CJNG Chop Up a Member of La Barredora with an Axe While Still Alive

CJNG Chop Up a Member of La Barredora with an Axe While Still Alive

An incredibly brutal video from Mexico shows a man being mercilessly beaten with a stick and then, while still alive and fully conscious, chopped up piece by piece with an axe. The victim is reported to be a member of La Barredora while the sicarios were from The Jalisco New Generation Cartel, which is a group formerly known as Matazetas.

I wrote about the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG – Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación) a few days ago. They started as a group of ordinary Mexicans who decided to go vigilante on Narco sicarios because they were sick and tired of being oppressed by the cartels. As their original name would suggest (Matazetas – Zeta Killers), their original purpose was to target members of the Los Zetas cartel because they were the ones to introduce violence into the lives of ordinary Mexicans more than any other cartel.

However within a few short years the CJNG grew into an incredibly powerful cartel themselves, teamed up with El Chapo Guzman and his Sinaloa Cartel and became one of the most powerful and fastest growing cartels in Mexico. As part of the Sinaloa/Gulf cartels coalition, CJNG are coming out as extremely ruthless enforcers, easily taking over from brutality previously only associated with their prime nemesis – Los Zetas.

Strange thing about this video is the fact that the CJNG beat up and chop up a member of La Barredora which is also a group which operates under orders from the Sinaloa Cartel. This could only mean one of two things:

  1. La Barredora kisses El Chapo’s ass and wants to be with the Sinaloa Cartel, but are not really recognized as such by them.
  2. The sicarios are not really from CJNG, but rather form CIDA pretending to be CJNG with a fake narcomensaje. CIDA (Contras Independientes de Acapulco) is an Acapulco Cartel which operates under the Edgar Valdez Villarreal’s La Barbie. CIDA pulled similar trick in the past (January 2011) when they decapitated 24 people and left their heads displayed with a narcomensaje bearing El Chapo’s name. Neither the Sinaloa Cartel nor any other affiliated group had anything to do with these beheadings.

BTW – I noticed recently that a particular search term repeatedly lands on pages of narco dismemberments. Said search term is a variation of: “Do Mexican Cartel Dismember People While Alive or When Already Dead?” Well, this post will answer that question quite clearly. The CJNG sicarios chop him up while still very much alive.

I was hooked up with the video by Best Gore member AmeriMex who said that there is no knowing whether the victim was a real rival of the sicarios or not, implying that gang members sometimes kidnap innocent people (known as “levantan”) whom they execute in order to collect a paycheck for catching a rival.

As for the video – the quality is traditionally pure shit, but the victim’s screaming makes up for it big time. The victim is first brutally beaten with a stick and then stripped naked and chopped up with an axe while still fully alive and conscious. It’s a similar deal to this video, except that in this case the man is still alive when chopped up.

Message at the beginning reads:

Saludo con una cordial invitacion para todos aquellos que se pasen de verga matando gente inocente


A very cordial welcome, to all those who are innocents-killing assholes.

Message at the end reads:

Así terminara todo aquel o aquellos putos que se sigan pasando de verga matando gente inocente


All those bitches who are innocents-killing assholes will end (die) thus.

Props to AmeriMex for the video and translations:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. I’m not very mentally stable so I can speak from experience. At least for me after I see these videos my blood starts to pump a little faster…my stomach gets butterflies but not the nervous kind. They are the excited type. My therapist said its just my homicidal tendencies acting up similar to when I watch a suicide video. It makes me long for it.. Just the act of killing or ending my own life. But I guess that’s why I’ve been institutionalized a good many times. The sad thing is, is that I’m not a violent person. I’m just a fantasizer lol.

    1. I can’t understand it why don’t these men fight for there lives instead of biting down on a t-shirt why don’t they fight don’t they know they are going to die I guess they are in so much fear that they just lay down and take it NOT ME your going to have to shoot me cause I’m not going to lay down so you could beat me to death fight mutha fuckers stop being pussy your going to die anyway

    2. This is a subject I don’t know much about and never experienced anything like this in my work. Few months ago I saw couple ex girlfriends pictures of drug Lords that did the same out of revenge or whatever reason. Can anyone tell me if these dismemberments is done when all victims is alive? Thank you.

