react/behave differently. I’d like to think I would have been prepared to get arrested if my action resulted in the opportunity for that poor bloke to get a lung full of air…….regardless of the fact I didn’t know him from a bar of soap because I’d be sure hoping someone would step in for me if I were in his situation…….

          2. @Dutchy you would have to have a lot of faith to think that a judge would look at footage of you tackling an officer to help a man, and not still consider that felony capital assault and battery. Anything involving a citizen vs an officer is generally an enhanced charge with longer jail times and higher fines…. and even if you lawyer up you are looking at a long and uncertain battle….. While also being locked up and losing your job, your mortgage, etc etc. Your whole life will be fucked up, and if you have anyone who’s livelihood depends on you their lives would be fucked up too. The justice system in the USA is very crooked unfortunately, and has less to do with justice and more with keeping control and power in the hands of the people at the top. Going against the system outright (like trying to save Mr. Floyd) would mean to Martyr yourself…. because they would want to throw the book at you if they didn’t just gun you down to begin with…. And as I said before because of how messed up this world is, doing something like that for a complete stranger just ain’t worth it because the chances of that being returned or even just paid forward to help someone else in need are slim to none.

            I don’t blame people for not being able to act in that moment…. And if I were in there shoes idk if I could have either.

            I’ll add though I’m not saying I couldn’t sacrifice myself for a stranger….. If in the heat of the moment I just snapped (like if I see something bad happening to a child)…. There’s always the possibility of that happening when people feel torn inside…. But if I’m going to sit here an consciously try to envision myself in their shoes watching him die like that my more rational mind is still in control because I’m not pumping with heat of the moment adrenaline and rage…. So I’m going to say I don’t really know what I would do…. But I don’t think it’s fair to expect people to Martyr themselves at the drop of a hat.

          1. 是是是白皮西方人上人 你再喊民主人家白皮也讨厌你和犹太人 老子就爱国你能拿我咋样 老子爱的中国人 哪条写ccp了?双标双惯了总爱给人贴标签??一辈子你可能也没念过几年书被港港和湾湾就这么轻易洗脑了?出去看看台湾香港民运有几个不恰臭钱的,别让我对你大声笑了。一个无知白痴

      1. Dutch. It’s America. We’re all numb to the reality that our police are hired guns for the rich. They kill with impunity. Sure it’s easy to say what you say not being from here. I even thought it. Perhaps I would have done something and I have done it before. However I am white and the man talking on the video is obviously not. He’s even more ingrained to not participate directly.

        Clearly this is murder. Clearly if you’ve seen the other video, this is pre-meditated. As well as being an incident with more than one officer is needing to be charged.

        1. I sympathise with you. I believe america is too far gone and australia has not reached that point yet ,which is why average aussies like dutchy,badanddy and myself appear to you yanks as reckless or naive.

          This is really bad to us and i don’t think we could sleep at night if we didn’t try and do something . If australia gets more and more americanised/zionified/ globalised we will all be living in a postdemocratic world where money and bought police rule!

          1. Not making excuses for the police, especially the one who obviously murdered Floyd
            There are nearly one million police in the US, in a population that large there are going to be some bad apples, couple that with the climate of race and violence in America which was has exponentially Increased under Obama it’s no wonder the US is a powder keg.
            I think you are missing the point on the cause, put on a uniform and patrol any ghetto in the states for 20 years. I think your perspective would change
            You wrote in a previous post that the media controls the narrative so who do you think is throwing gas on this one? The media. And I don’t need to remind you who controls the media. Yes there is a Jewish element but they are also left wing bomb throwers who don’t even try to show impartiality.
            Lastly nems it’s easy to blame others for your ills, sometimes it may even be true, but it seems every negative thing that happens in your country is the result of the US. If the people of Australia want to severe ties with the US, vote in a government that will, get out there and canvass votes, raise money for your candidates. Do most aussies have that view? If so change it as above, after all you say you are afraid of a post demographic world.
            One more thought: if you’re worried about democracy, I suggest looking to China that is a totalitarian
            country and with there belt and road plans should scare the bejesus out of you. That’s what keeps me up at night.

