Brutal Execution of George Floyd by Minneapolis Tyrants

If You Want a Vision of the Future, Imagine a Boot Stamping on a Human Face - Forever

Brutal Execution of George Floyd by Minneapolis Tyrants

Remember those bootlickers who like to say that if you do what the cops tell you (ie follow orders like a good obedient sheeple who can’t think for himself), you won’t get hurt? LOL!

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, a group of tyrants with badges extrajudicially executed 46 year old George Floyd in broad daylight and in full view of bystanders. Per usual, the tyrants lied in the report about what happened, but then the video of the incident surfaced…

The video shows a citizen killer identified as Derek Chauvin pressing his knee into the neck of George Floyd, who repeatedly says he can’t breathe, cries out for his mother and says “everything hurts.” Chauvin has three officer involved shootings under his belt.

Derek Chauvin was however not the only tyrant participating in the execution of Mr. Floyd – there were at least three of them suffocating him with their knees while he was handcuffed and lying face down on the road.

Tou Thao, the seemingly armless tyrant enjoying the abuse from a safe distance, was sued for excessive force in 2017, when with another cop named Robert Thunder he assaulted a family, including an eight-month-pregnant woman who were walking home.

The tyrants were investigating an accusation of forgery when they arrested Mr. Floyd. Mr. Floys worked as a security guard at a local restaurant. The police union made a statement that we shouldn’t “rush to judgement“, ya know, the same way these tyrants rushed to judge Mr. Floyd and decided he should be killed.


The plot thickens – George Floyd and Derek Chauvin – the tyrant who killed him both worked at a south Minneapolis club as security up until last year, according to the club owner. There could very well be far more to this story. And I mean FAR MORE!

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397 thoughts on “Brutal Execution of George Floyd by Minneapolis Tyrants”

  1. Simple…Don’t commit so many crimes and don’t resist arrest….you can make assumptions…but let’s be honest about human nature,I live in a all white little town and I’m white,I don’t bring my gun along when I walk my dog….if I’m going into a black neighborhood I bring my 9mm and change my character…cops might be assholes but they have to be….let’s face it,black people don’t really have a great reputation of being non violent.

    1. Simple….the man tried to cash a forged check a crime that could easily fall into the white collar category. White collar crime(economic) is committed mostly by white people (men) fact and effects everyone. No videos on here of black or any non-white cop doing this to a white person deliberately slowly killing them in front of a crowd with literally zero resistance and you never will. Most crimes which aren’t recorded for public record which is all statistics are. The crime police should be worried about if they fear for their lives is homicide. And I hate to burst yoir bubble, but most police(the small amount that actually are killed) are not shot to death by black men, but white. Along with the fact that most gun owners are white , those with the most powerrful, and the largest arsenals legal or otherwise. I carry a gun in white neighborhoods like Ahmaud Arbery should’ve barely a week ago. Police have been assholes to black people, the poor (including white people) literally from day one. I don’t a fuck what race they were this shit was wrong coming from a guy who likes death and mutilation. Your morals and lack of honor is incredible. Even the usual racists can even admit this was fucked. Maybe it’ll be some minority cop applying slow tortuous pressure to you or your kin for jaywalking or not social distancing you won’t be rushing to explain away shit.

  2. I gladly watch dismemberments, beheadings, & suicide, but had a problem watching this one. I felt for the darkie, but knew the impending shitstorm was at the horizon. The darks are not human.

      1. Go rob a Walmart & chant black lives matter, that will surely help your cause. I actually hate the black race even more now, as if that’s possible. I carry an AR 15 with me everywhere I go, Fuck with me or my family & prepare to die.

  3. This fucking video really pisses me off man. That poor guy. I Wish i could be there pull a t-shirt over my head, & run up quickly and kick that cunt right under his neck/chin killing him instantly while he chokes on the blood from his busted larynx/wind pipe that goof. I Mean kick him in the face so fucking hard as if i am kicking a football for a 200 yard field goal attempt. 🙁

  4. When a White man commit a crime and resist the same thing can happen…. But when it happens to a black man, they commit Riots, Arson, Robberies, Rapes, Looting, Asault, Killing, Criminal fire etc …

  5. fuck…, that’s not nice what that cop did, he behaved like an asshole, the poor brother did not seem to be aggressive, and he looked like a chill brotha, excessive use of force was not necessary, i felt sad watching this

  6. Thats sad. But you can’t call all cops of the world criminals because of one. Thats a very bullshit speech coming from you.
    I know you hate cops. You really do. But control yourself.

  7. I come to this site to watch people die horribly. It’s entertaining, makes me feel good. However, I do feel… strangely bad for him. Just a little. The people standing around should have promptly delivered street justice. Peel off his face and pour gasoline in his eyes. Shove needles under his toenails and bang ’em with a concrete block. Slowly crush his head in a hydraulic press over the course of several days. Anally rape him with a rusty chainsaw. You know, fun stuff like that.