  1. Very brutal! Although I wasn’t a big fan of the video effects in the beginning, I’d rather just see the gore in all it’s natural red, mucky goodness. They had the one stand there and take that beating though, just brutal man!

  2. Whether the guy may have been an innocent civilian or not, fuck it and kill him anyway seems to be the motto of many of these sadistic, cold-blooded murdering bastards. Hey, all in a paid day’s work. Oh and to add insult to injury, start chopping him up like cord wood while he is still alive. Time and time again, BG proves that human beings are the most vicious, ferocious beings on planet Earth.

      1. Google Translate says: Also very helpless, but found that the more helpless countries living in the Third World and Mexico, the United States, the benefits of the United States, the United States also has the disadvantages of the United States. 🙄

        1. @tiger – I don’t find the Dagestan video as bad as most beheading videos. I mean, they don’t actually behead the Russians, they just cut their throats. I still think it’s brutal as fuck though. I think the worst beheading videos are the Iraqi ones (there are too many to mention). You’re right about 3 Guys I Hammer, that video is so fucking disturbing. The worst part of that vid is when they stab his eye in with a screwdriver. Yuck.

  3. WOW the whole time i was thinking: DUDE you’re not tied up!!! RUN BITCH!!! let them shoot you or something.

    Btw is it against the cartel rules for these guys to have high resolution camera phones???

      1. Hey Goblin, I’m with WTF on this one, the cartels are rich as fuck, Just recently some of them were busted in america, they owned race horses and were racing them, don’t kid yourself, they have the money.

        1. @phatman – Sorry, I was being facetious. Of course I know those fucks can easily afford it. I get the impression they are more concerned about spending their money on keeping their organizations operations, paying their assassins and killers, and so on until they get to “buy quality blades and HD capable cams” at the bottom of their priority list.

        2. @phatman – Sorry, I was being facetious. Of course I know those fucks can easily afford it. I get the impression they are more concerned about spending their money on keeping their organizations operational, paying their assassins and killers, and so on until they get to “buy quality blades and HD capable cams” at the bottom of their priority list.

    1. Not that much easy WTF, high level of fear paralyzes the body, I felt this myself a couple of times, your legs and arms weighs 100 kgs each, you feel weak like a child but if you managed to keep your self confidence and morale high, best way is to go for machete/axe, I beleive best natural weapon is “mouth”, you can easily kill a man biting his jugular vein, this way you can take the axe, most probably they will shoot you to a quick death in such a scenario.
      Ps: I saw a cop bitten @ the arm by an African, a mouthfull bit of flesh was missing with a nice blood flow.

      1. That depends on what kind of person you are, a coward will freeze and do little to help himself, a man with some stones (balls) will die fighting, everybody is one or the other, I think that is why most are tied up, we don’t know what we are until we’re in that position.

        1. I have posted quite a lot on this subject.

          The truth being. The ‘fight or flight’ complex is like a muscle. You need to train it. Keep it tuned. Else it will wither and become useless.

          As a young lad I was regularly beaten by groups of lads. I couldn’t run. I couldn’t swing a punch.

          I was rooted to the spot in fear. Awaiting my fate.

          After a quick clip around the ear off of my Dad for being a wimp, that quickly sorted me out.

          People just let the adrenaline overwhelm them. If you suffer from adrenaline overwhelming… Syndrome thingy.

          I would recommend you spend less time thinking about things and just go with your instinct.

          Swing first and ask questions later!

          Worked for me!

          1. I totally agree Tom, when someone threatens you, and you feel your in real danger, you probably are, one must act, do something besides just being a victim, you may still be a victim but at least your holding the title of man. Its just better to through the first punch.

      2. I thought that usually when people get really scared they enter some kind of super human survival mode or some shit like that, for example when a dog starts chasing you, you would run faster than you would or jump higher than you would when you’re normally sprinting or jumping.

