Captain Save-A-Ho Kyle Rittenhouse Gets His Ass Whooped by White Knights

Captain Save-A-Ho Kyle Rittenhouse Gets His Ass Whooped by White Knights

Captain Save-A-Ho Kyle Rittenhouse Gets His Ass Whooped by White Knights

On July 1 of this year, Kyle Rottenfag – the BCG champion, NWO posterboy, and hero to globalist shills, got his ass whooped by white knights after suckerpunching a girl who was in an active fight with someone else and had her back turned to him.

I guess when you’re a little bitch fag too chicken to face a girl like a man in July, you ain’t gonna be no different in August. Your creepy crocs and tranny shorts won’t make your pussy actions appear tough. And neither will purple gloves.

After missing just about every punch on the girl who was facing away from him, the beta soy-boy got his ass whooped by a pair of white knights who watched the Captain Save-a-ho act it up from a car.

These brave American heroes taught the thug a lesson…” – am I doing this right?

Or is this better? “It’s self defense. The girl was vandalizing a dumpster…

Here’s the video of the altercation eventually escalating into a fight:

And the video of Rotten Fag getting his ass beat by who I was told was a boy and a girl. For a mangina of this caliber, there’s no wonder he needs an AR penis extender to make up for the lack of manliness. Unfortunately, I got the video without audio:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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149 thoughts on “Captain Save-A-Ho Kyle Rittenhouse Gets His Ass Whooped by White Knights”

  1. Captain Save-A-Ho ??
    Ahhh-Man Mark, lol, you’re on the ball today brother, as you are witty/funny as Fuck. 🙂

    Those guys at the end of the 2nd. video,,, well they wanted no Part-O-That Shit, and decided instead decided ta Get Da-Fuck Outta Dodge Man, lol. 😉

    1. @Thedre,
      Hey Dre, I think the two homeboys filming this called him captain save a ho first. Mark borrowed it from them. You know jus sayin.
      Either way it’s been a while. Hope you are staying safe from this communist plandemic?

          1. I’m more a doer than a talker that’s why I don’t come around much so keyboard heros have nothing to fear of me. I plan to blow shit up come 9/11 but shshshshhhh! Thou shall not reveal my secret.
            As for Antifa, BLM or anything funded by George Soros, a quick death isn’t good enough for me. I want to watch it slowly drown, burn, strangled, mangled, crushed, ripped apart piece by piece, etc. That’s how much I hate libtardism

          2. 99% of trumptards are just like the pussy in this video. U all think your fairy god father is swooping down to whisk u away to heaven when u die, so u eat shit and don’t exercise. Weak, soft, pathetic and dumb. All the while your hero funnels your money to his jewish and russian buddies. Pathetic.

          3. no kidding. i never realized this would be a leftist beta site. this guy Kyle, fended off 3 asswipes simultaneously with his LEGAL firearm. NO he DIDN’T carry it across state lines. one literally had a gun, and Kyle with the the skill of a marksman only shoots the arm holding the gun, the other tried to take his head off with a skateboard, and the other was running him down, when kyle finally turned and shot him in self defense point blank. COMPLETE AND TOTAL SELF DEFENSE.

            but the faggot on this site are dwelling on some older video where he got in a fight? and looks like he was jumped there too.

          4. Yeah it sucks, at this point they’ve basically just infiltrated a lot of right-wing forum sites to spread their trans nigger faggot propaganda, meanwhile they’ve also somewhat adapted the right-wing online trash talk, forgetting that it doesn’t suit them or what they stand for at all. This article is a perfect example of that, “Rottenfag,” – you should think that was coming from some 4chan basement-dwelling faglord but instead it’s coming from people willing to go down on their knees for faggots.

      1. steel ball?? Teenager body?? Sounding every bit like a faggot bootlicker I expected to make such a disturbing comment. But I’m not surprised pedophilia originated in the shit hole wastelands of Europe. Amongst the inferior knuckle-dragging white race

    2. LoL, Captain Save-A-Ho is a pretty common saying/meme. I was just telling someone the other day how I go to lengths not to be one. I’m not sure how he’s a Cpt. Save A Ho though since he’s punching bitches and getting punched by a bitch.

