Chechen Mujaheddin Behead Young Iraqi Soldier, Plus Group Mass Executed in New ISIS Video

Chechen Mujaheddin Behead Young Iraqi Soldier, Plus Group Mass Executed in New ISIS Video

The Islamic State has just released a new video. During its 23 minutes, the video focuses on combat sequences with the Iraqi forces, and also shows two suicide bombing attacks. At the end of the video, Chechen mujaheddin decapitate a young Iraqi soldier, and a group of soldiers is shown mass executed with a gunshot to the back of their heads. The act of beheading is censored out James Foley style.

I particularly like the midget ISIS mujaheddin shooting his RPG. Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

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    1. That,s about the size of it! Twenty Minutes of nonsense that we will never understand, followed by a half cut-out beheading! What,s this world coming to? 🙁 The Mexican,s would never ridicule the sacred act of beheading like this! They should be ashamed of themselves.

  1. The dude that edited this video is spending too much time trying to “wow” people with Sony Vegas editing. The only way to make the editing more ridiculous is if they put in Dubstep Islamic music and quick-scoped everyone that is about to be executed.

  2. ISIS and their shit ideologies. A Hairy Jihadist: “Infadel!!!, you will thirst the prophets semen!!! You will burn in his shit until death for your sins of making love to your beard!!, You will serve “Muhammad the Hairless” until he finds another 12 year old girl to “petrify” in his bed. We are the religion of peace; you fuck with us, and we’ll gladly bend over back!!!” Woman take for ever to get dressed!!!….Happy Valentines day bg.

  3. Some of them were wielding M16s again… figures. They cannot hide their identity now… 😆

    At 13:00 they claim to have found an abandoned tank… and since none of them knows how to drive that thing… they just blew it up… 😆 Ahahahahah!! Morons!! There goes their advantage… 😆

    I was gonna complain about how they never show their worthless “losses”, but they did, and it included that old sand nigger that i noticed in the first part… Ahahah! 😆

    Btw, were those executed the ones we saw in cages in the previous video? If so, we all lost that bet… 😛

    1. Shit I think we’re onto something here. You’ll need a few tall one’s for when the gunpowder runs out for the cannons. Then the bridget the midgets can strap explosives to themselves and their less vertically challenged friends can midget throw them across enemy lines. Yes, now try and tell me women don’t make good generals!

          1. Fighting Chechens in the hot sun, I fought 50 midgets and they won

            I wouldn’t have guessed that they would tolerate midgets really. If alleged infidelity, apostasy and mental illness are punishable by death I’d imagine that midgets would be seen as abominations in the eyes of Allah or the result of sorcery or some dumb shit. Kudos to him for being able to hack it in the religion of peace.

  4. I just wrote a whole long comment about that, cricket boxes, medieval meat and two veg protectors. I can’t be bothered to repeat it but I can sum it up in a sentence, cock protectors should be part of the military kit.

  5. chechens are crazy I still remember the beheadings of the russian soldiers. i always laugh to myself when some muslim defends islam and say oh it’s a religion of peace and love. and then they claim that they cover woman in a mobile tent bc they want to protect woman and men shouldn’t judge a woman by her beauty blah blah, then they think it’s okay for a 50 year old man to marry a 10 year old girl. since the dirty arabs brought islam to iran it has caused so much problems. all muslims need to go fucking die in their shithole desert. I hope ISIS wins so that it can all muslims can move there and then someone can nuke them all. I support freedom of religion but this shit has to stop

    1. Not to mention their penchant for gang rape !. Many of them are full of double standards like that. ” We like our women covered from head to toe, but we’ll gladly molest and rape western women ”
      And the PC brigade find excuse after excuse for these sick bastards.
      Makes me puke.

    2. Hate to break the news to you but Iran is the end goal…it took over 10 years to surround Iran with 35 military base in Iraq and afghan….the Zionist agents in the USA govt will not stop turning the middle east upside down until there are puppet leaders like the new one in Egypt….if Billary gets elected she will be gunning for Iran….so, far Iran hasn’t really taken the bait to fight the CIA Mossad created Sunni group ISIS to take down Shia Iran, Assad and Gadahfi……

  6. What kind of knives are isis using? they are much more eficent then the Narco groups and flip flop nations…..technique, blades…I wonder if the Mexicans and south and central americans ans the thai pajama fighters realize there are bones in the neck…..

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