  8. Well, his history should be held against him, excessive force is common for him, what a joke to let him just be, sorta like a last straw, but a possible murder conviction now? Also, i did not witness any videos of there being THREE others on Ms. Floyd as he was detained, and he screamed for his momz, how crucial, everything hurts… Ppl feel it now.

    Lord Be With the dear. 🙁 🙂

  9. The scariest thing in my opinion is that his partner just watched everything happen … It ’s terrible for a police station to have a lunatic,they have two….

  10. My god you yanks are fucken angry.Give every cunt a gun give every cunt a badge…Let’s just lay on his neck for half an hour shall.What a fucked up cop he is.What the fark was he waiting for.Santa Clause?Get him on the ground hand cuff him and the jobs done ffs USA

  11. Fair dinkum if I walked past and saw that I would of dropped the dopey fat cop that looks like he doesn’t know where his brain is with a roundhouse then booted the absolute shit out of the other motherfucking waste of space cop that obviously has no feelings for human life.Then I would of gone to town

  12. Ngl I’ve been on bestgore for about 2/3 years now? And I’ve never ever thought to make an account because there was no point and I have now made one to just say the cops are a disgrace it doesn’t matter what George floyd did or didn’t do those cops acted unprofessionally they had NO reason to force him down like that and it sucks we live in a world like this normally I come on to bestgore to make me feel happy but this video did the opposite, but also I’m quite annoyed because if that was a white man nothing would happen, It wouldn’t matter; There wouldn’t be any news or whatever, But cause it’s a black man the whole of Minneapolis is going mad and the news are having a fun time reporting this. Smh…. What also annoyed me was the fact that nobody was there to atleast protect George everyone sat back to record it and act like pussies..

    1. Sub-Saharan blacks are not human, they are talking apes. Look at their appearance, their behavior and their evolutionless features all over the world cause problems, there you have the Caribbean, Haiti and Venezuela, two failed states full of black and mulatto bastards.

  13. Hes saying he cant breath and talking a lot… you have to be able to breath to speak. Its obvious the pig is preventing oxygen to his brain. Nobody even has the brains to see what is really happening. Somebody should have smashed that pigs head, and I hope when he is in jail somebody fucks his face with their boot. I hate niggers, but I hate cops worse…

  14. 1 the person saying bro too much needs a bigger vocabulary, that word gets annoying when over used like that. 2 i’m not racist, i just hate stupid people, & those cops are definitely stupid.

  15. why? it’s just exhausting to see all these heartbreaking posts; and its all because these cops think they have privilege, when all they have is authority. but even so, that does not give any right for them to display such cruelty. nobody is above the law, and everybody deserves justice. everybody.

    too bad the cops were to busy staring at the teacher’s ass in high school during the pledge to hear “liberty and justice for all”. i am ashamed to be american and i would never stand by this. i hope we can change for the better

  16. Fucking serial killers with uniform, people needs to wake up and stop this tiranny cause it’s getting out of fucking control, I hope that tyrant piece of shit gets at least death penalty, otherwise the family will never get justice

  17. When you commit a crime and resist bad thing happen !!! No matter what is your fucking skin color.

    He use a fake bill and try to rip off a honest citizens who work (instead of him) and resist to his arrest.
    I am not sure but i think he was accused of rape in 1989, but I was not able to corroborate this information at this time but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    The lesson of this story is that pigs will always remain pigs and negroes will always remain negroes, It’s fucking science in my opinion…. this is make sense to you guys ?

  18. just remember kids, all pigs are bad m,kay? also why should we care about George Floyd? not the first nig to be killed by the cops and probably wont be the last so yeah fuck it

  19. Can’t believe these people. This guy gets asphyxiated in broad daylight, the officers involved had already been cleared of other accusations in the past, so you know they’ll probably get away with it, other than getting fired, so what do people do? Burn down buildings, loot the store of random innocent people, and just overall make the city into a fiery hell. Honestly, these people should get their heads out of their asses and go lynch the officers involved and put their heads on a spike. ‘Tis the only way justice will actually get served to these pigs.

  20. man the Minneapolis police department is corrupt as can get
    Bribes,murder,missing evidence,endless complaints,and they got the Hennepin County Medecial Examiner in they’re back pocket.
    This single incident will change this so called”America” forever.
    They started with this bullshit covid-19 to test how well Americans will listen and it failed so now let’s move on to Martial law and o yeah bring in some ac-130s and mobilize the Army and National guard.
    Time to wake the Fuck up
    O yeah half the country is too busy riding a nigger dick or I mean hating
    Bet the person screaming nigger this nigger that is shitting them selves right now tuned into fox news around the clock.
    Don’t fuckin play dumb
    You truly thought this country would make it past 300 years pfft…think again

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