CCTV Car Crash, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Car Crash Santa Cruz Bolivia featured img
Car Crash Santa Cruz Bolivia featured img
Car Crash Santa Cruz Bolivia featured img

A couple of videos here, I don’t have much back information. Maybe the crash is caused by distracted driving, gotta get that perfect snap…

One thing that I am sure of though is that it decapitates a man, and probably killed the man that is seen lying on the ground next to him. allegedly the man who is decapitated was changing a car battery.

The first video is CCTV footage of the accident. A car seems to veer off the road and collide with a parked car. The vehicle flips, hitting another car on the opposite side of the street. An object flies into the middle of the road. The other videos reveal it to be a mans head. There is blood drops and smears from where the head bounces and rolls down the street, giving this even more gruesome details. There are two bodies seen lying next to the road, only one still has his head but looks to be lifeless as well.

Unfortunately, the camera man taking the second video, the one with all the good stuff in it, is NOT worried about getting the perfect snap, and records some of the video at an upright angle and then rotates it. He also zooms in on the head, struggling to get it in the frame, rather than just walking over to it.

Props to Best Gore member @johnsalchichon and @culosotae for the videos and information:

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  2. Whenever I see a pic of a severed head on the ground, it makes me wish I was there and could run up and kick it like a soccer ball. Which is weird, because I don’t play soccer.

    What do you guys make of it?

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