Business As Usual in Brazil – Man Riddled with Bullets in Favela

Business As Usual in Brazil - Man Riddled with Bullets in Favela

Business As Usual in Brazil - Man Riddled with Bullets in Favela

It’s business as usual in Brazil when favela guys do the favela things on a favela street. Abundance of flip flops is a given.

In the video, a man is riddled with bullets on a public road in broad daylight somewhere in Brazil. He already bleeds from the back and head when the video starts, so he was probably shot down from the distance, but the killers just had to show off for the camera with how many bullets they have.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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70 thoughts on “Business As Usual in Brazil – Man Riddled with Bullets in Favela”

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  1. Inspired me to make a Brazilian themed restaurant. Dress code is pool shorts and flip flops. The plates will be flip flops and and bowls will be soccer balls. Salt shakers will be bullets. Knives will be big machetes. Quirky menu names like Jamed gun jam, beheaded beef, dismembered chicken stew, flayed flounder, Drug trade Brule. hahaha

    1. Would be quite a hard time. I mean, There are more going around this putrid little big blue ball of our. Like Central Africa’s never ending warzone, Eastern Europe’s mafia, China’s nonstop work place accident, India’s train hopper. But yes, Brazil and Mexico seem to producing these videoes like a bad case of diarreah.

    2. look chinese killing each others…

      look indian crushing under train…

      looking snackbar beheading people with dull blades…

      looking russian killing each other over drugs or drink…

      looking thai being crushed by truck on road…

      looking cops killing people in america…

      theyare tons of stuff BG can show without brazil.

  2. – first guy (pov) gun jammed after the first shot…
    – second guy start shooting with SMG, hit target only 1 time.

    fucking jesus (spreading his arms on top of that mountain) , cant theses guys at least learn how to use a gun and how to clean them ?

  3. That place Brazil is getting just more retarded by the day, and ranks right up there with The Mexican Sicario’s. And Like Mark says,, which could not be closer than The Truth,,, it’s business as usual as these thugs go on shooting people on city streets, and i broad daylight with absolutely no care in the world, lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Just the fact that Cowboy-Shit, or stuff like this is still going-on in the world today, shows us just how Evil, and completely Fucked-Up This Place we call home, is really becoming more, and more by the day.

  4. Jesus-Man,,, the bullets must be super cheap in Brazil. I must Get on that, & check that out instead of Purchasing the WW#2 Era wooden crates filled of 1200 rounds of Pre-Clipped Russian/Ukrainian Ammo That i have been getting forever!

  5. Am I the only one who wonders why it is America puts their nose into the business of the middle east muslim countries but fail to do anything about their closest neighbors and the abhorrent disregard these neighbors of ours have for other ppls lives? i mean the horrendous acts of evil that are commonplace in Brazil in Mexico, Venezuela, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia and many more of our neighboring southern countries just doesn’t seem to bother America even though it’s right there next door in our faces but is continued to be allowed! The war on drugs is bullshit America isn’t fighting a war on drugs shit they are part of the distribution of them!

    1. True, but did it ever occur to you that America is very much to blame for the shit in your neighbour’s places as well? Look up the Monroe Doctrine ,School of Americas and how America has interfered in your neighbour’s affairs even since your own independence.

      I’m sick of hearing about supposed Russian interference in America when the Americans interfere everywhere . In addition,they turn a blind eye to real interference in America by Israel and the Mohammedan countries. It seems some interference is more equal than others.

      Drugs in America ? It has been said by smarter people than us that the US was kept afloat by drug money being laundered through “real businesses ” in the GFC2008. In other words , tax payers paying for all the greed and stupidity of the big banksters was not enough to keep the economy going .There is no way drug criminals or cartels could survive unless the very top aren’t involved as well.

      Just thinking out loud and responding and adding to what you have rightly said.

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