Chainsaw Beheading Video – Sinaloa Cartel Members Decapitated in Mexico

Chainsaw Beheading Video - Sinaloa Cartel Members Decapitated in Mexico

Chainsaw Beheading Video - Sinaloa Cartel Members Decapitated in Mexico

If you’re somewhat squeamish, you’d be wise if you chose to pass this video up as it is exactly as brutal as the title suggests. It depicts the execution of two Sinaloa Cartel member by decapitation. One is beheaded with a chainsaw, the other one with hunting knife. The idea of chainsaw beheading has a ring to it that’s much scarier than knife beheading, yet if you watch the video, you’ll see that the chainsaw granted the man who was chosen for this type of decapitation much faster and less agonizing death. Unlike the guy who was beheaded with the knife. You can hear his severed trachea grasping for air long after his beheading started.

The video starts by showing two men who identify themselves as Felix Gamez Garcia and his uncle Barnabas Gamez Castro. Felix Gamez Garcia confesses to smuggling drugs into the United States, which was his job as part of the Joaquin El Chapo Guzman lead Sinaloa Cartel.

Both men are seated outside a mud house. They are shirtless, only wearing pants and begin to be questioned by unknown gunmen. Glimpses of at least two gunmen, one wearing military style clothes are seen in the six minutes long video.

The man identified as Barnabas Gamez Castro said that working for Sinaloa Cartel did not pay much. His last job landed him with mere 300 pesos.

After being given time to say their last words, the captors proceeded with decapitations. Applying chainsaw to one of the captives resulted in rapid spray of blood and albeit violent, it was definitely more merciful than what the other captive got. Before his head was severed, the second captive to die took one last look at his uncle who laid beside him headless, much of his blood sprayed over both captives. Due to massive blood loss, partially decapitated Barnabas Gamez Castro leaned against his nephew and as the captor continued to saw his head off, the chainsaw also cut into the arm of Felix Gamez Garcia.

Once Barnabas was chainsaw decapitated, another captor approached Felix and proceeded to cut his head off with a knife. Like his uncle, Felix took what was coming to him without any form of resistance however his death was long and slow coming. Nerve twitching and gasping for air continued for a while after the beheading started.

The video concludes with following message:

Esto les va pasar a todos los DEDOS, TORRETAS.

According to Google Translate, the meaning of the message is: “This is going to pass all the fingers, turrets“. Perhaps our Spanish speaking friends can provide better translation, but I believe that it’s supposed to mean something along the lines of: “This will happen to all DEDOS, TORRETAS“.

Many thanks to eltarasco for clarifying that “Dedos Torretas” is a way of calling the victims “snitches”. Further thanks to Ed who clarified that the two Sinaloa Cartel members were beheaded by their own cartel as being informants for the cops. That’s why they called them “DEDOS” aka “FINGERS”, as in pointing the finger. These two were snitches which is a transgression punishable by death in Narco circles.

Despite being snitches, the executed men were likely the very bottom of the drug cartel chain. Not really making money worth dying for yet their lives ended violently. Brutal. One more word of warning – video is extremely graphic. Do not watch if you’re easily offended. Beheading starts at 3:08 minute mark:

Props to Best Gore members @amer-the-adventurerz, @pickmynose123, @lostgears and @jayay35 for sending in the video:

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          1. Hey @ewe and @judge – this is like a school reunion. But seriously it’s nice to flip back through the years and reminisce about the incredible things that us sick fleshy viruses do to each other……..

          1. I mean, the chainsaw does make things look very appealing, but that knife though. It’s so much more pleasing the ears, you know? Hearing the gurgle of blood in his throat and that amazing gasping noise… It’s great, honestly. I’m so glad there are other people that watch this wonderful video to this day. It’s one of my all-time favourites on Bestgore.

          2. Gore is love gore is life that knife was dull as shit it shouldn’t have taken that long to cut that was crap I love blades I own many knives and there ain’t one knife in my house that wouldn’t slice once you cut the flesh, meat, and trenches just snap the neck and pull the head save your blade don’t chop

          1. This website may be a trap for the DUMB killers out there….. Best to leave some humor and great punchlines rather than being retard and admitting anything….. Lots of people on this site from fucked places in the world -I live in Cuntifornia, and even in the more “boring” seeming counties there’s people like my buddy John who bashed a motherfucker to death barehanded not too long ago, still walks the streets(He s relatively homeless) just about every day, him and I split 18ers of PBR all the time and I let him sneak into shows time to time

        1. Combat Vet here…..
          Keep in mind that there are A LOT of people who’ve killed in the various American “crusades” going on right now. In combat its very different though, usually distance between my victims and me. Not “murder” but killer none the less… Sad deal.