          2. @fred1212 .asked and answered…
            you bring up good points but we have discussed all these when you last brought them up. So i don’t propose to re answer unless you specifically ask me to.

            The issue is simple. It is one of police brutality . He was a cunt ,he was always a cunt and the police force knew he was a cunt and did nothing about it, just like they did nothing about the somali handwringer political appointee cop.

            Blacks rioting and lefties and all that crap just muddies the water . The cop and his masters need to be stood against a wall and shot . If they were ,this shit would not have happened.

      2. …. I have to agree with a comment as to, why nobody did more. I’m no badass bitch who uses forums, blogs, tweets, a platform to appear as such. However, this was almost 10 minutes in the public eye, people across the street by their cars, could have blown their horns in hopes of confusion toward the officer, having by instinct, turn his head to see what’s behind him. That mother fucker was in a trance. He stares down at him all the while his knee is grinding his face on the concrete. That fag was definitely bullied at school. More than likely tried to get in military, but they rejected him, so he becomes a cop. I see him eating a bullet before he goes to jail. At the risk of sounding fuct up, his family is fair game, too

      1. Unless they can restore Floyd’s life, they can’t compensate his family. I’ve thought about what I would do if something like this happened to my kid. Especially if my daughter was calling for me just before being murdered. Would I go after that officer? Would I accept a blood money settlement and allow the justice system to hopefully give my family justice? I have zero faith in the system so it’d be hard to predict. Of course the most satisfying thing would be to kill all four of these animals. You know, say what you will about Iran, but at least they allow victims families to carry out the executions of their offenders. Maybe we need some of that in the west. I think the hardest decision would be to accept a settlement. Every singly time I spent any of that money I’d feel guilty of profiting of my child death.

        1. I actually agree with you on that if we really wanted true justice the fate of a perpetrator should be left into the hands of the victim’s surviving family members as they are the ones most hurt by the crime. No fucking money settlement…. let a grieving father put a bullet in the bastard’s skull. Or…. For those who have enough grace to spare their life and sentence them to jail instead, let it be so….. But it should always be the next of kin who get to decide. That’s real justice.

    2. i just saw the real story about that karen chick at the park. She was threatened by the black guy haha. This is why trump is president when your news becomes fake news you lose voters trying to paint a picture. So this guy told her if she dont’ put her dog on a leash hes gonna do what he wants to do and she wont like it. then she got hysterical and thats when he turned on his camera and talked like an angel. he also tried to get her dog from her with treats. His ass wouldn’t do that to grown ass man but he picked on lonley white woman at the park with her dog. Thats why until i see a video in its entirety they deserved what came to them. he could of fought with the cops reaching for his gun or anything. You guys have no clue cause its just a cnn fake news clip to paint that pretty picture as they always do.

      1. Are you still trying to blame Trump? Guess what the alternative was? Have you even researched all of sociopathic deeds Hillary and her husband are involved with? You obviously haven’t because you would have not written that comment.
        I was a Democrat before Hillary was up for the role. Just because a politician smiles nicely and is able to speak to the masses and say inspirational things, doesn’t mean that they’re not a sack of assholes. At least Trump is direct. Whatever.

      2. Oh shit… Ignore my last comment. I’m usually not that stupid. I promise. I was distracted while reading, when I came back to it I went into full rant mode. My bad. I agree with everything you posted.

      3. If there had been a weapon of any kind or even the hint of reaching for a weapon things would have not played out in this way they would have just shot him. Police don’t get close to you if you have the ability to protect yourself….. which is why everyone should own a gun mind you. Even if Mr. Floyd had been “resisting arrest” though….. execution by slow torturous suffocation was not warranted. This was very cruel.

        1. The threat was a bag of dog treats to make ass wipes like that lady leash their dogs…by throwing the treats he distracts and takes control of that animal…pretty cool way of handling people with no regard for rules.
          The guy has probably more than once been called a nigger by whites and because of his intelligence and his command of the English language an Uncle Tom by blacks…but listening to that guy speak makes me wish a lot more people of every color were like him.
          Also in the video she lunged at him and he had to ask her not to make contact with him at the end when she wanted to hug it out or some shit.