        A (not so fit) guy fell once off a boat in the sea while a white shark was swimming around, he got so scared he pulled himself with ONE arm back on the boat… people tend to develop crazy human strength when they shit in their pants

    1. we should encourage these cartels to take action inside the US and get rid of the minorities aswell ~

      oh wait never mind they wouldn’t want to get rid of their loyal customers which is bad for their business…

      1. Haha I believe their loyal customers are white trash crackheads, like the ones that infest your amona laced double-wide. (Sorry I’m just a gentleman, I know you can’t afford a double-wide) 😉

  4. Omg…..My heart practically lodged up into my throat when they started chopping him up. I had to shut it off for a couple of minutes when he started screaming. Thought I was going to vomit.
    Holy fuck that’s brutal shit.

        1. Hey Bidity, you seem to have a week stomach, Yet you can’t help but watch, that’s fascinating to me, sense I’ve never had a week stomach, You should try eating when watching this gory shit, it might help 😉
          I do.

          1. @phatman, Since I wasn’t able to access BG properly for a while my senses to this stuff weren’t quite as numb anymore hahaha but yes I tend to have a weak stomach sometimes. I love gore though. I’ve had a fascination with it since I was 8 years old. 😀

  5. I had my first nightmare from being on this site and I was being chased by gore members and raped infront of my child, I think i should stop *coughs* Na im a gorewhore lol! Not as easy as that but these brutal killings sure do make me tense..

    1. There’s a fucking gross photo here on Best Gore where a dead guy has his severed dick shoved in his mouth. I guess he died doing what he loved; choking on dong.

      Google: “Man Murdered, Cock and Balls Cut Off and Put in His Dead Mouth”.

    1. They fucked up a masterpiece with effects and terrible music, I hope they will provide similiar action video with a better resolution and without effects, I want to hear the basta screaming and I want to see the natural blood color, “red”.

          1. Translation of this zipper heads lingo “This is a bit like a Mexican gang promotional video, I feel this movie is outstanding individualism, could see that the murderer enjoyed in the dry matter. And would like to share with others, so add music effects.” if we can talk in other languages I’ll speak Irish Gaelic!

  6. Never fuck around with these guys. They don’t give a break when you mess around. If you are in Mexico just do what you are there for, never try to poke your nose in something you really don’t know.

    1. what im saying is if you are going to be killed put up a fight even if its hopeless! you never know you might just get lucky and manage to get away but if you just sit there like that then you have no chance at all. saying no or waiting for help wont do anything lol kick him in the balls and run like hell! maybe you will live it cant hurt to try.

      1. The guy being chopped up has probably got experience In Chopping others up, he knows what to expect and when the video is seen by his peers, he wants them to think he took it like a ‘man’. Vicious cycle.

          1. I know myself, I do agree most people have no clue.
            I find it kinda pathatic that people wouldn’t fight to live and as for shiting ones pants, that usaully only happens after death. fear is natural, but it can be controlled, people do it all the time (Adrenoline freaks)

        1. Hey Phatman, where’s your Bluntman…ya,anyway…

          It’s the heritage of Mexican’s.I should know being half and being raised by them.They pressure the boys to take a beating like a man.It’s a dishonor to run.You shame the family.Girls are taught to clean and cook and even in 2012 to service the men.The only pro is you get to pressure your own kids needlessly…Shit,I’m lucky I got out.Ya,I got beat,and I took it.You were beat extra for putting your hand up to block the beating,so you learn not to.The day I began fighting back was when the beating became worse and I was on Hospice.If a Mexican mother can beat her daughters ass while she’s on hospice she will beat it any other time too.The worse part,…I’m the good kid!!!

  7. i would have enjoyed this video 100 percent more if the music and special effect wasnt added to it. now it was just irritating to watch. why do mexicans think they need to add special effects? the brutal killing and screaming is enough for me. geeez mexicans always need to mess a video up. NEXT TIME THE ONLY THING I WANNA SEE IS BLOOD AND GORE.

  8. Dear oh dear oh dear. That kind of gave me the heebie geebies, quite a nice buzz I’ve got going now. I wondered how long it would be before we started seeing this happening to live people. I’m glad it wasn’t too hig quality, it broke me in somewhat so I can be nice and ready for the higher quality stuff thats bound to start coming through. Thanks for your work Mark.