          1. I was locked in a mental hospital with a vet that stabbed an Iraqi police officer in the eye with a bayonet. His description of the incident was enough to make me sleep with one eye open, as he was my ‘roommate’

        2. killed yes murdered no simple answer I slit a muggers throat when he pulled a knife on me wasn’t fun at the time but now all I can think about is the gurgling sound he made as the knife slid into the curated artery blood sprayed my face and clothes and he collapsed and he didn’t jerk he didn’t twitch he just lied there bleeding on the ground and then I ran, I ran as far and as fast as I could I finally regained my composure took off all my clothes set em on fire and walked home took a shower ate two leftover Italian style porkchops then went to sleep the police came around the next day asking everyone on my street if they had seen or heard anything no one knew anything except of course me and I was too shit balls scared to say anything so the mystery goes unsolved

          1. Cool story, bro. Now get a grasp of what “punctuation” is so the next time you tell it, it’s not one big annoying run-on sentence. For fuck’s sake, throw a comma in there somewhere.

      1. wow goreman you’re so evil and dark, can i poke a hole in your neck and fuck it? BTW guys, if u find yourself in a similar situation, use the bottom of the chainsaw bar not the top so it will pull the poor bastard’s neck into the blade and not spit him out. Cleaner decapitation means longer chain life guys. Oh and ffs don’t forget to put some chain oil in there or the chain will bind as we see in this vid. Your welcome.

    1. Holey fuck !! Thats some out of it gore !! That chainsaw definately fucked that poor guys day !! You gotta feel for that poor cunt who was beheaded, jesus that was a slow as way to die,.. Some of those pricks on previous gore deserve just that ie those mongrels that bashed that poor dude with the hammer then used a screw driver to inflict agony. I wished I never saw that video of the old guy,.. It still haunts me even now !!!!

    2. yo someone please tell me when are we gonna bomb the hell out of these peoples country because they are a threat to The United states of america and the planet earth people like this deserve to have the punishment they have done to others done to themselves

      1. Cocksuckers like you piss me off in a way you can’t even imagine. FYI I’m mexican and yes; my country may be passing through violent and rough times, and I may hate living here, but what you son of a bitch are doing is stereotyping……I mean, you country has been on a bloody war for over 10 years and I’m not calling you a threat for Mexico or the world now am I? (lets face it, the WTCwas just the perfect excuse for bush to go on a war with Irak on his thirst for oil at any cost)

          1. zere are fascists here ,and zere are fascists here ve must eliminate ze fascist pig-dogs and destroy zere very vay of life and zen ve can go to burger king and get ze kidz meal with ze little toys oh vhat fun ve shall have ,
            zeig heil!

          1. calm down wetbacks, no reason to get pissy. oh on a side note yes i am a bigot towards all humanity though so i say to you all stop fuckin cying so much GRIM OUT ; }

        1. “Passing through” violent times????? Ha ha ha yeah right, as if it’s gonna end at some point!!

          Your shit hole cuntry is a failure.

          If America sucks so bad why does everyone want to come here? I’m all for taking the best and brightest LEGALLY but the fucking ILLEGAL vermin cast offs and detritus from every shit hole dump south of the border should stay and fester where they belong. They just come here and bring their crime and violence and problems with them.

          1. im also mexican bit i dont care… my country; as any other, is just a geographical reference, im not gonna insult any country, i love Mexico, or should i say, the part of the world where Mexico lays.

          1. It won’t get rid of drugs though, will it. Look at Afghanistan. We’ve been bombing the shit out of them but heroin is still getting exported from there. In fact a lot of the poppy fields have been protected.

          2. Omg I’ve been on BG for a while now, and I can’t get enough of this one. I keep coming back for more. Am I bad? Or insane? Both, maybe? lol
            You can click on the puppy if you can’t handle it. Personnally, I love it. Give us some more 🙂

    3. The guy that gets cut in the arm by the chainsaw doesn’t seem to really react normally so i think these guys were drugged up ? or something!!! this is insane though…. I like mexicans i dont wanna fear them 😛

    4. why were you waiting so long for a video like this??? do you feel happier now you have seen it. Let me guess? your a man and that you would run for fucking miles any sign of trouble. But feel real big behind your computer screen with your dumb stupid comment. Yeah i’d like to of seen you in the video, the one killed by knife you be shitting and pissing yourself, crying and begging for your life properly die of shock before they even can come near you. Maybe when before you die people will be there with mobiles and can’t wait to replay your video.

