Cartel Members Show Off Dumping Graveyard with Decapitated Bodies

Cartel Members Show Off Dumping Graveyard with Decapitated Bodies

Cartel Members Show Off Dumping Graveyard with Decapitated Bodies

In some Spanish speaking country, presumably in Mexico, members of an unspecified cartel showed off a dumping ground with decapitated corpses. Much as hunters want to show off their trophies, these men appear to say a few words about each headless kill.

I have no idea if they did the beheadings, or they’re just filming the aftermath.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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83 thoughts on “Cartel Members Show Off Dumping Graveyard with Decapitated Bodies”

  1. Mexico needs to be fumigated. Funny how posters and advertisements or as the retarded British say adverts show pretty light or white skinned people yet you look around it’s all restarted looking mixed chocolate colored mestizos that are darker than Haitians or Dominicans. But with a mentally ill retard look. Fortunately I’m pure native Zapoteco with no brain deficiencies and stupid looks.

    1. glorious leader, do you live in mexico? aren’t they mostly a medium skin tone? i can usually tell mexicans from many south americans you mention by hair texture. so hard to tell though sometimes. don’t fumigate mexico though, i’m fond of the people and the culture. and, also the fantastic cartel videos here on BG.

      1. Mexico is a beautiful place, I’ve been twice. But! You get off the plane and it smells really bad. Like shit. Don’t fumigate, they have really cool art. And, if you find the right one, good shit that it’s hard to get in the US. They alright, just get that ‘shit smell’ straight…lol

    2. The invading Spaniards were not so white themselves.
      Southern Europeans look no different from what you’d like to refer to as “sand-niggers” in North Africa. They were already prado-like before they raped and breeded with the Arawaks down south, that’s why you have most SAs looking that brownish.

      However, for political purposes, let’s pretend Spaniards were as light-skinned as Anglo-Crackas.

  2. These guys could actually be good city planners. I like the idea of just completely canceling graveyards and building something more important than a place where goth kids like to have sex. Just dump the bodies in your backyard and the maggots will be happy. These maggots could be then utilised as fishbait.

  3. As fucked up as it seems but this shit is happening in the US right now, It’s happening California, Arizona and New Mexico also texas and moving to the Klan states like Oregon and Colorado and all the way to Florida

    If you see this shit happening your state and yet law enforcement just does not give a dam and/or just plain stupid then you need to tell your family and warn the others

    1. And keep away from any and all Mexicans just for good measure.
      Also carry a firearm on you at all times regardless of laws.
      It’s only wrong if you get caught, but it’s much worse to be kidnapped and skinned alive by those jungle savage tribal members.

    1. @seraphim-serenata my bad was on a small vacation they are saying

      “here we are, doing the work showing we are reliable people, we are going to keep doing the “cleansing” these are scumbags also wanna thank our commanders “chiquillo, zarate, capulin” for the trust they had to us.

  4. For anyone wondering, they’re talking some non consequential shit about holding their turf and fucking up anyone that dares mess with em. Fucking audio is scrambled as hell, also.

    One thing to note, tho, is how nervous this guy sounds. He’s speaking really fast, high pitchy, and taking long pauses between sentences, as if to be very careful of what he’s saying to the camera. He also sounds very honored and commited to the task they gave him and his chums, as he states so himself.

    So this kinda makes me believe a couple o thinks. Either these guys are new as fuck and they’re trying to prove themselves to their boss, or the guy filming is a massacre survivor and they’re making him film his dead buddies for the lulz.

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