  9. Note to self: Don’t be mexican

    If I lived down there I would wear a suit made of jelly fish tentacles. Nobody’s kinapping my ass without a little sting. Then I would cut myself and fling my blood on them and scream “AIDS, AIIIIIDDDDSS, AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Then I’d Tell them I’m the second or third coming of HayZeus and demand that their lord needs free authentic mexican tacos and a private portapotty to exercise the demons those tacos are known to summon

    1. theyd just shoot you in the face maybe..with a nice big american gun…or just have someone they are gonna kill anyways kidnap you and then you’d star in your very own bestgore video..im talkin’ movie star..agent…free hookers

  10. I’ll tell you what. Not too bad of a video. Music totally ruined it tho. And man that is crazy. While alive..No doubt a horrible way to die. Each whack of the axe on your limbs while still breathing. Whats gotta be going through ur head. From personal experience at a hog farm I used to work at. Swinging an axe through flesh and something thats alive is a whole different experience. You can hear the bones break and it thud it makes when it first hits the bone..Unless you got a sharp rig then its clean through…wow

          1. Fuck off! hahaha, you kickass man, if we hung out and I was drunk I would let you kick my ass just so I could say Randy fucking Quaid kicked my ass, but at least I can say I told you to fuck off, hehehe

          1. Don’t worry fellers. I am indeed the Randy Quaid. As I explained in my intro to this site. I added the Fucking as my middle name for the younger fans. Gives me that edge. Since i’ve been going through personal and financial problems. An edge is what I need.. Even thought about joing the cartels. Put a celebrity face on them thata be great. Plus they pay in cash 🙂 Good day to you sir!

        1. @randyfuckingquaid
          if you are him…thats pretty cool…….i noted you seem to like the mexican cartel vids……is this kinda like getting yourself familiarized with them first before you become a certified member?? And if you do become part of a cartel could you introduce higher quality cams to them and perhaps sharper blades???? Thanks sunshine xo

    1. Just imagine if the mafia started recording their murders. Their method is more often a quick hit as opposed to long, drawn-out torture though. They wouldn’t even come close to what mexico or brazil dishes out

      1. There’s this Irish mobster named Peter Joseph Judge aka the Psycho who brutally beaten and murdered his fellow mobster and ex-friend Jock Corbally, smashing all his teeth with an iron bar too before burying him alive half-dead. It has been claimed that the psycho slashed his throat before they buried him, kinda brutal… its apparent that one is personal aside from the usual bullet to the back of the head execution by other mafiosos and mobsters. You’re right about it Ug, it wouldn’t even come close to the Mexican Cartel’s hospitality.

          1. most of the ODC’s were from the inner city dublin……..my sons father grew up with them all so i got to know them through him……i knew martin cahill (the general) i knew the mitchells…..i knew tony felloni

  11. Sometimes even groups that are working together will fight against each other, it happens all the time in narco world of Mexico, many of the cartels fighting against each other now use to be allies example cartel del golfo and los zetas use to be under the same organization, many of the allies fighting together were once against each other example cartel del golfi and cartel Sinaloa were bitter enemies now they’re allies, the point is todays allies will be Tomorows enemies, Mexican cartels are constantly switching sides but its seems that all of them do have one thing in common and that is a common enemy…los zetas. Today Sinaloa and el golfo may be in bed together but soon they will begin to fight each other again these pacts and truces they make don’t ever last very long they them selves know this and they are very dustrusting of each other and tend to always work as far apart from each other just because they are aligned doesnt mean they like each other in fact they hate each other, but instead of fighting each other and los zetas they got smart and decided to set aside their diffrences for the time being and team.up against their common enemy los zetas. Sometimes all it takes is the killing of a member and the alliance will fall apart and all out war will fallow

    1. From my outsider point of view, it seems that mexican cartels operated within the normal range of brutality of any regular criminal organization in the world, until 10 or 15 years ago, when these LOS ZETAS guys started carving up their space with their trademark ATTILA THE HUN-style, and the rest of the cartels had to “evolve” (or involve) into the actual levels of violence to “keep up” with Los Zetas and avoid being wiped out by them, is that right?