    3. Come on guys you’re not that naive. This is a deliberate act to get the easily triggered blacks rioting and they’re already falling for it. The DFL party ( Minneapolis ) is affiliated with the democrat party. They don’t mind murdering a jogger on the street in full view of everyone, being recorded. It’s all about starting the riots to bring Trump down.

      1. Lol The “Democrat” party. I see you listen to a lot of Rush Limbaugh and have a room temperature IQ.

        BTW, you do realize Ronnie Kray fueled men a lot, right? Not exactly in line with your MAGA cult worldview and everything.

      2. Triggering the masses along racial lines is also at play here. The media loves instances like this…. But will completely ignore when things don’t fit their narrative…. case in point when Kelly Thomas (a white man) was brutally murdered by police in 2011.

        1. I’ve seen videos of white women just sitting in their cars and white cops just shoot them. Also there’s the white australian woman who called the cops, went out to meet them and a muslim cop retard shot her dead for no reason so it’s not just blacks but that’s what gets shoved in our faces

      1. I was enjoying that HK until the rap started, then i switched off.
        Now to those who have been calling me a comspiracy theorist. my words are turning out to be true, That jogger was killed to start a race war so enjoy the ride mother fukkers…here we go

          1. I get you. I watched the beginning and the end bit. Rap is just an extension of the whine. Blacks whining and moaning like little kids and for about 30 years now.
            I wonder where all these blacks are going to get their shopping tomorrow now they’ve burned down the city.

          1. Okay guys, let me show you this one. I particularly like the bit at 0:42 where he has Trump as the joker. I could watch that bit all day.


            Nem, what do you mean by they use intermediaries? You mean like the Corleone family, They have a lot of buffers?

          2. Yes in a way . The Corleones would be more accessories .

            I mean “cut-outs” . People who do things for you without knowing why or what is the big picture. You tell them only half the truth .

            A formal obvious example is how Country X got rid of our Prime Ministers Rudd and Whitlam. They got onside business- leaders ,opposition leaders and security high-ups to do it for them, each of these thinking that Country X shared their values and reasons. Useful idiots ,see?

    4. This incident disgusts me. I think humans have failed here. Any part of me watching this video, wishes I was there. Wishes I could do something. I know I wouldn’t have. But knowing how this all went down, and being able to go back in time, or whatever you would call it. I would carjack someone, and drive that vehicle right into the group of those worthless pigs. Not humans, pigs. I would splatter all 4 of their skulls into the car. I hope George wouldn’t mind ……….. i just wish I could do something. Really makes me cry.

    5. It makes me laugh how so many on this site hate black people until the cops kill one. The only thing hated more than black people is cops!
      Don’t get all sensitive and defensive. It’s called a joke.
      Joking aside, it saddens me to see people so mislead by falsehoods. You certainly don’t see the black men killed by the rioting dumbasses on the news because it doesn’t fit the agenda. All of the recent goings on, from Covid to this murder, are all to prepare the United States for a fascist/communist country. Refer to it as a police state, but it’s all the same. It’s been in the works for some time now, and as we draw closer, as a Texan, I look forward to our secession and independence. Texas is quite capable of surviving as a separate entity. We have import/export, sustainable energy sources, and a viable internal economy. We also have a shit ton of armed citizens unafraid to defend our freedom so… y’all come on down anytime. We’ll throw some steaks on the grill, drink a beer, and discuss the finer points of “praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition!”

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            I know you are just a knob jockey with an assole as wide as the river Mersey From all your ass bandit

    1. It’s not about giving a shit if another worthless piece of shit dies. It’s not even about rejoicing in another dead nigger if you’re so inclined. It’s about these fucking pigs being endowed with the power to take lives with no repercussions. It’s simply not fair. Hold them to the same (if not higher) standard as the rest of us or give the people back the monopoly on violence. There’s so many people I’d love to do this to but I’m not allowed. That’s wack.

          1. Why you getting upset? You must be on your bloody period again. Emotional wreck you are, go and clean the kitchen itll help calm you down. And whilst you’re at it… why dont you whip us up some grub [p.s dont kill us]

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    2. Smfh do you know the man how are you saying something stupid like this you seem like the scumbag. People true color show when they in a safe place i hate racist people hope you and the rest of the ugly white people die. To all the good whites blacks whatever color you are and not a racist bitch thanks for being a real person.

