Child Drug Dealer Slowly Decapitated with Dull Machete Chops to Throat

Child Drug Dealer Slowly Decapitated with Dull Machete Chops to Throat

Even though I only got spotty backinfo, I’m pretty sure the video is from Brazil. You can even overhear the star of the video mention CV (Comando Vermelho), which the notorious “Red Command” drug trafficking gang from Brazil.

The video shows what is alleged to be a child drug dealer being executed by beheading. The beginning of the video shows the captured dealer say a few words, then the video cuts to the decapitation. By that time, the boy’s right forearm is amputated.

The beheading is carried out by chopping the child to the throat with a dull machete. The whole process is slow and agonizing, although despite his age, the boy takes it without too much whining.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. I have been using BestGore for a fucking decade and just now made an account to point out that Big Town is in Fallout 3, not NV. Sorry, I am a fucking anal cunt. On the bright side, guess I will be commenting now lol. I do agree though, fuck those bitches. Especially Princess and MacCready. If you want, download mods. Very satisfying if you want to decapitate the Jarls children in Skyrim.

      1. Obviously you don’t know about Fallout game series done by Interplay and Black Isle, prior Bethesda’s politically correct SJWanker Fallout crap and onward.

        You could do whatever you want in Fallout 1 and Fallout 2, including killing kids but you get Childkiller reputation title, meaning -30 points to initial reaction of both good and evil NPCs and
        Bounty hunters can be met during random encounters.

    1. Feel sorry for the kid not his fault he lives in a shitty place with only way to get money is to sell drugs his mom could have been sick and he tried selling drugs to get the money.. Either way these mother fuckers are strait fucking savages god damn

  1. The boy said something about who his father was. This might be revenge wreaked upon the victim’s dad. May they all rot in hell…But who needs hell when too much of life here on Earth is like BG?

  2. Took it like a man I suppose? Kids and death is relatively to horrid to comprehend at a early age. I think of what a young person goes through, just to be stuck right back in the void. Innocence is a word that has no meaning in that country.

    1. I don’t think passive, bovine acceptance is manly.

      Manly would be roaring, challenging those trying to vacate your head from your neck and if you go out, go out fighting, screaming, shitting and pissing.

    1. I’m seeing more narco vids of child victims. It’s as if the rival gangs/cartels are feeling the need to one-up the brutality. Butchering adults no longer has enough impact so…Sickening.

    2. I’m seeing more narco vids of child victims. It’s as if the rival gangs/cartels are feeling the need to one-up the brutality. Butchering adults no longer has enough impact so…Sickening.

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  3. Beheadings have become a little too familiar of late. At least these fuckers have spiced up the action by adding some creativity to the method. A severe beating, followed by a cursory nod to dismemberment finished off by some chop-suey work.

  4. Are those faggots laughing in the background? Dehumanised, emotionally vacant, dull, anaesthetised wankers.

    They’re not even making good money from their dealing, roaming around in forests in flip flops.

    Brazil is a failed state, copying the Muslims and their beheading, the unoriginal shitheads.

    1. they’re so high!! + this is everyday life. once in your never out. it keeps getting worse. there are lunch time shows on tv that show these corpses, interview the neighbours (people who never went to school)… it’s sad as fuck

  5. Reality is something these people dont really know.

    These peoples reactions as ‘savages’ are normal and natural human reaction. But for fuck sake why the blunt knife?

    Why not use a fucking saw with jagged teeth, and saw it off. Machetes are usually just blunt pieces of shaped metal. Go to a builders yard or store and buy a fucking saw, and saw the head off.

  6. listening several times what the boy said the small questioning ate the beginning was an ambush the boy that said he’s “ripping of the t shirt” witch means, basicaly, that he decided to do things “right” (by the law) with the help of his godfather. than the camera guy says “your destiny is… (cuts to the chopping). the end of the camera capture of short dialog must have happened by the phone being off while they took the boy.

