Cartel Use Tree Fork to Help Behead Young Man

Cartel Use Tree Fork to Help Behead Young Man

Cartel Use Tree Fork to Help Behead Young Man

They sound Spanish to me in the video, so I presume it’s most likely from Mexico. The video shows an unknown Cartel use a tree fork to help behead young man that made confession/statement before death.

He somewhat seems conscious right before the slicing begins. You kinda hear faint breathing, see eyes twitch. Yet he makes no conscious move at all when slashing starts. As if he’d been shot before decapitation.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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142 thoughts on “Cartel Use Tree Fork to Help Behead Young Man”

        1. Wellllll…

          Have you ever hear of a fork in the road?

          It’s kinda like that… Means basically, there is two ways you can go; left or right. Kinda looks like a V or to me, a vagina 😛

          But yeah, I used the same metaphor for a tree. It is actually a thing, too btw.

          It’s a branch split down the middle

          1. No. A tree fork is tool that helps lumberjacks have more control of which way or how a tree will land when cutting it down than they would without one.
            I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a tree fall in the opposite direction even though common sense and basic laws of gravity but still manage to throw all that logic bullshit out the window

            Your answer was correct too, just not in this situation.

          2. Ok disregard my other comment. I went ahead of myself and commented before even watching the video because i wasn’t able to watch it when i said that.

            There really is a device or contraption that is used for what i just said but now that I think about it I’m pretty sure those things I’m talking about are more like wedges that you hammer into the tree after you’ve made the initial chop then you put that device in and pump it up like a jack and it will supposedly make the tree fall in the opposite direction.

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      1. well, here is the why: remember that these guys are not saints or good citizens at all,in this video he is saying that he and his brother killed by dismembering 2 people too, and yes they are Mexicans since he say he has been “working” in apatzingan (which is a city in Michoacán state also his accent is from mexico), so once they are captured by the rival cartels they know 100 percen that will be killed, so their options are usually: if do not confess then we will torture you for days up to weeks and usually you will also starve and no water as part of the torture and yes you STILL WILL DIE, and the other option: (which is the one they all usually take)yes you still will also die but we will give you to snore as much coke as you want, or marihuana, or any opiod or any drug you want(that’s why they usually look calm while talking and appear to be reading from a script because they are high as fuck on any drug they choose) and then we will kill you fast in like a few minutes or so, (beheading or shot to the head or something quick)

    1. Judging from the vids we get to see, Brazilians use dull machetes. Mexicans do it the zeta-way, aka the Mossad/CIA-way. Same goes for ISIL.

      You pick your poison but I’d choose the pros over the amateurs.

      As far as the talking, I believe it has been discussed on bestgore already. Comply with the executioners’ demands and be granted a somewhat quick death (though we can’t rule out that some of the talkers might still hope for mercy). Better just your throat than knees first then shoulders then your throat. And that’s hoping you haven’t wronged a creative executioner.

      1. True that.
        but I think most victims would not prefer to read off a piece of paper given by the captors.
        If I’m going out, the last thing I say should be my own words, something shorter and nicer, like “F you all Spaniard cunts”.

        As for the torture, I think the talking is also somewhat torture. And in some cases the “quick death” after the talk does not go so well either. The victim could still suffer many minutes of painful survival instinct

        1. yeah, and saying “f you all Spaniard cunts” WILL MAKE THE EXECUTIONER very interested in killing you in a very “creative way” and yes YOU ARE GOING TO DIE ANYWAYS, there is NO SCAPE about it, and both will be painful THE DIFFERENCE as you probably do NOT see is that this people do NOT care about “killing you in the less painfull way”, the choice is NOT about that but about WHICH ONE IS “BETTER”, like in your case you say something like that to them then they will do something like cutting your ears, taking your teeth one at the time every hour or so, braking your kneecaps with a hammer one knee a day, taking your finger and toe nail out ONE AT THE TIME every couple hours or so, and on top of that no food no watter, they might put vinager and salt or chilli powder in your wounds or eyes for hours at the time, so stuff like that, the “creativity are enless” and the worse in this field were NOT the zetas but the Templars Cartel, since they employed medieval tortures. so which one you will choose? from “bad” and “worse” choice(there is NO chance whatsoever that somehow they will let you go unlike in texas that still hope from the governor for the last call to overturn to life in prison hahahah), so in simple words: die in like 5 minues or less or DIE IN A SPAN OF A FEW WEEKS?

          1. And NOT saying “f you all Spaniard cunts” could bring the same result anyway. Everything depends on the mood of the executioner so no need to try to please the bastards… Just give them the worst fkin experience in their effort to take you out.. so that you come back to haunt them as a ghost. You could repeat the word “idiota” multiple times while they’re at it, and when they’re tired of hearing you, they make it quick. Mission still accomplished!!

            Fate is not that predictable. If they employ all those torture methods you mentioned, and if it took weeks, chances are I might make it out alive. You never know, it could be the weather, unexpected visitors, someone calling-in to cause them to change course, something… as long as there is life, there is hope.