      1. Where did I mention his fucking colour of his skin dumbass?
        To be a racist you have to say something derogatory about the race of the person…
        I said HUMAN you thick fuck, I meant all people no matter of their skin colour is skum because Of what they are doing to this planet…. that’s why I said 8 billion people ( I don’t believe there is 8 billion blacks on this planet do you? ) so shut the fuck up as you clearly don’t know what you are talking about.

        1. HA! I like your commentary. I’m not totally convinced that you’re a chick though. If you are a female, you sound like the kind who wears a bourbon stained apron, standing next to an ironing board with a cigarette hanging from your mouth. The kind who wax thier beav with fly strip for your birthday but forgot to wash the little broken off fly legs her labiases.
          Nice try. I’m not eating that shit!

          1. Glad you enjoyed it Dan lol
            Your description made me laugh Though lol
            Bourbon.. you must be a Yankee : )
            It’s Their not Thier by the way ; )
            You eat that shit Dan the man because I am a woman

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        1. I’m an engineer-turned-tech journalist, you saggy old cunt. Your boorish diatribe indicates you’re presumably an uneducated dole-dependent lump of lard with a shitload of time to spare. Now there are probably dozens of tweakers queued up outside your trailer; so back to work, lil’ piggy and remember to smile!

  1. These officers need to pay personally. This guy’s family is going to sue, and the taxpayers or the police union will pay the judgment, and the individual officers will go on to enjoy their lives. They need to make the officers pay with their personal funds and be broke the rest of their lives.

    1. Yep we need the Shari’a theres something called blood money and guess what those that have nothing to do with it dont pay. It’s sad that tax payers funds goes to these “policemen”. And when these “policemen” f up, the tax payers pay. You hours of working, making money to pay for another mans mess. Welcome to democracy

          1. you stupid bitch that deserves to be skinned alive and have me comment rip. why the fuck did you ever feel i was different? cause i say rip? who the fuck told you that was something a saint would say. i would piss in the open gun shot wound you deserve

        1. @firstinline
          I take it back 100% fucking insecure small dick loser couldnt take a legit compliment without becoming a vag hater. As you have said about men who cant control their impulsive anger without reason…hmmm..wonder what his problem really is

          “Some men have high anger levels and very low impulse control. It’s usually the result of having strong insecurities and very little confidence in some area of their life. Perhaps it’s because they have a tiny teeny weeny penis” facts on afghans dumb ass

          1. @maze600


            Even your insults are bland just like you.

            Technically I don’t clarify myself to anyone cause I dont give a fuck what you or anyone here thinks. I could be a 3 tittied Cyclops with 2 dicks and butholes for hands and I still wouldnt justify myself for you.

            Maybe try again? Or just fuck off…either way

          1. You are seriously talking too much on this site for being a bitch. STFU try to keep it to 2 posts a day nobody wants to hear a cunt talk that much. Focus on cooking, cleaning, and serving instead please.

    1. Unfortunately we live in a society that’s filled with tomboy females and feminine males. Who both love to seek attention, instead of doing anything like a rightful man with honour in saving a life they just had to record and watch in silence. Some people will say if you ran in to push that white police man then you would have been shot. But then again to die a noble death by saving the life of another is one all true men wish for. But then again our society is filled with drags homosexuals hoes feminine males. None of them possessing an atoms worth of honour or self respect so how can you expect them to save anyone. They’ve lost themselves and are controlled by a few old devil worshipping piss heads

      1. Ehhhhhhhhhhh, I was with you for most of it, definitely agree about the male/female gender spectrum but I highly doubt every single man would feel fulfilled if they die just because they try to save someone else. That’s not noble just stupid and a waste of your own life. Because like you said, to many are sheeple and live moment to moment, they will mourn your “noble sacrafice” for 15 seconds before moving on and being forced feed the next big media story.

