CJNG Member Starts Beheading of Rival with Knife, Needs to Finish It with Axe

CJNG Members Starts Beheading of Rival with Knife, Needs to Finish It with Axe

In good ole Mexico, members of CJNG (Jalisco New Generation Cartel) decapitated a member of an unspecified rival cartel. Given the recently stepped up violence between CJNG and Los Viagras, I’m guessing the victim could be the latter. Or a Zeta.

The head chopper started the beheading with a knife, but the blade seemed rather dull, so he was forced to finish it off with an axe. Definitely nowhere near as efficient as his teammate.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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102 thoughts on “CJNG Member Starts Beheading of Rival with Knife, Needs to Finish It with Axe”

        1. Man this was excruciating to watch. I guess he didn’t sharpen his blade enough. These cartel gangs are something serious. The violence seems to be escalating. I am hoping the police will get a handle on the situation in Mexico. I have heard rumors that the police were afraid of the cartel or most of them were paid off.

      1. Seraphim seems to want to start a flame war on who can make the funniest comments lmao even in the most dull videos. Their was nothing dull about this video tho! *Ba Dum Tsss*

  1. I’m not gonna lie, these new events have renewed my interest in the Olympics. Thanks a ton to BG for keeping me updated with the lesser known Olympic events that mainstream news won’t show. Like yesterday, Brazil winning gold in the cliff jump and India getting torn apart in the train track race. Congrats Mexico in the decapalon.

  2. Cartel Jalisco NOOB Generation. The guy had good manners and tilted his neck for you like an elegant curtsy and you still took 40mins to reach for your axe. I think a drunk Russian using his feet to decapitate the guy would have been quicker.

  3. Looking into his eyes, you can notice how quickly someone can become completely lost, and unaware of their surroundings only a few short seconds after the Main Arteries in their Neck have been severed. This is caused by the lack of oxygen, and blood flow to your Brain, making it probably feel like you have just Gotten the Biggest, and Longest Lasting Head-Rush that you have Ever had In your Entire Short Life. I’m sure that it also makes it almost impossible, for your Brain to have the necessary capabilities to Process Any Pain Signals, after the initial artery severing by completely impairing/Cutting-Off your brain electrical supply.

    You can tell when these Sicario’s Really want to Fuck Somebody up, as they cut the back of the Neck first, because you can live for hours as there are no arteries in this area. And then, they can even sever your spine while completely awake, and aware, again with no arteries present, you would be completely awake, and aware, but you would surely feel the *Most Horrifying Jolt* when cutting through your Spine, i’m sure. Like a ZINGGGGG!!!!!, & then,,, Numb completely, while you are unable to breathe, and die as a result. NO WAY MAN,,, NOT FOR ME 🙁

  4. what is this nonsense, mexico? this was a total brazil beheading, y’all are better than that!
    keep your knives sharp and your creases sharper.

    (i feel like the mexican lady who was beating the snot out of her husband would have maybe done a better job here, she has the rage to get right through the pesky spine!)

        1. Since we’re on the subject… do any of you guys know of a brand of toilet paper that doesn’t leave little pieces stuck to your dick after wiping it?
          The ones I’ve used work well for wiping my ass but stick to my dick like there’s no tomorrow.

          1. I guess I would recommend Bounty sheets if you got a fat wallet, since they’re soft and are meant for cleaning up large spills without leaving a trace of evidence behind.

  5. I have come to expect high standards & expectations when it comes to executions from Mexico.
    This was piss poor, they are capable of so much more degenerate, torturous, blood thirsty murders than this straight edge isis shit.
    Pick your game up Mexico..

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