            So I would still choose to piss them off and hope to die quicker or escape slower

          2. I don’t know about the Templars’ cartel, for I doubt they’ve ever been featured (in video) on either bestgore or even elblogdelnarco.

            But as I’ve stated in some other article, I think modern cartel culture, which stems from military-trained personnel, performs and records executions for the purpose of psychological warfare more so than out of spite for the sad fuck they have captured.

            Hence it seems highly unlikely they would bother torturing anyone for days. You either get your throat cut with a sharp knife straight away if you’ve been cooperative (that’s bad) or have other parts sliced off beforehand (that’s worse).

            Ideally you win the jackpot of executions and get your head turned to red mist by a .50 caliber bullet as shown here in the middle-east context :

            Sadly the video is no longer available.

          3. this is for gropella, I can see you have been watching way too many fantasy movies where “there is hope at the end”, don’t forget that you are in their turf, they control even the police in that area, the killing are also In a place where they control, they are NOT like in a random place, they are in a specific place that is strategic and secure for them, and once the order is made from the boss(local boss gives the “green light”) there is NO SCAPE, example of a method of killing you slowly is: they will fill a oil drum with cement with YOU INSIDE, while this will NOT kill you right away, you are stuck on it for days while the cement dries slowly, and they will do this while you do not have your arm and feet and while they take your eyes out too, you will dye slowly in the middle of the mountains out there in nowhere place,a place where they rule, so no this is not a movie, and for the other one that says that has no idea who the “knights templar cartel is” a SIMPLE QUICK y-O-U-T-U-B-E.-C-O-M visit and type it and you can quickly find out who they are and who “la tuta” is(the big boss and fierce enemy of al chapo since both fight for the same turf all the time).

        2. Spaniards? This is Mexico, not Spain. Lol! Spaniards are too refined to be running around like idiots cutting people’s heads off. Also, many people from Spain are blonde headed and do not look like Mexicans. Spain is a completely different area on the map.

          1. @gaboonviper529
            haha! you my friend do not know much about the Spaniards (a word I used to describe an ethnic group rather than the inhabitants of a country in Europe). They invaded much of South America hundreds of years ago via Columbus vessel fleets, tortured, killed, raped and bred with the Arawaks. You think the Arawaks would have been so creative in tortures and murders if not for the Spaniard blood in them? Read about how the Spaniards chose to execute Tupac Amaru inca chiefs in Peru about 400 years ago. One example of thousands. Spaniard blood is synonymous with “brutality” and they mixed it with the SAs.

            The people of Spain in Europe today are no different from the Arab race (despite what you’re brainwashed by occidental standards to believe for political reasons). They have as many blonde there as North Africa does. Besides their geographical location being quite close to Africa, They were arabized / islamized before the Crusaders came, so it’s easy to see why they look so Arab over there. And they would have been quite brutal still, if not for having to play by European Union set of rules..

            The glory days of Spanish conquest are long gone. You can tell from their ever sinking economy. Now they’re back to being the shit-hole country they’ve always deserved to be.

            Britain is next !

            This is why I often hide a suicide pill with me, so that it never comes to that.

            True that! That’s why I’d be confident to take my chances. I think they dont have so much time to waste torturing someone, except if he’s an important figure OR did them unspeakable wrongs to make his torture worth the while. I don’t see my self every belonging in that category. I go out with a bang!

  1. You can clearly see he was already dead when the beheading started. Kinda disappointed. I like to hear the funny noise they make when they try to scream or breath while their head is separated from the body

    1. If only you’d lend yourself to the cartels, so that everyone at BG could hear all the little funny noises you’d make while being tickled with a sharp object..
      Come on man, don’t leave us in suspense. Just fucking do it already!

          1. @godfellas I doubt you’ll be seeing that idiot again unless he can make another account. Click on his name and check his account. lmao. He must be raging like mad.

          2. @godfellas LOL yep. Terminated like the sewer dwelling rat has is. Like i said i don’t think Sloth0 is polluted. Hopefully illegalsmile is next for the chop.

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  2. The breathing is coming from one of the gang members, maybe even from the one recording the action.

    It’s a shame the victim was subdued before the action began. This is normally what cowards do as they don’t like a victim that struggles/puts up a fight, or the sounds a victim will make when murdered.

  3. Apparently the guy is confessing and giving up names of a couple of other assholes that allegedly helped him to allegedly kill, decapitate and bury some chump. It would seem these executors are friend of said chump.

    I feel the need to say “allegedly” because it would not be the first time some rookie narco cell claps some dude that has zero idea of what is going on, they realize that, but instead just make him confess to what they want at the tune of “We’ll go after your family if you don’t cooperate” or “we’re gonna go medieval on your ass. Vlad Tepes medieval, cabron”. And that’s why our legume friend here sang like a canary, he was probably offered a quick way out.

    These kind of videos are no more different than those democrat ridiculous PSA with angry libertarian rednecks driving thru quiet multicultural suburban white picket fence neighborhoods and trying to run over a racially-diverse cast of kids from a 90s show. Pure insanity, jewiness, lies, and hatred.

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