    3. Mark, you are so right about these useful idiots that are being manipulated. Almost everything one is seeing on tv, and most of the internet, are lies. BG is one of the few places left uncensored. All respect to you Sir.
      False flag coming. Real martial law, not the martial law light you have now.

      1. @roxi
        You are a smart Girl, and B G Sister Roxi.
        I Agree with You 100% That Our Brother, And Best-Gore’s Owner **Mark** is correct.
        Actually,,, he is, And (Has Always) Been Correct when it comes to delivering Nothing but the Truth To The Masses.

        And Furthermore,, when it comes to Exposing All Of The Brutal, And Evil-Jewish Lies that have plagued our beautiful Godly-Created Earth, He Is *KING* or The master messenger of Good. 🙂

  2. His shoes make me laugh every time. Why the fuck would someone go out dressed in clown shoes like that, lol.

    However. My opinion is that he still acted in self defence in Kenosha, albeit in a legally grey manner. As for his character, Rittenfag is indeed a pathetic and nerdy mess of a man with a ridiculous dress style but that in itself is a non-issue when you consider that the guys he killed had even shittier characters. One was a convicted paedophile and the other was a domestic abuser of some experience.

    There are no grand champions to be found here. All involved shouldn’t have been there that day. They were all playing fast and loose with their morals and actions. Rittenfag certainly is a pathetic loser but so are Antifa and black lives matter for that fact. No winners, only losers.

    Those shoes though, lol.

      1. So don’t bother addressing a single point in Empty Soul’s comment just attack him for having an (alleged) little dick and (alleged) empty skull.
        That was a textbook Yid move.
        Maybe you’ve been dining too long and hard on freshly snipped infant foreskins and fellating the blood from those baby dicks…just maybe.

        1. If Korben was dining on baby dick blood, he would probably be a lot smarter. Empty soul is a completely useless cock sucker, but Korben did fail to point out where he is wrong. Other than the protracted, narcissistic way that Emptysoul speaks, you can tell he loves hearing himself, would probably falaciate himself if he could, his points are rather valid.

          Although RittenFags “self-defense” arguement is rather paper thin, considering he transported that rifle across state. His entire fate centers around his layers trying to *prove* (lie) that he got the rifle “from a friend in state”

          1. “but Korben did fail to point out where he is wrong. Other than the protracted, narcissistic way that Emptysoul speaks, you can tell he loves hearing himself”.

            Says the guy who stalks my comments from page to page and keeps making replies no one gives a shit about apart from yourself, lol. You really are the man in the mirror.

            Want to know why I back Rittenfag. Its because I own my own home, fully paid for after years of working hard. I have a family, a job, friends and a social life. Yep. Everything you don’t. If some Antifa/Blm dickhead tried to burn my shit down I would defend my lot in life and if a Rittenfag type came to my area whilst Antifa/blm were in the process of burning it and he started shooting the Antifa/blm people I would defend him too. It is that simple.

            You however sound like you have nothing in life. The way you stalk me around this place, making your silly little hobgoblin comments and projecting all your pathetic and worthless self traits onto me gives credence to that.

            I come on here to have a laugh and blow off steam. I do not take myself seriously for the most part and I certainly don’t give a shit about Rittenfag, lol. Why the fuck would I when I am not even American.

            It is also very telling that you are always going on about Jews and stating that you know the truth about them and want to warn everyone and yet here you are desperately working hard to point out why the Jewish made laws of America mean that self-defence is not a valid action, lol. Granted I am not an American but I don’t recall the second amendment mentioning state lines and gun barrel lengths when addressing the right to bear arms and defend ones country.

            Really, Agent Ukraine. You sound fucked up to me. A mess of a man. One who oozes resentment, jealousy and anger from every pore. A person who wants to watch the world burn because they feel they have never been allowed to be a part of it.

            Anyhow. I have no time in my life for a new pet so stop being a sad little doggy, constantly following me around and pissing up my leg.