        1. If a man does not feel fulfilled in helping the oppressed and he watches on because he may be “shot” and “killed” then that isnt a man. And you dont get killed doing something honourable for the people to mourn your sacrifice. As a real man you will do it for yourself, your beliefs and your honour. What would it benefit a man that was killed honourably if the people mourned him for 500 years? Will that bring him back to life? I may hate all those people I’ve mentioned such as homosexuals , jews, Christians, people who dont know their own gender etc but if they’re innocent and are being treated unjustly then it’s a rightful duty upon me to help them. You’re not a man you wouldnt understand. Only a few men understand the rest are snowflakes and soy boys who suck on their mums tits till they’re about 35.

          1. How does one spot the difference because you are right that I wouldnt know or understand but does such man live differently day by day and act out spontaneously should that situation arrive or do they blend in and do same day to day activities like the sheeple non man….how to spot the difference? Is it possible?

          2. I agree with your sentiment, but stating ones opinions/beliefs/morals is not the same, and much easier than acting on them or putting them into action.
            I, like you, believe right is right, wrong is wrong, fare is fare innocence should be protected and rules should be applied to everyone.
            I also believe that these beliefs should be followed and when one sees them violated (regardless of gender/age/race/religion etc) that action should be taken.
            I agree that sacrificing ones life to save another, to protect innocence or stop an injustice is noble and should be done.
            BUT tossing away ones life, wasting ones life or losing ones life over these issues, while making no impact, change or difference is a waste.
            In my opinion (and opinions are like assholes. We all have one, and mine stinks like shit) that any interference into that situation would not have changed or impacted the end result.
            Short of physically removing the officer off of him, nothing would have changed the ending. As for doing that, there were 5 LEO that could be seen, all immediately around the person detained. Any, most, maybe all of them would have acted and responded to any action as a threat. The LEO with his knee the gentleman’s neck WOULD NOT HAVE MOVED.
            His SOLE and ONLY job was to detain, control and secure the “suspect”. His training, practice and experience would have kicked in and he would do his job (detain, secure and control the suspect) and let those around him do there’s.
            In reality, such actions would have most likely hastened the end result. Once the offers started to respond to threats (real or perceived) the officers body would have tensed (standard fight or flight reflex) and put more pressure on the neck, he would brace his body for the possibility of an impact-again more tension in the body resulting in increased pressure and preparing for a possible impact he would have most likely widened his “stance” to better prepare for and take an impact. This would have most likely resulted in him increasing the distance between his knees to have more solid base to balance on. This action too would have increased pressure on the neck.
            Sadly the end result for the gentleman on the ground would be the same (more likely than not, depending on the type and extent of damage done already). Plus, most likely, there would be others injured, if not killed. Nothing would have been made “better” by this. Actually, I believe it would have made things exponentially worse.
            Tact is being able to tell someone to go fuck themselves and have them say THANK YOU when youre done. Bearing is knowing when to use tact.

        1. Calm your tits you alien. I clearly said that they would be shot but they’re killing wouldve been one of honour and saving a life. I apologise on behalf of your inability to understand what was said. But if you believe that theres no honour in helping the oppressed because you will get “shot” or “killed” then you’re in the list of homosexuals, drags, 99 million genders etc. A worthless being.

      2. You are correct 496,
        Believe me after serving my country in the armed forces and then the fire service I wish I hadn’t put my life on the line for the society that we now live in, there’s no honour in it now,
        “ If we are marked to die, we are enough
        To do our country loss; and if to live,
        The fewer men, the greater share of honour.“

        1. Trust me, I’m sure there are many people in the armed forces that are starting to realise this, soldiers dont defend countries, they defend the elites and are puppets for the elites. If the elites tell them to go to a pointless war that they’re not involved in they rarely have any say in that. And that last bit you mentioned is very profound “the fewer men, the greater share in honour”. There was once a time when men would fight for their lands and defend their people whilst their women folk would cheer them on and give them moral support.

