Chin Cracked in Hit and Run on Electric Scooter in Central London

Chin Cracked in Hit and Run on Electric Scooter in Central London

Chin Cracked in Hit and Run on Electric Scooter in Central London

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @publicstranger, who was involved in a hit and run that left him with a cracked chin:

On October 4, 2020 I was in a hit and run accident in Central London. I was on an electric scooter and had right of way. I went through the traffic light as it was turning amber.

Then a Mercedes car hit me from the cross road and left me quite damaged on my chin. Luckily I wasn’t seriously injured anywhere else and got stitched up as soon as I got to the hospital.

I took this pic in the hospital which shows how deep the cut was in my chin. As soon as I saw the pic I thought of all the gore fans who’d love to see it haha.

I’m expected to get the stitches removed next week. Police are looking at CCTV to find the cunt of a driver that done this too me.


Many thanks for sharing the pic with us, @publicstranger. Let us know how you’re recovering from the injury.

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43 thoughts on “Chin Cracked in Hit and Run on Electric Scooter in Central London”

  1. Lucky you weren’t killed or more seriously hurt! I’d be careful running ambers in the future as the driver probably didn’t even see you, blind spot maybe? Are scooters street-legal these days?

    1. yeah im stopping that once and for all. I got too cocky that day even though it was not my fault.
      And no way he didnt see me unless he was blind or severly drunk, and yes and no, they are illegal but so many people still use them and police wont do anything.

      1. I remember when scooters in my town were becoming popular. A few years back, more people were buying them, simply because of the rising gas prices.

        Anyway, the police were making citations left and right, because people weren’t registering them. I think it’s a good idea to register them, in the event they get stolen. However and it’s been the case, many that do get stolen are completely stripped down, never to be seen/recognized again.

        But the bigger problem I see, is the fact that many are simply too young to ride one. They have no concept of the rules of the road. I’ve seen kids 7 or 8 riding one in medium to heavy traffic. I’ve also seen young teenagers riding one on highways as well.

        …with police seeing them and issuing no citations

        Now, the popular means of transportation in my town, are the golf carts. Most are electric. Thank God, it’s usually the parents who are driving them. However, NONE ARE REGISTERED, and they don’t have to be.

        Unfortunately however, I’ve noticed these parents don’t hesitate to pull out in front of you either. Even when their kids are riding in the back of one. Hoping to be around, when one makes the fatal mistake of pulling out in front of a semi hauling grain.

        I own a nice camera, and still relatively quick on my feet to be there at the scene. Uploads may be coming soon, since it’s harvest time. 🙂

          1. Good question…

            You’d have to look it up, because I really don’t know. Halloween has to do with wicked spirits, goblins etc. I don’t know where or how it originated.

            The fact that it occurs during harvest, (autumn) probably has to do with things going dormant for the winter. Kind of a symbol of death. Here in the states, the kids would dress up as witches, ghosts etc. and go trick or treating at people’s houses on Halloween. The people would give the kids candy as a treat for stopping by. However, that tradition is quickly fading away. Primarily for safety issues. Bad candy, crime, traffic accidents etc.

  2. 1. Electric scooters are illegal to ride on the roads in the U.K.
    2. Amber means prepare to stop. Car driver would have had to run a red to hit you.
    3. Running a red is the only crime here.
    4. If your going to ride a vehicle illegally at least slow down and obey traffic laws.
    5. Hope it heals well and doesn’t scar too badly. Get some ‘bio oil‘ on it once the scab has gone.
    6. Thanks for sharing!

    1. 1. yes they are, but it is a bit of a grey area the po that was there on the scene and was helping me said he coulda have taken 6 points off my provisional license but he didnt since it was not my fault.

      2. yes thats true and i should have stopped in all honesty but it literally came as soon as id gone past the invisible line where i could no longer see the lights, the car saw me and purposley sped up most likely was under the influence.

      3. In my defence it had just turned amber and you do not know the layout of the road, i still had enough time to get past the 5 metre distance to get to saftey.

      4. Normally i do stop at lights and obey the traffic laws as i am doing my car licesne and its generally good practice on my scooter to do so, but i had never had any problems doing this same 5 metre stretch countless times before even on amber lights.

      5. Thank you. and yeah i literally bought some the day after it happened on Amazon, thanks you.

      6. No problem, ive been a long time lurker and thought id share it here as soon as it happened.

  3. @publicstranger Are you a retard like me? Not only are most electric scooter drivers absolute idiots; they are are illegal in London. So how dare you say you say you had a “right of way”. As soon as you get on an illegal vehicle – you give up all your rights on the road.

    And for all of those anti-authoritarian peeps who don’t care about rules; this rule absolutely makes sense. I cycle a lot around London and ALL electric scooters riders I have encountered are absolutely careless and a danger to all other riders.

    Sure, the driver should have stopped – but don’t act like he’s the one in the wrong.

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