  7. The “kid” was part of CV, alongside his godfather. So he was probably executed by PCC – Primeiro Comando da Capital (First Command of the Capital).

    Don’t be sorry for him since kids younger than him are killing and raping and torturing indiscriminately in Brazil since the laws are made to protect criminals. In Brazil there’s no such thing as a life sentence, or death sentence, and only people over 18 years old are arrested. So if you’re 17 or younger you can steal, rape and kill how many people you want that literally NOTHING will happen to you. Not if it depends of the police and the “justice” system. If you search this up you’ll cases where the “poor little kid” has been arrested more than 30 times but they just kept releasing him since he’s underage and it’s the law. Eventually they will kill someone innocent, or even rape and torture the innocent victim.

    This “don’t arrest people under 18 years old, they are victims of society” bullshit law alongside gun control is just one of the factors that contributed to Brazil becoming a highly violent place. There’s also the brainwashing of the sheep, which greatly contributed for the average Brazilian being dumber than a bag of bricks. That’s what 14 years of leftist rule made Brazil become, a highly filthy and violent and corrupt and immoral place.

    So this “poor kid” that was executed was just a soon-to-be murderer, if he already wasn’t one. And since he worked for CV he already was amongst a bunch of cold-blooded murderers, supporting them. Now sooner or later his executioners are also going to die a gruesome death, hopefully.

    Good riddance.

    1. That my friend is a load of BS. Just a few weeks ago there was a post about a juvenile prison being over run and child criminals held hostage. But its the internet isnt it, so you can say anything you want “if you are under 18 NOTHING will happen if you commit a crime” he says…..bla bla bla

      1. @firstinline

        No, you’re the one saying bullshit. You clearly have no idea of what you’re talking about. A juvenile prison is NOTHING like a real prison. As a matter of fact, brazilians don’t even call that place a prison, if you read the name of those places and translate it you see they call them rehabilitation centers.

        When I said nothing will happen I meant that you will not get the punishment you deserve for committing a serious offense. If you are 17 or younger and let’s say, MURDER and RAPE a child, you’ll go to a rehabilitation center and once you completed 18 or 21 yrs old you’ll be released.

        There was one case, which was featured here if I’m not mistaken, where Victor Hugo Deppman, 19 yrs old student was killed in front of his apartment where he lived with his parents. The murderer robbed him and then simply shot him in the face. The victim DID NOT react. There’s a video of that. Now here’s my point: the murderer was literally THREE DAYS away from completing 18 years old, but since he was underage by 3 days he went to the “juvenile prison”. Did you know how much time he spent there? 11 months. The filthy cold-blooded murder didn’t even get to spend a year. Now he’s back to the streets. Is that fair to you? Answer me honestly.

        But that’s just one of many many many cases like this. As I said before, underage violent crime in Brazil is EPIDEMIC and the reason underage criminals do what they do and are hired by older criminals to do their dirty work is the fact that they KNOW nothing will happen to them. Impunity, do you even know what that means?

      1. @hopingfornemesis

        Brazil has been a shitty place for a long, long time. Yes. But you should know that there’s always a chance of things getting worse. That’s what 14 years of PURE leftist rule made Brazil become, worse than it already was. PT (Worker’s Party) was the party in charge and all of its allies and literally ALL of its opposition are almost equally corrupt and equally useless. There are over 30 political parties in Brazil but NONE of them are right-wing. They are either blatantly leftists, like PT or the PCdB (Communist Party of Brazil), or they tend to be center-left or center-right, which is just another excuse for getting votes from anyone they can while remaining filthy leftists/globalists. This includes the current president of Brazil, Michel Temer. His party is pure filth, but PT is worse still. PT is also the most corrupt party in Brazil.