    5. The fat guy’s thinking: “Why did I ever listen to you? I new this fuckin’ shit was going to happen. Why can’t I just die? Why am I still breathing? FUCK! USE THE CHAINSAW!!! PLEASE USE THE FUCKING CHAINSAW!!! “

    6. Totally agree with you…they lost the game and it was time to take thier medicine. What I really enjoyed watching besides the creative way the assasins pulled it off was how the older dude gave his last living testimony warning others of just avoiding getting into the game. My props to those two poor bastards. Not that I feel sorry for them because after all …they would do the same to thier killers if given the chance!!!!

    7. they could not scream or fight back otherwise they would kill their family and alot of innocent people got killed for nothing and some of them even lied and said this person also worked with the americans etc. man no one deserves this……….fucked up

    8. Wow, they both just took it, it was a comin’ anyways but fuck, that last dude looks at his arm after being mildly inconvenienced by the chainsaw cutting into his arm whilst the other guy gets his neck minced, what a double hard bastard.
      And here we are in the “civilised” western world, where fuckers bitch and moan about falling over and try looking for someone to sue. Makes you wonder what the human body really is capable of.

    9. are u special needs. I yhink we all question pur morals for being on here! people like you make us question it more

      id like to believe im here for two reasons. the media don’t show what happens in the world,i think its good to know what actualy happens in the world. censoring what we see doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen!

      2nd I think subconsciously we are all watching forbidden films thinking @thanks fuck that’s not me’ as we are watching the worst in human behaviour. there is something utterly horrific in watching what humans do to fellow humans
      I d like to think your enemy deserves a decent death regardless of what they’ve one. the punishment is the ultimate anyway IE their lives. so why torture or be extremem.
      Even they aren’t as evil as you come off. these are human lifes worthy of respect in most cases.they aren’t being tortutred/killed for our viewing are a good argument as to why these films shouldn’t be shown

      we can only hope the people with decent motives out weigh the tools

    10. la mafia ha una specie di codice d’onore, certamente uccide, ma non si prende la briga di filmare tutto tagliando teste e facendo a pezzi le persone… In Messico I narcos fanno davvero tutto quello che gli passa per la testa, la loro testa malata, bisogna mandare l’esercito americano a combattere i narcotrafficanti, visto che il problema li riguarda molto da vicino

    11. this was one of the very first gore videos i watched, I almost vomitted on my living room.

      After that video, most of other gore videos dont disturb me as much as this one did before lol

    12. Does anyone know where that one beheading video is? I saw it on bestgore a few years ago. Some dude blindfolded and tied to a chair being interrogated by several masked guys. They hit him in the head for whining and then cut his neck to the bone stick the machete down into his air pipe and then cut off his head. I can’t find it anywhere. If you know the video I’m talking about please send me a link.

    13. They were just as bad as the ones murdering! Lol! You live by the sword you die by the sword! Shouldve chose a different lifestyle and maybe they wouldve been spared. Messed with the wrong people and youll be screaming for help through a gaping whole in your throat wishing the knife was more sharp so that it couldve been quick and less painless. You can tell tht they didnt like the last guy because they used an extra dull knife on him. They say if you want some one to suffer by beheading, use the dullest knife!

  1. These guys are some hard motherfuckers! They took it like champs. Felix didn’t look fazed at all when his friend’s warm blood was spraying and running down his body. He didn’t even flinch when the saw ripped into his arm (the look on his face at 3:31 says it all though). I’m sure these guys were seasoned killers as well, and have decapitated/dismembered their share of rival cartel members and knew what was coming.

        1. I think they were high. Another theory is that much went on before their 6 minutes of fame and they had already progressed through all the so called “stages of death” and had accepted their fate long before this video.

    1. That’s because they are in shock. Not ‘ hard’ look at the fat one, the colour has drained from his face he is shitting himself .Blood has diverted to his major organs caused by ‘ fight, flight, freeze’ mode. His body has been flooded with adrenaline and cortisol, his HR must be 150 bpm plus.