          1. I stand corrected 496 ; ) lol
            I do actually love to cook but unfortunately whilst one is back packing around the world kitchens seem to be a rare commodity… so no kitchen apron for me : )

  2. I live in minnesota and this kind of shit just breaks my heart. i cant believe that the white as crackers can do this kind of shit reply “CANT BREATH” if you agree. fucking cops they just prove time and time again that they don’t know how to handle ANYTHING peacfully. fuck this world

    1. why do you have to be racist saying white crackers painting a democratic hilary supporter picture? This is why Trump won everyone knows thats bullshit. Black, mexican and asian cops restrain the same way when someone don’t listen and fights back. Then they cry i can’t breathe. Well you should of listened to the cops in the first place. It has nothing to do with being white black or any othe race. I can show you a vid of a white guy tied up and thrown in the back of the car and dragged into his jail still tied up where he died from sufficating. And the lady suing them for it is saying cops are more racist white people cause they wont be called racist for it. They don’t care wtf color you are. They don’t have time for 5 year old games you dont listen to their orders you going to pay for it cause when you dont listen their life is now in a lot more danger. Their life is on the line every time they make an arrest. Go be a cop and try to arrest a big ass black guy on roids who is resisting arrest and lets see if you handle it all cute and nice.

    2. Oh yes it’s the whites again, ok shitskin let’s see if ANY mainly white citys make the list.
      World wide it looks like south of the border doesn’t it except the United States city’s are democratic nigger/spick filled war zones.

      But let’s not stop there let’s take a look inside our borders. Well shit are we seeing a trend?

      While only 12% of the population ( the blacks committed

      …you know what, Fuck it. I’ve argued time and again (see previous posts) did this cop take it to far, yes. Do the research for yourself or just say statistics be racist and shit. The greatest threat to blacks is blacks themselves. You be kangs of the dung villages and shit.

  3. Also it wasn’t a forged check – he passed a 20$ bill a store clerk thought was fake, and turned out it wasn’t.

    Some Whites will of course justify this somehow to jerk off to race war fantasies of fat guys wearing elbow pads and body armor while my sons and myself continue fuck their teenage daughters and wives.

    The boot is on your neck too peckerwoods, you just don’t feel it yet

  4. Last time I was pulled over by the cops I found myself with my hands up in the car instinctually, and I’m a honkie who had nothing on me at the time. Fucking pigs are the biggest gang there is.

    1. Well with our media being a liberal shit tank what do you expect the love being surrounded by turds. A white man kills a black it’s a hate crime on national news but if a black kills a white it’s oh he/she was in the wrong place at the wrong time likely not even getting local news.

          1. You can’t resist that many of Asian trans (ladyboys, shemale or whatever you called them) are still looking better than some biological-born women.

            No sound so vain but…

  5. Guy goes into the store with counterfeit money (thief), argues with the clerk (chimps out), fights with the police when they find him at his car to arrest him (violent thug) and I am to feel sorry. Nope one less asshole in the world and you know it. If this was nigger run Africa his death would have been far more painfully and you know it.

  6. People tend to be of two positions, pro-police/anti-nigger or pro-nigger/anti-police, and consider both positions to be incompatible with each other.

    The above is wrong though. In this footage we can definitely take a anti-police position in that we can acknowledge the excessive force used by the police and criticize them for it whilst simultaneously still hating niggers and not giving a shit about this particular jogger-American.

  7. Quote

    “Remember those bootlickers who like to say that if you do what the cops tell you (ie follow orders like a good obedient sheeple who can’t think for himself), you won’t get hurt? LOL”

    Its right there your answer. Was he a law abiding citizen? NO. Was he an innocent chap? NO. Did he follow instructions? NO. So thats what you get.

    You lot want a world without police? For that you need a world without criminals. And what a beautiful world and life it could be

    Ohh, and btw…. the cop was using an approved technique so dont expect his ass in prison anytime soon

    Another din du nuffin becomes a cant du nuffin

    1. It’s not about having a world without police. It’s about having a world without corrupt law breaking police. That’s the difference. What he did was wrong. How would you feel if a cop did that to you? Or to your mother or father? He was already in cuffs. The right thing to do was to put him in the back of the cop car. Not stick your knee in his neck until he dies. If you want to give an opinion about something, put yourself in that situation first, then decide how you feel about it. I wouldn’t want that done to me. So I don’t want it done to him.

    2. That is absolutely NOT an approved method of restraint you fucking idiot. If you can watch that video and not see it for what it is you’re letting your racism dictate your perception. Seriously, I hope one of these murderous cops gets you or someone you care about like this. THAN you’d see something wrong with it right? You know, I’m as pro-white as you’re gonna get. But being pro-white does not mean being anti-others. It’s dumb fuck racist like you and the other idiots on this site. Who’ve made the idea of being pro-white erroneously synonymous with being anti-everyone else in the wider public’s mind. So yeah, good going dickhead.