        Now what is being right-wing to you? If I say it out loud “I’m right-wing”, does it make me one? Take a look at Angela Merkel. She’s part of the Christian Democratic Union, a centre-right party, but what’s so right-wing about her? What’s so conservative about CDU? They are a bunch of globalists/leftists and you know that very well. It’s the same with Brazil and their “rightists”, don’t you get that? Someone saying he’s right-wing or conservative MEANS SHIT. Do your reading about Getúlio Vargas, perhaps you can call him right-wing. And there’s the military regime too, which was aided by JFK. Not so sure about the rest of the “rightists” lol. It’s like saying Obama, Hillary and Bernie are right-wing. It can only be a joke.

        By the way, are you aware of Venezuela’s current situation? If you study its history you’ll see that very similar to Brazil 90% of its rule was under “rightists” of centre, centre-left and centre-right parties. That means fake rightists. But for the last 19 years Venezuela has been under Bolivarianism, a communist dictatorship that killed many people and plunged Venezuela into a spiral of poverty, misery and hunger. They don’t even have toilet paper to wipe their asses as you should know, that’s why there are already more than 50 thousand Venezuelan refugees in Brazil. It’s the same logic here, can’t you see? Venezuela was a pile of shit, but it was FAR BETTER before PURE LEFTISM took over. Are you going to deny that too huh? You’re going to tell me to “do my reading” and say that most of the country’s history was not ruled by leftists and therefore they are not guilty even though they are clearly guilty since they are the ones in charge for the past 19 years just like pure leftists were in charge for the last 14 years in Brazil? This blame-shifting of yours doesn’t make any sense, any. Pure nonsense that doesn’t disproof anything what I’ve said and doesn’t change reality.

        Sorry @hopingfornemesis, you’re the one who is clearly biased and haven’t done any proper reading, not me. You’re not playing the devil’s advocate, you’re playing the devil’s little fool.

          1. Holy-Fuck Man,,,, ZE-P.M.S., & Testosterone is at a High Level, and Kicking-In Full Bloom today eh?,,, EH??? Cause Lots & Lots Of Khronic Cunting Going-On. People Need To Do “More Blunting,” & Much “Less Cunting” me thinks! Fuck Brazil,,, Fuck-Em All, And Fuck-You’s Too, Ya Whiny Cunts Ya!!!! There,,Now That Felt Realll Good, lol.

      2. Schlomo is right. I lived my childhood and early teens in the period of right wing brazilian dictatorship. Urban violence was rare and not brutal as it is today. I remember when i was 7,8, 9 years old, playing out in the streets with friends all day long, riding bikes, etc, only coming home when it was already dark , parents didnt worry, nothing happened, cities were relatively safe. Our houses and apartment buildings had no high walls, no safety apparatus, nothing.

        Now, after 3 decades of leftist social-democrat and socialist government, urban violence is out of control. Long gone are the days when children could spend the day playing safely out in the streets. Situation got so chaotic, that brazilian army had to take over law enforcement duties from the corrupt and failed police in Rio de Janeiro.This had never happened before in brazilian history.
        So, yes, Brazil was a never a great country. But after 13 years of socialist government, we have hit an all time low in terms of urban violence and economic crisis.

        1. @superdinamo and @Shlomoracemixersteininterracialburg,
          Living proof right there, Boys, & Girls, so you should stop Cunting-Around On The Kid,,,
          and give-em a chance to tell his story. Kudos to you both, as i have learned something new today, and i fucking love-it!

          Thanks for this my Good B G Men. You know what your talking about because you lived there, what more can you ask for. When i know shit about a certain Country because i have not studied it for decades, or lived there, i keep me Big-Ass-Mouth Shut, Listen, And Learn Something As A Result! And just like i do on many topics, when you don’t see me comment it’s because, like i say,,,( I Know Jack-Shit About It), and i am in the background lurking,,, l Listening/Reading to the ones who have life experience in the topic at hand, and know what they are talking about, as it is much more rewarding to me when i learn something honest, & true about it! After All **We Are S.O.B’s No???** At least I Am, And Proud Of It. 🙂 But i bet you that 90% of the Newbies do not have a clue what that means though! And after years of being on here, i have learned so much about life in general, it is truly remarkable. 🙂

      3. Brazil was always leftists. You are thinking Argentina. Although the police in Brazil used to shoot orphans for sport. They say it was an urban myth… see videos like this one and doubt the stories? Brazilian Police say it cut down on the beggars harassing people with money.

