F.E.G.S. Send Chapulines of La Huasteca Message, Bullet – Machete – Chopping Axe – Pick Axe Used on Four Rivals

F.E.G.S. Send Chapulines of La Huasteca Message, Bullet - Machete - Chopping Axe - Pick Axe Used on Four Rivals

F.E.G.S. Send Chapulines of La Huasteca Message, Bullet - Machete - Chopping Axe - Pick Axe Used on Four Rivals

The Grupo Sombra Cartel, behead and dismember four rivals in alleged Veracruz, Mexico by means of machete and axe.

A dry spell of Narco beheadings and Brazil gore plaguing the better half of 2018 -after becoming Best Gore year ever- is over and wet again! Narco Cartel, Grupo Sombra (Shadow Group) a.k.a F.E.G.S. use axes and machetes to crudely chop into four Rivals in 2019.

At the beginning of video, four rivals are kneeling with eyes covered, have hands and feet tied. The Grupo Sombra begin to shoot the men, then beat them to death with weapons including pickaxe.

One of the victims is on his stomach when a machete chops into his back by rival. A separate member of the Shadow Group has an ax to grind for same man, picking him for a double penetration.

The Shadow Group is very territorial of their turf and allow no one to intrude on it. A stern message is given to all the Chapulines (Grasshoppers) of La Huasteca, extortionists and cons. In the message they mention that it is the last warning they will give to “Potro” Fernández Martínez, Yahir Arévalo “El Canelo” Ariel Arévalo “El Arabe”, Argenis, Eduardo Guzmán “Topo”, “Pandora” and “Pocholo “.

Grupo Sombra dismembers the four in the style of the Zetas. The intent of the killings is meant to send a message to all the rivals of the F.E.G.S. Understanding the law of the land, the stern warning will fall on deaf ears.

Props to Mexico for being a cut above the rest in brutality:

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      1. @hopingfornemesis I really want to see a calm, sit down interview with the most brutal of killers.. I’d like them to be forced to take an IQ test, talk about their favorite products to purchase at stores, favorite American foods, and actually see how their brains operate outside of these videos.

        1. Me too. Then i want to see if they are insane/psychopathic or just evil. If I sense that it was evil all along I would then birch them to within an inch of their lives ,then put them on an chain gang and make them work at gravevdigging and embalming murder victims till they expire themselves. So that they learn to value life and humanity.

          I can be very cruel like that. Freud would say I have not progressed past the superego.

          1. That was just awful! Nothing funny here!
            I can hack someone killed instantly, like a bullet to the head, but ‘torture to death, with decapitation” I never can handle the cruelty of this.


            This bestial behavior is PROOF of evolution, because humans, it seems, are no better than ‘bestial’ murdering animals of the lowest order!!..

        2. We all have an animal inside of us. All it takes for us to start killing is approval from the authorities. If Trump says “Ok guys, let The Purge begin, you can kill any person of color in the next 24 hours” you think so called civilized white people would be any different?

          Instead of working together, people will always prefer to get in a group and take from others by force – this behavior is what was fueling every single war and conflict in human history.

          1. @Simon Legree It would be over quickly if we Whites took up arms against these fucking cocksuckers… unlike these never ending cartel snake god worshiping faggots with their prolonged lust for misery due to savage DNA and low IQ’s.

        3. What the fuck are you talking about! These idiots are grown men with the mind set of a 12 year old. They belong to a criminal organization and in order to promote feer and terror on their rivals, they see a need to be brutal and show no emotion when they kill an adversary. You dumb Americans think these Mexicans are just killing innocent people(they may occasionally) but in reality they are killing each other for control of the drugs you lonely disturbed moody motherfuckers consume in the states

          1. Yes, Fuck all the junkies,especially Americans ,
            Without them taking drugs, there wouldn’t be so many people suffering,
            Finally, please forgive my poor English