    3. Here we go. Long winded and most wont read it, but here it is.
      Actually the “technique” as you called it IS NOT AUTHORIZED. As a matter of fact, it is specifically and expressly prohibited. And hold, grasp, hitting, pressure on the neck, done intentionally, with the exception of “momentary”, involentary (to be released once realized or pointed out) or done “accidentally” (no definition given) are prhobited and unauthorised.
      Cadets are taught this in the academy, this is reiterated in training and covered at the precincts.
      These type of “techniques” are taught in the U.S. military during “ground combatants” (modern day down and dirty, live or die, do unto others before they can do unto you, kill them first, fast and without doubt).
      ANY PERSON with training in hand to hand, submission, pain compliance etc should know (because its taught during the training and stressed that it is used either as a last resort, or as soon as possible. Both because of the high risk of damage and risk of death. As a last resort to save ones life when all else has failed/other tools have been ineffective, or when the situation is dynamic/explosive/violent and the target needs to be stopped immediately) that direct, constant and continued pressure on the neck can and has a high risk and probability of resulting in permanent damage, resulting in anything from paralysis, suffocation, brain damage and/or death.
      Same reason LEO and such are “prohibited” from using choke holds, “sleeper holds” and restraints on the neck that put pressure on the trachea, either artery, the vagus nerve or direct pressure (causing separation of the disks/vertebra) of the neck.
      Befote the armchair commandos jump in.
      NO, I am not a Doctor.
      YES I have more than just passing training in this area (well beyond YMCA CPR/basic first aid training or military Combat Lifesavers Course). More than a few days playing in parts of the world where I didn’t belong, doing things I shouldn’t have been doing, where people were trying to hurt me, and the only support was what we had, who we were with, our training and our equipment we brought. So it was kind of imperative we could save each other and ourselves.
      YES I have recieved the training above mentioned “techniques”. (military, civilian, and PMC).
      YES I have seen the MANY different types of outcome from these types of actions/moves/holds/techniques. In those situations they were used WITH THE INTENT TO CAUSE SEVERE HARM OR DEATH.
      YES I have used the same (in training, in real world and while deployed -yup certified, brainwashed, blind, stupid government tricked and trained stooge-).
      NO I am not a LEO, retired LEO etc.
      As long as the person did not pose a direct, immediate and fatal threat to the person using the “technique” or others, it should not have been used, let alone continued with added force. The LEO was wrong in his action (and in my opinion his intent), his peers were wrong for allowing it to happen and continue to happen. They were all wrong in their failure to be aware of the situation and their actions. They were wrong in failing to follow up with the actions/health/well-being of the person they detained (and are legally responsible for the saftey of).
      And every person present was wrong, negligent and responsible for failing to check on, determine the status of, and give IMMEDIATE LIFE SAVING SUPPORT once there was any doubt or question of the well-being of the person in their control.
      I believe that ALL people in position of power/authority/the ability to use force/have the ability to enforce-force their will on others should be held to a HIGHER STANDARD, should be accountable for their actions, should have to answer to those that they directly impact/have contact with, should have to answer to those whom they exert power/control/judgement over and should have NO special status, exceptions or excuses and should be held to, as a minimum, the EXACT SAME RULES, REGULATIONS AND LAWS AS EVERY OTHER PERSON.
      So, let the critiques, the name calling, the insults, the “you dont know shit” statements, the “you’re talking out your ass”, youre an idiot, a government stooge, just another sheep in the flock.
      Lets not forget to add racists, LEO lover, brainwashed idiot, moron, (fill in whatever race you want) lover/hater, (fill in the political party/politician) stooge/lover/hater.
      Did I forget something?
      Now IF someone wants to actually ask a question, wants me to prove/support a statement, back up/prove/verify a statement, please let me know.
      Those who can, DO. Those who CAN’T OR WON’T, criticize/critique/place blame/try to find fault. All in an attempt to cover their insecurities, failures, faults, fears and failures.