    2. Yeah but you mustve missed the audio because the last guy to die if you listen carefully you can hear him screaming for help while gurgling on his own blood. He screams for help over and over. Didnt take it like a champ if you ask me, he was screaming for help like a female hostage. Lol!

  2. dedo means fingers as stated above.
    but its metaphoric meaning is being a snitch.
    I still cant see the vid as the only thing i can’t see of all the gore rubric is beheading, I sent this in mail to the admin. hope he got it from me! wich I saw at el blog del narco!

  3. the two executioners are amateurs they don’t know how to behead people properly i am ashamed of themselves anyways first i see a chainsaw beheading the video is awesome i feel bad for the bald guy though BUT i know these are criminals they weren’t good persons so it’s ok i guess great post mark

  4. Bestgore calls the guys doing the killing ‘gunmen’ I never saw a gun of any sort, but I guess they’d run/fight back if there wasn’t someone with a gun? Another site had it translated as Barnabas(chainsaw dude) as saying they had been captured for 2 1/2 months, he only earned $30 and to others out there “if you see something, keep quiet about it as it is just not worth it”. The words in red at the end supposedly says ‘death to all snitches’?

  5. Fat guy (nephew): i used to work on drug trafficking in Phoenix city, went to jail, i’ve been here for 3 months.
    …he talks about his uncle (seating besides him) having his truck confiscated, so he was helping
    him to bring in and out information for the boss men (cholo ivan, his brother and the ”mister”)

    Uncle: my function was, i knew Cholo Ivan, Chapo Guzman .. from my nephew, i used to work for them, in fact,
    occasionally in ’89 they sent me to talk to the coronel, one day i brought them some radio communications from the ”Contras”
    i used to ride with them in the Convoy, basically thats what happened during the time i worked for them.
    They used to pay me very little, last job i did, they only gave me $300, for risking my life, its not worth it.
    I tell you people, be smart. its not easy to be here, there’s no going back. Listen what im saying, you dont fuck with these people,
    the only thing i can say is, Chapo Guzman’s people, they’re not like they say. What else can i say? dont be fucking arround, be good,
    if you see something, keep your mouth shuth p and you’ll be ok. What about us… ?? We are fucked. Be smart, that’s all i have to say.

    1. yeah….not quite as graphic as id hoped too……also i wondering why, in every single beheading vid i watch, why does it take so fucking long to cut off a head? i mean come on people! use a fucking sharp knife! or at lest a machete1 id like to see at least one where its a clean cut instead of hacking and sawing…

  6. Brutal….you can see chunks of bone flying from the final chainsaw blow. Also looks like it rips open his left shoulder to the bone and it looks like he’s alive up until the final blow that severs his head and he slumps down for good.

  7. im just wondering, what the fuck is wrong with all the people in this video? first of all the victims show no signs of sadness, nervousness, regret, nothing! maybe its because i dont know what they are saying :p then the people who execute them, i cant even imagine any reasons for doing such a thing.. apart from that nice vid, its been a while since we last saw something like this 😀

  8. These guys are definitely drugged or some shit. They almost look tranquilized. tranquilizers like Ketamine or PCP, mixed with death looming in front of them, seems like the case here. maybe the executions gave it to them so they can get their victims could be more calm as they talked. but who knows

  9. Call me crazy but I can’t watch any living being suffer. I can look at pictures of it all day & it wouldn’t bother me too much but this? Can’t do it. My brother watch 2 guys 1 hammer & thought he was going to have to see a therapist. Uh I guess we are whimps! Anyway SNITCHES get STITCHES xo

      1. Like I said, illiterate one, I can handle most of it just not the videos such as these with humans causing the suffering of others. 90% of this site are photos and/or videos that don’t show human suffering at the hands of others. I get no pleasure from seeing someone get their head sawed off. Maybe you do or you can just stomach it… My hat is off to you!

  10. Unbelievable. I can understand killing for revenge or to send a message. I don’t think it’s ok, but I get it. You capture the guys, you interrogate them and you shoot them in the head. Even a video of it to scare the competition is not hard to fathom. But to walk in front of a bound man, pull-start a chain saw and rev it up as you guide it through his throat like a tree limb. It takes a complete sociopath to even consider it let alone execute it like he’s ordering a pizza. I wonder if even one person who witnessed this felt the slightest bit unsettled about it. Like they didn’t show it cause they didn’t want to look like a pussy in front of their guys, but I wonder if one guy was thinking, “He wasn’t SERIOUS about the chainsaw thing right? He must’ve been joking. He’s revving it up… aaand he did it. Holy fuck…he really just did that. Oh shit!