    1. I have always worn shoes where i would be ready for anything. It’s hard for me to understand how some people are so casual in the wardrobe.
      As far as his shootings being justified, they were 100% justified.
      If rioters can burn down cities and just takeover cities, of course citizens have a right to use their 2nd amendment right.
      He was being shot at before the first shooting and then he was chased down and assaulted and one of the assailants had a pistol out and admitted that he had shot at kyle. That assailant got a good chunk of arm blown off.
      That being said, at this point i do not suggest for citizens to get involved. It seems that the government is supporting the riots and is very ready to charge citizens with murder for self defense, so i would stay away from any BLM or Antifa protest.
      Funny how the MEDIA demonizes protests against the lockdown but praises BLM protests.
      Anyways, it all seems to be theatrics.
      Im afraid Trump might be part of the show as well, a sort of controlled resistance.

      1. If the guy with the alleged pistol in his hand was gonna kill Rittenhouse- he would have fired six or more rounds at him when he went down- ESPECIALLY in consideration that Rittenhouse still had a rifle in his hands. You don’t mess around with someone if you are bent on killing them.
        I suspect the glock guy wanted to maybe rob the rifle but didn’t want to commit murder to do it. It’s the only conclusion that would makes sense with the video.
        Despite all that- I believe Rittenhouse is a great example of a young American man. Unlike you ridiculous people calling him a fag- imagine calling a 17 yr old who defends himself from a criminal mob after they knock him to the ground and walks away unharmed- the ridiculousness of calling him ‘fa’ as if he has no fighting abilty, after what everyone has seen. The pukes who come on this disgusting website and laugh at people who are suffering deeply and dying are not worth Rittenhouse’s dirty underwear. I personally bvelieve Rittenhouse will be acquitted as soon as a jury deliberates.

  3. Kyle Rittenhouse is a beaner Hispanic Israel firster who shot 3 white men. Jewish first priority is to do away with white race. The globalists’ sockpuppets rarely let facts stand in the way of their agenda.


    1. it does not matter as he is not a nigger like you, niggers ruin races, just how it will be difficult to find a black bitch without straighten hair and a pound of makeup that is the same for a bitch to find a good looking nigger, while as many natural pretty girls you see in other races it is the same for girls when they see guys in other races not nigger, I could be well off without ever seeing a white girl, I am good with my bitches I love them, if it is not purple or pink the colour of their eyes it makes no difference to me they have a male colour in their eyes, soI go for beauty, I bet the prettiest girl you have seen is a latina and if you think it was a white girl it maybe was a latina too because they have the most obssesive faces white looking or latina looking and that is why you liked her, pure natural beauty, while you are a nigger or a nigger worshipper, you are a looser other wise you would not want to be seen like a slave worshipper, a foot rest in front of a couch for niggers, I have never seen a nigger have a pretty female offspring with a pretty woman non nigger, never, if it wasn’t for that would not have your nigger masters I tell you the reason why I am racist, if we are going to trade bitches you got to give me something equal value not some garbage only good for one night, I only marry or live with the best looking bitches, an natural too since I will be seeing them when they wake up too, and is not the colour of the skin, I have seen some really dark indian girls, natural straight hair and beauty to want them in bed all day every day, even if I get used to her I still know what I have when I remember the first day I saw her and how other people see her since you know when you get used to a bitch it feels weird.

    2. He shot a convicted kike pedophile. Rosenbaum. AND JEWS AREN’T FUCKING WHITE. You should watch that VIDEO link you claim is controlled opposition.
      You claim EVERYTHING is controlled opposition.

      Geezus fuck.

  4. What language are they speaking in that video? I know it’s unlikely, but can anyone, anyone at all provide a translation ?
    I think I thought I heard the word “beech” but could be mistaken…….

    1. “The Black Speech” is an unpleasant-sounding language full of guttural throat-growls and spits and snarls; unpleasant and alien to the more pleasant languages. Niggers’ eboonics even make foreigners sound fluent in English. It’s that embarrassingly bad. But niggers don’t care. As long as they get muhsex, no problem.

    2. Yeah. The same. I couldn’t catch one fucking word of it. They might as well have been speaking Urdu for fucks sake. How in the hell can they consider that shit English.

      Its like that scene in the movie Airplane where the niggers are talking gibberish and the old white woman comes in to translate except I actually understood some of what those niggers were saying. I however understood nothing of these niggers in this video and they dare wonder why they cannot get da gud job an sheeeeeeit an why dey be kep down an sheeeeeeit. Why dey beez low paid an sheeeeeeit, gnome sayin.