  8. here is another view from fake news. So you see here they are just putting him against the wall and nobody is choking him. But he ends up back by his car face down with a knee in the back of his head. YOu guy are telling me he didn’t put up a big ass fight from going to the wall to the street? Thats a big ass man. Id keep him down with a knee too you can’t let a big ass dude like that up after he been resisting. See how everything is cut out from when he was put against the wall till he got face planted by his car. All that footage is missing of course.

    1. As always is the case , the ‘dindunuffin’ did Do Something .
      Savages imported into the civilized world , they cannot be expected to behave as humans . Look at Evergreen , give them a ‘HED AMA KASHUN’ and watch them destroy it .

  9. Now the Jews have themselves a real black victim to parade around in the media endlessly as a way of inciting the black masses to commit even more violence against White people. Look at how angry they get even over fake victims like the “jogger”, Mike “Hands Up” Brown, or the Skittles kid (Trayvon). Just think of how pissed off they are going to be now that this real-deal shameless murdering of a black man was caught on camera, and how the Jew media is going to milk this for all it is worth.

    Was this cop really just a “psychopathic killer”? And if so, was he really stupid enough to murder this guy on camera? I NEVER cry out “hoax” or suggest that anything (let alone everything) is “staged”, but this cop had some sort of a motive for doing this. Either he’s a Jew, who will be given a 1-way ticket to Israel to escape prosecution or… I don’t even know. I mean, he murdered a handcuffed suspect on camera in such a made-for-TV manner that there has to be an explanation for it, and the kosher media benefits the most from it (they FINALLY have a real-deal “din du nuffin” victim here). Even if he was just a psychopathic serial killer who was simply choking out yet another victim, doing it on camera (in such a crass carefree manner) just doesn’t make any sense at all.

    1. If you had to deal with subhuman filth ten hours a day four to five days a week for years getting spit on, shit talked, one out of five fighting you to get cuffed, dealing with pimps, blackheads and murderers, rarely being thanked, the whole block knows who shot lil G but Fuck the police we don’t snitch you would lose it too.

      Obviously 25% of the police force needs a vacation or another line of work. Segregation worked let the blacks police the blacks and when it all come crumbling down they will only have themselves to blame.

  10. Once we are able to hold the police accountable, then it’s time to go after DA’s and ADA’s
    for knowingly (or blatantly ignoring exonerating evidence) put people in prison, and then refuse to reverse it so they won’t look bad. Damn our country is fucked up.
    But also, fuck all of those “protesters” that are looting stores. So, because a black man died that you don’t know, you deserve to take home a couple new tv’s?

  11. This is one of the most sickening videos I’ve ever seen. If anything is police brutality, this is it right here. No words. The two officers in the video need to be publicly executed.

  12. All law enforcement abuse the power they have and yes I’ve been brutalized by cops for no reason as a teenager as well this man got killed over what ? It’s a shame we need to make a force that polices the police

  13. I literally know this cop. I met him 10 years ago.
    I’ll just say this; I’m not totally shocked…I could tell he had it in him to be like this.
    I met him through his wife, whom I was good friends with before they were married.
    She’s a gorgeous little Hmong lady and a total sweetheart. I don’t know what she saw in that dude.
    When he’s locked up I’ll have to pay her a visit.

  14. Hello fellow gorers im a new member and im so happy to join this community of like minded peeps ive been here for almost a year but finally made an account the comments on here are the best(gore) and i wanted to join the fun

    1. If your cool and not a nazi hello and welcome You sick gore loving, death addicted, pain, misery slurping dark soul. Congratulations on finally taking the step to create an account to comment on the gore(a more active role) I had to start commenting. Recommend the murder section.

      1. Thanks Serial! I love the murder section its probably my favorite up there with trains hangings executions and jumpers. Hey i was wondering. how can i add friends on here? I wanted to add you and some BG legends i see on like every page commenting.

  15. Man what a evil soulless piece of flesh. It was so obvious he was trying to kill that mam. God I would love to punch him in the face so hard his jaw half fell off. Then rip off the dangling piece and smash it. And then of course beat to death his asian little man bitch. That was torture period totally unnecessary enough pressure for pain and discomfort, but not enough to outright kill. You don’t need to know Brazilian ju-jitsu to know that.

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