    1. Honestly, one of them may have been disturbed by actually witnessing it and having to clean up the mess, but I’m pretty sure they know what the hell they’re getting themselves into when they decide to work for a drug cartel. They don’t fuck around. As seen by the video..

  11. Torretas for Javier Torres Félix, the guy who organized the soldiers of the Sinaloa Cartel. Dedos are the lowest class of grunts. They just transport stuff. Chances are these two had never killed anyone for the Cartel.

    But life when you’re poor in the Third World is rough. Even if they never killed anyone as part of their job, chances are they’ve killed before just for survival. That’s why they can be so composed.

  12. “Torreta” are the blue and red lights above the police cars. In the drug slang means somebody who sell important information to corrupted cops to catch your rival gang members. Maybe the cops work for both gangs and sell this kind of nobodies for more money.

  13. Early one morning
    With time to kill
    I see the gallows
    Up on a hill
    And out in the distance
    A trick of the brain
    I see a lone rider
    Crossing the plain

    And he’d come to fetch me
    To see what they’d done
    And we’d ride together
    To kingdom come
    I prayed for god’s mercy
    For soon I’d be dead
    I hung my head

  14. I don’t think they were drugged, due to the fact that they are narcos themselves they probably witnessed their fair share of beheadings which would desensitize any human being. I think they accepted their death before this video and took their executions like men. Good post though! I haven’t seen anything this brutal in a while!

  15. now that was brutal, i,m not going to be some enternet tough guy and say AWE THATS SOME HARD FUKEN SHT RIGHT THERE, cause this was brutal for them and i feel sorry for them that they had to die cause they were trying to make a living in a sht hole of a place and then they get killed for it , anywho i thought that this was very interesting cause it just shows u how easily we can get mauld bye a chainsaw

  16. Beautiful, best video in a long time. i have been repeatedly fast forwarding to 3.08 to watch it again and again.

    Dont think the victims were ”hard men” or else they wouldnt been in this situation.. there is no signs of being beating so they have went quietly and let themselves be killed.. they were bums and have deserved it, u dont get your head cut off for nothing!

    The ones with the big balls are the killers, cutting someones head off with a chainsaw is fucking bigtime mental.. id prefer this job, but if i was the guy with the knife i think id a been sick over the 2 snitches

    we need more videos like this

    1. fucking idiot, like you were there for their 3 months of capture, they did a peasants task and died like any other man.

      they just died.

      and you think the killers have balls? anybody who sits their watching their uncle get annihilated and takes it without a single tear or change of body language knowing he’s next has the balls.

  17. chinsaw was just too messy so they changed tactics and resorted to the knife… I wonder if this is rival drug cartel killing or extra judicial killing to scare off traffickers or maybe revenge coz these 2 sound like small fish to get such brutal punishment… viva mexico

    1. I have been reading the comments to get up the nerve to watch it! I freely admit that I am not as immune to human suffering as I should be to visit this site as often as I do! (Yes, I am a wuss, but I am learning to overcome it! lol) I had to stop the “Awake beheading” video halfway through til I could get the nerve to watch the rest of it. Kudos to all of you with the stomach to watch them repeatedly! lol

  18. HELL YEAH!!
    GIVE US MORE !!!
    And these guys are seriously some hardcore mothafuckers really. Look at the older guy sticking out his neck himself so the chainsaw can cut it more easily. And the other guy, nephew or whatever, wow this bastard is my hero. I could give a blowjob to his headless body. LOL No seriously, how can a human be so damn calm and composed while his uncle being decapitated with chainsaw right in front of him and KNOWS he himself is gonna meet the same fate in a few seconds ?? Even when his arm got fucked kinda mistakenly by the chainsaw his expression is like “Uh oh.. was it mosquito ? ”

    By the way i see some Billy Corgan in him.

  19. Fuck Texas. You don’t mess with Mexico…especially after watching this shit. I mean, fuck, man, I seen Budd Dwyer shoot himself in the mouth and all kinds of other deaths. I even seen a group of Nepalese or whoever prisoners get executed with gunshots to the head while another guy got his head cut off with a knife. It was brutal, much like this video. Yes, death is very real….damn… :O

      1. General, I’ve never posted or had a profile made up until today. Been reading and watching BG for over a year now, and this comment of yours still leaves me in tears of laughter! I mean real, holding my stomach, ridiculous crying laughter! I feel as if I’ve found a new home here on BG. Showing stuff that’s real and raw with no happy ending. Just the way life is. I’m so glad I stumbled upon it. Mark, you’re awesome, mate.