      Fucking hell. Niggers are fools to themselves. Nature’s very own jesters. Yeah, I wonder why they are at the bottom of society. Sure is a mystery, lol.

        1. Well, at least you won’t rape me because you black males can’t stand your own women. You spend every waking moment fawning over every other race of women but your own.

          The worst you would do to me then is get me pregnant and run. Thus leaving me a single mother with no child support payments and a burden to the taxpayer.

          1. Only a fag would imagine what a black man would do to him if he was a woman, and then try to use that against them as a talking point in an arguement.

  5. I’m gonna need a little more information before I say for sure its the same guy. I would think theres more than one person out there with his gay slip ons and they probably look something like him

  6. The video on this post it only shows a couple of seconds of.. what appears to be a physical confrontation of sorts which any logical thinker will not bother to draw conclusions from it cause it’s just simply not enough information, and not just simply not enough but the recording itself is shitty at best.
    I am highly suspecting that whoever recorded this video has more of this video but only publicized what we are seeing here leaving other parts of the video out… There should be no doubt that this videos have been edited and that would make it even harder to understand what actually went on.
    Or why would the second video have no audio I’m pretty sure that it did have audio the moment it was recorded.

  7. female wants to fight like a man you hit them like one. And lets see who the real manginas are. its the dudes 4 deep in a car looking to jump 1 white guy that has his back turned to them. For a female they don’t know and didn’t know what she did. Its easy to be a tough guy 4 on 1. They were gangster for like 2 seconds before they decided they didn’t want to catch any punches themselves. typical blm people. ONly fighting when the odds are in their favor. If its not they call the police that they want to defund.

  8. Negros and white trash, they came out of nowhere like flies on a dog turd. What a shit stain places like that are. I bet half the economy of that city is dependent on welfare and Medicaid checks that take care of fatherless mulatto offspring.

  9. Black knights had to intervene hitting a girl is a big no amongst blacks. Disappointing to see lack of passion in their voice as a result their hindi sounded a bit like swedish with 3 words of english

    1. I am DEFINITELY a racist. White power, white supremacy forever. I would kill every single nigger on earth, and every white left wing black supremacist if I had the power. I would literally annihilate you from existence, completely genocide you.

  10. Niggers voices are so ugly and disgusting I have to mute it. I cannot stand those monkey african creatures, everything about them is UGLY and evil. They are primitives, FUCK their lives. We don’t kill nearly enough of them, not even close. Americans should genocide them.

      1. He’s definitely going to do time, Mark. If he gets off there will be riots and looting again so they will make sure he gets at least 8 years to stifle the mobs anger.

        It will be a lesser degree of manslaughter that he will get hit with for the first killing with the second killing and the wounding of the third man coming under self-defence because they’re on video attacking him whilst he was down.

        Add to the above one or two legal violations relating to gun ownership rules and he will get around 8 to 12 years no doubt. Possibly reduced on appeal.

        1. Why do you spout off bullshit if you have literally no idea what you are talking about.

          Ive explained this to people before, who have little comprehension of the law but seem to think they are lawyers.

          You cannot claim self defense while in the act of a crime. Such as, being a minor and transporting a long barrel rifle across state lines. Its evident what I am saying is true because, his lawyers have already made a statement saying something along the lines of: “Kyle did not transport the rifle across state lines, he obtained it from a friend, inside of Kenosha.”

          That matters why? Because unless they can convince a jury/judge that he DIDNT carry that rifle across state, he cannot argue self defense.

          Stop talking about things you dont understand. You run around spouting your bullshit on this website too often.

          1. Are you a member of the Special Olympics or something?.

            This place is called best gore not best legal minds. One does not need to be an authority on anything to have an opinion on here or anywhere else outside of an actual field of employment for that matter.

            Its not as if I will be entering the fucking court to defend the guy myself or to prosecute him. My “opinions” then are just that “an opinion” as in a viewpoint not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof you autistic little dribbler.

            I understand that Autards get hung up on this shit but do try to go easy on the rest of us will you.