        4. That is one of the best things I’ve ever heard on here. You mean kinda like on HBO when they interviewed the Iceman? That would be great to see…. An interview with one of these crazy fuckers. Especially the one who threw that pickax into the guy on the far rights back and it basically went right through that kid! Fuck that’s brutal! Not as brutal as the vid where the Mexican cop and his son are killed….that one is the only video that I was like this is FUCT up! Anyone have a link to that vid, I can’t find it…

          1. @toys4tots187 https://www.bestgore.com/beheading/police-torture-beheading-son-flay-alive-guerrero-mexico/comment-page-3/

            Still one of the sickest things ever.. I mean, I’m sure there’s even worse, I can’t imagine.. but then again, I can. It’s a dark universe and the humans are horrid creatures. If a nuclear bomb goes off it’s not a bad thing for us to die quickly. The animals suffer constantly as well.

            The pickaxe guy was brutal as fuck that’s some evil shit. I don’t know what kind of mother would have raised that guy.

          2. whts this pick axe one people are talking about , i saw that one where theirs 2 young guys taking it in turns doing that to this poor bloke and laffing joking like young guys would?

        1. It’s a 30 minute job to fit red and blue strobes to a vehicle.

          Whilst some police may be in the pockets of the cartels I doubt that they will be actively advertising the fact by turning up and participating in video offing of rival cartel members.

        1. When I go to shows, metal shows, there is every race there. Metal is not only for white people. Would you prefer rap to metal, I say check Traces of Death 3, I believe. Goes good with brutality. Brujeria shows are the best.

          1. @toys4tots187 Metal isn’t really racist.. even the ‘racist’ bands (or racially aware bands, bands who write about the Jewish shekel hoarders and shit, like Arghoslent), aren’t really ‘racist’… I mean, yes, but at the same time I mean if you’re some Black guy at a Grand Belial’s Key show or something I doubt anybody is going to say “get out of here nigger!”.. but if they did the Black guy would probably be the kind to fight anyway, so it doesn’t matter. If it was some sort of Neo-Nazi event, that might be different, but I don’t even know where/when those gigs would take place in this era.
            It’s all bullshit. If you act accordingly and people should like you for the most part unless they’re psychopaths and don’t like “your face” or something about you that they simply pick out of the air… there’s always those types.
            I haven’t had any problems at any shows I’ve been to over the years, with anyone.

      1. While your white Euro cunts where looting and invading onther lands to steel their food and rape and enslave the locals, the Aztecs and before the Mayans where mapping the stars and making a calendar. They also planted crops and invented the number Zero.

        1. @Juan Leche Aztec’s were a failed disgrace of a fucking people. Europeans were the conqueror settles.. pioneers! Before that there was just snake god worshiping faggots such as yourself eating your fellow tribes people and hacking up bodies just like you still do today. You speak Spanish I take it? A WHITE EUROPEAN LANGUAGE. Fuckin’ idiot.

          Galileo was an Aztec? Newton was an Aztec? Try naming some of your great Aztec and Mayan scientific minds. You can’t. They got fucking wiped out because they were PRIMITIVE SAVAGES.

    1. @hopingfornemesis They have no honor, they are truly evil creatures but the more they kill of each other, the better.

      I have killed many Mexicans; I do not know how many, for frequently I did not count them. Some of them were not worth counting. It has been a long time since then, but still I have no love for the Mexicans. With me they were always treacherous and malicious.
      — Geronimo, My Life: The Autobiography of Geronimo, 1905.

          1. @hopingfornemesis I’m not aware of those stories, I’m not saying that it didn’t happen at all.. but I have a feeling those were comparably rare situations. There were many scumbags during the pioneer times however, the majority of the White people settled and pioneered this land and created laws based on English common law, and created something better than what existed before.

    1. I knew the jews were behind this. F·E·G·S has assisted more than three million people since its founding in 1934 by the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies, now UJA-Federation of New York, of which F·E·G·S is a beneficiary agency. Today, F·E·G·S is one of the largest and most diversified not-for-profit health and human services organizations in the United States.

  1. Them Mexicunts need to be entirely and utterly exterminated.
    Take the land, throw all Mexicorpses to the fire. Then assault through central America as far as Panama. Then undertake a combined air, naval and land campaign against all the Caribean islands. oorah!!!