  20. Looks like the first dude was smiling,showing his grill and it was funny at the end when the man put his head on his body and bitch slapped him,then his head splatted on the ground.This is very funny and not gorey at all.Burritos anyone jajaja kill em all damn wetbacks!

  21. 1. These guys are some tough mother fuckers.  

    2. how tough they are , how bad they might be , or how many people’s head they cut off, doesn’t make someone calm when a chain saw digs deep in your arm all the way to the bone ( or even past it) . If you get your arm cut with a chainsaw your going to feel it.  ! And 1,000,000 out of 1,000,000  conscious un drugged people will react.  A reaction as small as a facial reaction or nudge or anything that reflects pain , because humans have emotions and your unconscious human instincts will overcome your ” big balls”  when your arm is cut by a chainsaw ( the bald guys left arm when his uncle received the last chainsaw blow to the  throat). You can see the bald guy In The video smiling and or grinning at points witch show you he’s in a extremely calm and euphoric state of mind.  Even knowing he’s going to have his head cut off with a hunting knife ( bad choice by the way , chainsaw was a way better choice , bad choices like that are probably what got him and his uncle killed in the first place) he gives us the impression he just smoked 72 joints with the “gun mans” and had a few glasses of decaffeinated warm tea.  This brings me to my main point, 
    3. They were defiantly with out a question of doubt, absolutely under some kind of drug.  

    4.  This drug blocked pain receptors from interaction within the nervous system. As you can tell when the bald guy got accidentally sliced with the chain saw.  The drug Seems to work as an anesthetic They were under a high dose of this drug and didn’t feel much physical pain.  

    5.  Even thought these two men suffered a painful life they did not suffer a painful death.  

    Ps.  It seems mexicans are more moral IN CERTAIN TIMES then Thais when it comes to Torcher

    1. “They were defiantly with out a question of doubt, absolutely under some kind of drug. ”

      No matter how probable something may seem please don’t be so pretentious as to claim absolute knowledge. I can agree with most of what you’re saying but when someone claims to KNOW something when they’re in fact SPECULATING, well, it’s a bit of a pet-peeve.

      “Given the a fore mentioned facts, it seems highly probable they were under the influence of some sort of drug(s).”

      /end rant

      1. Yea, you are most likely right about the drugs. Everybody thinks that these are some real “hard” mother fuckers. That might be true, but they’re also most likely on some sort of anti-psychotic/anxiety drug.

        If any of you have done ketamine (special K) or phencyclidine (PCP), you can understand. They are tranquilized, most likely. The main thing that sticks out to me is how both victims were extremely detached to the actual reality that they were going to die. Both men also talked slowly, which is also consistent of someone tranquilized.

        Not to sound overly morbid or evil, but drugging up your victim(s) is a great idea – especially when their goal is to get a confession.

    2. I have to disagree with that. Did you see the first guys face when the chainsaw first hit his neck? That was an obvious look of pain. I think the bald guy had just resigned himself to death and just a hardass mother fucker. You an hear him gasping for air and trying to scream in pain after his windpipe was cut.

  22. After reading some of the comments, I just have a few opinion to share. It’s pretty obvious that most, if not all, to some degree, have a level of curiosity of death, dying and or, the morbid and Gore. Which is largely the main reason I would assume, that most are on this site, as am I. However, in all honesty, I take no pleasure in knowing that I belong to a species that can without any remorse or after thought, not only take a life, but enjoy it, and receive some sense of thrill or pleasure from the suffering or death of another. I think that viewing something like this is good, only in the sense, that it makes us aware of the reality of the condition of the world in which we live. I see death regularly, in a much less controlled and gruesome manner, and while I find a fascination with it, I never have found pleasure in it, as I also see it’s after effects, and the pain, sorrow, loss and grief, felt by those who are still among the living. I personally think that those who make comments of enjoyment and try o act detached from any feelings or emotions, are either really scared, frightened little liars with ego’s to be matched (in their eyes) only by the size of their ignorance, Or … either you have truely been desensitized through exsposure, by personal violence, suffering, and pain to the point, that you will never be productive member of normal functioning society. Real men not only have and show emotions, but care and concern for their fellow man as well, this is not a weakness, it’s true humanity and one who’s strength, are under control. In other words, if while watching this you still feel something! … then be glad, and if not, you might want to ask yourself, why? Again … just my opinions!