      1. Correct my father now lives in Mexico he was deported for smuggling large amounts of drugs here in south Texas where I live, we always had a house in Mexico and would spend a lot of time over ther until he got caught which was right around the time the violent e began I belive him going to jail saved his life since he wasnt around for him to get envolved, aside from my father many of my uncles and cousins on my mother and fathers side were drug dealers, here in south Texas everyone always has someone in their family who deals drugs that’s how prevalent it is here, down here people deal in metric tons not in couple kilos like in other places and I grew up around the whole old school narco life style and was being groomed by my father and uncles to one day do the same thing, dealing is a family affair and family business here in south Texas, its funny tho because my father and uncles never onced showed me any drugs and I never saw them with any let alone use them and I’m sure they would’ve beat my ass if they ever caught me using any but yet they would talk about buisness around me openly and take me with them when they would set up deals that were to go down later, my cousins however were the ones that exposed me to large amounts of stashed drugs that they were entrusted with, the first time I ever saw marijuana was in a stash house and there was a room in the back that was stacked to the hight of the door with giant bundles of marijuana I hadn’t even started smoking the stuff and I had already seen more pot than most pot heads would ever see or smoke in their whole entire stoned lives, this is how I grew up and I was aware of how things went on in the drug world at a young age, I saw the change that came with the violence first hand a lot of old school dealers retired I guess you could say and got out and quit dealing altogether those who did not were either killed since they were forced to choose sides and fight or were caught and arrested, I remember old school dealers would always say “things are diffrent now these young kids don’t know anything about respect and don’t give a fuck about anyone or anything they’re diffrent and they’re cold blooded” which is true, so your right tulip when the zetas were formed the game began to change and everyone knew it hiring body guards was one thing but hiring ex military special forces to hunt down your enemies and protect your loads is something completely diffrent, the tactics and weapons they employed were unheard of, sure dealers always had AK47s and AR15s but when the zetas began using RPGs & LAW rocket launchers, m67 frag grenades & m203 grenade launchers also anti tank & anti air machine guns it changed everything not to mention the high tech computer and surveillance equipment they were trained to use, soon after that every drug lord wanted to be like the zetas and do what the golfo had done and start hiring ex military it was all a prelude to what’s happening now even el Chapo who had just escaped prison and was considerd the richest and most high tech at that time wised up and followed suit creating his own group los Negros which has transformed into one of many smaller cartels like the matazetas, these guys created a monster with los zetas and now they’re creating other little monsters that will one day turn around and bite them in the ass

          1. holy cow, thanks for the lesson in Reality, Rider, that’s what I love of BG, not the gore itself, but the exchange of different REALITIES, much of wich includes gore. Much of the idiots out there trying to ban this site would prefer you to think “drugs are bad police is good”, but BG just throws you in your face the RAW reality, the indirect results of these moralists brainiacs making drugs illegal 100 years ago. And that includes “good” cops applying electrical “picana” to a guy and then clubbing him to death and extremely dangerous military psychos trained by the state “good- guys-security” apparatus killing and dismemberiing hundreds to collect a fuckin paycheck. Welcome to fuckin’ reality.

          2. @Jack, hmmm? I wonder, I know SK used to talk about motorcycles and the dudes he rode with a lot, that and fights, drugs etc. you may be right…

          1. Wow rider nice insight man. I get what you sayin’ about the “new” school. The violence wont end until they are all on the same side, even then, cycle repeat. Thanks man!

        1. @PALE RIDER: I hope this isn’t too much of a personal question, but; Do you think that the situations/events that you have told us about your life growing up with your family in the dealing business has made you more aware and/or liberated from what the “Sheeple’s Media” lead us to believe? Does it affect the way you live at all?

          Cheers for your insight 🙂

          I love being a S.O.B 🙂 gives me greater knowledge about this hell we call earth.