      1. Obersturmbannfuhrer is a military strategic genius.
        I have named my plan: operation kill all greasy brown scum.
        Estimate 2 months to take Mexico. Multiple land assault launched from several locations along the US Mex border. Constantly pushing south, backed with tanks and air support.
        The rest of Central America will be a walk over. The assault on all the Caribbean will take about one year. Throw all the niggers into the sea. Fish need to eat too.
        Burn the rest of the wogs and keep some for slavery. Toilet cleaners, and other such jobs.

  2. A fucking pick axe sunk in the back jesus christ…amazing how the brutality levels are raised. Has to be one of the most brutal on here being killed with primitive blunt heavy tools.
    Someone made comment on another thread about western populations being soft and woul not tolerate invasion or economic collapse. Well, who would invde these mad cunts? Yeah you could oppress them with sanctions and what not but as for occupation, these mad cunts are happy to dismember their own populus let alone invaders.

      1. Pray to what exactly? The waves to wash away all the filth or the sun to dry up this scum? If I concentrate hard enough and pray to molecules will they spontaneously combust in my foes? What do I pray to? I pray for a painless and swift death and nothing else

          1. So do I, obviously. I didn’t expect a real answer from you at all. I’m pretty sure you and your brother sphincter piston, are brown. Sorry if I am wrong.

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          4. … I’m pretty even across the board I don’t like crackrs, niggrs, spics and chinks.. White , Black , Hispanic and Oriental people are OK with me, for the most part… I know you’re a staunch racist and whites can do no wrong in your eyes, but I beg to differ… S’all..

            .. love of mans anal?! .. Lol, cute!.. is that what the obear’s into now..?

        1. @asskingforanal
          White people are a huge offender in my book, specifically the stupid ignorant sheeple that surround me in my town. I hate people period. That’s why I married someone across the planet. Just about the only person I wouldn’t mind watch on this site visiting the Brazilian jungle from my town, is my daughter and father. They’re all white.
          Why are you obsessed with ober? Get on with it man

  3. why waste soo much energy ?

    just buy an industrial shredder and put them in and enjoy…
    legs first, they will suffer like hell for sure.

    they do it for animals…and i admit, i m curious about how a human body will be crushed on that.

  4. I’ve always wondered could a law-abiding citizen like you , or I , be made to do stuff like this…. even if some mexican said “chop that guy into little pieces or we do it to you” would that make us do it , i really dunno what im capable of to be honest.

  5. Sick fuckers! We should send in the US Marines, Navy Seals, SAS, SBS, all the special forces in the world to hunt down all these narco gangs in Mexico and wipe them out, like we are doing with ISIS. Show no mercy to the Mexican psychos!

  6. Looked like a touch of necro sodomy was about to take place there with that hombre’s trolleys being taken off – that slaughtering must have stiffened up the spam javelins on those wannabe El Chapos.
    Very peculiar though as I watched Elvis Presley’s Fun in Acapulco film TWICE on Sunday and didn’t see this fun bit? Looks like a trip to Specsavers for me I guess.

        1. Preach Brother! .. and to all the Bitchers with the music.. I would never cover up precious screams for music, it was this or silence cause I wasnt gonna listen to the Mexican rap..

          Fuck ’em All! You don’t have to go home but ya can’t stay here 🙂

          1. It’s funny how the people who complain, are the same ones who don’t contribute. Same thing goes for every other aspect of life. It’s like women at the hair salon gossiping. The husband is doing all the work, and they have nothing but shit talk to offer.

    1. ‘y encima creo que tiene el apoyo de la policía, (se ven las luces de una patrulla atrás)’

      This guy said… and on top of that, I think they have the police’s support(you can see the lights of a patrol)

  7. Haha! Seraph you crazy bastid ! Loved how the palm-mute riff came in with the machet swinging.

    Really though, this is Hell on Earth craic. Some people’s minds are in a hell that is hard to truly understand. The actions displayed in this video are considered right, and probably fun, by these people. Imagine watching this in real-life. Woah ! ! !

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