    1. @pussyscientist
      Hey,,, don’t feel bad cause even a seasoned B G Veteran like myself who eats a huge plate of spaghetti while watching the goriest video’s did not even want to watch this one myself. I have 4 Boys, and many Nephews, that were once that age, and not so long ago, so I dunno man,,, call me a pussy (but without the scientist, lol,) but i guess that it would have hit too close to home for me!

  8. To think this lil’ pile of shit and his executioners weren’t seemingly born back in 2000 makes me… super confident in Brazil’s ability to provide us with plenty of juicy content for the years to come!

      1. @Road Pavement.
        I would of course rescue my child as long as I had a machine gun and was hiding in the bushes.

        Even if my child was guilty of some crime, he is still part of my DNA strand and I would protect him from these scum. If you look at it logically, this gang has done some serious shit before, they haven’t just learnt to kill a child today, so they are no better than him.
        They do not have a right to take anybody’s life. Only a proper legal Court can decide if a person is not fit to live, not a bunch of common assholes like these guys.

        1. I know this is not a question for me, but I’ll answer anyways… Of course if my kid was innocent and I had the means to deploy some serious death then so be it…If my kid was a scum bag, murdering, raping, drug-dealing, drug addicted pos… Then I would kill them ALL, including my kid!…. Fukim!

  9. How fucking dull was that ? Took him years to hack it off.. something the mexicans beat the Brazilians in. Execution. Mexicans have it plain and simple while still having bruality implemented. Now, that’s not to discredit the barbaric Brazilians ofcourse because the dull aspect was, I would consider used to maximize the victims suffering. Poor kid, got to give it to him even though he went out like a complete total bitch but he didn’t cry.

  10. Poor Kid does not look a day over 14 maybe? I Don’t care if some say, “Ah that fucking kid was a dealer”Cause at 14 kids that age do not think right, and as many of you will surely agree, he was probably made,or forced into dealing drugs for the Cunts! Poor Little dude man, may God Bless him, and seek the ultimate vengeance on these Evil-Sick Cocksuckers. It probably does not help that he resembles my Youngest Son, when he was about 9 years younger, and without the white hair 2 tone look in-style today! FUCK-MAN I Feel Bad for that Little-Dude 🙁

    1. Idk.. @thedre.. I kinda have mixed feelings about it… On the one hand, he IS a child.. Possible child monster… On the other hand, they fukn made him the possible child monster… So I would say, at the least, they’re cleanin up their own mess. Why they did it so brutally?… I would like to know!

    2. A drug dealer. If I may be serious for one nano second. Alcohol is the most widespread and destructive drug on the planet. Period! This is not my opinion, but measurable observable reality.
      With this in mind, all those people who work in bars, hotels and liquor stores etc are drug dealers by default and by the rationale of these comments, should ALL be dealt a brutal and grisly death at the hands of even worse scum such as these motherfuckers!

  11. Seems as if this was a case of an easy target and some bored ‘gangsters’ / traffickers. I really doubt the kid was moving enough drugs to even matter to their almighty CV. I would imagine he probably was caught selling a few dime bags and these psychopaths abducted him because of the ease of apprehension and disposal.

  12. Brazilians and Mexican new YouTube Channel, “Can this be used to Behead Someone?” A blunt machete? Yes! A crowbar? Yes! This cinderblock? Yes! An old butter knife? Yes! This old dry tree branch? Yes! A melted piece of butter? Yes! A dead chicken? Yes! Anthony Weiner’s post prison rape limp dick? Almost. Anything can be used to behead someone if you hit someone enough times with it.
    Brazil, you aren’t even trying are you?

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