      1. Lions are contract killers. They chew faces off other animals so their spawn will be spared, all for the Zionists’ cheap entertainment. Here, read this pamphlet. *you take the pamphlet, read it, now you agree* See? Now get out there and blow something up

    1. We are by definition mammals, we do everything they do ~ eat, excrete, sleep, our bodies are covered in a light hair, we feed our young on milk from mammary glands…..blah blah, I’ve probably missed some really important, obvious ones.

  12. Not the goriest video on here but it does make me feel a bit uneasy knowing that the victim felt each and every one of his bones shatter under the weight of that axe.

    This and most of the beheading videos on here are probably some of the only ones that leave me feeling empty and hopeless towards the entire human race. Even a bullet to the head would have been more merciful than this but then again these cartels focus on spreading fear through the ranks of their rivals in order to make sure that they submit to their power. The violence in Mexico will only escalate in the coming years. Kind of makes me look forward to the atrocious ways in which they will dispose of their victims and I hope they also end up using better recording equipment as well.

    1. i just hope some mexican president with half a brain would make a big FUCK YOU to the US government and legalize drugs, so we can enjoy the newly formed redneck cartels killing each other mexican-style for the distribution racket 300 miles south of the fuckin white house…

      1. LOL Fucking “Redneck Cartels”. I can see it now… two hayseeds wearing denim overalls but no shirts, blasting banjo music from their pickup truck stereos, swilling Pabst Blue Ribbon, and chopping up a rival hillbilly cartelista, while shouting “Yeeehawww! You sure got a purdy mouth!”

        1. 100 or 50 years ago, if you talked to a mexican about his fellow countrymen dismembering each other with chainsaws, axes and machetes with RANCHERA music, he would surely had laughed his ass off and thinked you were totally nuts…

        2. when the money is right, thanks to the imbeciles who first had the brilliant idea of making drugs illegal, you will get people meaning business everywhere where the money flows. And the money flows from USA, the main illegal drug consumer of the world. These mexican cartel mobsters were takin siestas and selling oranges 50 years ago, but as i said, when the money is right, you will get people willing to do whatever it takes to get it in any place of the world, and no fuckin government agency can do shit about that.

  13. When are they gonna cough up some change and buy a HD camcorder for cry sake! Someone donate a camera to these spics so we can see them hack each other to bits in better quality please.

  14. FOR SALE: Two tickets to Sunny Mexico via El Chapo airlines…free return trip in the body bag of your choice…….choice of death not included…some re-assembly may be required…hurry get yours now

  15. The cartel trade could escalate their levels of brutality. I know it seems hard to believe with the present state of carnage committed by these organized crime members.

    Heightening the carnage; It’s a matter of the type of victims a drug cartel chooses to murder – right now they primarily select other men involved in the drug cartel business for torture and execution.

    A new, yet unknown cartel could come out of the blue and instead of targeting men linked with the drug trade, it’s members could target innocent babies, daycare centers, and the most helpless women, preferably pregnant ones, for hours of torture and then a most visceral death.

    Imagine seeing an axe eviscerate the head of a helpless baby after he or she is tortured for hours and watching the video of it online. The video would, of course, intended for other drug cartel groups to watch. Now that might scare even the Los Zetas. That’s what I would if I started my own cartel.

    1. You cant “eviscerate” a head, my friend; eviscerate means to remove the viscera, or in other words, disembowel. Unless human anatomy has been literally turned upside down, evisceration of a head is a physical impossibility. But I’m being pedantic; I know what you were trying to say;)

    1. Mexico really is a beautiful place…most Americans only get to see the ugly fucked up border towns and that’s only a very small part of Mexico if you go further south into the states of guanajuato, jalisco, michoacan, oaxaca, veracruz their are some amazing places everything from deserts and pine forest to lush jungles and beaches and the women are hot especially in the state of jalisco almost every girl their is a 9 that’s the one of the richest states of Mexico and where they make tequila its also where the majority of Mexicos beauty pagent winners and tv personalitys are from but as we all know with all that beauty their is also a lot of uglyness and danger

  16. Jackie they were ordinary decent criminals until drugs became involved..that turned everything mental..the monk was truly a gent though..he even bought an apartment block in the inner city renting apartments out to people who hadn’t got much money for little or nothing..

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