CJNG Beheads Member of Los Zetas – Quick Decapitation with Gurgling Sounds

CJNG Beheads Member of Los Zetas - Quick Decapitation with Gurgling Sounds

CJNG Beheads Member of Los Zetas - Quick Decapitation with Gurgling Sounds

In the backwoods of Mexico, a masked sicario for CJNG (Jalisco New Generation Cartel) beheaded a captured member of Los Zetas.

The Zeta took the beheading quite well. Luckily for him, despite sharp moves of his executioner who wished to show off for the camera, the decapitation was fairly quick by Mexican standards. Just before his head got cut off clean, the victim’s attempts to breathe through the severed trachea resulted in gurgling sounds.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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108 thoughts on “CJNG Beheads Member of Los Zetas – Quick Decapitation with Gurgling Sounds”

    1. Layman made my day. At least he had the courtesy to chose a blade longer than his dick…
      Amazingly in this version they cut out the part where they try to talk the victim to death.
      ‘Tacoses’ can be a beautiful language if you filter out all the weiRRRd Rs

    2. Quick is right rather see the dull knife beheading. I enjoyed watching this video here it is the 4th of july and while im enjoying a bbq and some ice cold beers this fucking beaners day just got worse. Sucks to be him but im sure that he would be happy knowing his sole purpose on earth, the reason he was born was so that i can have an enjoyable day watching his head get cut off, just wish it didnt happen so quick. If it were me i would be taking delicate slices and asking victim what it was like knowing ur gonna die shortly, i would make him piss his pants

    1. Lol., I still think it was that guy who beheads this chick who is kneeling in front of him, with a small Very Sharp blade.., anything faster was the Quick Chop method. I think the story was she Cheated on him. That was my Very First Gore video.

        1. Yeah @XXX
          This is also one of the quickest that i have ever seen also! And the fact that You Can clearly see her still alive, and looking around while moving her eyes side to side aftyerwards makes it that much Creepier.

    2. From a viewer’s stand point the slower ones are more interesting to watch… especially if it’s close up. It’s not the fastest ones I remember but the ones where you can see the eyes move and the pain in their faces.

          1. Me too @Brokeback as those Opiates being,,, Fentanyl Patches, & The Hydro Morphone Tablets make me Almost Popping Veins in my forehead every-time that i take a painful dump.

            And then, to add insult to injury,,, i have to use the fucking plunger on the toilet every time cause Me Loggers Just Won’t Go Down Man,,, Sucks Bro! 🙁

    3. I have seen quicker!!! Once again the Mexican cartel, It had a young guy with a Cartel member behind him in an un used building , raining outside , one quick slash and a few solid hacks to the neck , the guy was free from his body appreciating the new view of his surroundings with a lovely death stare. For your health.

  1. This is the difference between a sicario and one of those flip-flop wearing fucks pretending to be. I thought this cartel stuff was about pain and suffering, notwithstanding the obvious but seems this bastard met his maker sharpish!

  2. Jeezus Mary and Joseph!

    Its Been Awhile
    Nueva-Generacion seems to like to take out Zetas
    Reminds me of Marvel vs. Capcom.

    This yob over here got it clean and painful
    Must be how Childbirth feels right?
    Can’t wait to hear the from feminist bootyfuckers!

    1. You should do some research here or anywhere else.
      The faster the decapitation, the more frequent the sounds of the pipe or reflexes of the face.
      The chop-chops of Iraq and Syria in HD show it perfectly.

    2. There was one beheading from a while back where an angry boat captain was beheaded and his angry expression never changed… even his eyes followed the executioner for a second or two with the head pulled away from his body.

  3. Now that these mexicunts have elected a libtard dude as Pdt, I guess we’ll soon have a happy trigger US citizen chubby cop on video, just like this, but with a fucking dull blade.
    Each has his space…
    Karma is a bitch !

  4. They should show an extreme close-up of his face after such a quick decapitation. Only because the brain is still alive for almost a full 30 to 45 seconds after the spinal cord is severed, so you can see his eyes looking around, and moving from side to side in what must be for him, sheer horror.

    I Have already seen this here on Best-Gore a more than a few occasions, and Fuck Man,,,,,, Is It Ever Creepy, especially when you put yourself in his shoes, or Flip-Flops, i should say, lol!

      1. I believe you are correct cause even the quickest beheading last about 15 seconds.
        Back in France up to the late 17th. Century doctors often observed the decapitated still looking around at them for an average of about 35 seconds after the guillotine slammed down on them. Fucking Creepy Shit Brother.

  5. oh… i’m betting this wasn’t the first head he’s taken. dude knows his way around a neck.
    just when i thought my monday would end on a dull note, mexico brings it. love you mexico!

    1. usually i agree with your wisdom, svarg, but gonna disagree here. after watching the videos that come from down there do you really think a little cannibalism is going to scare anyone into submission? nah. i think we’re well passed that point. but, hey, i’ll be here watching to see how it all pans out. my money is on mexico, they do not fuck around.

  6. Tis a shame they couldn’t sever off his penis and shove it down his throat that would of been awesome and I would of been able to get off better.. oh well I still ended up rubbing one out and now I must rest. Bye friends 🙂


    Masked Man: This is what’s going to happen to all those fucking “Zetas”, this is “Cartel de Jalisco”, new generation, fuckers.
    -He then proceeds to behead the shirtless man-

    He did behead that guy very fucking quickly, damn that must be a very sharp ass machete he got there >>

    1. This one is my favy. I watch this one first, every time. Especially now knowing what he’s saying…it’s fucked up. I mean, I guess I’m fucked up lol. I hate it this shit happens though. I guess knowing that, I appreciate it’s done quickly…I’m all like ‘cant we just get along?’

    2. I’ve watched these guys before, and read about them. They are obviously badasses. I couldn’t close my eyes for a week after seeing that. Yeah I know, with my rose colored glasses and all. But, for real, they should just team up. They’re all about the same shit, yeah? And no, I may be all pretty, but I ain’t Miss America lol, I have vices!

        1. I read the other day where the Mexican navy found some ungodly amount of meth underground in the mountains. I mean, a fucking lot. I wonder what’s gonna happen with that. I also read about Cancun. I’ve been twice, but I’m not going back it’s so fucked. Yeah, you’re so right. Too much money….

        2. I throw Shit everytime at those Fucking Cowardly Pussy Bitch Cartels, if they are Real Men, they Should fight with their Hands and One-on-One, Not come with a Gang against just One rival who is tied-up! Their victim has no Weapons but those Fucking Cowardly Pussy Bitch Cartels are armed with Machetes and Guns, that makes them all Chicken Shit!

  8. Hi. I’m curious. What is with this beheading shit? I don’t get it. Nobody suffers when they are beheaded. Try crucifixion. If I wanted to make a point, I would use crucified people. One nail through each hand, and one through the ankles. And then cut open the body to spill the intestines. Let them ripen in the sun.

    1. I have wondered the same thing. But, according to my beloved, it’s all about shame. Or whatever to that rival. At least they don’t cut off the baby making parts. But, ive seen where they do that, and cut out the heart and ears. I guess it just depends..

  9. Imagine if EVERY Beaner did this to one another as they walk down the street. Maybe they could reduce the poopulation of this Fucking Shithole Country to around 700 billion instead of 1400 million billion of these burrito eating bean-farting Motherfuckers.

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