          2. Oh boo hoo, I must have hit a nerve. Did I hurt your feelings retard?
            Im sorry that, I prefer to talk about things I know, its called an INFORMED OPINION. Usually when I dont know a lot about something, I try to keep my mouth shut.
            But you wouldnt know anything about that. You just sip your wine and spew your DRIVEL, any chance you get. Thinking it means something to somebody other than yourself…

          3. Lol, you don’t have many friends do you.

            People talk to each other all the time about things they know little about. Its called socialising but I guess an autistic person like you wouldn’t know much about that. It is also quite humorous that you come on best gore expecting random people on the internet to have specialty knowledge or hold their tongues, lol.

            You know. If you actually want to be normal, have friends and get laid I suggest not limiting yourself or others to only speaking on topics on which you or they possess an “informed” opinion.

        2. Only someone as obtuse as you, would tell an individual on a gore forum to “be more normal.” I get laid plenty buddy. Dont worry about my cock. Regardless, im sure anyone you are fucking, id never be interested in. Probably because im not into paying for sex.

        1. None of those people were jews dumb fuck. Jews dont end up in jail for pedophilia, they get paid for it. This was a mexican killing white people.
          Jews are literally laughing their asses off right now. Things are going exactly to their plan, you fucking retard.

  11. Mark @happy

    Why allow all the globalist shills to ruin your site with the worship of whites hating Trump, whites hating police, or this whites hating hispanic bootlicker? For a decade, this was a site of awakened people. Now it is invaded by globalist agents of the New World Order. They couldn’t silence you, so they got their shills to subvert the message of your site. Don’t you see it?

  12. Man, the author of this article sure is a faggot loving communist. Probably just upset one of his online pedo buddies was capped by someone with actual balls to go outside and practice what he preaches, not some larping, terminally online edgelord millenial retard like people on bestgore. Try what your buddies did so you can roast in hell with them sooner 🙂

    1. “Roast in hell with them sooner” I’m against pedophilia (and communism) but “roast in hell with them sooner”? Oh boi, don’t threaten me with a good time. I mean, it’s not exclusively called “hell” and the roast or the eater of the roast may or may not be you depending on the day, but still. Telling demons to roast in hell is like telling dogs to walk through the park lol 😉

    2. Arent you on bestgore?
      To the point where you arent just a visitor? You literally made a profile to post a comment.
      Wouldn’t that make you, one of those terminally ill, retarded edgelords that you are discussing so fondly?
      Just thinking outloud here.

  13. While I disagree with the guy hitting the girl and going on to shoot people in the street I can’t stand people who say things like “an AR is a penis extender” or “using an AR is being a pussy”.

    Only stupid people show up to a riot unarmed. If the riot is violent and you know that then it makes the person showing up unarmed just as responsible for what takes place just as much as the shooter. Proof of that fact is the police literally show up with a sidearm, a shotgun and an AR-15 along with other gang members of theirs.

    In the end if you can’t get out of a situation and you are getting the shit kicked out of you by 5 people then yeah that’s when he should have used a gun. Not a month later.

    And I already am aware people will say “if you use a gun and everyone else is unarmed then you are a pussy.” But there is a such thing as self preservation and is closely tied to natural selection. If you are too stupid to arm yourself in a situation that calls for a gun ie. violent riots, then that is natural selection based entirely off the person who thought riots were going to be a peaceful assembly. And shooting someone who is acting violent and unpredictable is self preservation.

    There is an old saying “God made man, Samuel Colt made them equal.” If you want an equal fight then in a world where you know guns exist you should probably not be so quick to dismiss the use of them unless you plan on un-inventing firearms which is impossible. The tech is already in existence. People really need to stop blaming inanimate objects and trying to get them banned because that is the stupidest action of all. Its like a fat ass blaming a spoon for why they are fat.

  14. Why are people writing essays on tue grabage “video” the camera moght as well of been off it was so bad and even with the shitjob nothing interesting not even any gore 2/10 thats for participation points i guess. Fuck this video and all parties in it.

  15. whoever wrote this video description, you’re a blowhard.

    I think I’d judge his skill with his firearm in (successfully)fending off three adult attackers(two of which were armed) in an incredibly precise act of self defense, over some random school yard fight.

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