    1. Well said man. I agree with you. I dont enjoy this videos they don’t gross me out because its just reality. Im not one of those idiots who says,,, “Im going to beat off now” or “that was nothing”. As for the guy who said the idiots doing the cutting have big balls? Grow up, killing people doesnt make you a man.

      1. Well said!! I actually can’t watch something this extreme with a great deal of suffering. I just see the still image, read the comments, and get the gist of it. It is fascinating because it’s a part of life but obtaining true joy would mean that you are probably a born psychopath. I worked it surgery for 2 years & I’ve seen the human body inside & out but theres something about watching any living being suffer that makes my stomach turn. Very intelligent post! I’m surprised you haven’t been flooding with small minded dip shit replies yet!

        1. Well said, all three of you. I watch these videos for the same reason I watched Faces of Death when I was a kid, and the same reason I “rubberneck” passing accidents. It does not give me pleasure to see human suffering, and it in fact makes my stomach churn to watch some of the videos here, but there is something, perhaps the lure of the “forbidden” that makes it hard not to look, and then to keep looking just to see if its really as gruesome as you know it will be.
          I am pretty sure they make medication for these gore issues…lol

          1. Well…I must be the only one here who really enjoys watching this stuff. I don’t get squeamish while watching the most heinous crimes. Maybe most would feel just the opposite but to sit there and say: Those who make comments of enjoyment and try o act detached from any feelings or emotions, are either really scared, frightened little liars with ego’s to be matched (in their eyes) only by the size of their ignorance, Or … either you have truely been desensitized through exsposure, by personal violence, suffering, and pain to the point, that you will never be productive member of normal functioning society., is just wrong. You have no idea how any one of us here at BG feels. I function just fine in society and have great respect for my fellow man. But shit happens…so why not watch it while you can. Our life on this earth is short enough so, if I can live mine out doing what I enjoy….so be it. It doesn’t effect anyone elses life and if it bothers people that I enjoy this shit…SO WHAT!!! I’m not here to please anyone but me.

        2. Just like you sweetalicia i was planning not to see the video but i tried and stopped when the first man died, like many of you i watched out of curiosity. I feel sick watching this and really dont understand how people can do such things. Anyway, some replies here are childish, stupid and far from common sense. Good to read these posts, kudos to MedEx for the nice read!

    2. @Medex You couldn’t have worded it any better man. This site opened my eyes to all the atrocities this screwed up world has to offer with its senseless human beings. I challenge myself to watch the videos as well. Because transitioning from still images is a huge difference. Regardless, with every new story that appears on this website I am enlightened more and more. It is completely horrifying and disgusting to think that there are people in this world capable of such brutal and gruesome acts. But its been that way since humans existed. In my opinion,EVERYONE should visit this site. If not for the shock value of the gore but the back-stories and news as well… As an American I felt really sheltered as to how nasty things really were outside of my country and after viewing this and other similar stuff I am only more thankful to live here (no offense to foreigners) and Most of all thankful for every breath I take on this planet earth. Enclosing, my curiosity is what led me here and I justified it by telling myself,
      “Hey, if I ever unfortunately have to witness something horrible like a car accident or murder,etc. at least I won’t be completely shocked and I’ll be prepared to react in a proper state of mind.” Call it practice if you will…

      1. All these crazy things we see on gore is definetly nothing new exept we now have technology to allow us to enjoy it in the comforts of home. Read the bible…now thats some crazy creepy shit that went on…even Jesus suffered some sick dimented shit from cowardly men.

    3. I agree 100% with what MedEx said a while ago. People hiding behind their screens acting tough online… I don’t buy it. It is natural human curiosity to want to see gore because everyone has some morbid curiosity… but to say and act like you actually like people being murdered and seeing people suffer… it’s disgusting.

