Chilean Off Duty Cop Shoots Criminals Attempting to Steal His Car

Chilean Off Duty Cop Shoots Criminals Attempting to Steal His Car

At the intersection of Carmen and Santa Isabel streets in downtown Santiago, Chile, a group of three criminals attempted to steal a car. What they didn’t know is that the car belonged to an off duty policeman who had his service weapo with him and was not afraid to use it.

The policeman shot the assailants in the legs, incapacitating each, though killing none. The three were taken to hospital with non life threatening wounds.

Here’s the CCTV video of the incident. Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for these:

Aftermath video 1:

Aftermath video 2:

Gallery of photos:

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56 thoughts on “Chilean Off Duty Cop Shoots Criminals Attempting to Steal His Car”

    1. At least this way they become prison bitches, get released, go n do the same shit and provide us with another video for our selfish entertainment needs. Sum1 can kill em the next time, thats fine with me.

      1. Or he could’ve killed both you and them. That way both supply and demand get cancelled out. You’re therefore as much part of the problem as they are and contribute utterly nothing to humanity except for maybe paying taxes.

  1. What a fucking great guy. I love this cop. He shot the fuckers legs! The crawling away was extremely hilarious.

    This is really marvellous. I am going to spend the rest of the evening masturbating like a Viagra Poppin’ Devil to these clips.

    Does it really get any better than this? Really? Does it?

  2. In America, in many states (like the one I currently live in), a homeowner not far from where I live shot a criminal who was breaking into his car right outside his front door, the criminal died.

    The police are investigating whether he should have shot the piece of shit, they could possibly prosecute him for protecting his property.

    He also turned over his weapon to the police.

    The criminals around this area know people are afraid to defend themselves so they take advantage. There are so many assaults, robberies, murders and harassments.

    I see this is justice. Maybe in Chile they’re not stupid so they let people defend themselves.

    Why is the law here on the side of piece of shit criminals?

    Fuck. Everyone should pay the piper for their actions.

    Who agrees?

  3. am i the only person finding the amount of off-duty cops in brazil/chile/similar hellholes, shooting an attempted car thief/burglar, a tad bit suspicious?! seems a pretty handy excuse to jus knock off whoever ya want!

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