      1. I have been silently viewing Best Gore for some time now and only just decided to register today. The first ever beheading video I watched was Nick Berg, but I cant quite get to the bottom of finding out if its a fugazi or not, still found it pretty horrific. I have watched afew other beheadings and one that deeply disturbed me was a guy who was sat in a chair and blindfolded. The 2 guys there wanted some sort of information from him and for some reason my mind is telling me he was a taxi driver?? Anyway, they deliberatley cut his throat really deep and let him suffer for what seemed like an eternity, before finishing the job. I cried so hard at that video. I will never understand humans that can do that to another living thing, let alone a fellow human, and watch their suffereing, let alone take pleasure from it. This chainsaw beheading video upset me deeply because of the brutality of it, but from a science/biology POV, I definitley agree that the dude with the chainsaw got the better end of a bad deal, as horrific as it was it was incredibly quick, whereas his nephew suffered. What amazed, and also ‘impressed’ me (the correct word fails me just now) was the fact that they took it…….they just…….accepted what was coming, with no fight, no hesitation, nothing. I suppose they knew there was no way they could stop it and fighting would only make their death more painful. Speechless.

        1. you’re so very right friend…..i mean they just tell all the story of their fail,before a camera,without even showing fear of the thought that they will be killed in such horrid manner….that’s what one would have to think of when saying he is a man,to be a man means to accept the result of your mistakes and take it upon yourself,no matter how hard it is or how bad the punishment is…they got in the mafia and failed at being loyal…oh well….it’s a self assumed risk.though,the scenario was extremely brutal….the most creepy part was when you could hear the one beheaded with that knife gasping for air through his open tracheea…..and the funniest right after his uncle was beheaded,if i see well he looked at the body and rolled his eyes in a “whatever…” way.bravery indeed

        2. This was the first video I saw of someone actually being murdered in this way. Needless to say, it was pretty fucking disturbing. It was strange because I knew it would be bad but I still didn’t know what I was in for–the first time in my life I felt like throwing up after I saw something. I knew it would be bad but I had to see it anyway.

          For me, the video and this website as a whole has been a sort of “awakening” in that it made me give a shit about shit that happens in parts of the world that I never gave rats ass about before. Now obviously I can’t do a damn thing about it…but it’s no longer the invisible suffering of people in another land that I never thought two shits about either.

          1. Yea well wake up because same shit happenshere in the good ole US of A!!! But our cartels or mafia don’t post their kils on the net which I think they should.

    4. Agree completely… You are Correct when referring to the people who comment childish things to seem tough behind a computer screen like ” oh im gonna fap to this” or some stupid shit. They are pathetic. in my opinion.

        1. Ehh, bad guys killin’ bad guys? Could listen to the lil gasping sounds that the second killEE was makin’ all day. Not exactly music to my ears, but still… Don’t bother me, cause like I said, it’s bad guys killin’ bad guys. Trash takin’ trash out. By the way, I only say listen to, because I’m completely blind, so sound is all I have in these cases. That second dude’s gasping or wheezing, whatever it was, strangely reminds me a bit of when a person runs their hands down the strings of a guitar.

    5. Well said. I do not believe I have been desensitized but this video was not bad at all in my opinion. that first guy is luckier than most who find their way on this site. The second guy did make some horrible sounds but IMO there is definitely worse videos. The two videos I will not or can’t stomach are the ones with children or animals. Does anyone else tell friends/family about their fascination with these gore videos? I usually get negative feedback on it lol

      1. Yes, this shit was vanilla. I wanted more agony. The chainsaw is way too humane. Id push my neck forward to end it quickly, it basically looked harmless. Least painful way if you’re getting beheaded.

        1. Why the fuck are you coming here to comment dumb shit like this? Submit a video of yourself with a rope around your neck banging some bts music or whatever the fuck you do and take a long jump for us to see if you want to be validated so badly

          1. cute, make fun of how I look. LMAO you’re probably a fat turd that’s scared to show us how you look. FBI coming to get you pussy

          2. Actually I’m a 120 pound Arian race looking female which is why yes I don’t have my picture here because it only opens yourself to racist comments no matter who you are. That’s what this site is about. Welcome to it.

        2. Funny as fuck. You came to look tough and got handed by some white bitch. Go home you Fucking Bastard Idiot. You have nothing on those dudes who sat there and took that shit.

          Not racist just not stupid either. FFS. Some fucking people.

          1. Yes, being tough on the internet is what I like to do. LOL You’re pathetic buddy.
            Just like the ‘Arian white bitch’. Good at running your thin lips, no rhythm having mutha fucka. I’d bounce your skull on pavement with a one – two. lmao

          2. Yes, being tough on the internet is what I like to do. LOL You’re pathetic buddy.
            Just like the ‘Arian white bitch’. Good at running your thin lips, no rhythm having mutha fucka. I’d bounce your skull on pavement with a one – two. lmao

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